Additional report to the 93rd. Hungarian Derby and Culinary “Gastroangyal” Festival – Kincsem Park – 2015.

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A peak into the culinary side at the Hungarian Derby. Visitors having a break from the Derby strolling along and stop by the Istvándy stand were offered several wine products for tasting and to buy those bottles wines for another day. Their winery is at the northern part of Lake Balaton which is  a short drive from Badacsony just a short  drive to Káptalantóti  to the Istvándy winery. Their winery most probably will be remembered not only whilst staying in Hungary. The emotional attitude of the family toward not only a drop of their wines, but also their mouth-watering 100% grape juice with no artificial ingredient is something your sence in tasting shall never forget. Their own winery, home-made food and guesthouse is worth to visit.

Beside many wine makers on the spot, just outlining one stand stopping by was the G&D handmade pastries from Salgótarján, to see, taste the superb cakes which are masterpieces in the contemporary art work. The popular macaroons rich in tastes were over in more than a dozen flavors.

Probably ain’t on my own saying, many folks are sick and tired to been having a lot of “plastic” store cakes? Well need not have to give it up looking for delicious delights and of course, if travelling to Salgótarján probably will make it two-or three cakes.

In the meantime, the latest news heard from Gellért Szó – confectioner, they entered the competition to deliver the Hungary’s National Cake on August, 20. Hungary’s Nation Day. The G&D is one in the first three confectionery cakes competition voted in the third and fourth by the jury. Gellért Szó at the Derby and Gastronomy Festival said: Quote: „This year it was a very strong competition to be launching the title of „Hungary’s cake 2015. It was so difficult to judge, because of the strong field. In addition to the originally planned three per/cake but on a fourth vote the G&D also entered in the final.”

The G&D cakes to be in the final Gellért Szó in the run finished at third place with his: “Paloc-noble caramel cake with sour cherries and hazelnuts” … and in the fourth place: “Pannonhalma hazelnut cake with apricot pálinka.” Very strong field this year was launched  for the title of Hungary’s National Cake. Surely, the jury will have hard time to choose the best-of-the-best cake for   Hungary’s  National Day. It was so difficult to judge, in addition to the originally planned three per/cake on a fourth and beside the third cake made by Gellért Szó the fourth was also voted to be in the final.

Even having heatwaves (38C in the shade) swept through the festival, the atmosphere was high and cooling down a bit at many wine stands, farmers products, street food and restaurants were pretty crowed.

Probably, ain’t on my own by saying, many folks are sick and tired to been having a lot of “plastic” store cakes? Well, need not have to give it up, because more-and-more fantastic pastries are made throughout Hungary.

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