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Cohenville in Budapest

11th World Leonard Cohen Festival

For the first time to be hosted in Budapest!

Budapest Jazz Club (BJC)

Through August 3 –  5. 2018.

District, XIII. 7. Hollán Ernõ Street – Budapest

On the first weekend of August, from Australia to Canada, 150 Leonard Cohen fans from over 20 countries come to Hungary to pay tribute to the Canadian poet-writer-singer-songwriter during a three-day festival.  From the Hungarian side Hungarian performers will include Mariann Falusi, Sárik Péter Trió and Budapest Klezmer Band. The fans on every even year, held annually important event, which is always held in different parts of the world.

The Leonard Cohen fans worldwide have been meeting for more than two decades, an important event in the 2016 deceased Canadian singer-songwriter lovers among life’s work, in fact, Cohen himself is often referred to these events and sent a message to the participants. Budapest Special Event station of the biennial meeting will be the 11th and the first since the legendary singer-poet-writer’s death. Most probably there are hardly folks who have not heard one of his most favorite songs … Hallelujah which will be also heard during the festival.

Pre-registration is needed in advance follow the site:

The Budapest Jazz Club is the House of the Jazz Life … hosts professional events of local jazz not to mention if the audience are looking for quality entertainment they found just the right place.

Previously enjoy this superb song “The Gypsy’s Wife ”  … two of my favorite persons Leonard Cohen and Natalie Wood in one video.

On the bottom line all the Lenoard Cohen songs summarizes life!

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Annual Jewish Culture Festival – Budapest – 2016.


The synagogues in Budapest will be glittering in glow as they open its gates … The venues holds a special atmosphere with bringing outstanding artistic productions.

Sunday, September, 4. until Sunday, September, 11. 2016.

Guest stars from abroad arriving from the Israel, Serbia, States.

Each year as the Indian Summer arrives the tradition of holding the Jewish Culture Festival is an awaited program for many locals and foreigners staying in  Budapest. As  having an insight to the below programs show that this year’s multi-arts festival will have a wide variety of events at several venues, featuring presentations – interpretation of well-known great actors and cheerful children’s show to entertain the young audience.

The Festival’s main goal is to contribute in strengthening of tolerance through meeting eye-to-eye the cultures.

Participating venues: Dohány Street Synagogue, Rumbach Street Synagogue, Goldmark Hall, Bethlen Square Synagogue, Hegedűs Gyula Street Syngogue, Liszt Academy, Bálint House, Zwack Museum … etc.

Highlights of performances during the festival: Concert by Andrea Rost and the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchester … A World Invented – An evening with Anikó Für and János Karácsony, Myrtill Micheller and SWINGUISTIQUE – Edith Piaf and French Chansons, Mörk featuring Bea Palya, Soul Exodus – Bálint House, János Gálvölgyi and Miklós Benedek – No Kidding! A Very Impromptu Cabaret in One Act, Hegedűs D. Géza and Kovax – interpretation  200 years of Jewish Poetry, Musical Infusion for Ears and Soul, InFusion and Kátya Tompos concert, Tamás Pajor Unplugged, Lövölde tér – András Kern concert – Guests: Judit Hernádi and Gábor Heilig, Tamás Pajor – legendary personality of the Budapest underground/alternative art scene of the 80s.,Sephardic Divas Night – Mariann Falusi, Eszter Bíró, Dina Pandzarisz, Judit Klein, Kings of Klezmer Concert – Budapest Klezmer Band and the American Grammy award-winning Klezmatics, Klezmer meets jazz – Concert with Nigun and the Kossuth Award Winner Mihály Borbély, Hungarian Fallow – Balázs Galkó, Gipsy Swing – Katica Illényi and the Swing De Gitanes, Vera Jónás Ordinary Symphonies – Experiment Band concert, Handshake and Over this Water – Concert – Ghymes and Besh o droM bands, Look up to the Sky – concert with Charlie, The Walk – Documentary-feature premiere performed by Judit Havas, Patché Birthday concert – Péter Kálloy-Molnár, Mazel Tov – Concert with Violinist Eyal Shiloach (Israel) and the Klezmerész Band, Margaret Island Acoustic, An evening dedicated to Barbra Streisand –  Finucci Bros Quartet and Nikoletta Szőke Concert, Caramel – Open Zone Guest: Dániel Rudas, cantor, Awake lute and harp! Let me wake the dawn, More than klezmer for 18 years – Concert with Sabbathsong and the Kinneret choir, Song in Noise – Anna Pasztor concert, Django meets pop and classical music, Pankastic Orchester Concert with Guests: Gábor Winand, Gergő Oláh and the Dohnányi Big Band, Petruska – concert  guest: Bence Temesvári, Trumpet virtuosi in the Synagogue – Boban Markovic and his Orchester, Golem Tale – Gólem Theatre’s show for children.

