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„Egri Csillag” … „The Star of Eger” Wine Festival … 2015.


 Wine Festival – City of Eger 

Almost simultaneously in two locations:

Szépasszonyvölgy, April, 30.  – May, 2. (Valley of the Beautiful Woman) and Castle of Eger, May, 2-3. 

Onset of spring, Eger is coming to life again, organizing the second biggest wine event in the City of Eger. For three days, Szépasszonyvölgy (Valley of the Beautiful Woman) will be awash with merriment. Also between May, 2-3. the “Egri Csillag” – “Star of Eger” Wine Festival will hold its festival at the Castle neighbourhood as usually on the first weekend of May.  There the best-known wine makers introduce of the area will be offering their best “Rhri Csillag” … “Star of Eger” and the “Egri Bikavér” …  “Bull’s Blood” wines.

Egri Csillag is a relatively new white, cuvee wine and this is going to be its birthday party. There will be more than 25 wine producers, introducing over 50 wines, wine connoisseurs. So certainly the wine lovers whilst tasting will find for themselves their best wine, and laid back, enjoying the festivals mood with wide choice of music, concerts which will fill the air throughout the three days, having the Csik band’s concert. The Bon-Bon groups will be celebrating their 20th anniversary at the Márai Arena located in the Valley.

Although the evenings programs are dedicated to the adults, but during the daytime there will be “funland!” for the kids, with plenty of activities for the young ones.

Open every day from 5 p.m. – midnight:

Thursday, April, 30. – 5 p.m. Hungariddim, 7 p.m. Ethnofil, 9 p.m. Csik band.

Friday, May, 1. 5 p.m. Muriel, 7 p.m. Carbon Fools, 8 p.m. Bon-Bon  – venue: Márai Arena, 9 p.m. Puhannyi Massif.

Saturday, May, 2.  – Animal Cannibals, Groovehouse, Sub Bass Monster, Happy Gang, Kozmix, Kis Grófo, Gypo Circus.

Tickets can only be bought on the spot. Prices: daily ticket to the outside events: 2010HUF. Three day pass to the outside events: 4020HUF. Three day pass to all access: 4990HUF

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Venue: Buda Castle courtyard and terraces

Dates: September, 10. through September, 14. 2014.


On your mark … Get set  … Go for Wines! 

There is a saying … “A taste of honey is sweeter than wine” here at the Wine festival the honey is on holiday and the saying goes like this … “The taste of wine is sweeter than honey”

… But seriously though … Taste of Hungary, brings the latest of wines at the 23rd. Wine Festival! More than 200 exhibitors from all the wine-growing areas in the country will be present in one place. This year helping the visitors on a tasting routes through the thematically designed primarily less-known domestic wines for the foreigners staying, visiting Budapest by providing a guidance wine culture program.

For those who once stepped up to the hill-side of Budapest knows by now and for those foreigners living, staying, visiting Budapest will have a chance to get into the mood at Central Europe’s largest wine trade event in the capital city of Hungary. The International Wine Festival offers the best wine makers finest wines to taste and grab as much bottles of superb wines for the rainy days. In addition to the well-known wine merchants nectar home courtesy of a number of foreign wine from around the world also will be presented.

In the frame of the University of Wines, previously to the Buda Castle Wine Exhibition and Fair will be holding lectures on the first day. The experts laity, wine lovers and even the professionals can acquire new information about a wide variety of disciplines related to wine. This year’s Wine Festival will be concentrating, giving priority attention to the healthy lifestyle and sport activities and also to keep in mind the role of wine in the modern, well-balanced lifestyle. Maybe not too many would think that in addition to the selection of wineries quite a  few wine makers are keeping up with their sport activities  which have had been intertwined in their everyday. Again this year, special attention will be carried out for the wheelchair visitors at the University of Wines.

Meet these athlete wine makers at the Budapest International Wine Festival.  The second day will bring rolling in Budapest  … Italy, the Wine Festival’s guest of honor.

During the event historic site offers thousands of different wines, rich in cultural programs and having timeout at the entertainment stage, whereas singer –  Magdi RúzsaIrie Maffia – Hungarian pop band, heir music is based on reggae and dance hall, blending with hip hop, funk and rock. the Ghymes  Orchester – Folk elements having gradually clung together with their own individual musical ideas, the  Fool Moon – advocate of pop-acappella music and the Benkó Dixieland Band.  On Sunday Folk Music and Dance Gala will close the 23rd Wine Festival.

Mankind already knew more than a thousands of years ago about the wine consumed in moderation having many beneficial effects. So here is the time to let us practise the beneficial effects!

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