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Saturday, September, 6. 2014.

Venue:  Pozsonyi Street  is located at the 13th District (aka Lipótváros) of Budapest and  also  lies along the River Danube.

Countless programs having fun, relaxing, food in all quantities, concerts, Presentation – theatrical productions awaited for families with small children, friends to hang out still enjoying the Indian Summer in Budapest.


The Pozsonyi Picnic Association now for the 6th occasion organized at the Lipótváros (Leopold Town … a traditional neighbourhood in the city center of Budapest) the annual culture gathering previously before the coming Jewish New Year holiday. This year’s event is special for two reasons … having more-and-more theaters presentations and concert throughout the whole day and also because with the it turned out  with having the increase number of performers the venue outgrown the scene. So this year the whole route of enjoyments began from the Jászai Mari Square along the way to the St. István Park (St. Steven Park)

Just as a reminder when it began …  At the first Picnic in 2009, nearly 5000, and the last year has been more than 20000  people rolling along the venue. This year most probably doubled the number of visitors. There were countless performing artists  Szilvia Kárászy,  Tahi Tóth László (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoQhgKRwV8kLia Pokorny, Andrea Malek,, László Dés, Miklós Benedek, Kata Janza, Pál Fekete,  Bernadett Vágó,  Zsolt Homonnay,Tamás Dunai, Judit Hernádi, János Gálvölgyi, András Bálint, András Kern, the Comedy troupe and belly dancers and salsa show  surely  got much attention  … many others programs throughout the day.

As said just mentioned … Today’s picnic was primarily for the theaters. This time, two big stage and a children’s stage filled the air, entertaining the audience. This will be in addition to the usual, Picnic successful events: street children. As in the previous years again the baking time  contest took place, baking the Hungarian speciality, the Pozsonyi croissant. The charity bazaar tables were pretty much visited  with spectator and shoppers. Hand-made crafts were on sale,  chess seats for young and elder folks, assort of manual skills for kids and a  bunch of activities  to enjoy  at the late summer days before the rainy days of the Fall arrives.  Within the program the city’s best restaurants this year was selected by a team of professional  jury and was awarded the prestigious Picnic Star.

When the night fell down and  the clock struck at 10 p.m. the Pozsonyi Picnic came to the end, but before that it was announced through the loudspeaker …

Meet You … Next Year … Same Time … Same Place!

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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