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Downtown Beer Festival – 2022.

SÖÖÖRRRR -a-spar-a-belvarosi-sorfesztival-fotamogatoja-1

Before ending the steamy hot summer nights @ Budapest there are still to come a bunch of festivals to ease the visitors thirst … Here comes within a short walk from the center to target the Downtown Beer Festival (District V.), awaiting for the beer thirsty individuals. The festival main sponsored by SPAR. For many years, SPAR has been committed to the event in Budapest. Hungarian craft and small-brewery beers are gaining more-and-more space in their stores of the supermarket shelves, domestic retail chains, and many consumers are now focusing on quality instead of quantity.

What to expect within the 6 days(!?!) … More than 250 types of beers, craft specialties from the best domestic breweries and international beer offerings from the best importers. At the festival novelties of Hungarian craft breweries in addition to the well-known brands will be presented. Yet this coming 6 days needn’t have to rush away to the SPAR stores … can leave it for another day, cause at the event taste-by-taste find out which won the taste and will be purchased after the festival.

So get ready! Anyone who likes beer will find what they are looking for, and to ease their hunger with food trucks as well on the spot.

This is one of the free admission festival in Hungary a pitty to miss it.

Here’s the timetable to get ready, not to be left out in having to taste from the cool wide barrels on the tap. Join the company of beers with friends and family and find out which beer won your taste.

Stands opening hours on the spot:
Kedd: 11.30 a.m. – Midnight
Szerda: 11.30 a.m. – Midnight
Csütörtök: 11.30 a.m. – Midnight
Péntek: 11.30 a.m. – 2 a.m.
Szombat: 11.30 a.m. – 2 a.m.
Vasárnap: 11.30 a.m. – Midnight

Update to come having more information.

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Leslie Mandoki – Motto …”It is always important to build bridges and easy on the wavelength of music.”

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Mandoki Soulmates … visited the band rehearsal for the 30th anniversary concert, which took place in the Bem Klub upstairs room (District, I., 6. Bem rakpart Budapest). … (Just mentioning (editor’s comment) this historical venue was in the old days the unforgiven gatherness, controlled spot for individuals /groups/ bands to come together by the existing government. One of the famous “Sirius” group rehersaled here in the late 70s (one of my favorite musician Jackie Orszaczky known personally) the group style was characterized by the progressive jazz-rock trend, which did not fit into the “like!” of the dictatorship at the time being, saying that this was pure Western ape. Mandoki sometimes visited wayback that venue and like what he have heard by them.)

After three own music rehearsal songs played together by icons such as Al Di Meola, Randy Brecker, Bill Evans, Jack Bruce, Mike Stern, Ian Anderson, Richard Bon and Takács Tamás Hungarian singer (Carthago band) also joined the international team showing just a peck into the forthcoming next day concert to hear at the Szentháromság Square across the River Danube on the Buda side of Budapest.

Following the rehearsal was held to the media representative a short press hearing, where in brief Mandoki introduced the group to hold the concert tomorrow. Thereafter told his story of how and when left Hungary. The world-renowned musician and music producer Leslie Mandoki, lived in Germany and California since 1975, when decided to defect at the age of 22 – together with his two fellow artists, Gábor Csupó and László Szűcs. Leslie Mandoki, who has a diverse and successful musical career spanning several decades, was the music director of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s campaign, the composer of Disney films, German and American TV films, and, among other things, the pride of his narrower homeland, Bavaria: Bayern Munich and Volkswagen-Audi-Porsche he is also the musical director and consultant of the concern.

He artistically took care of the records of stars such as Chaka Khan, Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, Jennifer Rush. Leslie founded a world-famous record studio 40 years ago, which is the reason for an extra anniversary celebration this year. From the beginning members were Randy Brecker, Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Al Di Meola, Mike Stern, Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann’s Earth Band), David Clayton-Thomas (Blood Sweat & Tears), Bill Evans (Miles Davis Band) , Bobby Kimball (Toto), Peter Maffay, Nick van Eede (Cutting Crew), Jesse Sibenberg (Supertramp) and John Helliwell (Supertramp).

