Joint peformance of Ukrainian and Hungarian artist educators celebrated World Circus Day 2022.


Photo: Urbán Ádám/Metropolitan Grand Circus

The Metropolitan Grand Circus and the Imre Baross Artist Training Institute (BIAK) celebrated World Circus Day in an unusual way: Ukrainian and Hungarian artist educators are caught! They presented a joint program at the Artists’ Colony and handed over props from the proceeds of BIAK’s previous program, Midsummer Night’s Dreamers, to Ukrainian artist educators.

World Circus Day has been celebrated on the third Saturday of April every year since 2007, but this year has been postponed to April 21, as the hospitality artists of Kiev and Kharkiv performed in Monaco with the organizing committee of the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival in a series of lectures. But already it was previously decided that a joint performance with Hungarian artists would be planned on World Day.

Before the one and a half hour presentation, the director of BIAK, Dénes Gábor Kovács, greeted the audience and reminded them that the co-production of Ukrainian and Hungarian students is a message to the world: acceptance, co-creation and thinking together is created.

Secretary of State for Culture Peter Fekete always carries with him a cultural treasure, this time asking the Museum of Hospitality to borrow a balance sheet from 1910. “From time-to-time, we have to balance the things of our lives: if trouble, need are included in one pan, responsibility, opportunity, care must be immediately included in the other. How good and exemplary that there are people among us who don’t consider if it’s about help. The Recirquel company with Bence Vági at the forefront was not considered, Tünde Vincze, who helped the refugees from Ukraine with 1HUF million, and Krisztián Kristóf, who changed his life and receives the homeless refugees in his own home, was not considered, ”said the Secretary of State for Culture. Peter Fekete recalled that more than 120 students have been living with us for more than a month now, more than 20 families have come to us who have rested for a few days and then moved on to Western Europe. The Budapest Grand Circus in Budapest is a place whose gates are open to artists and they know it all over the world. “The most important message of the World Circus Day is that circus art is cohesive, no matter who it comes from and where it is, where it helps, supports and catches when someone falls,” said Péter Fekete, who wanted strength and perseverance for everyone. He thanked the helpers for their work and expressed the hope that those forced to leave their homeland would be able to return home as soon as possible.

Subsequently, the Hungarian students handed over to their Ukrainian counterparts the props purchased from the proceeds of BIAK’s all-arts and charity piece entitled Midsummer Night’s Dreamers, so that they could continue their professional studies without interruption. On behalf of all of them, the props were thanked by Momot Svitlana, artistic director and stage director of the Harkiv artist training school. “On behalf of the students, teachers and parents left behind in Ukraine, I would like to say a huge thank you for everything. They welcome us with warmth and humanity, take care of us, provide food, accommodation and equipment for everyday life, as well as provide various programs. But most importantly, our kids can keep practicing and developing their beloved profession, ”said Momot Svitlana, Catch Up! performance director. In the first half of the program celebrating World Circus Day, Kiev and Kharkiv artist educators shone their versatile knowledge. In addition to circus art productions, the art of dance and movement interwoven with pantomime elements. In the second half of the performance, the young talents of BIAK enchanted the audience with their different genre numbers. This year was a special World Circus Day in a historic position.

Overall, thanks to the unparalleled collaboration in Hungarian circus artNational Circus Arts Center, INspirál Circus Center, BIAK, Recirquel Company, Balance Acrobatics & amp; Torna Club, Vincze Tünde Production – Ukrainian artist educators can continue their studies in safety, while continue to develop together with their Hungarian peers.

Source from Metropolitan Grand Circus

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Open Water Tournament Hungary – 2022.

 Whether it is running, biking, swimming, adventure racing … Seek the Challenge …Liife is about experiences and relationships, embraced by an active lifestyle.


This time Open Water Tournament adventure awaiting!


Hungarian Open Water Tournament – for amateurs & professionals
REGISTRATION / earlybird -20%

Open Water Tournament (OWT) is a unique open water swimming tournament that explores the aquatic environment of Hungary and utilizes it as a sports venue. During the tournament, swimmers are pitted against each other in courses having different water types and distances, while they can also experience the country’s aquatic environment. At the end of the tournament, champions of Hungarian open water swimming will be selected, and every participant will have a clearer picture of the type and distance of open water they perform the best in.

