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 Krisztián Pars Olympic Champion once again gain a victory by throwing his hammer away to the distance of  79.74 meters. 

This year the two Gyulai brothers, VIP’s at the Hungarian Athletics Federation,  Miklós Gyulai, the President  and Márton Gyulai, Secretary General, Organiser of the Gyulai István Memorial Athletic GP set themselves up this year in reaching two main goals with the arrangements connected to the Gyulai István Memorial Athletics GP. Their first goal was to continue  the GP under the name of their father, Gyulai István, former sportman and worldwide known sport diplomat  and to commemorate to their father with arranging the second year of  the Gyulai István Memorial Atletics GP here in Budapest on the field by the not less known name as at the Puskás Ferenc Stadion. Second goal was to achieve that high stirling atmosphere again that was in  the athletics life during the ’80s in  Budapest by  bringing on stage together to celebrate the Hungarian olympic champions of  to-day and the past olympic games.

Was an excellent thought, not just because  the last time the Puskás Ferenc stadion was filled with so many viewers was a long gone era in the 90s, but to see again those olympic champions (that somehow on the way got out of our sight) was a perfect timing, especially if your old enough to remember these champions great performances.

Close to twenty thousand sport fans were able to watch live on the spot the best-of-the-best sportsmen and sportwomen coming over from  the London’s  Summer Olympic Games  just at their fingertips.

The stars-of-the-stars, the Queen of Sprinters was (sure you know by now who it will be!) Yes, Sanya Richards-Ross the four-time olympic champion, ran on 200 meters at (22.70 sec.) At the award ceremony, she also received a bouquet of flowers and as she stepped down from the podium, she went aside to give the flowers to a little boy and he was so surprised that he hardly knew to take it or not. Sanya doesn’t only have good vibes in her foot but also has a kind and warm heart, that’s for sure. At the race unfortunately, the Hungarian Éva Kaptur could not attend of health problems.

Men Triple Jump, Christian Taylor, the gold medalist at London had only one attempt to his triple jump and  off he went right to the top, the winner of the day with 17,30m. As Taylor said, if it would have been up to him, he would have shaken hands with each-and-every grand clapping and supportive audience. He was seen full of joy and as the music went on in the stadium he would have been jamming after his jumping. The Hungarian Tibor Galambos finished in the 7th place with 13.79 meters.

The sun was still extremely shinning at half-past five with temperature high in the 90s, but for the American Jason Richarson to do his 110 hurdles didn’t mean a thing. For him it was smooth as bread-and-butter and won the first place with 13.19 sec. Guess a man  living in Texas this was just a perfect warm day. Two Hungarians  Dániel Kiss  finished in the 4th place with 13.63 sec. and Balázs Baji in the 7th place with 13.76 sec.

Women 400m race was breathtaking. All the seven competitor naturally were running for their lives. The fastest Williams Shericka, from Jamaica won the race with 50.34 sec.

Men 3000m the winner was the Kenyain sportman Ndiku Caleb Mwangangi  with 7:35,41 mins. In this track the Hungarian Barabás Bene ran the 3000 meters in 8:16,88 mins. On the field this time were six runners from Kenya and one from Australia, but a pity the Mate „DNF”.

Women 3000m, Sylvia Jebiwot Kibet, from Kenya reach the  finish at 9:02.68 mins and gain the first place. From the seven runners, three  from Ethiopia and four from Kenya. What a sensational  unrepeatable runners were seen on the field.

Men 800m, the 17 years old „teenager” Timothy Kitum from Kenya won the race at 1:45.39 mins. Yes, his time is not a typo. We will surely hear and see him a lot in the future. Amazing how he „flys” the circles at the track. This race was a „Kenyaian” race with five competitors from Kenya.  Timothy Kitum  beside other nations sportsmen ran three Hungarians Tamás Kazi (7th), Péter Szemeti (8th) and István Kolossváry (10th).

The 400 meter Men race was breathtaking. The winner of this round was Solomon Jarrin from Trinidad and Tabago.  The Hungarian medalist winner at London Marcell Deák Nagy could not reach in the final to bring his result as in London, only finished in the 5th place with 46.68 sec. The israeli Donald Sanford finished in the 4th place, with his 46.23 sec. Tibor Kasa from Hungary came to the finish line at the 7th place with 46.93 sec.

In the Shot Put Women  the American, Michelle Carter made it, first at 18.84 m. The Hungarian Anita Marton performed  18.21 m and earned the 4th place.

Men 200m, the Jamaican Mario Forsythe touched the finish line at 20,33 sec. The Hungarian Tibor Kasa ran in at the 7th place with 21.54 sec.

The Long Jump Women results ended with the Belarus winner Nastassia Mironchik-Ivanova at 6,79 ms. Györgyi Farkas, the Hungarian long jumper finish at the 6th place with 6,24 m.

High Jump Men, Konstantinos Baniotis, from Greece was the winner in this number with 2,24 m.

The Hammer Thrower, Krisztián Pars was welcomed with hooray, cheers louder than the sound from the Amplifiers when his name was announced to come to the hammer throw position. Of course the Hungarians just couldn’t get enough of seeing him personally, especially those who came by car, train from the four corners of  Hungary just to see  and be together breathing the same air with the Hungarian gold medalist hammer thrower at the Gyulai István Memorial Athletics GP at the Puskás Ferenc Stadion in Budapest. Krisztián Pars competed with six other outstanding sportsmen: 2nd Sergey Litvinov RUS, 3rd  Lukas Melich CZE, 4th Kirill Ikonnikov RUS, 5th Ali Mohamed Al Zenkawi KUV, 6th Alaksandr Dryhol UKR and 7th Andras Haklits CRO.

Due to the Best Performance, the Best Athlete of the Day, Dr. Bojidar Spiriev handed over the Trophy to champion Jason Richardson, American sprinter who achieved the 110 meters hurdles in 13.19 sec.

Mr. János Ader, President and Mr. Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister both one-by-one congratulated to each attendees. The President, János Ader welcomed the audience by saying. ” We all came here to greet and express our thanks to the athletes who all achieved a sensational victory and the same time gave us heartwarming, unforgettable two weeks following them at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.   At the end of his speech he said: ” I wish all our sportsmen and sportswomen a lot of success within  their preparation tasks in the forthcoming 4 years just like they did  before the London’s  Summer Olympics 2012. Wee deeply hope on the grandstands and tribunes at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016 there will be many loudly cheering: BRING IT ON …  GO FOR IT HUNGARIAN!

After the President ended his speech Ms. Erika Miklósa, Kossuth-awarded singer, sang the Hungarian national anthem.

At the ending of the celebration an open top Robur bus (The Robur company was founded in 1988 by Karl Gustav Hiller, the first model came out in 1961 at a Motorshow in Leipzig, former DDR) made its way to the stadium and the olympic champions all got abroad and where drove around the stadium to greet the audience, then after tricolor colors  of the national  flag  stars sprinkled fireworks lighten up the ceremony. See you at the event next year in 2013.

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    1st: The organizer of the event wasn’t the Hungarian Federation, you should look after, who they were before you post
    2nd: the American Jason Richarson doesn’t live in Texas, he lives in LA. He born in Texas, but it was a log time ago
    3rd: Jason Richardson’s time was13.15, not 13.19. equally fast for me too, but please, be accurate
    4th: Willaims Shericka uses her name as Shericka Williams. her first name is Shericka, not Willaims, since she is a woman

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