Sunday and Monday May, 19. – 20. 2013.

Skanzen – Open Air Museum

Third year celebrating the International Intangible Cultural Heritage.

On  Sunday and Monday May, 19-20. 2013 Pentecost unprecedented series of programs will be celebrated at  the Skanzen at the  Open Air Museum and a warm welcome awaits for  the visitors.  In 2013. the International Intangible Cultural Heritage gathering  celebrates its 3rd year.  Thirteen Hungarian community will explore diverse traditions to the visitors. So on Sunday Pentecost and Monday everything will be on the move, peak into a wide scale of music from different regions of Hungary,  folk singers, arts and crafts from all corners of  Hungary’s  communities will bring  to show their kept treasures and traditions.  The event  is patronage by Ms. Katalin  Bogyay, Hungary’s Ambassador to UNESCO, the UNESCO Chair Assembly.

During the two days the visitors may get acquainted with the habits of the Pentecostal church decoration green branches, flowers, embroidered with butterflies,  the proud falconry with their bird, the  folks from Mezőtúr lined up with their decorative potteries, the “Halasi lace” is indeed worldwide known, but yet many may not have seen the way it is prepared with its special tools,  see how the  women from Kalocsa designs  their  embroidery, while the  folks from the Matyó-land introduce their  rich motif painted furniture treasures. The folks from Mohács will be bubbling over an open fire to  cook the “sokac” bean  and last but not least  visitors may  taste the famous Karcagi  mutton stew of course  if you wish to be gluttonous. On both days during the afternoon hours  for the little ones will be puppet show, live folk music and dance.

 The guest of honor at this year’s festival will be India. The UNESCO representative list of Europe at the first appearance of Guru Shyama Charan Pati masked Chhau dance group, authentic dances of ritual.

At the Indian court the visitors will be introduced sights and sounds of the exotic culture of country people who will be making beaded headdress, mandala, and henna painting, lei-making. Panni Somi and Sivasakti Kalánanda Dance will show the summon South Indian classical dance which is typical of its region.  Anyone who gets Hungry in the meantime can go for the Indian food and taste the  traditional Indian flavors prepared on the clay oven, like the spicy marinated and spit roasted chicken breast pieces, the chicken, the majestic aroma caraway rice, or on-site baked Indian onion seeds enriched  on flat bread  or enjoy on the hot day the Indian coconut cubes.

A cavalcade of color and a rich choice of programs  related to waive the Pentecostal traditions, habits  and presentations about the Middle Ages, reaching the best known holiday custom, the king Pentecostal choice. The election of a king Pentecostal skill tests in the smallest 4-port connected to the Open Air Museum at Skanzen.  See the end of the contest  who will win the title of this year Pentecost King. Showing the Pentecostal Tradition from house to house with one queen-Pentecostal and the presence of nearly 200 children participating walking along from  house-to-house  singing and spreading good wishes to the residents of the house. To this procession any young and elder children may join the walk.  The Pentecostal church decoration, tradition will be  introduced as well, as the Holy Spirit coming feast decorations, dressed for the church and much more events to fulfill the day at the Skanzen.

On Pentecost Sunday  from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. the gala show will be held at the amphitheater  and  on stage  the Muskétás Ensemble with guests : Zoltán Farkas and Ildikó Tóth dancers, Mária Petrás singer, the Sárközi Villages dance group, Zóra Dance Group from MohácsMatyó Ensemble, Kalocsa Folk Dance Ensemble, Somi Panni and Sivasakti Kalánanda Dance Company and Guru Shyama Charan Pati chhau dance group from India  will be the cream on top of the cake.

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