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Budapest Beer Week – Breweries from All Over the World – 2019


Mission Not Impossible … International Craft Beer Festival in the Heart of the Capital of Hungary!

Take That!!! …  50 Breweries … 200 Beers on the Tap … 2000 Guests … Are you ready for it!?!

Previously stated Márton Sefcsik – Head of Communication Q.: “Our work does not end in 2018, but only really began and by now the visitors arriving to the Budapest Beer Week not only come to Hungary in 2019 because at other similar international beer events the tickets immediately as it is published or announced the sign goes “sold out. Visitors joining the event beside the superb beers, also wish to see the Capital’s scenarios and other Hungarian venues.”

Last year, the breweries  had proved that the domestic craft beer ain’t teenager anymore, it reached by now the age to be a considered as adults and Budapest deserves the attention in the international beer world.

BPBW source: “Like many great things, the idea of the festival was born in a beer bar under the influence of new wave brewing, international festivals, inspiring brewers and of course a decent amount of good beer. The goal was simple and straightforward from the beginning: although during the past couple of years the wind of craft has touched the Hungarian beer scene and great breweries has been risen from the ground, it is clear that we have to leap that next step to connect our culture into the international circles of craft beer. We can also put it this way: we wish to shift from ride to full gallop. One of the biggest realizations we experienced at other festivals was that how the hosting city can form the whole atmosphere into its own image; we all love Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen, Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend, Brewskival, All In Beer Fest, Borefts Beer Festival or Mash – just to name a few – not only for their imposing beer lists and participating brewers but to discover the city and its own beer culture.”

As a short introduction, the idea of BPBW came from three beer enthusiasts who all have roots in Budapest and work in different areas of the beer industry. Peter Pazinczar is an entrepreneur working in the IT sector who also runs an up and coming gipsy brewery called TuffBuzz. Marton Sefcsik works in online marketing and sales while he is also the founder and editor in chief of the local beer blog Fenekig.Com. Tibor Rebak is a professional brewer who previously worked with Höganäs Bryggeri, BrewDog and Signature Brew and now looking forward to his next journey with Poppels. But beer is not the only bond among the team: we’ve all spent years in the Hungarian underground playing in different punk and metal bands. We quickly got the ‘Kraft Association’ – an organization uniting the best Budapest breweries including MONYO, Mad Scientist, Horizont, HopTop and Balkezes just to name a few – to join forces. With their support and background in organizing their very own “Kraft Festival” in the recent years we can sure achieve the ultimate goal: connecting Budapest and the Hungarian craft scene into the international streamline of good beer.

We did our very best working on the structure to make sure it is going to be second to none compared to former beer festivals in the region. We took the idea of tasting sessions with limited taps and small tasting quantities from festivals like MBCC, Brewskival or Tallin Craft Beer Weekend; we are inviting our personal favorite breweries to provide the local and foreign craft beer fanatics an opportunity to have all the rarities they’ve been dreaming about at one place. Needless to say, this is going to be a great opportunity to build bridges between consumers, brewers and breweries.

The core events will obviously be followed by a huge after party including the wildest bands and performers from Hungary’s diverse music scene with craft beers on the taps. This is why we chose to work with

Dürer Kert, one of the best live music venues to host our festival in the heart of City Park.

Here is the line up of the breweries from abroad:

Tickets for the BPBW 2019 Pre-tasting: Friday, 24TH MAY – 20480HUF, Saturday, 25TH MAY 20480HUF, 2 Day ie.Double Friday/Saturday 36480HUF … Don’ t wait for tomorrow cause they may be sold out here in Budapest as well.

Tasting sessions and after parties are already sold out! So better hurry up for the days still open for tickets to purchase. BUT, if  you already own a valid BPBW 2019 – Budapest Beer Week – Tasting Sessions ticket for a day, you don’t need an additional after party ticket, because it’s INCLUDED in the tasting session ticket already.

Regarding to the After Party ticket prices … if you don’t care too much about the beers, just the bands, here yo u go: … Pre-sale (online): Friday 7EUR, Saturday 10EUR, Both nights 13EUR, Sunday FREE!

Upon arrival  to the venue ,at the door price: Friday 10EUR, Saturday 13EUR, Both nights 16EUR, Sunday FREE!

A 5% DISCOUNT for all week-long ticket. 

