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Badacsony winemakers arriving to the New York Palace – Budapest

So … if Thursday … then First facilitate the Thirst!


Coming up for the fourth year  … the Badacsony wines are here again in Budapest.

Thursday, March, 26. 2015.

Location: New York Palace Budapest

District VII., 9 Elizabeth Blvd. Budapest.

The first day of spring has arrived, and now the time has come also to learn about the Badacsony wines introduced by the novelties of excellent wineries. Thirty wineries from Badacsony … ”

Here is a list of the vineyards to be visited ont he spot: “2HA Vineyard, a’Capella Vineyards, Bako Ambrose, Bencze Family Domains, Borbély Family Winery, Pacific Vineyard, Csobánc Wine Manufactory, Dobos-Stier Wine Cellar, Winery Domaine Edegger, Fata Cellar, Fischer Winehouse, Folly Arboretum and Winery, Gilvesy Winery, Basement Horvath, Istvándy Winery, Laposa Domains, Malik Cellar, Viticulture and Enology Research Naik, Badacsony, Basement Nemeth, Summer Basement, Sabar Winehouse, Skizo Bor, Gyula Magpie Cellar, Szászi Domains, St. George’s Basement, Szeremley Domains, VáliBor, Villa Sandahl, Villa Tolnay, Weller Winehouse” … offering pálinka and other crafts and cuisine can be tasted int he impressive New York Palace Budapest. The  Badacsony wineries concentrated to the high quality. The qualification was set by  a committee consisting of blind wine-tasting wine makers, in order so the guests at the event will only taste the best coming from the wine region. The wine territory will be to move as one at the impressive New York Palace – Budapest.

The Badacsony wineries concentrated to the high quality. The qualification was set by  a committee consisting of blind wine-tasting wine makers, in order so the guests at the event will only taste the best coming from the wine region. This one day event is to be on the focus of the light, fragrant white wines all brought from  Badacsony wine makers whom will be most delighted to personally fill the glasses to the their professional partners, and also to the local and foreigner wine lovers. Mr. János Békássy – president Badacsony Tourism Association will be present with other distinguished partners.

Prior to the public tastings  2 p.m. and 4 p.m professional lectures will take place on the fragrant varieties and surprise guests will be present. Thereafter, from 4 p.m. – 8.30 p.m. public tasting  opens the floor to the wine lovers to take  part in the exclusive wine tasting with a of price: 4900HUF through On the spot there will be only a limited number of tickets for the price of 5900HUF.

The carefree mood, joy is guaranteed by the organizers.

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Master of Wines  and Master of Cheese

Only one day left!

District XIV. City Park – Agricultural Museum at the Castle of Vajdahunyad

Admission fee is 2000 HUF which includes one tasting glass with the festival logo, also receiving a general public voting coupon to their favorite wine and cheese. The coupon ticket is also an admission to visit the Agricultural Museum

It is a two-day festival, whereas excellent award-winning wines and cheeses can be sampled during the event, but need to hurry up because there is only one day to go. On Sunday to catch up!  At the festival the visitors may have interesting conversations with the masters and learn about the wine regions of Hungary, also the procedure in preparing the finest delicious cheese of master catches.

The Agriculture museum is an architectural masterpiece. Entering the main entrance tight away the new wines and new cheese exhibition is at the fingertips of the visitors.

Approximately 30 stands awaits on the ground and the first floor at the wine and cheese exhibitors. Beside the tasting visitors may cast a glance at the marble arched court up to the first floor via marble staircase. The building with its painted walls, enormous crystal chandeliers, carved pillars, stained windows worthwhile to have a good look.

Hungarian wine, our excellent national drink, had been the basis of the livelihood for about a third of the country’s population until the end of the 19th century and even today, the domestic and international trade of Hungarian wine is linked to rural tourism.

The wine is an integral part of Hungarian identity and image, while its excellence guarantees its valued place in Europe and the EU.

Different wines and cheese … different tastes!  Highlighting a couple of other new wines to have a sip. The  Dúzsi Tamás and Ilona Patai Dúzsiné – family owned winery also to be known that his winery is on of the leaders of the developing family wineries from the superb region Szekszárd, aka the land of the best red wine region in Hungary. Would be a pity to not taste this year’s new red wine namely Marci 2014. Aklan  winery from Lesencetomaj – Balaton Uplands.  The  Galántai family cellar’s wines from Soltvadkert.  The Ódányi Bianca dry and bio white wines, and as for the cheese.  Missis Zsuzsanna  from Etyek – home-made smoked, hard, semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with paprika, and the delicious paranica cheese will knock you off your feet. The Bükki from Mónosbél – cheese from , the Kisasszondi  – from Kisasszondi  estate near Kaposvár hard, smoked, cheese dairy product. The Nagy Róbert László from Dég – unique cheeses are extremely delicious. Of course there are many more  not worth to be missed whilst visiting the New Wine and Cheese festival it is worthwhile to have a look at the outside area as well. The outstanding Castle of Vajdahunyad stands within the area of the biggest museum of agriculture in Europe. Its designer Ignác Alpár merged different architectural styles, made use of different elements, details of well-known buildings of historical Hungary.

Each year, the Hungarian New Wine and Cheese Festival organizers of charity, this year the support goes to the Foundation

“Youth in the Hungarian Wine Future”.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter