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Celebration of the 75th Independence Day of India @ Budapest Hungary 2021.


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A very vibrant & colorful celebration of the 75th Independence Day of India was held at India House @ Budapest where Indian diaspora & friends of India participated in large numbers. Besides the unfurling of the national flag and reading of President of India’s speech by Ambassador Kumar Tuhin, a vibrant musical ensemble was presented by a large group of more than 30 artists presenting classical & folks dances from different regions of India. Together with this, a very interesting fusion was created by models displaying traditional weaves & textiles of India by walking during the dance ensemble.

This year India is celebrating its 75th Independence day and having events of different nature & types for 75 weeks preceding the grand finale in August -2022.

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Dress Code: Art Nouveau – Extending its History of Fashion Exhibition


Ráth György villa – Budapest

The exhibition, which opened on June, 26, 2021 extends its fashion history exhibition Dress Code: Art Nouveau until September, 12, 2021 in view of the great interest

The exhibition provides an insight into the wardrobe and lifestyle of a woman living at the turn of the century with the help of a collection of objects selected from the Textile and Wear Collection of the Museum of Applied Arts. Presenting contemporary clothing and accessories – fans, bags and umbrellas – we recall the new, airy female ideal of Art Nouveau, for whom not only the outer rail but also the inner ring has become particularly important.

Art Nouveau simultaneously closed the gorgeous wear of the 19th century and launched the rational, functionalist fashion of the 20th century. Until the outbreak of World War I, women’s wear became more and more relaxed and comfortable, as the active lifestyle, work and sports provided by everyday life already required simpler and more comfortable clothing. The exhibition showcases casual and sporty daytime and glittery nightwear.

The Art Nouveau fashion line dates back to 1899, when a new type of corset conjured a “eel-like” S-line silhouette for the ladies. The eccentric look was completed by a whimsical shoulder-to-shoulder boa, loose, wavy hair, a Japanese neck-twisted bun, and a huge, heavy hat.

From the 1880s onwards, with the proliferation of machine products, there was a need to revive traditional handicrafts, create an imitation-free art, and recreate lace art. The Halasi sewn lace, designed by Árpád Dékáni in 1902, was the only one that used a unique, new technique and, with its treasure of motifs from folk art, was at the same time organically connected to the art of European Art Nouveau. The exhibition holds among other things, the fan designed by Árpád Dékáni, who won first prize in the 1903 Water Drop Society’s competition.

Families and ladies expressed their social status, wealth, and rank through their clothes and jewelry. And at various events and social events, special attention had to be paid to the perfect appearance. An essential accessory for women’s fashion was elbow-length gloves, jewelery made of precious stones, and a headdress adorning a gorgeous prom hairstyle. However, we must not forget about the dance orders and the fans, which could not have been missing from the props of the ballad ladies either, so also from the exhibition.

In addition to festive events, sports have also become fashionable and have become an important area of ​​social life. Ice skating, for example, was seen as a less ceremonial version of balling, as on such occasions, men and women were able to meet and talk casually. Similarly, bathing – although bathing and swimming were segregated by gender – was also defined by social life and joint activity.

In addition to the garments used in sports, more comfortable and functional wear has become widespread in everyday life, for example, the use of blouses and skirts has become decisive. The university education of women and the establishment of women’s grammar schools were proposed by Gyula Wlassics (1852-1937) in 1895 by the Minister of Religion and Public Education. The participation of women in secondary and higher education, which at first hardly affected women en masse, became possible from the autumn of 1896.

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Humanitarian Act by Embassy of India @ Budapest – Hungary – 2021

india 75 homeless

Embassy of India at Hungary is going to do a 75 week events series with culture, art, history, academic, tourism , humanitarian act and many such important topics.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others’ with this quote by #Gandhi Ji in mind, food distribution #Prasadam #Sewa by India in Hungary (Indiai Kulturális Központ) marking #AmritMahotsav 75 years of Indian Independence, was done for homeless & needy in #Budapest marking #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav in partnership with @iskcon SRF Limited by Ambassador Kumar Tuhin & Dy Mayor Csaba Somlyody.

Upon and within the project to India@75 celebrations, the India Embassy in Hungary organized in the morning hours on August, 12. at the People’s Park in Budapest  providing food  for people from different walks of life,  The project was to support who are unable to earn their living. Free food packages & groceries were distributed to many people arriving to the venue.