Beside the breweries seen on the a/m poster … here is the line up of the Hungarian and foreigner breweries:

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The Quarrymen … The band that gave birth to the Beatles!


THE CITY OF EGER – MAY, 12. 2019.

“John Lennon’s Original Quarrymen – the band who were on stage with John Lennon on Saturday July 6th, 1957 (the day John met Paul McCartney) – got back together in 1997 to celebrate the most momentous meeting in pop music history. They enjoyed themselves so much at that reunion and interest from fans was so great that they decided to re-form the group forty years on!

The current Quarrymen lineup includes three of those five original musicians, – Len Garry, former tea-chest bass player, now playing guitar and replacing Lennon as lead singer, – Rod Davis, from Quarry Bank School, at first the banjo player but now on guitar and Colin Hanton on drums, who played with John, Paul, George on the famous 1958 Percy Phillips recording session which produced “In Spite of All the Danger” and “That’ll Be the Day” which was featured on the Beatles’ “Anthology, Volume 1” CD set. They have recently acquired a new bass player in the shape of Chas Newby, who replaced Stuart Sutcliffe when the Beatles came back from Hamburg without him in 1960. An old friend of Pete Best, Chas appeared with the Beatles at the legendary Litherland Town Hall concert when the group took Liverpool by storm. Chas plays a left-handed Hofner violin bass.

The other members of the original group were John’s lifelong friend, washboard player Pete Shotton, who retired in Dec 2000 for health reasons, and guitarist Eric Griffiths who sadly died in January 2005, but not before thoroughly enjoying several tours with the newly reborn “Pre-Fab Five” – as the New York Post referred to them in 1998 after their gig at the legendary “Bottom Line” in Greenwich Village.

Anyone knowing their Beatles’ history is aware that The Quarrymen eventually evolved into the Beatles. It is precisely their stories of the group’s origins and of course the Skiffle and early Rock music that the Quarrymen perform, that draw to their shows not only Beatles’ fans, but all those who enjoy the history of the music and of the fifties.

The Quarrymen play the music which influenced the birth of the Beatles, the Skiffle and Rock ‘n’ Roll of the mid fifties – “Rock Island Line”, “Mean Woman Blues”, “Midnight Special”, “Twenty Flight Rock”, “Blue Suede Shoes”, and many more, played in the style of the hundreds of similar groups who were laying the foundations of British Rock Music. Of course the difference with the Quarrymen was that it was fronted by one very special man, John Lennon, who gathered together his best mates way back then to embark on the most famous journey in music history.
As well as their music, the Quarrymen share their Liverpool sense of humor in the stories and anecdotes with which they pepper their performance, giving Beatles fans a unique insight into the origins of their favourite group and the city in which they grew up.

Since 1997 the Quarrymen have played all over Europe, in Canada, Japan, Cuba and Russia, and have visited the USA many times, performing in New York, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas and across the country.

They have appeared on stage with Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Tony Sheridan and Laurence Juber and have made countless TV and radio appearances. In 2007 they were featured on the BBC TV’s hour long documentary “It was 50 years ago today” which dealt with the“Day John Met Paul” in Liverpool. In 2010 the Quarrymen undertook a 21 day tour of the US in conjunction with the Lennon biopic “Nowhere Boy” during which they played 17 gigs from coast to coast, culminating in a mammoth concert in New York on what would have been John’s 70th birthday, where guests included Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton and Neil Innes. In 2013 they were featured in the Channel 4 documentary “Rock ‘n’ Roll Britannia”. The only authorised Beatle biographer, Hunter Davies, also wrote the story of the Quarrymen which was published in 2002. The Quarrymen have released two  CDs, “Get Back Together” in 1997 and “Songs We Remember” in 2004 and in 2009 Horst Fascher’s Star Club-tv released a 60 minute DVD.”

Further information from: or 01895 846707
Official website:

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John Lennon’s Original Quarrymen band coming to the City of Eger!

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In the morning hours at the press  call, participants were received by  live music concert played by The Blackbirds group, who regularly  entertains visitors on the spot Beatles songs at the Pepper’s Cafe & Bar – Budapest.

