Celebrating 71st. Republic Day of India @ Budapest

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Many countries around the world today joined to celebrate India’s Republic Day, likewise in Budapest – Hungary.

The celebration was held on Sunday, January, 26. by HE Mr. Kumar Tuhin, Ambassador of the Republic of India & Mrs. Deepa Tuhin @ Heritage House’s Theater – Budapest.

Invited guests joined to celebrate India’s  71st Republic Day together with members of the DC, dignitaries, senior government functionaries, prominent representatives, the Indian community, Hungarian political, business and cultural scenes, also by India’s friends and supporters.

The  Republic Day commemorates the occasion on January 26, 1950 when India, after gaining independence from Great Britain in 1947, adopted its Constitution … 1949. January 26 was already an auspicious day for India because in 1930 it was declared as Independence Day by no less than “The Father of the Nation” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Republic Day also marks the completion of India’s transition from the British Raj to an independent republic. It also represents the anniversary of the declaration of Purna Swaraj, which translates to “complete freedom,” by the Indian National Congress in 1929.

Ambassador Kumar Tuhin conveyed his festive greetings to the audience and said that India’s relations with Hungary is steadily growing and the interaction in diverse sectors, especially in economic and commercial sector. Hungary had been one of the first to recognize India’s sovereignty and the two had established diplomatic relations in 1948. India was one of Hungary’s most important trade partners, and still today tit is continuing  exchange of Hungarian – India students in several fields of education. Also welcomed the cultural and economic relations between India and Hungary.

The Ambassador expressed his thanks to the guests for attending and celebrating this special day together.

The highlight of the evening was followed by the group rendered enchanting India music and dance performances.

After the entertainment program a reception followed having a taste of India’s traditional gastronomy delights.

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Badacsony wine-makers and tourism providers from the region soon arriving.

Reminder to  Saturday, February, 29.  2020. – Rome Hall – Budapest.

See programs below:

From 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Exhibitors are invited by professional partners and members of the press on an invitation-only basis, and entry is free.

After 4 p.m. gates open to the public, exclusive wine tasting awaits all wine lovers.

First Master class  No.1. – from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. by
Dr. András Csizmadia – Topic: “Badacsony wines crave for honeymoon!”
Second Master class from 4.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. by Dr. Gabriella Mészáros
Topic: Big vintage of the last 10 years.

Ticket prices:

Advance Ticket: 6900HUF – Available until midnight February, 27, 2020.  – Unlimited wine tasting on site.

Ticket for the venue: 8.900HUF – The ticket price valid on the day of the event.  – Enables unlimited wine tasting.

  • Discount rates:
    Entry fee for master classes is only 5900HUF.
  • For full-time and correspondence students – basic ticket price: 4900HUF (upon registration, presentation of the valid student card is required).
  • Basic ticket price for students of specialized higher education institutions: 3500HUF  (upon presentation, student card is required at registration)
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TITAN Containers @ Vértesszőlő – Hungary

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In the late morning hours TITAN Containers – Hungary held a press meeting with invited media representatives and public to its warehouse introducing the plant and the latest developments of the TITAN containers. The venue was at the Strata Business Park between Tatabánya at Vértesszőlős, cca. 50 kms from Budapest on the M1 motorway.

The officially participants at the Strata Business Park were Investum Ltd., János Locher Managing Director, TITAN Containers A / S, Anja Maria Plampin (UK), TITAN Containers A / S Hungary branch, Zsolt Paulik country manager, Csaba Nagy – Mayor of Vértesszőlő.

It was stated by the TITAN Containers branch manager Zsolt Paulik, the TITAN containers has already  four  similar  plants already and shortly, this year they will open the 5th based at City of Dunaharaszti. The unit has 51 containers but can be expanded to 200 containers. So far the TITAN Containers has been invested 800 million HUF in its self-storage bases in Hungary. The cost of the space close to 400 million HUF after expanded. The storage and hire fee are based on the monthly cost which depend on the square meter size of the TITAN container and determine personally on individual in need. Self Storage containers … Many people have objects, tools etc. which they keep for time being, to be in use later on, but as this goes around the clock, soon not enough space for the gadget. Making those summer and winter storage months much easier without the pain to get rid of something and avoid to deal with those stressful hours.  People will reach more secure storage space with the selection of containers of various sizes. It would be just as having an own second garage. Office Storage containers … There are many reasons why business needs space, personal possessions, such as  to store equipment, file, stocks or a meeting room for that last-minute appointment. On the spot there are experts in providing tailor made solutions for requirements. Accommodation containers … Placing home furniture into storage is really handy especially in times when do not know where to place the home belongings,  moving home, redecorating, renovating or simply looking to free up some space. Refrigerated containers … For shopping centers are also recommended for storing goods. Refrigerated containers/cold stores/cold rooms. The plant has many more options to tailor the customers need.