(Lake Balaton is a freshwater lake in the Transdanubian region of Hungary. It is the largest lake in Central Europe and one of its foremost tourist destinations.)

Lake Balaton Bay cross swim has its long traditions, most frequently competitions are organized between the Tihany Peninsula and Balatonfüred, but the event earlier also took place between Balatonalmadi and Balatonfűzfő under the name of beach cross swim, most recently in 2011.

The Fűzfő Bay is the northernmost part of Lake Balaton in the eastern basin. To-day, the bay is a popular site of water sports due to its favorable winds. The race camp is built at Balatonalmádi Budatava Beach. Swimmers will be transferred to the starting point … Balatonfűzfő Zagykazetta Beach. Mid-distance swimmers are swimming only one way to the race camp, long-distance swimmers have three laps (back-and-forth). Be aware of the southeastern currents, which encumbers the second lap of long distance swimmers. Registration starts earliest at 7 a.m. prior to the first race time – but 60 minutes before each race time – at Balatonalmádi Budatava beach. The 9 km race will start at the beginning of the day, in the first two 30 minutes time frames with a restricted number of swimmers. At Budatava Beach, at the race camp present the medical certificate and/ or do your medical check-up and pick up microchip transponder technology installed in armbands. Subsequently, will be able to change clothes in the dressing rooms, on the spot will keep the luggage safe at the registration area until return. Organizers request is not bring any expensive clothing, watches, or jewelry … the organizers are not responsible for repair or replacement of lost or damaged items. Competition Date: June, 25. 2022 – 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Place of registration & Race Camp​ Balatonalmádi Budatava Beach. Races: 3K – Balatonfűzfő Zagykazetta – Balatonalmádi Budatava Beach, 9K – Balatonfűzfő Zagykazetta – Balatonalmádi Budatava Beach. Maximum number of entries – Advanced race – 3 km – 880 competitors … Extreme race – 9 km – 120 competitors.

Békés … The Körös competition … The course is built up between Szanazug and Békés Dánfok. The artificial channel has a 10 km length, an average flow of 1 km/h, 40 to 100 meter width and 1 to 8 meter depth. The competition center will be built right next to the Dánfok Dam, on the river side. Swimmers will be transported to the start by minivans. Short distance swimmers start near to Doboz Bridge, long distance swimmers start at the Szanazug Beach, where White and Black Körös confluence.
Competition Date: July, 16. 2022 – 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Place of registration & Race Camp – Békés Dánfok.
Races: 10K – Szanazug – Békés Dánfok, 5K – Dobozi Bridge – Békés Dánfok. Maximum number of entries – Advanced race – 3 km – 880 competitors … Extreme race – 9 km – 120 competitors. Time limits – Extreme race – 20-25 min/1km (average indoor pool time). Registration starts earliest at 9 a.m. prior to the first race time – 60 minutes before each race time – at Békés Dánfok Beach, where simmers can park, present their medical certificate and/or do your medical check-up and pick up your microchip transponder technology installed in armbands. Subsequently, simmers will be able to change your clothes in the dressing rooms, keep their luggage safe at the registration area until you return. Organizers request is not to bring any expensive clothing, watches, or jewelry, the organizers are not responsible for repair or replacement of lost or damaged items. Right next to the entrance of the beach, in the parking lot a couple of minivans will be waiting to transfer the simmers to the starting point, to Szanazug Beach. Participants will depart from the beach at 30 minutes intervals. Upon finishing the race will arrive back at Békés Dánfok Beach, where they will be able to see their race time on the scoreboard, take a shower, get dressed and receive finishers’ goodies.