At the press gathering was announced notable interesting information. One of the owners of the Egri Road Beatles Museum, Gábor Peterdi, said, the museum is celebrating its fourth anniversary of the museum that has over the past year gain more-and-more Beatles fans not only from Hungary but other individuals from Beatles museums in Europe. So as to celebrate the Beatles Museum 4th anniversary the owners came up with a bombastic thought … as in celebrating/sharing the special weekend by inviting the original members of the band playing way back with the mushroom heads who are still active to recall their common times of the legendary band members.

The Quarrymen members were pleased to except the invitation and excepted to participate with pleasure and indicated that before the concert they wish to visit the museum to hand over on this occasion, Lennon’s original portrait with his own signature to the Egri Road Beatles Museum.

Thereafter head roll over to the Gárdonyi Géza Theater, where John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison’s first band, The Quarrymen’s will hold a concert for the first time in Hungary. In between will also tell stories about their memories whilst jamming, playing together to the audience.

Rolling the wheels back in time on the historic rock on stage, during the second half of the program our country’s best and most authentic Beatles tribute band the 15 years old The Blackbirds, will carry the audience back to the Beatles greatest songs when the teenager new generation of the early sixties entertains the to-day’s elder folks.

The whole weekend will be full of celebration at the Eger Road Beatles Museum that also host additional programs on Saturday in the Hall of the Hotel Korona Eger, where as representative of Poland, Ukraine and several other nations already signed up to their presence in celebrating the Beatles week-end at the City of Eger.

Find out more to the programs connected to the event can be viewed on the museum’s website (

It cannot be denied that birth of The Beatles in the 20th century “the so-called rock era” introduced more innovations into popular music than any other rock band.

Mark the date in your calendar and don’t miss this one-and-only performance on May, 12. 2019. at  the City of Eger!  Tickets can be purchased personally at the theater’s organizing office – 5. Széchényi Street – City of Eger.

To be continued …. John Lennon’s Original Quarrymen … The band that gave birth to the Beatles!

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BARTÓK+ Opera Festival – Miskolc – Hungary 2019

Between 14 – 23. June. 2019- the National Theater of Miskolc – The Bartók+ Opera Festival in Miskolc will be held a cultural event at the City of Miskolc, which is the capital of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county – Hungary. The event offers a selection of opera performances, presentation of the works of the world famous composers. The festival has been hosting world-famous Hungarian artists and international operas, and almost all major opera companies in Eastern-Central Europe are introduced.

In a few years, the opera festival made Miskolc the citadel of Central European opera life. The event is considered the most important Bartók festival, which also enjoys the support of the Bartók heirs. One of the main tasks of the Bartók + opera festival is to cultivate Béla Bartók’s oeuvr. Theatrical and orchestral works presenting such a permanent part in the festival program.

At The Bartók+ Festival  2019, press call Gergely Kesselyák  festival director opened with his presentation by saying: Q.: “Music is one of the most beautiful gifts of human kind. It is a message, a part of the knowledge of the Universe, understood by our practiced fellow-creatures, the composers, who are psychics transforming it understandable for us simple mortals. During the last 100 years this deepest essence of a composer’s profession was lost sight by so many, that contemporary classical music has become an issue of a small professional circle, and lost its connection with the audience. We have to say clearly, that it is wrong, the king is naked and have to say clearly that this must change. We must help composers and the audience to find each other again to re-establish the way of the world.” 

Despite of Péter Eötvös composer/conductor‘s many busy activities, he nevertheless managed to come to the press conference and spoke about  “The Golden Dragon” Opera to be jointly on stage at Miskolc with Israeli contemporary artists on Sunday, June. 16. 2019. – 7 p.m.  at National Theater – Grand Theater- Miskolc. On May, 29. 2019 the opera will be introduced in Tel-Aviv – Jaffo Theater with the israeli contemporary co. arists.

“The Golden Dragon” is an opera by Hungarian composer Péter Eötvös to a libretto by Roland Schimmelpfennig, based on his play of the same name and at Bartok+ Opera Festival media gathering, briefly Mr.Eötvös talked about the play and opera itself. Q.: “The story begins in a Chinese restaurant, where a cook, the Little Chinese, suffers from toothache. As an illegal immigrant, he avoids seeing a dentist. When the tooth is extracted unprofessional in the kitchen, he bleeds to death. The story is both tragic and comic, absurd, grotesque and enigmatic. The music adds even more dimensions, revealing connections and psychological aspects. It uses parlando style at many scenes, but reserves a final monologue of farewell to the Little Chinese.”