Few thoughts he shared: at the press gathering:“Q” The team is based on common human, moral and artistic values, and respectful humility towards the audience. 30 years ago we agreed that we would only communicate directly with each other, leaving managers, concert organizers, record companies and lawyers out of the equation. This is the only way to bring together and keep together this team of world stars in such an excellent way.” Also added “Q” His fellow musicians “Soulmates” is also unique thanks to the world stars: the frontman and bandleaders of the legendary bands do not simply form a band, but also a deepen their community of values.

The 30th anniversary concert starting at 7 p.m. on August, 19 @  the Buda Castle, Szentháromság Square, will be open to the public free of charge as part of the St. Stephen’s Day celebration series.

In briefly about the next day’s concert… Strong winds, thunder, heavy lightning lightened up the sky and
due to the storm approaching the capital, the organizers informed Mandoki that the open-air 30-year anniversary concert performance had to be interrupted, but the musician did not want to accept the decision therefore the organizers announced that they would turn off the electricity and called on the audience to leave quickly.

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Hungary’s Cake of the Year 2022


Every year, Hungary’s birthday cake is chosen, which is traditionally presented to the public for the first time in Budapest during the 20th of August celebrations.

This year there are only 5 cakes in the competition for the title of “Hungary’s cake”. Here are this year’s finalists, and the winner will be chosen from among them.

The Hungarian Confectionery Industry Association announced that only five are competing for the title of the country’s cake. This year, the competition was announced for the 16th time to celebrate our national holiday on 20th of August, the feast of St. Stephen, the founder of the state, and the symbolic birthday of Hungary. The competition is accompanied by huge interest, every year more and more people await the festive cake with increasing curiosity.

The Industry Board was looking for new, creative ideas, cakes and recipes with a Hungarian flavor, which can be associated with the holiday or Hungary, and which can only contain natural and healthy ingredients. The contestants was open throughout the country and this year become extremely exciting creations.

The first round of judging the jury selected five cakes from the anonymously nominated cakes, they were tasted again in the second round and suggestions were made to improve them. In the finals, the contestants have to prepare the cakes in the presence of the jury, in the workshop of the industry body, where the jury again chooses the winner by scoring based on specific characteristics. All took place live in front of a professional audience at the SIRHA Budapest International Food Industry and HORECA exhibition. All named cakes were displayed in display cases. The professional audience and members of the press could also see them. During the judging, competitors and visitors could see and hear the evaluation of the competition works. The audience could follow the event from the auditorium with the help of a projector, which was moderated by master confectioner Ádám Pataki.

This year’s finalists were: Cheeky Plum Prince – Orsolya Karikó – Vanília & Gelarto, Nagykőrös; Seasons – Zita Szívós – Major Confectionery, Budapest; Rapture from Hegyalja – Zsuzsa Halász – Kishalász Confectionery, Szerencs; Treasure of The Blue Apron – Pál Lakatos – Lavendula és Kert Confectionery, Szigetszentmiklós; Carmelite – László Gyuris – A Cappella Confectionery, Szeged.

The “Egy Csepp Figyelem Alapítvány” – “A Drop of Attention Foundation”, with the professional support of the Hungarian Confectionery Industry Association, is organizing the Hungary Sugar-Free Cake competition again this year. After the first judging, the final will be held in parallel with the Cake of Hungary final. The winner of both competitions will be announced to the public at the end of July and beginning of August and can be tasted for the first time at the celebrations on the 20th of August. Thereafter, sweet tooth individuals can buy them at many pastry shops throughout the country.

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The Metropolitan Grand Circus of Budapest rewards excellent students with free circus tickets.


The school holidays are still in full swing … schoolchildren head to the summer shows (RAIN – Rain Circus, MAGIC Show)

As a national performing arts institution, the Metropolitan Grand Circus pays special attention to the correct and effective education of school children, which is why they provide the opportunity to watch their summer shows (RAIN – Rain Circus, MAGIC Show) free of charge as part of their Excellent Student Program. Traveling circuses operating in the country have also joined the program, and MÁV-START Zrt. contributes to the trip with significant discounts.

Those elementary school students who finished the school year with excellent results have one more reason to be happy, because the Metropolitan Grand Circus is treating them to a special gift: it provides them with a free entrance ticket to one of its summer performances. The noble tradition of joyfully rewarding children has existed since 2016, this year again thousands of guardians received the Excellent Student Program coupon, which, according to the feedback, was a great success among families every year.