Gyékényes … Gyékényes is in the immediate vicinity of the Croatian border, only 30 minutes from Nagykanizsa by car. The gravel pits of Gyékényes have been operating since 1920 at the municipal border, and due to their gravel-beds the lakes are so clean that the range of vision underwater is up to 8 metres. The largest quarry lake is the 12-15 metres deep Kotró, but it goes as deep as 25-30 metres near the extraction. The diving base at the southern lakeside hosts a great number of international and domestic events every year, like the National Championship of Orientation Dive organized by the Hungarian Divers Federation. The owners of the lake sent quite a few safe shipwrecks to the bottom for spectacle, so the divers can find speed boats, cars and pedalos down there. Besides technical preparation, diving also provides a chance to discover the living environment underwater, because divers often encounter carps, breams, pikes and catfish. Mid-distance swimmers have 1 lap, long-distance swimmers have 3 laps around the island in the middle of the lake. Thanks to the transparency of the water, ropes are placed along the course, between some of the buoys to help spotting and staying on track.
Competition Date: August, 20.2022 – 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Place of registration – Gyékényes Diving Base.
Races: 3K – Gyékényes Diver Camp (1 lap), 9K – Gyékényes Diver Camp (3 laps).
Maximum number of entries – Advanced race – 3 km – 880 competitors … Extreme race – 9 km – 120. competitors. Time limits – Extreme race – 20-25 min/1km (average indoor pool time).
Competition details – Registration starts earliest at 9 a.m. prior to the first race time at the competition base, where swimmers can park and be able to present their medical certificate and/or do their medical check-up and pick up your microchip transponder technology installed in armbands. Subsequently, swimmers will be able to change their clothes in the dressing rooms, where their luggage will be safe at the registration area until you return. Organizers request is not to bring any expensive clothing, watches, or jewelry, the organizers are not responsible for repair or replacement of lost or damaged items.
Amateur racers have to swim around the island one time, in the middle of the lake. Extreme racers have 3 laps. Upon finishing the race they are brought back to their arrival to the starting point where they will be able to see their race time on the scoreboard, take a shower, get dressed and receive finishers’ goodies.
Additional rules and instructions – Entry on the Day will not be available at this event. Arrival must be 60 minutes before the scheduled start of the group’s time frame!

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World Poetry Day – Pay for a coffee with a poem!


Julius Meinl coffee and tea premium quality since 1862.

Tuesday, April, 20. 2022.

Inspiring Poetry Day is held since the middle of the 19th century. To-day the world consumes 16000 cups of coffee/second, so it’s no wonder the dedication to have a separate day/time to celebrate coffee culture.

Therefore, ain’t necessary to reinvent the sealing-wax. Yet to-day dozen-and-dozen of countries around the world celebrate the World Poetry Day. The annual celebration coming around in Springtime.

The Ambassador of Viennese café culture: Julius Meinl! According to the “Pay by Poem” initiative, you can pay for coffee with a line of poem written on a piece of paper in the participating coffee houses. The title compared to last year has changed a bit when we bought coffee at any Julius Meinl café or patisserie for money during a campaign called “Say Hello,” then received a coupon  for a next coffee that provided a free coffee to hand over to our friend. The free coupon can be used until Tuesday, May, 31. 2022.

Mind you, you don’t have to be a poet … everyone is a poet in their own way… give it a try … go for it … and maybe be surprised to see, reveal, the secret as to be a poet inside of you

Below are couple of the Julius Meinl’s “Say Thank You” coffee houses which launched the campaign…

Café Gerbeaud (Opened by Henrik Kugler in 1858, which is one of the most beautiful café in the middle of Downtown – Budapest)


Snap owner: Gerbeaud

Also @  Budapest … Aria Hotel …  The Ritz-Carlton … Katona József Theater buffet (All Downtown area).

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The 176th Season-Opening @ Lake Balaton – Hungarian Sea!

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Keeping the tradition, opening of the Lake Balaton Season was held in Trnava again this year.

On April, 16, 2022, Balatoni Hajózási Zrt.held the press conference of the 176 season-opening @
the port of Siófok on the flagship of St. Nicholas. Present was László Dónucz – Sales and Strategy Director and Gábor Veigl, CEO of BAHART, evaluated last year’s record year and talked about this year’s plans. Said the following: Q: “From the middle of May, BAHART will present a renewed offer in the eastern basin. Instead of the usual Siófok – Balatonfüred – Tihany route, the direct ships will be launched between Siófok – Balatonfüred and Siófok –  Tihany. The passengers will be able to get to their destination more conveniently and quicker. In the high season there will be 9 cruises/day, on Fridays and weekends there will be 10 cruises/day between Siófok and the northern coastal destinations. There will be direct ships between Balatonfüred  Balatonföldvár, and the ships will also stop @ Tihanyrév. Within the planned programs, instead of 2 party ships, 3 party ships/week in August. The Magic Boat for children additional departure times will be added.”

