“Beer Tent” – City Park – Budapest – 2015.


 The summertime shoot off with clubs getting into the mood at the City Park!

District, XIV., 1. City Park Blvd. Budapest.

The “Beer Tent” in the heart of the City Park is welcoming their thirsty and ain’t so thirsty  visitors since 1988 to spend pleasant days outside on the green fields. The exact venue to the Beer tent is between the Vajdahunyad Castle and the Széchenyi Thermal Bath. Enjoying the pleasant stay is not only having a smooth cold beer from March until the end of September, but dishes matching the six kinds of draft beers as Dreher, Dreher Bak, Pilsner Urquell, HB wheat, Közel, Golden Aces along with having a bite of fried pork knuckle, pages, sausages, ice beer.

Also live music  with the more than 40 years on the road with Hungary’s P.Mobil hard rock band  will debut and open their club this year on the spot.

In addition, Ádám Török, one of the best flute musician will be giving a concert with his band  this summer introducing their native album. The Mini Band  in the late ’60s was the best known and most successful Hungarian progressive rock-blues band.

Programs for May:

May, 3.   3 p.m. Vince Varga

May, 5.  7 p.m. Kugli

May, 6.  7 p.m. Hit Rock

May, 7.  7 p.m. Hit R.- Pink Floyd show

May, 8.  6 p.m. Bryan Adams tribute

May, 9.  6 p.m. Brillantin

May,10. 3 p.m. Vince Varga

May,12. 7 p.m. Private Colt

May,13. 7 p.m. Ádám Török and the Mini

May,14. 7 p.m. Businessmen

May,15. 7 p.m. P-Mobil

Update by Aggie Reiter

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