Spielwarenmesse – Wonderland of International Toy Exhibition 2020.

The Spielwarenmesse is well know by those in the international toy markets to come together at the world of toys, renowned brands, industries and game developers be present between January, 29. – February, 2. 2020 at the annual Toy Fair in Nuremberg – Germany.

Likewise this year at the world’s largest  international toys and games exhibition at Spielwarenmesse, featuring world-leading game manufacturers and distributors, revealed that environmental awareness is increasingly appearing in the gaming industry, bringing digital or cinematic figures to life, and classical or application-based board games will continue to grow. At the gigantic Nuremberg Exhibition, the biggest dealers were already choosing products for the next Xmas season.

As the largest children’s toy webshop in Hungary, the experts at jateknet.hu have found that the experience of unpacking is still in focus, and interactive plush and robots are gaining ground, so they are focusing on their 2020 offering accordingly.

Providing a good reflection of the current market, the 3 trends “Toys for Future” (products made from organic or recycled materials), “Digital goes Physical” (content and stars that children are familiar with in the digital world), and “Be You!”, were well received by trade visitors and exhibitors in this year’s exhibition. The focus of the fair was on connecting digital and traditional toys and environmental awareness. The sustainability trend in the toy industry is evident in plant-based plastics, paper, wooden toys and packaging.  The jateknet.hu webshop, for example, reuses large boxes of toys – purchased from suppliers – by forwarding them to customers who order a variety of products.

Gergely Őri, manager of jateknet.hu webshop, said: “The unpacking experience remains one of the leading trends this year when either the player unpacks the toy or the toy itself „pops out” of its box. Thousands of novelties are expected in the spring offering, including exciting toys where the need to unscrew balls from a machine and get the surprises from the balls, or cut the toy itself out of a hard jelly-like material.” Molded materials also play an important role, such as slimes, but they are no longer part of the process of making them (which has burst into public awareness), but rather as part of other games.

The proliferation of interactive plush and robot items are undeniable, primarily due to the new generation’s changed lifestyle and play habits. One might think that in today’s digitalisation environment (online and mobile games, e-sports) it is becoming increasingly difficult to get kids to play physical games. Experience has, however, shown that board games are flourishing – for example, Monopoly is 85 years old –  that most popular retro toys are „remodeling” or adapting and adding mobile apps and applications, but physical display from digital is also a popular trend, such as Fortnite video game toy-figures.

The experience of the exhibition has confirmed  that the heros of the major manufacturers are always determined by the actual new films, cartoons and video games that appear in the given year.  Parents must be aware and prepared in advance because most of the new and trendy children’s toys are  already and will be added to the web store’s offer.

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Worldwide screening – „Break On Thru”– A Celebration Of Ray Manzarek @ Budapest

A special music documentary film will be screen worldwide.

In Hungary ONLY ONE Occasion!

Part documentary – part concert film – „Break On Thru”– A Celebration Of Ray Manzarek captures a 2016 tribute performance in Los Angeles by surviving Doors members John Densmore and Robby Krieger to salute the keyboardist fellow Doors member Ray Manzarek who died in 2013.

Around the World the cinemas will be screening on his birthday date February, 12.  

The set list consists of Doors songs performed by John and Robby alongside a cast of all-star guest musicians, including various members of the Foo Fighters, X, Stone Temple Pilots, Jane’s Addiction, Paul McCartney’s Band, Gov’t Mule and more. The film also includes rare archival footage of the band, conversations with Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek, and esteemed music journalist Ben Fong-Torres, as well as new interviews with John and Robby.

Only One Evening – with Hungarian subtitles @ Corvin Cinema and Pólus Center Cinema – Budapest,

Agora-Savaria Cinema – Szombathely and Downtown Cinema – Szeged.

Pannónia Entertainment Ltd.

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“It Must Be Heaven” – Hungarian Cinema Premier @ Budapest

It must be heaven – Comedy (2019)
French-German-Canadian-Qatar-Turkish-Palestinian film

 Screened with subtitle from February, 20. 2020.

