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Danube Regatta – International rowing and dragon boat race – Budapest – 2015!

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Saturday, April, 25. 2015.  …  was at the right time in the right place!

The university’s  rowers and dragon boat sport competition took two hours with  fingers crossed cheerleaders and spinning excitements rowing on the River Danube – Budapest.

Saturday, April, 25 at the River Danube was the terrific venue for hustle and bustle, enjoying spring’s sunshine, university lifestyle, the Danube Party, concerts and a bunch of entertainment  … The Danube Regatta created a tradition to call up bring closer together rival universities.  The foreigner and Hungarian university’s rowers and students  filled the wharf  as the “Row in Budapest”  splashing race began.

The international rowing and dragon boat sports competition between universities at the Danube regatta. In addition to the twelve national higher education institution. Professional rowing-men flew over to Budapest to take part at the race on the water from the Harvard and the Princeton University  to compete at this sport festival of the year as well.

In the dragon boat race the Széchenyi István University team won and stood on the highest stand, in front of the University of Civil Service. The second  place was won by the eight rowers from the City of Győr University team. The third stand was reached by  the Princeton University team and the Corvinus University of Budapest was just a wink away and came in fourth.

The winning rowers from America, the Harvard University became the first ahead of the Hungary’s Széchenyi István University being the second, and rowing in the third place was the Princeton University team from the United States.

Thousands of bystanders had great interest to be present at this competition and the full day shows were attracted by the strolling by visitors and those who wish to do some exercise could choose from several options.

The rowing sporty event was opened by Colleen Bell, the US Ambassador, who  shared some sporty thoughts of her own University year in Scotland and also thanked the invitation of the Center of József Antall to open this fabulous rowers race.

The competition was made up of professional and amateur dragon boat rowers teams. István Simicskó – Secretary of State for sport also rowed the boat with his daughter representing the University of Physical Education. The team eventually finished in third place.

The Danube Regatta was a generally spectacular event for audiences of all ages, it had also an important specific aim of bringing young and elder folks closer to each other, and to pump up yourselves in the daily live with a little movement.

Here is a short shot … a few seconds off the start:

The slide show speaks more than words … so go for it and feel the mood of the awesome day!

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 August, 22. – October, 19. 2014.

The floating artist ship abroad with art passengers began her journey on August, 22. from Vienna – Austria and her one-month journey ended on September, 18 with the last stop at the port of Ruse – Bulgaria. The final port was on October, 19. at Stuttgart.  On August, 27 the artist ship arrived to the port at Budapest and berthed beside the capital at six cities by the River Danube.

The “Artist Ship” actually started her route from the Black Forest – Germany  and ended her long 2000 kilometers river path at the Black Sea – Bulgaria, crossing through eight countries (Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria), stopping over thirty cities having around 6,000 evening events and daytime workshops.

Prior to the trip, on May, 8- 9. connection with the EUROPE DAY, organized by the József Antall Knowledge Center was held a conference as part of a series of events namely: “Cruising Europe!” The upcoming project was extremely welcomed by the interest of young adults and 15 volunteers singed up to be a part in the programs.

The tour from October, 13 to 19 continued by four wheels for four artists following the River Oder, Elbe and Rhine, which provided an opportunity to show the project to the inner areas of Poland and Germany. During the eight-days bus tour, six different cities were visited Warsaw, Poznan, Słubice, Berlin, Cologne and Stuttgart. Partners such as the Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin, Cologne and Stuttgart also presented the program at local schools and outdoor areas. Upon these events the stuff was able to build connections with the municipalities and some partners throughout their journey on land and water. In Hungary joined supporting the program was the Baja Boat Mill Association, the Philips and the Mahart. The strategic partner was the Municipal Goverment of Budapest.  As for professional partners, such as the Serbian Danube Competence Center, the University of Vienna and the Underwater/diving archaeologists Hungarian Association and the Argonaut Research Group joined the project.

The success of the project’s was tangible and as for the future the River Danube really binds nations together, even though they have their own identity.  The RIVE’s chief organizer says the Hungarian Pro Progressione plans involves those already and all new partners interested to join the commitment to create and share international river locations within the Danube Region Strategy, in the frame of art, education, environment, dissemination of information, also in history and archeology.

The RIVE project Danube label is support by the Hungarian and Romanian Ministry of Culture.

Collaborators of the program are:

D.ID Dance Identity (A) Robert Schumann (PL) – Pro Porgressione (H) – Derida Dance (BG) – Meteorite Theater (SK) – Tanz IP (D)  – Studentski Centar Culturni Novi Sad (SRB)

The RIVE program is supported through the Culture Framework of the European Union and the Visegrád Fund.

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To-day a press call was held by the Hungarian Olympic Committee, Hungarian Student Sports Federation and the Hungarian Quality Product Awarded Poli-Farbe Paint Factory at the bank of the River Danube on the Columbus Ship.

The theme of the press conference was “Our School’s Champion”.

This time, three school’s gymnasium out of ten were selected and the renovations were under the program so-called “Our School’s Champion.”  Some of them had only scratches of paint on the walls and indeed time the gym halls having a fine facelift, since they were last painted approximately 30 years ago.