The proud parents can redeem the coupons in person at the ticket office of the Metropolitan Grand Circus or online they can redeem the coupons, the condition of which is to present the circus admission coupon, the student ID card and certificate of the outstanding student or a copy thereof upon entry.

It is also worth traveling to Budapest from the countryside, to see the show as MÁV-START Zrt. provides all excellent students with a 90% travel discount, and one companion can travel with a 50% ticket. To take advantage of the discount, they must show their circus admission coupons for the trip to Budapest. In order to be able to use the travel discount on the return trip, the circus tickets must be stamped at the information desk of the Metropolitan Grand Circus.

The discount is only valid for trips to Budapest, for the performance of the Metropolitan Circus valid. Coupons for the Excellent Student Program, which is considered unique worldwide, can be redeemed at the Metropolitan Grand Circus or in the program by September 18 at the latest.

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Ice Cream of the Year Competition 2022 – Final

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This year, the award of the Hungarian Confectionery Industry Association was presented for the 25th time, and just as in the previous years, the ceremonial award ceremony and press conference was held at Zila Cafe and Krisztina Confectionery @ Budapest.

A total of 74 ice creams entered the Ice Cream of the Year competition in four categories this year. There was no mandatory taste this year, the aim of which is to promote classic and traditional high-quality artisanal ice cream, nothing set limits to the creativity of the contestants. This year 12 ice creams made it to the finals in the handicraft categories, which the contestants had to make in the presence of the jury. 27 ice creams competed for the places in the category of raw material producers-distributors.

Before and after the ceremony, were also available for tasting the finalist ice creams of the craft categories, 27 competition ice creams of the company category.

The aim of the competition is to promote traditional, high-quality artisanal ice cream, so that the Hungarian confectionery can offer its guests even better quality ice creams, thereby creating a demand among people for healthy and high-quality, artisanal products. This year, it was possible to enter again in the “Free” category, with ice creams that cannot contain added sugar, gluten, lactose, or milk protein. These ice creams are becoming more and more popular among guests with conscious nutritional needs and guests with various food intolerance.

Competition ice creams could only be made with natural basic and additional ingredients, flavored and decorated exclusively with self-made dressings. This year, the “M – Free” category was announced again, in which competitors could enter ice creams free of added sugar, gluten, lactose and milk protein.

Árpád Szűcs, the chairman of the professional jury,said: “They sought balance and creativity in fixtures and decor. The reason the sky high price 500HUF is increasing – along with many other products the price of raw materials, their lack in many cases, or the lack of labor. In addition, according to the current regulations, ice cream in cones must be sold with 27% VAT, which means a great burden on the operation of pastry shops and ice cream parlors.”

Anyway, no doubt and regardless to the high price of ice cream within rich yummy flavors has no individual age limit when it comes to different yummy melting flavors that’s for sure.

Members of the professional jury of the company category:
Ádám Pataki (Pataki Confectionery, Érd), jr. Pál Sulyán (Sulyán Cukrászda, Veresegyház, László Zila (Zila Café, Budapest)

Jury members of Professional Organizations:
Tamás Fekete (BTSZ), János Garaczi (First Hungarian Order of the White Table), István Knezsik (Auto Grand Coalition), László Kovács (MVI), András Krivács (MNGSZ), Ágnes Nagy (Magyar Ízek Utcája), László Németh (IPOSZ), Septe József (Hungarian Bakers Association)

Members of the professional jury: László Balogh (Artisan Confectionery, Gyula), Angéla Baracskay (creative pastry chef, Budapest), Eszter Gerő (Sütizz Confectionery, Budapest), Árpád Szűcs (a table! Boulangerie-pâtisserie, OJO ICE, Budapest), Balázs Erdélyi (professional president, MCI , Budapest)

The members of the Audience jury were: Antónia Erős (presenter, founder of the Egy Csepp Figyelem Foundation), Armand Kautzky (Jászai Mari award-winning actor), Enikő Tóth (actress), Krisztina Trisczuk (national team handball player), Luca Vajda (finalist of the Kitchen Chef show).

In the extremely strong field, the following results were announced by the press ice cream presenter: “I.” category: pastry shops, artisan ice cream makers’ competition. Artisanal ice creams can be entered into this category with natural base and additional ingredients, in the case of milk ice creams with a cooked base, and exclusively with self-made toppings, pastes, and decorations, made in accordance with the traditional technological sequence.