Even though this was a little step for the homeless and needy people hopefully for them they can stand on their feet in the meantime.

It is to be noted that The Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is an intensive, country wide campaign which focus on citizen participation, to be converted into a ‘Janandolan’, where small changes, at the local level, will add up to significant national gains.

Here is a video that speaks more than words that is to give an insight of what had happened on that day.

Background source from Director – Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Center.

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15th KAFF (Animation Film Festival) @ Kecskemét – 2021.


Animation Film Festival at Kecskemét from 11 to 15 August. During the 5 days festival, the audience can watch 370 works from over 30 countries for free, which were by professional jury pre-selected 90 animations, which can be seen on the big screen in Kecskemét.

Canada is the Guest of Honor at this year’s international biennial animation film festival.

The most iconic institution in Canadian animated film is the National Film Board of Canada, or the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), under whose auspices individual animated films are still made with state support. The 15th KAFF is a five-part film compilation evoking the studio’s more than eighty-year-old history, full of prestigious accolades. We may learn what needle animation is, see classics, contemporary films, works by female directors, and a selection of works by legendary Norman McLaren.

The program of the five-day event will be enriched by professional lectures, exhibitions, book presentations, audience meetings, light painting, an animated playhouse for children and a Kaláka concert.

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India Embassy @ Budapest distribute food to homeless and needy people.

Aug 12

The Embassy of India, Budapest/Hungary has also lined up several activities as part of this Mahotsav. One of the initiatives is to distribute food to homeless and needy people in Budapest on August, 12, from 12 p.m.

Embassy of India has been in consultation with ISKCON which has a food distribution program and is willing to partner with the Embassy in this noble cause. Indian company SRF is also partnering with this event.

This special event is organised under the frame of the Embassy of India in Hungary.

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India’s 75th Independence Day – Hungary – 2021

Aug 15 -invite

The month of August has special significance in India’s freedom struggle. The “Non-co-operation movement” started on the 1st of August in 1920. On the 9th of August in 1940, the “Quit India Movement” began, which is known as the “August Jranti” (Revolution). India became independent on the 15th of August 1947.

Soon coming up one of the biggest ways of festival of the year with the Mahotsav (festival) being celebrated as a Jan-Utsav (people’s festival) in the spirit of Jan-Bhagidari (people’s involvement).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the India@75 Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav on March, 12. 2021., with the series of events organised by the Government of India.

India is a Country with year-go-around of Festivals. It is in the veins of India’s population.

Namely, India’s Independence Day is entering its 75th year of independence by already started within celebrations 75 weeks before their actual 75th anniversary of Independence. It will continue until the 15th August, 2023.

During this period Indian Embassies and Consulates around the world are organizing weekly events around the theme, where the history, heritage, arts, architecture, music, languages and other aspects of the last 75 years India would be traced through different activities virtually and physically. Along with that, several activities would be woven around social development, health & wellness as well as around social and spiritual values as inherent in Indian culture.

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Peck into the UNESCO World Heritage @ Hungary.

In brief UNESCO World Heritage outstanding cultural and those of outstanding natural value

UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) World Heritage Program was established in 1972. The aim of the program is to register the cultural and natural heritage of humanity … so the countries that are placed on this list must make a commitment to protecting the World Heritage sites in their territory so that later generations can enjoy their unparalleled beauty. Needless to say, being included on the World Heritage List is immensely prestigious, places such as the Grand Canyon National Park, the historic centre of Florence, Machu Picchu and the Great Wall of China are all listed.

My own comment … Just a little mind you … Hungary is not just about Budapest!

In the cultural category the Capital of Hungary – Budapest counts as one, with three specific attractions, No1 the Danube Panorama, No2 Castel District and No3 Andrássy Avenue. The first refers to both banks, the bridges linking them and the landmarks along them. Certain attractions are cited by name, including the magnificent Neo-Gothic Parlament and Art Nouveau masterpiece, the Gresham Palace, defining the skyline of Pest, and dramatic hilltop Citadella the Buda. venue.

