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Annual Jewish Culture Festival – Budapest – 2016.


The synagogues in Budapest will be glittering in glow as they open its gates … The venues holds a special atmosphere with bringing outstanding artistic productions.

Sunday, September, 4. until Sunday, September, 11. 2016.

Guest stars from abroad arriving from the Israel, Serbia, States.

Each year as the Indian Summer arrives the tradition of holding the Jewish Culture Festival is an awaited program for many locals and foreigners staying in  Budapest. As  having an insight to the below programs show that this year’s multi-arts festival will have a wide variety of events at several venues, featuring presentations – interpretation of well-known great actors and cheerful children’s show to entertain the young audience.

The Festival’s main goal is to contribute in strengthening of tolerance through meeting eye-to-eye the cultures.

Participating venues: Dohány Street Synagogue, Rumbach Street Synagogue, Goldmark Hall, Bethlen Square Synagogue, Hegedűs Gyula Street Syngogue, Liszt Academy, Bálint House, Zwack Museum … etc.

Highlights of performances during the festival: Concert by Andrea Rost and the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchester … A World Invented – An evening with Anikó Für and János Karácsony, Myrtill Micheller and SWINGUISTIQUE – Edith Piaf and French Chansons, Mörk featuring Bea Palya, Soul Exodus – Bálint House, János Gálvölgyi and Miklós Benedek – No Kidding! A Very Impromptu Cabaret in One Act, Hegedűs D. Géza and Kovax – interpretation  200 years of Jewish Poetry, Musical Infusion for Ears and Soul, InFusion and Kátya Tompos concert, Tamás Pajor Unplugged, Lövölde tér – András Kern concert – Guests: Judit Hernádi and Gábor Heilig, Tamás Pajor – legendary personality of the Budapest underground/alternative art scene of the 80s.,Sephardic Divas Night – Mariann Falusi, Eszter Bíró, Dina Pandzarisz, Judit Klein, Kings of Klezmer Concert – Budapest Klezmer Band and the American Grammy award-winning Klezmatics, Klezmer meets jazz – Concert with Nigun and the Kossuth Award Winner Mihály Borbély, Hungarian Fallow – Balázs Galkó, Gipsy Swing – Katica Illényi and the Swing De Gitanes, Vera Jónás Ordinary Symphonies – Experiment Band concert, Handshake and Over this Water – Concert – Ghymes and Besh o droM bands, Look up to the Sky – concert with Charlie, The Walk – Documentary-feature premiere performed by Judit Havas, Patché Birthday concert – Péter Kálloy-Molnár, Mazel Tov – Concert with Violinist Eyal Shiloach (Israel) and the Klezmerész Band, Margaret Island Acoustic, An evening dedicated to Barbra Streisand –  Finucci Bros Quartet and Nikoletta Szőke Concert, Caramel – Open Zone Guest: Dániel Rudas, cantor, Awake lute and harp! Let me wake the dawn, More than klezmer for 18 years – Concert with Sabbathsong and the Kinneret choir, Song in Noise – Anna Pasztor concert, Django meets pop and classical music, Pankastic Orchester Concert with Guests: Gábor Winand, Gergő Oláh and the Dohnányi Big Band, Petruska – concert  guest: Bence Temesvári, Trumpet virtuosi in the Synagogue – Boban Markovic and his Orchester, Golem Tale – Gólem Theatre’s show for children.

To purchase tickets to any events stroll over to English version:

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Jewish Summer Festival – 2015 – Part2

jewish summer festival 2015

Adding further updates to the forthcoming Jewish Cultural Festival in just hours to come!

During the annual end of summer, before the Jewish New Year, Budapest is dressed up with a cultural cavalcade organized by the Hungarian Jewish Community. As at the previous herald news was indicated it opens on August, 30 and ends at September, 6. presenting the colourful world of its traditions and customs at several venues.

Jewish and non-Jewish visitors may follow the programs at the following venues: the Synagogue on the Dohány Street and Rumbach Street’s Synagogue, the Goldmark Hall will that give a sight to Budapest’s Jewish face.

The Dohány Street Synagogue – District, VII., 2. Dohány Str.

It is architecturally a gem  and  known as the 2nd. largest in the World. Every booked visit has a guided tour there, or many just wish to do it by themselves, being quite easy to find rolling around the Downtown. It is the one of Budapest’s spectacle in-and-outside sights. Was built-in Morisco style, in 1859. The memory of the Holocaust is closely linked to the old Jewish quarter, where the synagogue is located. The Dohány Street is constituted to the boundary of the Jewish ghetto. During the World War II., this physical space to this very day been the intellectual-religious center of Hungarian Jews. Each performances start at 7 p.m.