Directed by – Elia Suleiman, Starring – Elia Suleiman -Gael Garcia Bernal, – Ali Suliman – Francois Girard
Length: 97 minutes – Minimum age: 12

The film’s main festival awards and nominations:
– Cannes official competition program, special prize from the jury
– Cannes – FIPRESCI Award for Film Critics
– Toronto – nominated for Best Film
– Seville – the best European co-production
– Cinefest Miskolc – official competition program, nominated for the best film

Source: Cinenuovo Ltd.

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Teddy Bear Carnival @ Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden

Four Days of the Teddy Bear Carnival is on its way.

City Park – District, XIV., 6-12 Állatkerti  Blvd.

Thursday, January, 30. to Sunday, February, 2.

Children under the age of 14 who are coming in costume or bring their Teddy Bear with them can visit the Budapest Zoo with a symbolic entry price 200HUF.

During the Teddy Bear Carnival a variety of programs and special discounts at the Zoo waiting for families, kindergarten and school groups.

Each year the 2nd of February is a remarkable day at the Budapest Zoo, because according to folk divination its said the bear is a real winter forecast, will show the coming length of winter season. If on this day the bear sees his shadow …  being a sunny day … then it will take a long time still the winter to be here, but if it does not see his shadow then …  ie weather is overcast daylight … the winter is not going to last so long. will stay outside or heading back to its cave to sleep some more.

“Balu the Brown Bear … to see or not to see its shadow!?!  That question remains until Sunday … will it stay outside or go back into its cave in having more sleep.  To find out … this coming Sunday visitors are welcomed to see.

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Enter into the fantastic music library of Hans Zimmer – Budapest – 2020

Tuesday, February, 17. 2020.

@ 7.30 p.m.

District, XIV.,  2. Stefánia Rd.

Hans Zimmer is Hollywood’s most sought-after film composer, who has written music for more than 100 movies and is now heading to a European concert tour and for Hans Zimmer music lovers it will be their place to be at the László Papp Budapest Sport Arena.  which will be an important stop in Budapest in February.

Get to hear Hans Zimmer’s greatest hits as you have never heard them before! The Sony Classical released the double-album The World of Hans Zimmer – Symphonic Celebration spring of 2019.

The album features the music from the Zimmer-curated World of Hans Zimmer international concert tour by Semmel Concerts. Regarding to the celebration „The World of Hans Zimmer” has been newly arranged his greatest hits and placed into an electrifying concert to suite for orchestra, choir and soloists. Each to the concert melodies will ring the bell right away.

From the ears … down to the soul … legendary scores as: The Dark Knight , The Da Vinci Code , Lion King , Pirates of the Caribbean and M:i-2 Mission: Impossible 2 will fill the air in the Budapest Arena.  The Orchester,  famous soloists and singers adds  to a fantastic listening experience. Amongst these accomplished musicians are several of Zimmer’s long-time musical collaborators such as Gavin Greenaway (musical director), Lisa Gerrard, multi-instrumentalist Pedro Eustache, and renowned opera singer Valentina Nafornita.

The recording took place at the famous traditional Concert Hall Wiener Konzerthaus featuring renowned ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra and the choir: Neue Wiener Stimmen – conductor Martin Gellner in the course of the Hollywood – Vienna festival.

World of Hans Zimmer – Symphonic Celebration also includes concert suites of the scores of King Arthur, Pearl Harbor , Rush , Madagascar , Spirit , Kung Fu Panda, The Holiday, Hannibal , Gladiator and Inception.

Mark the date on your bootlist and reach the ticket before they are sold, not to miss to be wondering in the world of  well-know music by Hans Zimmer.

