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Remembering the liberated Auschwitz camp 70 years ago at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest

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 NEVER AGAIN!!! In capital letters … International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

January, 27. 2015. Budapest.

The liberation of the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp memorial service was held on the occasion of the 70th anniversary on Sunday at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest.

During the event Lieselore Cyrus, Germany Ambassador emphasized, Auschwitz was inhuman of suffers, disenfranchisement, this was absolutely nadir in the history of civilization. The liberation of the former camp fills our soul in mourning and shame and we must never forget of the Jews and other victims  who had been deprived of their rights, their lives, their human dignity. Human dignity is inviolable and the most precious treasure. The German ambassador stressed out that Europe to-day is no place for intolerance, xenophobia and racist ideologies.

Ilan Mor, Israel’s ambassador to Budapest, he said that anti-Semitism has increased over the past few years. Physical security of Jews all around the world in danger. The fight against anti-Semitism is not just a matter of the Jews, but the overall challenge. Added,  that those who value the fundamental human values, freedom, must work together to combat anti-Semitism. The diplomat pointed out that those who deny the Holocaust, Israel is considered illegitimate, and all forms of denying Holocaust is a form of anti-Semitism. European leaders have to assess what they can do against anti-Semitism, and must work together in this fight. The ambassador believes the anniversary is a good occasion to remember the past and commit ourselves in building a better future.

Roman Kowalski Polish ambassador to Budapest sent a message read by Katarzyna Sitko, director of the Polish Institute in Budapest. The diplomat noted the Holocaust is in the Polish nation’s memory. It is an  important part in the Polish history. Even though the past history can not be changed, but it can and must be done by deducting from the lessons and to learn all about what happened  … for this tragedy there is no excuse. The ambassador underlined, have to get all manifestations of hatred, and responsibility is our duty to remember what happened.

György Haraszti – the Holocaust Documentation Center and the Chairman of the Memorial Collection Foundation Board of Trustees has pointed out that to-day’s commemoration is not about our grief, the sorrow, but about our better common future which will be pledge for our survivors who are here after so many terrible horrors. He has high hopes that history taught the lesson and managed to learn something from what happened and they do not repeat it.

After the commemoration concert was given with well-known songs to the ears for the public, as the theme of the Schinlder’s List that was played by Zoltán Mága  – violinist, accompanied by the symphonic orchestra. Maga’s friends also attended the concert, as: Béla Lakatos Szakcsi – pianistMiklós Szenthelyi – violinist,  Zoltán Maga’s  11 years old son played the violin and teenage daughter sung in Hebrew language the Jerusalem of Gold – Yerushalayim shel Zahav, which she learnt in one day for especially this concert with the assistance of  Béla Lakatos Szakcsi – pianist. Following the event, light a candle for the victims took place at the memorial wall.

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Miklós Szenthelyi violinist’s day of Marathon

His philosophy … Just playing music, always to play music!

The press conference was held at the Parliament-room in the Hotel Hilton, Budapest. The unique announcement was made by Miklós Szenthelyi violinist, professor at the Franz Liszt University and senior faculty trust, as to participate and wish to reach, be subscribed in the book of the Records-of-Records by fulfilling an experiment „all that violinists” with the addition in celebrating the 25 years of existence of the  Hungarian Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra.We also learnt at the conference that he just came back from Lyon, visiting churches, where they will most probably give concerts in the future. He admitted, to reserve dates in concert halls is pretty difficult, because for months-and-months ahead they have programs  reserved in advance. To give the proper acoustic sound in a church is an excellent venue. In deed the churches have superb acoustic sound and the environment is an uplifting place.  No wonder, that was the principle, the manner how they were built and it is possible, have spare capacity in arranging concerts … so he said.

In brief about his background … „In 1975 he became a soloist of the National Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1988, he founded the Hungarian Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, whose artistic director, soloist and conductor since 1999. Master classes held in the United States of America Festival in Greensboro, Finland and Brazil. Performed in almost all the countries of Europe and North and South America, Asia, Australia and Africa. Career thirty-fifth anniversary, April, 12. 2004. major concert at the Music Academy of the Great Hall, where Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky and Brahms’s works was played contest. The Hungarian-Sarasate sheet music for his caring published.” The 62-years-old violinist with his violin already received many awards, in 1986 Liszt Prize in 1990, Trade Unions Prize in 1994, the Hungarian Republic, Officer’s Cross-honors in 2000, Vilmos Tátrai Memorial ring in 2008 Kossuth Prize winner in 2012 and the Prima Primissima fee. In 2013 he became an honorary citizen of Budapest.”

Following the press call, there was an invitation to the Matthias Church a short walk from the hotel to the church to listen to a 45 minutes short presentation from the new album of Miklós Szenthelyi with the 25-years-old Hungarian Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra. Miklós Szenthelyi  was pleased to say on September, 28 their latest CD was released and we were the first to come and hear parts from the CD on that evening.  Within the 12  series of concerts there will be masterpieces from Vivaldi, Corelli, Handel, Mozart, Bach, Schubert, Liszt, Franck’s works by performing artists as: Ingrid Kertesi, Monika Fischl – both soprano, Zoltán Mága – violinist, Balázs Fellegi – bass-bariton, Dániel Vadász – tenor, André Vásáry – male soprano, Bertalan Hock, Csaba Király – organ.

Here are some upcoming dates for the October’s concert: 25, 26. Then for November: 8, 22, 23. and ending the year in December: 7, 14, 21, 27, 28, 29, 30. All the concerts start at 8 p.m.

The Matthias Church was the venue of the royal coronations. At present the copy of the historical Holy Crown is placed in the church. The church’s inside walls provided excellent acoustics sound. No wonder throughout the year the Matthias Church holds several classical music concert.

Saturday, November 16.4 ongoing concerts … in 1 day … for the length of  10 hours

Starting when the bell hits Noon, 2.30 p.m., 5 p.m. and 7.30 p.m.

Venue: Budapest Congress Center (Address: District XII., 1-3., Jagelló Rd. Budapest).

Noon: HAYDN: Duo No. 3 in B-flat, Violin and Viola, HAYDN: Duo in B flat major op. 99 No., 1 2 for violin With: Gábor Homoki, Violin and violist.  Also on program DVORAK: Sonata in G major op. 10, MENDELSSOHN: Sonata in F Major, Piano solo: Judit Szenthelyi, awarded Knight’s Cross of the Hungarian Republic pianist.

2.30 p.m. HAYDN: Trio in E flat major Hob. XV. 12, Trio in G major, Hob. XV. At 25, (Alla Ungarese).

Mendelssohn’s Trio in D minor, Op. 49, staring: Onczay Csaba by Cello and Judit Szenthelyi on piano

5 p.m. HAYDN: Trio in C major Hob. XV. 3, Haydn: Trio in C major Hob. XV. 27, DVORAK: Dumky Trio op. 90.

Staring: Csaba Onczay by Cello, Gyula Kiss, Liszt Prize-winning pianist

7.30 p.m. HAYDN: Violin Concerto in G major, DVORAK: Romance Op. 11 MENDELSSOHN: Violin Concerto in D minor

MENDELSSOHN: Violin Concerto in E minor Op.64, Conducted by: Ádám Medveczky, Kossuth Prize conductor.

Special guest to the concert will be Csaba Onczay, Kossuth Prize-winning cellist.

On the16th of November, the  series concert in Hungary will be a set for the Guinness World Record, so we heard from representative of the Hungarian Association of Records.

Purchasing tickets on the spot or though:

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