The Bartók Plus Opera Festival program of 2019 opens with Gala concert on Friday, 14. June. 8 p.m. at the Miskolc National Theater – Grand Theater. Performances by Aldo FINZI, Erich Wolfgang KORNGOLD, Dmitry SOSZTAKOVICS, Giacomo PUCCINI and Albin FRIES will be on stage by solists: Ágnes Molnár, Brigitta Kele, Csilla Boros, Szabolcs Brickner, Nutthaporn Thammathi. Conductor – Gergely Kesselyák –  Contributors: Hungarian State Opera Orchestra and Chorus. 

Further, Day-by Day programs can be followed in English:


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Update …Mini Basilica – live ice-carving show @ Budapest

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District, V. 4-5. Saint István Square – Budapest

On the 6th of April, a special event took place at the St. Stephen’s Square in Budapest:  On that evening was opening  the Platz restaurant with its cozy terrace in the immediate vicinity of the Basilica.

The mini copy of the St. Steven Basilica was formed from a cca. a ton of ice brick sculptured  by  Hungarian Zsolt J. Tóth, and the well-known ice sculptor around the world. The whole formation was viewed on the spot.

The ice sculptor artist in use an ice block almost of 200 kilogram which has to be frozen a week before carving. The life of the statue was said to last counting in the nighttime for cca. 8 to 9 hours and of course the next day daily weather.

During and later on, Tamás Veréb musician-singer and Haida DJ entertained the audiences on the terrace of the n newly opened Platz Restaurant.

This special show attracted many local residents and tourist from around.

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Herald New: Russian Cossacks – State Dance and Singing Ensemble in Hungary

Russian Cossacks – State Dance and Singing Ensemble  in Hungary

The time is running out, yet maybe with some luck, those interested in seat to reserve will still have access.

For nearly three decades, the Russian Cossacks – State Dance and Singing Ensemble has been enchanting worldwide audiences, combining traditional Cossack dances with national songs, all with live orchestral accompaniment. During their spring tour in 2019, they will perform in Hungary for the first time, with their impressive productions, the pearls of the Cossack heritage in five Hungarian cities. Hungarian Tour Stations:  April, 7. in Győr,  April, 8. in Budapest, April, 9. in Nyíregyháza, April, 10. in Vác, April, 11. in Gyöngyös.

The Russian Cossacks – the State Dance and Singing Ensemble – have been watching spectators around the world for nearly three decades. Their programs combine traditional Cossack dances with national songs and live orchestral accompaniments. For the first time in their spring tour in 2019, they will perform in Hungary.

The company was founded by the Russian choreographer Leonid Milovanov in Lipetsk in 1990. The main group of 60 people is the ensemble of 35 people, performed by the choir and the 10-member band.

Their repertoire includes more than 20 dances, 50 songs and 10 musical compositions that cover the full story of the Cossack’s way of life. In picturesque pictures, colorful clothes, cheerful songs and wonderful dance steps, Russia’s Cossack traditions are brought to life from the Don River and the Black Sea, up to Siberia and the Far East.

Tickets @

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Pope Francis – “An authentic man” – Screenings in Hungary

Pope Francis – An authentic man / Pope Francis: The Man of his Word /
Swiss-American documentary, 96 minutes, 2018
Directed by: Wim Wenders
Age limit – 12
April, 18, 2019

The three Oscar-nominated Wim Wenders (over Paris, Texas, Berlin, Sky, Buena Vista Social Club, Salt of Life) can get insight into Pope’s travel and religion views, while the head of the church gives honest questions about general issues serious, sometimes humorous, responses such as death, social and economic inequalities, immigration, ecology and the role of the family.

The Pope Francis – An authentic man is one of the rare creations made in close cooperation with the Vatican. The director gained an unparalleled insight into the life of the Pope: he has been accompanying him for more than two years, and the Vatican TV Archive has also provided the exclusive recordings of Pope Francis around the world. Thanks to the visual style used in the film, viewers can come close to the pope, who personally addresses the audience.

Projection sites beside Budapest Uránia National Film Theater will be throughout the major cities in Hungary.

Brought to Hungary by Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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