Individuals, companies renting these containers can come-and-go anytime of the day. The plant offer 24-hour access, seven days a week with fully-alarmed rooms for added security, with the further reassurance of CCTV monitoring.  Access is free, no additional cost. Anyway, worthwhile in advance to view the opening hours.  Rent or buy, either way always get best value for money with TITAN containers.

TITAN Containers A/S, Anja Maria Plampin (UK) spoken  about the beginning of the establishment.  Saying, the TITAN Containers is a family-owned investment company based in Denmark.  Her father in UK and mother in Denmark previously worked in the container field. It didn’t take long before they got married and continued to build their project – TITAN containers together. The Titan name came from her mother’s favorite horse Called Titan. They knew the titanium is precious metal. These containers are not made of Tianium, but well fit to be name of the characteristic force it holds.  Also spoke about the foundation by her father Layland Barker in 1987. Since then TITAN has become perhaps the largest privately owned company supplying shipping and storage containers for a vast multitude of applications. TITAN’s initial goal was to pass on the advantages of high volume with providing end-users with top quality containers and services always with competitive pricing. Today, more than 30 years later, TITAN maintain the same targets, operate six brands and is able to offer worldwide services with a network that is possibly the one of best in the market place.

The Investum Ltd. plans to develop further more similar plants in the future, customized industrial and commercial buildings in the Strait Business Park said by János Locher Managing Director – Investum Ltd.

Were examples what these containers are also good for, e.g. … People having interesting hobbies and need to be stored and also for young entrepreneurs realize their dreams may come true  to have a place  for (bands rehearsals). Also how students get frustrating and time consuming at the end of each term. becoming more location independent with time spent on placement, at home or abroad. The need to be flexible is never more apparent. To help the student needs. Titan offers storage areas ranging from a large locker that can take a couple of suitcases, up to our smallest storeroom to help them store clothing, books, sports equipment and personal items.

The TITAN containers are around the four corners of the Earth and expanding e.g. … Europe, Australia, NZ, USA, U.K. Asia, Middle East.

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Coming up – Leap Day of the Year, but for Wine Lover Not to Escape!

Badacsony cellars hidden treasures are once again coming to Budapest! 

District, VII., 9-11 Erzsébet Boulevard – Budapest

New York Palace will be more than just a tourist attraction …  the Badacsony cellars from Lake Balaton will host the region wines on  Saturday, February, 29.  2020. – Rome Hall – Budapest.

This year the Badacsony Wine Region members are celebrating their 10th year anniversary. It is a ONE DAY event!  Interested in region’s wine tasting, mark the date on your must visit list whilst visiting – staying in Budapest.

As said … This is the leap day of the year, but wine lover is not to escape. At the venue bring feast for the eyeswines to ease the thirst!

Folks should not miss this experience … their jaws will fall off seeing the sophisticated architectural. In addition in admiring the interior architecture, the best opportunity is to connect it, also to get acquainted with the wines of the Lake Balaton Badacsony region, which are presented by their own winemakers. The tasting wines are pre-classified by a committee of winemakers and external experts during a blind tasting. Thanks to this, the public can really taste the wonders that are born exclusively in the Badacsony Wine Region, where basalt, sandstone, and Lake Balaton lend different but unique features to the wine.

Just as in the previous years, it is a one day event, jointly organized with the Badacsony Guild Tourism Association.
Badacsony wineries are open year around, but on this day it will be a full „wine touring program” in Budapest with around 50 exhibitors awaiting visitors who can sample more than 140 wines from nearly 40 wineries. At the event, visitors will find the volcanic classic tastes and also just interested, open to new flavors.

The exhibitors’ list is not published yet.

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Antonio Tempesta Painted on Precious Stone @ György Ráth Museum – Budapest

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Exhibition open: January, 17. – March, 29. 2020.

District: VI., 12. Városliget fasor 12.

