Jewish Summer Festival – 2015 – Part2

jewish summer festival 2015

Adding further updates to the forthcoming Jewish Cultural Festival in just hours to come!

During the annual end of summer, before the Jewish New Year, Budapest is dressed up with a cultural cavalcade organized by the Hungarian Jewish Community. As at the previous herald news was indicated it opens on August, 30 and ends at September, 6. presenting the colourful world of its traditions and customs at several venues.

Jewish and non-Jewish visitors may follow the programs at the following venues: the Synagogue on the Dohány Street and Rumbach Street’s Synagogue, the Goldmark Hall will that give a sight to Budapest’s Jewish face.

The Dohány Street Synagogue – District, VII., 2. Dohány Str.

It is architecturally a gem  and  known as the 2nd. largest in the World. Every booked visit has a guided tour there, or many just wish to do it by themselves, being quite easy to find rolling around the Downtown. It is the one of Budapest’s spectacle in-and-outside sights. Was built-in Morisco style, in 1859. The memory of the Holocaust is closely linked to the old Jewish quarter, where the synagogue is located. The Dohány Street is constituted to the boundary of the Jewish ghetto. During the World War II., this physical space to this very day been the intellectual-religious center of Hungarian Jews. Each performances start at 7 p.m.

The Goldmark Hall – District, VII. Wsselény Street

Is a Venue which in the middle of the last century was considered as the citadel of Jewish cultural life. In the period between 1939 and 1944, it stood  for opera performances and colossal shows. According to the Jewish Acts a great number of brilliant actors were prevented from entering the stage. The Jewish audience were also banned of visiting the theatres and cinemas. After World War II, the Hall remained as the cultural center of the congregation and of the Budapest Jews. All the shows start at 7.30 p.m.

Rumbach Street Synagogue – District, VII., 11-13. Rumbach Sebestyén Street.

This year it will be for entertainment with many well-know actors, musicians. As well as the Kossuth prize-winning actor András Kern issued his first record 25 years ago and included his legendary song „Lövölde Square”.  Inside the walls there will be popular older songs and newer ones and of course many stories and much humor. András Kern and Judit Hernadi this  time, both will sing duets and solo as well. They previously issued a joint record entitled “Kernádi”. Musicians – Gábor Heilig was the musical director of almost all of Kern’s records. He is also the composer and lyric writer of several of his songs. András Kern has played in many plays together with actress Barbara Hegyi, but this is the first time they will sing together at a live concert. Another great performer, apart from being an excellent actor – Béla Fesztbaum is a great musician. Plays on piano and sings and will display both his talents during the evening. Songs will be accompanied by an expanded version of Iván Gátos’s band, with out-standing musicians.  All programs start at 8 p.m.

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It is always a pleasure to learn other nations culture, no mater were they stand on Earth.

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