To purchase tickets to any events stroll over to English version:

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Reopening of the Klauzál Market Hall – Budapest

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One of the loveliest market halls in Budapest, in the district 7. also known as the Jewish quarter at the neighbourhood of the Klauzál Park is filled with life once again after refurbishment reopened its gates to the public at

District VII., 11. Klauzál Square – Budapest.

Before  WW 2 the market and its surrounding venue was a busy living area. Koser butcher, bakery, wine and all sorts of groceries tents and were busy for shopping. For years it has not been renewed and during the past decades it certainly lost its charm and many of its shoppers.

Finally time has come to the old building to go through a full refurbishment from head-to-tow! It was built-in 1897, whereas previously stood, but destroyed by fire in 1874, the István Square’s theater. In this year, 5 Market Halls were opened in the Budapest. This one has become the III. out of the V. The market hall was upon the plans of the Municipal Engineering Office Architects, József Kommer and Pál Klunzinger.

Before  the official opening to the public took place, the district VII.  – Elizabeth City  – Mayor – Zsolt Vattamány  welcomed the renewed market hall for not only the local district’s shopping individuals and highlighted the new form of the building. Also added, the Klauzál Market Hall by the recent years, had degenerated into a shadow of its former beauty and function and so the local government decided to launch a revival project within EU financial support. Ervin Schmuck – managing director SPAR Hungary read his welcoming words to the opening in Hungarian language and the invited guest, media representatives appreciated his speech very much. As he added, during the renovation of the market hall area the SPAR developed a new level on the basement floor. It has its own brand products and meat from the company’s own plant of the controlled quality fresh meat products.

The Market from now on is bright and neat, the store s match nicely into the market hall’s spacious central section. The building’s metal frame and the walls for the shops covered with wood, really gives a pleasant sight. The ceilings are made of  glass, guaranteeing bright interiors, but as the Fall and Winter season is just ahead of us the  lighting of the market is guaranteed to take a look at the assortment.

On the basement floor’s central walking area are 14 farmers tables and dairy stores with home-made – dairy products, poultry meat stores and home-made sausages, salamis are available. For the time being, only a couple of small producers’ tables were filled with selling their own products. We can meet the producers and see their products are high quality. Fresh and more to it tasty and delicious seasonal fruits and veggies are available throughout the year.

The basement and its first floor has elevator access and is barrier-free for the disable shoppers inside the hall free WiFi is available for the customers. The area  is pay parking on the street.

The supermarket after the national laws limiting Sunday opening hours,  the Klauzál Market Hall will be accessible on Sundays between 6.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. On Saturday: 6 a.m. -2 p.m. and during the week days 6 a.m. -6 p.m. as well.

Going to the market for ages has been always popular, no mater where you live and now-a-days it seems even more to have become cool to go to the market, not just for shopping for the week-end but during the lunch hours to have a bite of food as well. We can meet the producers, the products are high quality. Hopefully, shopping folks to the Klauzál Market Hall will remain in favorite because of its wide selection of goods foods.

The whole day in-and-outside the market was rolling with raffle and stage shows. The day’s program ended with a huge concert, held by the Budapest Klezmer Band, the audience could hardy let go the band, cheered and expressed their appreciation praise by clapping.

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