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Tickets on the spot.

Been to György Ráth Villa Museum? Worthwhile not only art lovers by locals and/or tourists, foreigners staying Hungary.

Officially open exhibition @  Budapest on Antonio Tempesta – precious and rare – Lapis Lazuli stone of Old Testament painting cannot be seen anywhere else in the World.

An Antonio Tempesta was rediscovered in the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts – Budapest at the storage parcel on the basement level whilst the buildings was going through an enormous renovation. The paintings were absolutely unknown when found with severely damaged and some pieces were also missing. Took several years for the restoration of the paintings. Also required research and coordinated efforts with experimental restorers. Thanks to the high level of knowledge by the restorers painstaking and subtle work the Tempesta’s marvelous handwork can be from no on viewed at the György Ráth Villa in fully return original paintings experience.

Antonio Tempesta’s two-side painting in this exhibition is an exceptional work of art in many respects.

The color of a marvelous shades in blue magnified Antonio Tempesta who was born in Florence and active painter in Rome in the early decades in the 17th century. His works were ordered and prepared for aristocratic patrons. Tempesta painted on various types of stones, bringing life without boundaries to figures and venues with its original color of the stone, showing the perfect collaboration between nature and art.

While most paintings are done on canvas or wood panels, Tempesta used a semi-precious stone, lapis lazuli   to his painting. This rare stone was imported from Afghanistan, the only known location of such deposits in the 17th century. Both sides of this thin, unbelievable  1-millimeter thick translucent slab presents scenes on both side from the Old Testament. The images are not just paintings, but from the multicolor stone forming an intergral part of the depictions. The frame itself with its mother-of-pearls inlays, is also unusual of its complicated, contrived image field.

The stone’s name Lapis Lazuli comes from Latin word „lapis” meaning „stone” and the Persian lazhward meaning „blue” It is one of the most sought after stones in use since man’s history began.

Only three of Lapis Lazuli stones survived around the world throughout the centuries. One of the Tempesta’s works can be viewed at the György Ráth Villa – Budapest and are housed in the Louvre – Paris and the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.

Certainly recommend this wonderful place to  visit by art lovers, once home to a wealthy family, and today a gem of a museum in Budapest. The exhibition rolls back in the past under the spell of the magnificent objects.

Whilst walking in-and-around the corridors and rooms  can  see besides Tempesta’s painting a couple of goldsmith works out on display. These magnificent artistic works are examples how the fusion of an object brought together with nature. The goldsmith works are from the former collection of Miklós Jankovich, a renowned Hungarian art collector of the early 19th century.

Mind you, there are no guided tours, yet there is a booklet on the front desk that summaries the story of the villa.

Take your time to see, learn about the background of entire collection whilst enjoy stepping into every room of the villa unique piece of furniture and decor. A very unique and special museum!

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Miraculous Acrobat Winners @ Budapest – International Circus Festival Budapest 2020

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District, XIV., 12/a Állatkerti Blvd.

The Capital Circus bringing to the circus ring the International festival competition’s winners from January, 15. up to March, 15. 2020. Whether by any reason missed to be present at the “A” or “B” showtime now will be the time to come, see the best-of-.the-best circus show. The audience can count on it to view the magical artists by watching their breathtaking presentations which will indeed promise their stay with highly entertainment experiences. A superb showtime for the locals and foreigners staying in Budapest. Join the circus show, and gain an uplifting experience for whole family.

Beside the locals, many foreigners, tourist staying in Budapest where also present to attend at an international circus festival. It was a cavalcade of mixed real languages hearing the audience awaiting for the ring to be open to occupy their seats.

To purchase tickets is possible just before the performance and/or also in advance on the spot at the ticket booth.

On weekdays and on Sundays from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. On Saturdays from 10 a.m. till 7 p.m. (just before show).

Just a note to one of the participating group arrived directly for the days to see all the show acrobats at  the international competition from Denmark. They said that since there is the international circus festival in Budapest they have been coming within a group to watch the amazingly selected the already known by them the fabulous shows  and will be curious to see who will be the winners and can not wait to see back home the list of seen performers results. See the group’s snap.

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Transparent Sound New Music Festival @ Budapest

The highlight of the festival is the work of female music composers.

January, 7 – 20. 2020.