Gold medalist and winner of the Ice Cream of the Year traveling cup: Zserbó Szőke – Norbert Dobó – Füredi Fagyizó from Balatonfüred.

Silver medal: Lazy berry – László Ladányi – Ladányi Cukrászda
from Szeghalom. Bronze medal: Pumpkin raspberry – Ádám Novák and Rita Elek, REÖK Kézműves Cukrászda from Szeged.

“M-Free” category: pastry shops, artisan ice cream shops competition:
Gold medal: Plum black tea – Dávid Wilheim – Pingvin Ice Cream Parlor and Confectionery from Balatonmáriafürdő. Silver medal: Very good – Ágnes Böröczky-Asztalos – Margaréta Fagyizó from Balatonszemes.
Bronze medal: Chocolate coconut sorbet – Ferenc Reif – Dock Cukrászda fom Polgárdi.
“C” category: competition of raw material manufacturers and distributors
Gold medal: Plum almond with crunchy granola – Attila Rétfalvi – Master Martini Ltd. Silver medal: Conselice – Attila Rétfalvi – Master Martini Ltd. Bronze medal: Wind of Balaton – László Nagy – Békás Ltd.
“C/M-Free” category: competition of raw material manufacturers and distributors:
Gold medal: Currant poppy ice cream – Róbert Cseri – KEN Carpathia Ltd.
Silver medal: Sugar-free black currant – Norbert Szabados – König-Units Ltd. (FABBRI). Bronze medal: F – Attila Rétfalvi – Master Martini Ltd.

Special prizes – Audience prize: Bella serrata – Péter Benkő – IREKS-Stamag Ltd.

Special prize for professional organizations: Hazelnut yuzu raspberry – Éva Heléna Marsa – Vanília & Gelarto from Nagykőrös

First Hungarian Order of the White Table Special Award: Tropical Garden of Eden – Jenő Vadócz – Promenád Café from Balatongyörök … Last but not least congrates to all participant confectionery members listed a/m … Anyway if would have had a golden medal to give to Jenő Vadócz for his bombastic tasty of fruits ice cream I would surely have… really made me feel in the Garden of Eden.

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Balaton Sound’s “Safety First” 2022



Balaton Sound’s Safety First Campaign shortly on its way. It is a volunteer program to encourage a conscious and safe festival which kicked off in 2018.

Due to its previous success, it will continue as a permanent service during the festival.
The program’s goal is to minimize health, safety, and technical issues at the festival through preliminary communication campaigns, video tutorials, on-site presence advice by recognized professionals and through the Sound Watch assistance function which will be available during the Balaton Sound Festival.

Balaton Sound’s Safety First program won The Health and Safety Innovation Award at the European Festival Awards (EFA) in 2020.

The program had grown to become international. Last year working with a team of Hungarian volunteers and international young adults took part in the program from France, Belgium and Germany with other countries.

This year as well the organizers said are expecting medical, national defense and psychology students and all young people who are receptive to the topic, both from Hungary and abroad.

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Hungarians are more-and-more tolerant of pungent flavors

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The press conference was held in Budapest by Gyula Meat Ltd. – Gyulahús Ltd., at the A38 ship on the banks of the River Danube. Presentations were held by Éva Gila – marketing manager of Gyula Meat Ltd. and hostress of the event, Zsolt Daka – managing director of Gyula Meat Ltd., Mayor Ernő Görgényi – City of Gyula, Helena Kovács – Senior Trendinternational Market Researcher, Zoltán Hajduk – Head of the dry goods plant of Gyula Meat Ltd. Brigitta Lengyel – Head of the production plant of Gyula Meat Ltd.

Éva Gila – marketing manager of Gyula Meat Ltd. highlighted according to a survey conducted by Gyula Meat Ltd., which involved 500 people at the end of May and found that nearly 2/3 of people paying attention in the food to be delicious, and 45% gave up the product after the first dislike and then continue to look for the one that suits their taste. Hungarians do not give up on delicious flavors even if they buy some special, “free” food.