A seat of power since the 1200s, Castle District exudes history, the sprawling former royal palace now housing the Hungarian National Gallery. Just steps away the Matthias Church  by the Fishermen’s Bastion painstakingly created by architect Frigyes Schulek in the late 1800s, the former from medieval plans. Andrássy Avenue is more broadly defined to bring in the Great Synagogue … the World’s largest pray house. The Opera House and magnificently restored Franz Liszt Academy of Music among the landmarks.

In the western part of Hungary, Pannonhalma Abbey, founded in 996 and still functions today as a center of church and art history, with an arboretum and herb garden, cloisters, an archabbey museum, a gallery and chapel.

In the north-east Hungary, designated as a wine region since 1737, Tokaj’s storied viticulture is another heritage site, 3,000 cellars stretched across an area of eight settlements including Tokaj itself.

The nearby Hortobágy National Park shows how man and nature can interact in harmony, animal husbandry adapted to the saline pastures and wetlands. In spring and fall, this habitat attracts breeding and migrating birdlife.

Alittle less than 100 kms to Budapest, Hollókő an Old Village that kept its folk architecture traditions, comprises 55 buildings and a church.

The Fertő Lake area features an unique landscape of vineyards and diverse wildlife, geologically and historically uniform either side of the Austrian border that now divides it.

The Roman Sopianae is today Pécs in southern Hungary, where an Early Christian Necropolis from the fourth century is part of The Cella Septichora Cisitor Center a very popular tourist attraction.

Aggtelek with its twelve hundred caverns straddling the Slovak border include the 26kms Baradla-Domica cave system and Rákóczi Cave No.1, used in the treatment of respiratory illnesses.

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Guajarat’s Dholavira – Harrapan-era city gets heritage tag by UNESCO 2021.

Since 2014, India has added 10 new World Heritage sites which is one fourth of their total sites.

Dholavira, one of the most prominent cities of Harappan civilization, which lately has been inscribed into UNESCO World Heritage site.

Dholavira is located in the Kutch district, a historic place which contains the ruins of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization.

Dholavira is an exceptional example of a proto-historic Bronze Age urban settlement pertaining to the Harappan Civilization and bears evidence of a multi-cultural and stratified society.

It is said that this location once had the grandest of cities, and the UNESCO tag certainly open to the visitors from around the world to at least once see, and recognize this ancient site, which is one of the very few well preserved urban settlements in South Asia dating from the 3rd to mid-2nd millennium BC E.

It also said that its earliest evidence can be traced back to 3000 BCE during the early Harappan phase of the Harappan Civilization. This city flourished for nearly 1,500 years, representing a long continuous habitation. The excavated remains clearly indicate the origin of the settlement, its growth, zenith and the subsequent decline in the form of continuous changes in the configuration of the city, architectural elements and various other attributes.


These pillar members were also exported to distant Mohenjo-daro and Harappa, probably through a navigable Rann and upstream the Indus River.  A highly secured Ceremonial Ground to the north of Castle and Bailey must have witnessed markets, craft activities, festivals and melas. 

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The concert film of the K-pop world star Blackpink @ Hungary’s cinemas

del-koreai top világpremier

Simultaneously with the world premiere, on August 4 and 8, a film about a top-ranked South Korean Girl’s Band celebrating the 5th anniversary of its formation will arrive in Hungarian cinemas. Blackpink – The Movie awaits fans of the genre in more than 30 cinemas nationwide, including all Cinema City cinemas, with live recordings and personal interviews.

South Korean Blackpink is currently the most popular female band in the world, as part of the world-famous success story of K-pop (Korean pop music) along with the BTS boy band, they represent the pinnacle of the genre. During their careers under the auspices of South Korea’s largest entertainment company, YG Entertainment, since 2016, they have already broken a number of Guinness records, including producing the most Youtube video views in 24 hours. Their most watched videos have well over 1 billion viewers of the female bands, they have the most subscribers on Youtube and Spotify. The band’s new album, released in the fall of 2020, received more than 1 million pre-orders in just a few hours.

Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa have gained a huge fan base since their debut performance on August 8, 2016. With their unique style and spectacular performances, the band has risen to become one of the biggest stars of South Korean pop music in Hungary and attracted attention from the music world. In 2021, the band will celebrate its 5th anniversary with a brand new film that, in addition to spectacular recordings of world tours and stadium concerts, will also provide behind-the-scenes insight into the challenging history of becoming a superstar.