The Goldmark Hall – District, VII. Wsselény Street

Is a Venue which in the middle of the last century was considered as the citadel of Jewish cultural life. In the period between 1939 and 1944, it stood  for opera performances and colossal shows. According to the Jewish Acts a great number of brilliant actors were prevented from entering the stage. The Jewish audience were also banned of visiting the theatres and cinemas. After World War II, the Hall remained as the cultural center of the congregation and of the Budapest Jews. All the shows start at 7.30 p.m.

Rumbach Street Synagogue – District, VII., 11-13. Rumbach Sebestyén Street.

This year it will be for entertainment with many well-know actors, musicians. As well as the Kossuth prize-winning actor András Kern issued his first record 25 years ago and included his legendary song „Lövölde Square”.  Inside the walls there will be popular older songs and newer ones and of course many stories and much humor. András Kern and Judit Hernadi this  time, both will sing duets and solo as well. They previously issued a joint record entitled “Kernádi”. Musicians – Gábor Heilig was the musical director of almost all of Kern’s records. He is also the composer and lyric writer of several of his songs. András Kern has played in many plays together with actress Barbara Hegyi, but this is the first time they will sing together at a live concert. Another great performer, apart from being an excellent actor – Béla Fesztbaum is a great musician. Plays on piano and sings and will display both his talents during the evening. Songs will be accompanied by an expanded version of Iván Gátos’s band, with out-standing musicians.  All programs start at 8 p.m.

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It is always a pleasure to learn other nations culture, no mater were they stand on Earth.

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Dohány Street –  Great Synagogue

District VII. Budapest.

August 31 – September, 7. 2014.


The Jewish Summer Festival is usually arranged slowly coming to the end of the season of summer. This year it is going to celebrate its 17th year and by now many Hungarians and foreigners are planning to spend their Indian Summer time getting into the mood to be joining the festival’s arrangements.

Many may know by now the Jewish culture is very rich, so it is not a hard task to come up with new culture programs every year being held not only in Budapest, but also in provincial cities will be present. This year the event will be in connection with the Jewish and Roma Holocaust commemoration. 

Miklós Lukács – dulcimer artist will be giving a concert  titled. “Journey Back Home.” Also will be present Ninck Roth – saxophone artist living in Ireland, of Jewish descent,  and awesome Knower of the Jewish and Balkan folk music. Miklós Lukács  will perform a monument within achieving Miklós Radnóti‘s  verse, prose, music  in a unique dialogue.  Róbert Alföldi – actor director along with the Experts band.

On Tuesday, September, 2, at the Goldmark Hall a special monodrama lecture will be held. Vera Förster “Hang on” is upon the basis autobiography writing. “The Budapest Girl” will be played by actress Ágnes Olasz. It is a drama about a young girl over the fate of Hungarian Jewry II. Suffered the horrors of World War II, shared our past confronts the viewer and makes space for reflection. The main character is not Jewish girl, yet her resistance is only through love. This led her to Auschwitz. That is where she becomes an adult. She survived and become a well-known psychologist in England. Péter Generdás  – musician, music pulls the story … how to live on the anti-Semitism.

A unique events will fulfill the festival by the Budapest Dance Theater and the National Dance Theater co-production with the little girl, Anne Frank. The piece will be introduced by the Budapest Dance Theater.

The film is art, poetry and music are closely linked to each other in memory of Robert Capa evening. The program consists of two-part film. First, a new Hungarian documentary is still alive, the recollections of close friends, so far little-known details enrich the life story of world-renowned photographers. In the second part of the program the world-renowned photographer Bruno’s life story –  Cicchetti  – Italian poet, screenwriter processed using poems. The poems set to music by Ferenc Jávori – Head of the Budapest Klezmer Band.  In addition to the festival in Budapest will be the one of the world’s best klezmer bandGitanes Blondes, but the real attraction is to come by Giora Feidman often called as the king of klezmer music. The term is derived from a Hebrew word meaning the Klez instrument, however, has been one of the klezmer genre, which is among the mostly Yiddish-speaking Eastern European Jews born in the nineteen hundreds. Giora Feidman one of the greatest draftsman of our time, special music convey an authentic message. Versatile, experimenting, clarinet, performing around theworld’s famous concert hall.

During the festival week will be not all about only Jewish and non-Jewish melodies, nor about theaters but holding a gathering of multi-arts events, which will be a dominant part of photographs as well.

Purchasing tickets on the spot:  District VII. Budapest, Dohány street – Budapest
Opening hours  from Sunday through Thursday: 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.,  anon d Friday: 10 a.m. to 4  p.m.

The detailed program of  the 17th Jewish Summer Festival  can be found at the following site:

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