The survey also found that the need in „free” food is in most cases not due to digestive problems or sensitivities, cause as twice as many people buy this type of product. Sixty-five percent of those in the latter category eat specifically for medical reasons, and 30% believe it is healthier to consume „free” products. The research also revealed that spicy foods are becoming more-and-more popular among Hungarians, 73% of respondents regularly consume such products. There is no difference according to age groups, as young and elder alike prefer spicy, but the gender gap is already striking: 80% of men say they consume spicy food, compared to 65%of women.

Among the spicy foods, the most popular is the sausage, which 8 out of 10 shoppers regularly take off the store shelves. Surprisingly, the spicy spices and flavors are far behind the previous one, but almost 2/3 of the respondents often put such products in their carts. Peppers (fresh veggies) are in third place with 62%. In addition to these, spicy pickles, sauces, dressings and sauces are also in high demand, which are bought and consumed relatively frequently by about half of the participants in the research.

It was also emphasized that even though a significant part of the buyers of specialty products are not only free of gluten and lactose, they also expect delicious flavors. The average awareness of the consumer brands won the Hungarian Brands award in 2021 was higher than 75%, and their popularity was over 85%, which shows the commitment of Hungarian consumers to Hungarian brands. Éva Gila also told, they achieved better-than-expected, significant expansion in export markets last year.Turnover increased by 6% in volume in 2021. Although the research did not cover the pandemic situation, it certainly played a role in the growing trend. It is generally believed that hot peppers have an antiseptic effect and so forth hovering in the eyes of many, and during the coronavirus epidemic, following folk wisdom, they tried to supplement their defenses with such food.

Zsolt Daka – managing director of Gyula Meat Ltd., told that one of their new liver products was created by “kneading” two leading products – Gyulai Sausage and Gyulai Liver. The end result is a characteristic taste packed in liver. The product was named Gyula Sausage Spicy Liver. This delicacy is not only recommended for gourmets. The product is a gluten and lactose free preparation. Also added, due to the production technology, the livers of Gyula Meat Ltd., have always been gluten- and lactose-free. From the first moment the product arrived in the stores they won the favor of consumers, which is the “exemption” for more and more people.

Almost half of consumers tend to buy “free” food on a more or less regular basis, however, only a small circle (10%) think that this type of diet is largely driven by fashion. A much wider stratum 64% in total believes that there is some kind of indigestion, even if not justified by a doctor, or a consumer’s intention to prevent it behind the choice of these foods.

In foreword, Mayor Ernő Görgényi remarked on what rings the bell for an average person when speaking of the City of Gyula. Of course, the Castle Bath of Gyula, the Castle of Gyula and the Sausage of – Made in Gyula, but of course not always in that order. Mayor emphasized that the City of Gyula had made a good decision when it undertook to reorganize the local meat industry almost ten years ago with the help of state support to the Gyula Meat Ltd., and now grown to a fully successful municipal company. The profits are spent on financial appreciation and improvements for their employees.

In overall was told, the Gyula’s sausage has become a concept, either a parched, spicy, paired sausage and other meat products of Gyula. Hungarian housewives like to make sandwiches, scrambled eggs with sausage, but the gourmets used to bake sausages in the casserole potatoes, bean soup, thick lentil soup and stuffed pork loin or stuffed turkey breast. The Gyula sausage preserves three centuries in today’s flavors.Added that the survey data highlights that the popularity of these products has increased in the recent period. Nearly 20% said they have become accustomed to these delicacies lately. This is also confirmed by the feedback received by Gyula Meat Ltd., and the experience of tasting at trade fairs. According to the company’s experts, there has been a significant increase in interest in hot products at these events in recent times, and they are running out of much more than before.In the spicy offer, the Gyula brand was considered by the respondents to be the most prominent producer of meat products (31%). The popularity of hot products has increased in recent times. One-fifth of Hungarian consumers have indicated that they have become accustomed to these foods in the last few years, according to a recent, representative study by Gyula Meat Ltd. Based on consumer feedback to the company, the coronavirus also played a role in the trend. The survey also pointed out that a significant proportion of buyers of specialty products are not limited to gluten- and lactose-free conditions alone. They expect delicious flavors – if they are disappointed in this, they will quickly move on.

During the event the Great Plain Quartet played fiery melodies along side in sausage tasting and were also invited to a majestic lunch presenting yummy Gyula Meat specialties after the press conference.