Here is a peck preview:

The film, Blackpink – The Movie, which is only released in cinemas worldwide for one night at a time, is a special gift to their fan camp called “Blink” to bring together the best moments of the band’s history and large-scale concerts. The film also features concert recordings of a number of their top songs, including ‘IN YOUR AREA’ (2018), ‘THE SHOW’ (2021), allowing fans of the K-pop genre to experience the Blackpink concert experience worldwide.

The film will be shown in more than 30 cinemas in Hungary, with Hungarian subtitles, only on 4 and 8 August. All the cinemas of the Cinema City network will be screened, and they will also be screened at the Corvin and Pólus Cinemas @ Budapest, the Urania National Film Theater and the Kultik Cinema @ Csepel.

A detailed list of screening locations can be found at – The-Movie.

Distributed by Pannonia Entertainment.

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Part 2. Eye of the Sea – TengerSzem @ Zánka – Uplands Lake Balaton

106257794_549901955678076_2227996182158470331_n (1)

Q.: What does the riding school stand for at the Eye of the Sea – TengerSzem?

A.: The stable consists of 18 boxes, 12 horses, now having 2 foals. For beginners to ride we can also arrange a little bigger tarpaulin, friendly good nature. The horses are 80-180 cm high, depending on their size, from ponies to sport horses. We have 2 sport horses, the gray color called Coral, the black color called Rina. For the smaller kids are the pony ride and riders with more serious needs are also allowed to go for sporty horses.

The English monarchy is also with us because we named one of our sport horse Prince Philip. One of my daughter has already passed the equestrian instructor exam. She is an expert in the field.

Q.: Do you have a day ticket for riding? How does it work?

A.: Yes, there is a fee for riding for the started class, and you can get up directly from their area to the nearby uplands. You can also ride around for an hour or two. The rider does not encounter any asphalt road.

Q How did the locals in the area receive this place?

A.: We opened a month ago. So far, the feedback is very good. It’s a little different from what we offer because here it is related to food, drink, horses, accomodation, sauna, leasure and pleasure.

Q.: Our offer, such as beer, is a bit reminiscent of Budapest, with 2 types of handcrafted draft beer on the tap from MONYO brewery.  Made in Italy coffee specialties. Locally made tasting snacks and veggies delights.

A.: We strive to provide our guests with quality goods. In the wine offer, we introduced our guests to
the wines and juices of the local
Táncos Cellar, which is already well known to the locals. We try to provide the best qualities in our offer to our guests. We have not invention the Spanish wax … nothing new invented, we are just trying to provide the best.

Q.: What are the future plans @ Eye of the Sea?

A.: Actually, next year we will start the season completely, in the meantime will try to make the rooms even more comfortable with equipped with air conditioning. Plans for a smaller conference room to fit about 20 people. I want to take the kitchen to a slightly higher level than it is now. The facilities, the natural environment and being a little away from everything in the central settlement should provide real relaxation. We are planing for the future just like to-day on stage so called “unplug” style concert. This evening on stage the BlueStone band gave a concert and “standup comedian” Péter Aranyosi entertained the guests. We keep in mind of smaller team-building meetings, Birthday celebrations and friends gathering and hanging out.

Q.: What other programs are coming up?

A.: In addition to riding I also want to hold other events. The Lake Balaton itself is popular among Hungarians  and  alike to the foreigners. So far, there is nothing like this … all in one … on the shores of Lake Balaton! Planing to hold film club event for 3 weekends coming  up in August. By mid-July, there will be kive unplug concerts on stage.

Q.: So overall, is this a-kind-of hiding place?

A.: Here you can let go, get rid of that urban hassle and stress of the everyday life and simply relax. I would like to draw attention to anesthetize 100 people, cause here is to be for friends and family togetherness. Actually, as said it is a dog-friendly and horse-friendly place, but of course there are also couples welcomed who are happy to enloose, visit us without dogs and horses.

Q.: How are they doing in terms of bookings?

A: Since the opening last month, who has been visiting for a while has liked the environment already made reservations  soon to come again. Anyone who has been here once have immediately book accommodation with us for another date. Now-a-days, it is quite difficult to rent rooms, because of the Pandemia many service have closed for good and we strive to provide fill the gap. We plan to extend the season by opening next year from March to late fall – ending October.

The press presentation night ended with the awesome music played by the BlueStone band.

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