Becze Szabó Secretary-General Hungarian Olympic Committee announced, Quote: “The Hungarian Olympic Committee had the pleasure to participate in this huge project of “Our School’s Champion”. The renovation was in the initiative framework of the sports promotion program between the Hungarian Student Sports Federation and the Hungarian Olympic Committee professionals and supervision support. We welcome any project, which is conducive to the Hungarian sport in the long-term to remain competitive and it is great honor to have our Gold supporter the Poli-Farbe Paint Factory with who by hand-in-hand made our big step forward”. Having said that, we were told these institutions from the reopening the season of the school year, three schools – elementary and high school’s gymnasium’s  will bear the names of those sporty champions who studied at these institutions. At Szombathely Krisztián Pars – Olympic champion athlete, at Ujpest/BudapestRudolf Dombi – Olympic champion kayaker and at TatabányaÉva Csernoviczki – Olympic bronze medalist judokas.

At the official gymnasium handover ceremony was told to the pupil … “Without successful recruitment  there is no successful competitive sport.”  Only those  kids with outstanding abilities will be champions, just like Éva Csernoviczki, Rudolf Dombi or speaking about Krisztian Pars. Associated with them, without exception can say that not only as an athlete, but also as a private person the three of them are true role models.  Most probably meeting these superb sporty olympic athletics at the ceremony, seeing them in person could have already been a the trigger for some kids … already planted in their mind “I have a dream” …  and will work hard for their dream to come true in having their first steps  to successes in these renewed, modernize  gymnasiums thanks to the collaboration of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and the  Poli-Farbe Paint Factory.

President Gábor Balogh, initiated the program at the Hungarian Student Sports Federation. He expressed his pleasure in connection with the plans turning into reality: Quote: “The Hungarian Student Sports Federation mission was and still is to give the opportunity to exercise for every child, to have a healthy life and have a growing up healthy generations. It is important to have the daily physical education, provide the opportunity to move around every day … and who knows what tomorrow may bring? Maybe several schools throughout the country will have the new generation champions named at the gym halls.”

Antal Szabó –  Executive Director – Poli Farbe Paint Factory told us: Quote: “Right now there are two things that warm our hearts with joy, the renovation of the gym halls with our the high-quality products and the company’s recognition received to-day receiving the Hungarian Quality Product Award Competition Award Economy. Right to say that Poli-Farbe is an active member of the Olympic Movement and active member in the creative team.”

The Poli-Farbe paint factory since 2013, the gold sponsor of the Hungarian Olympic Committee. Due to the paint factory charitable programs, hundreds of large family homes, multi-environment health, social, educational and cultural institutions become more livable. In addition, a dedicated supporter of physical and mental development of young people contributing to the creation of an active sports life,  included initiatives that would boost living standards ahead of the national sport.

It was also announced to-day, that Danuta Kozak – Olympic champion Kayaker will be the representative of the Poli-Farbe Paint Factory charity programs and aswell representing the mutual values.

The press conference ended with a wonderful lunch together with the invited representatives and the press individuals.

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This is what happens when three Hungarian young lads dream come true …  Green Island construction!

The press conference was held on the “Rubin” named small ship, this morning, then after we docked over to the Tanker Port – Floating PlatformGreen Island which is at a standstill in front of the Technical University along the Bank of the River Danube.

The Tanker Port Environment Technology and Innovation Ltd. was established in 2010 to give solutions to the ignored problem of environment pollution caused by the passenger and cargo ships along the River Danube. Currently these problems haven’t had been solved in the management at any European countries Therefore, it was tough mission, but worthwhile to have the service available here in the Capital of Hungary.

The primary task of the service unit is to supply fuel for the water vessels. Secondary and expected task is to supply drinking water for the ships and to take over their normally generated volumes of wastewater, spent oil, solid waste, containing oil, bilge water and kitchen waste for further treatment and disposal in accordance with the most stringent environmental regulations. This complex and integrated service makes it different among all existing fuel pump stations and exceeds even the current expectations.

Tamás Szentes – the capital’s deputy mayor said that implementing the Green Island project the company received the award Brand Budapest. The problem led to a solution we see to-day, that the Capital could no longer deal with and the primary function of it is from now on to serve ships arriving in Budapest.

During the presentation the supplied services were mention by Pál Hoffman – executive director of the Port Tanker Environmental Technology and Innovation Ltd, saying: Quote: “The Tanker Port is a transfer facility, approximately the cost of 2 million euros – 600 million HUF. Main mission is to supply fuel for big vessels … diesel bunker fuel, 1000 liters/min., and also smaller ships. Sale of engine oil. Sale of hydraulic oil. Supply of drinking water. Takeover of wastewater, disposal of bilge water from the engine area, kitchen wastewater as the used frying oil, water polluted with chemicals and spent oil”. This complex integrated service is available for the first time in Budapest and Europe from April of this year.”

Professor Gyula Záray – Director of the Eötvös Loránd University, Environmental Science Research Center highlighted the importance of implementation of the project which is environmentally highly significant by keeping in mind it will reduce loads of pollution here at the port at the River Danube.

There are dozens of reason of why to be in use of the Tanker Port, but here wish to mention four significant ones …  the prices are affordable, keeping protection of the green environment, the staff and the service is fast and punctual and most of all needn’t have to float down the river to reach these four service at different port areas, all can be fulfilled at one port. Furthermore, the unique idea inherent within the project was to produces electric energy from the aforementioned “GREEN” activities, without destroying  the nature.

The project consists of a tank vessel commissioning  … provide the same services … complete within the complex as Environment and Supply Center.


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