…. In brief a little background History of the Gyula Sausage … The base was established by a small family business at the end of the of 18th – early 19th century. In advance earned its name already in the 16th century upon the winter fair in Gyula as one of the largest fairs in Europe. These fairs made the life of the city of Gyula very bubbly, boosting the manufacturing industry.

At the end of the 19th century, Gyula Sausage was in full swing, and many butchers offered their own port. The need arose to build a public slaughterhouse in the city – in 1868.

One of them stood out József Balog, who made Gyula famous all over Europe, won a Gold Medal with his sausage at the 1910 World’s Fair in Brussels. András Stéberl worked as an assistant at Balog Jr., who, after learning the tricks of sausage production and connecting him with his experience abroad, started the production of Gyula Sausage and many other meat products. Under the leadership of András Stéberl, the meat factory in Gyula won the Golden Diploma in 1935 at the Brussels World’s Fair for the master’s “small pair of Gyula sausages”. In a number of work phases, he mechanized tasks that had been performed almost exclusively by hand until then. After a few years, he exported the meat products from Gyula to several continents. His financial situation allowed him to develop, he set up a new, state-of-the-art plant with an incense burner, a cold store and warehouses. The pigs raised on its own fattening farm have been processed by its staff since 1938 in a new, larger factory. The product range has expanded significantly, covering almost all segments of meat processing. In addition to thin and thick sausages, winter salami, paired sausages, bacon and ham products, meat and ham preparations and to-day the rest is history.

History Source: Association for the Preservation of Traditions

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Szigliget’s Castle yard festival 2022.

szigliget festival 2022

Enjoy your week-end during June, 17 – 19, 2022. @ Veszprém county.

The village can be found on the northern bank of Lake Balaton in the vicinity of Badacsony and Keszthely. The village was built between and on the volcanic hills.

Just a wink of the history about SzigligetThe settlement existed in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. Celtic, Roman and Avar archaeological finds were discovered in the vicinity. The ruins of a parochial church, built in the 12th century, can be seen. Until 1822 the area was an island in Lake Balaton. The island was connected to the mainland in 1822 by rearrangement of the bank-dams around Balaton.

Back to the festival … At the festival in Szigliget, which lasts for several days, better and better performers step on stage. The event is mainly about music, so visitors to the event can not only get moody to tap/dance to the music but also taste delicious food specialties! The atmosphere will surely reach its peak, and this is guaranteed by local wines and craft beers, there is also an open-air theater and open-air cinema, which would be a pitty to miss.

This program is also great for groups of friends and couples to enjoy the sights-and-sounds of Szigliget so it is worth a visit.

For those who buy a ticket for the event, you will get admission to the castle of Szigliget and to the local beach of Veszprém county.

After the festival, every weekend of the summer will hold exciting musical, theatrical and gastronomic experiences.

The detailed program function is under development … check the website for further details:

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India celebrates their 75th anniversary of Independence with series of events @ Budapest

India 2022

The 8th International Yoga Day shortly coming up between 19 and 21 June, 2022., organized by the Embassy of India in Hungary.

On Sunday, June, 19. 2022, 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. at Akvárium Club – District V., 12. Erzsébet Square, as part of Yoga Fest 2022 event. H.E. Shri Partha SatpathyAmbassador of India to Hungary will open the program in details.

Tuesday, 21st June, 21. 2022, 9 a.m. – 2p.m. at Budapest’s City Park (Városliget Park) on the green field, venue between Kós Károly Ave  – Castle of Vajdahunyad –  near the bridge at the Lake Városliget.

Both programs a/m this year is also special because India celebrates the 75th anniversary of its Independence, celebrating jointly with the AKAM (“Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” –  namely “Celebration of Freedom” within the series of events. The International Day of Yoga will be also part of this celebration.

Detailed program coming soon, in the mean time individuals who would like to join the International Day of Yoga already may warm up in advance for the Yoga Day.

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Head to Lake Balaton – Summerville 2022

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The MOL Very Balaton press conference was held at the Aquarium Center in Budapest, whereas this year’s program were announced.

There is always a festival somewhere in a country, but to come together it’s really during in the summertime. Part of a series of events June, 21. – September, 11. were announced. Whatever you’re into, wherever your steps lead you during the Mol Very Balaton … Mol Nagyon Balaton giant festival, visitors will find like-minded souls getting together to cheer on the good things in life.