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“Tutankhamun’s Treasures and Mysteries” – Book Signing @ Budapest

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The Egyptian  well known Mr. Zahi Hawass, Professor of Archeology – Egyptologist  held a book signing of  his latest, “Tutankhamun’s treasures and mysteries”… subheading … from Howard Carter to DNA., at the Paris Court of Budapest Hotel on the occasion of Hungary’s first official publication of the album. Over two hundred people were curiously waiting to see him in person on the occasion of book signing  which was Hungary’s first official publication of the book. Upon arrival the world-famous archeology professor was greeted with great enthusiasm by lovers of the history of Egypt’s mysteries of mummies.

By its weight is a heavy album which contains a huge historical overview of “our long forgotten past.” The album takes its readers along the sophisticated paths of scientific research and legend in a captivating high-quality compilation. The weight of the book is less than the contents therein.  He believes that Egyptian culture belongs to everyone. It is not only for tourists, but also for all those who help to raise awareness and protect the Egyptian treasures of the World Heritage.

The professor of archeology also presents the results of his new research over the past two years. In his view, the current exploration is significant because it is the first time an ancient “industrial site” has been explored. 30 workshops, ancient warehouse buildings, and many 3500-year-old ceramic items were brought to light by the professor.

According to Hawass he is convinced that the best of the Eastern European Egyptologists come from Hungary, including László Kákossy. As he said, there was only one mistake he committed being once persuaded to buy something antique, which was not later known not to be… he said with a wide smile on his face.

Last but not least the professor stated:

“I will find Cleopatra’s tomb … To show the World!”

Well hope and wishing him success!

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75th Anniversary of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day @ Budapest

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day held at the Italian Cultural Institute Budapest open by H.E. Mr. Massimo Rustico – Ambassador of Italy to Hungary who emphasized in particular that not only men, women and children of Jewish identity were taken from Hungary to the Nazi camps, but unfortunately also from Italy and from all over Europe…. NEVER FORGET – NEVER TO HAPPEN AGAIN! H. E. Mr. Yacov Hadas-Handelsman – Ambassador of Israel to Hungary expressed his thanks to the Italian Culture Institution in offering the grand hall to keep the anniversary and gave a speech in the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. Mr. Gian-Luca Borghese – Director of the Italian Cultural Institute talked about Italy’s Jewish and those non-Jewish political opposite viewers under the naci dictatorship taken also to Auschwitz.

After the speeches a screening to place of the documentary film „Numbered” Holocaust film which is a reminder of how many people counted in that era. The movie is a collage of narratives and photographs of Auschwitz survivors. Auschwitz prisoners were tattooed with serial numbers. The  documentary is a highly visual, emotionally cinematic journey, guided by testimonies and portraits of these survivors. The film director Uriel Sinai.

After the screening a concert on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day was held by Deviant Music Concerto of Davide Casali on clarinet and Pierpaolo Levi on piano.

Attention was brought to the audience of the Italian Jewish composers, Leone Sinigaglia, Alberto Gentili Renzo Massarani and also of the Jewish identity were Ernst Krenek and Viktor Ullmann.

The clarinet-piano duo spoke about the music which was constantly present and played a central role in the life at the death camp, offering theme of remembrance. Their works on two instruments are rarely heard originally written in Auschwitz. Unfortunately, the topic was overshadowed and seemingly overlooked in the traditional studies in the Shoah. Their aim is to spread, introduce, especially emphasized for today’s generation, to get to know, hear, feel the feelings behind the notes as listening to the Getto’s music.

The two artists presented:

Leone Sinigaglia (1868-1944): 12 Variazioni su unema di Franz Schubert, Op. 19

Aldo Finzi (1897-1945): Pavana per clarinetto e pianoforte

Viktor Ullmann (1898-1944): Sonata via Pianoforte solo n ° 5 durata

Erwin Schulhoff (1894-1942): Susi per clarinetto e pianoforte

Renzo Massarani (1898-1975): Preludio

Ernst Krenek (1900-1991): Sonata per clarinetto e pianoforte

Alberto Gentili (1873-1954): Serenatella per clarinetto e pianoforte

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