Does female and male music really exist? Do these only consist of female or male sounds? Is there a difference between men listening to the music of female composers and women listening to music composed by men? Is it possible to compose accompaniment to a concerto using insect sounds? And to lead a soloist of electroacoustic instruments with hand-gestures? To tell a story with beatbox sounds? Is there a musical work that has two versions, which can be performed both separately and together? How can we describe generative art, and how does it relate to gender?

The outstanding events are at prominent venues for those interested in new music and can visit as many venues as they wish, such as: the Müpa, the Trafó, the Music Academy and the French Institute in Budapest.

There is still a week ahead at the festival will include concerts – paired with interactive introductory sessions, – workshops for professionals and the public, children’s events, an international symposium, a sound-theater for the whole family, an exhibition and movie screenings. This year the festival will focus particularly on the works and performances of female musicians and composers.

The main mission of the festival is to make the colorful and innovative world of new music approachable for everyone. The invitation also goes to the audience who wish to join the open workshops organized around the events, which will lead participants empirically into the instinctive world of music listening and orientation. The scores of the performed works will also be made available during the festival in our reading corner in the library of the BMC – Budapest Music Center.


January, 16. – 6 p.m. – CEU, Oktober Hall – District, V., 7. Október 6 Street. A forest makes sounds of its own — remarkable sounds. Perhaps these sounds also mark the breadth, depth and borders of the forest space itself. There are also other sounds that signify “forest,” and yet other more enigmatic sounds that express embodied experiences, interactions and intensities between human and forest bodies.

Exhibition opening – Vernissage and lecture by Étienne Rolin

January, 17. – 5 p.m. – French Institute – District, I., 17. Fő Street . Étienne Rolin about the vanishing points of music and visual arts says the following: Q.: “What is the connection between music and painting. In a nutshell, I give a sweeping answer that both disciplines are two variations of vibrations produced by gestures. Each discipline has its particular techniques and materials that allow me to create. What I find stimulating is to experiment with my own brain and body to examine and cross-examine the ongoing process of creative activity in two domains. It appears obvious to most that music and painting share a common ground with a deep taste for the technique of composition and the art of improvisation.


January, 17. – 7.30 p.m. – BMC – Concert Hall – District IX., 8. Mátyás Street. What do we associate with the human voice? Singing on the stage, singing together, humming to ourselves, talking, whispering, baby cooing – just to mention the most obvious ones. We will meet these sounds, and many more, at the concert of the UMZE Ensemble, in the form of singing mixed with electronics, instrumental arias, the instrumental of Offenbach’s work “overmumbling”, beatbox, musical allusions and recaps from music history.


January, 18. – 10.30 a.m. – Nádor Hall – District, XIV., 3. Ajtósi Dürer line. Instrumental fairy tale-theater for young children in Hungarian


January, 18. – 7.30 p.m. – Budapest Music Center, Concert Hall – District, IX., 8. Mátyás Street – Tricket available on the spot. Modern Art Orchestra performs pieces and transcriptions of songs and other works composed by László Melis. Artistic director: Fekete Kovács Kornél. Tickets on the spot.


January, 18. – 9.30 p.m.  -Screening after the concert – written and directed by: Kamondi Zoltán. Music: Melis László.  – Free of charge, yet registration is needed in advance papp.krisztina@bmc.hu



January, 19. – 7 p.m. – French Institute – District, XI. 17 Main Street- Tickets on the spot –  The French composer, Étienne Rolin, plays several wind instruments (such as the clarinet, or the Indian bansuri), but at the same time he is excellent at improvisation as well. Tickets on the spot.


January, 20. – 6 p.m. – Budapest Music Center – Library Screening – District, 8th Mátyás Street.

When Leipzig pianist Kyra Steckeweh realized that her repertoire almost exclusively consisted of music composed by men, she began searching for pieces written by female composers. With her selection, she has brought to our attention and delight four very different composers, all of whom left a diverse body of work – Film by Tim van Beveren and Kyra Steckeweh. – Entry free of charge.

LUX:NM – Anamorphoses

January, 20.  7.30 p.m. – BMC Concert Hall – District, IX., 8. Mátyás Street  – The Heroines of Sound concert at the Transparent Sound Festival 2020 puts the spotlight contemporary composition in Germany with works by Laura Mello, Oxana Omelchuk, Lisa Streich and Sarah Nemtsov, alongside the Hungarian composer Judit Varga. Tickets on the spot.

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