Plan your biggest adventure yet to come beyond your imagination, goovin at Lake Balaton’s Summer Festival this summer. To ensure it, nothing to take away visitors from the Lake Balaton – the Hungarian Sea … No whalers, no seal-hunters, no sharks on the spot.

MOL Very Balaton started its journey in 2013 with the intention of showing locals and tourist what are the truly high-quality, exciting events of the Balaton Region. This year’s MOL Very Balaton is already celebrating its 10th annual event, and every year more and more world-class and Hungarian-specific events around the lake are to be taking place. These are events organized in different ways, they share the spirit of Lake Balaton ”said Norbert Lobenwein founder of MOL Very Balaton.

Dive into the spirit of Mol Very Balaton Festival. There will be music for every soul … live entertainment, enjoy the “boutique” music, such as: folk, blues, soul, rock. All manner of delights take your tastebuds on an unforgettable journey through most scenic and bountiful food and wine regions. Get into the spirit culture and entertainment, celebration of all art forms, the event calendar is brimming with festivals.

This year’s Balaton Sound is waiting for lovers of electronic music in Zamárdi from June, 29 to July, 2. Performers on the four stages will include Martin Garrix, Timmy Trumpet, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Paul Kalkbrenner, Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth, among others. Within the series programs will include four street theaters and three fashion shows, said Anna Filutás – chief organizer.

World famous stars will give concerts on the main stage of VeszprémFest from July 11 to 16: Diana Krall, Jamie Cullum, Ana Moura, Gipsy Kings, ZAZ and James Blunt, led by Nicolas Reyes. Zoltán Mészárosmain organizer said, the event is the host of the Veszprém-Balaton EKF 2023 series of events. A new venue will be the History Garden, the Riesling, Rosé and Jazz Days will be in the Old Town Square, Jamie Winchester and Róbert Hrutka will perform in the Jesuit Church Garden.

The 54th Blue Ribbon sailing competition was held for the first time in 1934. This year on July, 14 at Balatonfüred. András Holczhauserfounder of the Blue Ribbon, said that more than 600 boats and more than 3000 athletes from 10 countries will fight in the 155-kilometer long distance.

The 3Days – ZamJam start on July, 28 in Zamárdi a new festival venue said Mayor – Gyula Csákovics in addition to Balaton Sound and Strand. Kata Ádám main organizer added a lineup of performers on the big stage, and also having Lookout Concerts, Fine Arts, Jazz, Theater, Film and Literature.

The Valley of Arts runs between July, 22-31., at venues: Kapolcs, Taliándörögd and Vigántpetend. Main organizerNatália Oszkó-Jakab emphasized that the all-arts event will be held for the 31st time with 2029 programs awaiting about ten thousand visitors a day.

The Best of Balaton series continues … There are 11 curators behind the initiative, they are the ones who have been recommending places, landscapes, get together affairs, suggesting sights-and-sounds worth visiting Lake Balaton since last year. Last year’s 50 offers will be supplemented by another 20 this year. The series of events will start on June 27, in the framework of which we will present a film every day about the places, people and things that make us love Lake Balaton, ”said Zoltán Fülöp – Head VOLT Production.
Take control of your summer! … It is a tradition that Balaton Magazine will be published at the beginning of the summer, which has been an important and useful read for the coming months. István Bus editor-in-chief with his team has put together a rich publication as a special issue of DRIVE Magazine.
MOL & Very Balaton have been partners over 8 years. This year, we are placing more emphasis than before on presenting the most exciting, high-quality programs in the region on even more communication platforms. This year will also be Best of Summer, a collection of the best events of the summer in the form of a program booklet.

The closing event of Very Balaton will be the Balaton Picnic on September 9-10 at the Plaza in Siófok.

The song of Lake Balaton debuted at to-day’s the press conference! … Last year, at the Balaton Festival, the award for the Song of Lake Balaton was presented to András Laár KFT: title: Summer at Lake Balaton.

This year, the Bagossy Brothers Company will record the 2022 Balaton Song. The clip was presented to the media and public on Thursday, June, 9. at the press conference.

Riport and snaps Aggie Reiter