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24th Titanic International Film Festival – extra screening – RAW!

The 24th Titanic International film festival came to an end, but and yet the Urania cinema will have an extra screening in view of the huge interest on April, 20 at 8.30 p.m. screening the French arthouse horror on “GRAVE – RAW” (2016), which won the FIPRESCI Prize at last year’s Toronto Film Festival and Cannes. Be aware cause it cuts like knife throughout the 99 minutes and people in the audience fainted.

The young and talented film director first, Julia Ducournau beaten the French major port, disturbing film veterinarian Justine’s family and all vegetarian. He also enroll in veterinary school, which is unknown, relentless and dangerously seductive world accepts. During the first weeks of initiation ceremonies out of the desire to refuse inclusion of family law, and eating raw meat. Unexpected and faces horrible consequences when he awakens dormant, true self so far. While there is no doubt the film abounds with naturalistic sections, and recommended only for strong nerves behind the horror optional accessories unfolds growing up.

The film is only recommended for individuals over 18 years

The film was supported by the UIP Duna Film and the Urania National Film Theater.

The original language film, screened in Hungarian and English subtitles

RAW – tickets are available at the Urania Cinema – Budapest

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„Son of Saul” – Grand Prize – Cannes Film Festival- 2015.




Hungary’s filmmaker received the Grand Prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for his outstanding and astonishing set of a Holocaust drama the „Son of Saul”.  This was László Nemes Jeles  – Hungarian director-screenwriter’s  first debut film. The film’s script was prepared by the author in cooperation with the French script writer Clara Royer during his  five months scholarship  stay in Paris  in 2011. The film plan was previously awarded in Sarajevo at the Film Festival with the Living Pictures prize.   The film drama received  Four awards  in Cannes …  FIPRESCI Prize running in the main competition section …  the François Chalais Prize and  the Vulcan Award at the festival.

A number of foreign actors took part in the film …  Germany, Poland, United States of America and Israel who were preceded  during the casting by tough sorting. The film  shots mainly took place at several Budapest locations and at the Mafilm studio. The Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp buildings have had been demolished, therefore were reconstructed on the basis of photographs and historical research.

The drama in brief: the “Son of Saul” takes place in the venue the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in 1944.  A Hungarian Jewish prisoner named Saul  … played by Géza Röhrig … is a member of the Sonderkommando. It is a group of prisoners given humiliating and illusory privileges as trustees and minor amount in food ration to be able to carry the bodies from the gas chambers to pyres to be burned, then carting the ashes away to be dumped. At one of the occasions Saul recognize a body of his young son. Thereafter, in secret goes to search to find a rabbi among the prisoners to give the boy a proper burial. To achieve his plan Saul was using threats, blackmail and bribes and with so-called jewellery “shiny” stolen from the bodies.

The final cut was supported by financial and professional assistance from the Hungarian National Film Fund, which contributed a total of 310.6 million HUF.

The Son of Saul for the first time to be seen nationwide by the domestic audience after the Cannes International Film Festival will be from June, 11. 2015.

The American Sony Pictures Classics acquired the rights in distributing the film.

Update by Aggie Reiter