Also was told at the press conference about the fleet development which will play a key role in the first phase with the construction of 2 new ferries and 2 new catamarans.  The ships are expected to arrive @
Lake Balaton during this year. After the successful operational tests of the first ferry, its dismantling for transport will begin, while the first catamaran will be launched soon after painting and mechanical installation work. When the water level of Lake Balaton will allow it, the ships will be transported in mid-May. Renovation of the existing fleet is also continuing. In addition to the environmental and fuel consumption engine upgrades, there will be major renovations on the Szigliget ship, Badacsony catamaran, Szántód ship and Tünde nostalgia ship, which is being built for its 95th birthday.
Closing the press conference was told that the development of BAHART’s services will continue, and the wines of the Balaton wineries and local craft beers will be available in the ships buffet counter.

Thereafter, we sailed to over to the northern port of Balatonfüred, where was welcomed the ship of St. Nicholas. Upon arrival to the port of Balatonfüred the local greeted the audience with a festive show. At Noontime St. Nicholas’ boat made a free tour from Balatonfürend.

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14th Dalai Lama – An uplifting story – Documentary (Upper Story, 2020) @ Hungary’s Cinemas

Director Alessandra Pedrotti Catoni
Screening time: 95 minutes
Nation: Italian  – In English with Hungarian subtitles

Not recommended for children under 12 years of age

Hungarian cinema screening: Thursday, April, 21. 2022.

The documentary, co-produced by Tendzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, discusses the compatibility of cognitive neuroscience with Buddhist ethics. The film carries a powerful spiritual message for our times.

Now-a-days, a lot of individuals are suffering from various mental illnesses. Thanks to this research we can now get a much clearer picture of our minds, and now understand our impulses, how we can train our minds, how we can master our negative impulses, how we can bring about our personal spiritual-mental harmony, and with all this, how we can build a fairer, healthier human society based on love.

Speakers in the documentary are:
Professor Tendzin Gyatso – 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, Dr. Susan Bauer Wu – President of the Mind & Life Institute, founded by the Lama, Dr. Richard Davidson – Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Matthieu Ricard – Tibetan monk of French descent, PhD in molecular genetics, Prof. Tania Singer – Head of the Department of Social Issues at the Max Planck Institute – Together with her team, develops the foundations for an experimental- fairer society, Prof. Uri Hasson – Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at Princeton University – Head of the University’s Department of Neuroscience, Prof. Lobsang Tendzin Negi – former Tibetan monk, Thukten Dema – Tibetan nun, Katie Kane, Christian Vallejo and Caroline Wilkinson are students at Emory University and guest students at the Spiritual and Body Summer Course at Loseling Monastic University.

Director Alessandra Pedrotti Catoni met her Holiness at the age of nineteen and has been doing mental exercises for nearly twenty years now that, when properly applied, can lead to a happier life.

Source: Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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Budapest Grand Circus – 3 New Productions: RAIN – Rain Circus & Magic Show & “A 0” Show

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Press and media representatives joined the invitation by the Budapest Grand Circus to view a couple of performances from the shortly coming Rain – Rain Circus production. Welcoming the gathering Mr. Péter Fekete, Secretary of State for Culture at the Ministry of Human Resources also Director of the Budapest Grand Circus said the following: „The circus on the one hand cheers and on the other hand reflects on what happens in our everyday lives. The Rain Circus is like that, in addition to the happiness of entertainment, it reflects a desire for peace. Continued … „The Budapest Grand Circus welcomed more than a hundred Ukrainian young individuals from the Kharkiv and Kiev artist schools and provide them with accommodation, meals and internships. Artist families fleeing the war come to us every week and rest with us for a few days before moving on to Western Europe, but there are those who want to wait with us for the end of the war. The world is confused. People scolded each other more and more, opposites multiplied, neighbors fell on each other, clouds of poison, anger and hatred dripped into friendships, covering the shale gray skies. Wars broke out, shots and explosions drove families out of their homes. And then the Lord God looked down on the earth and was horrified. So he summoned the angels to fly to the four equator and to storm with their trumpets, to summon thick clouds, and to rain. A rain that washes away contradictions with its crystal droplets, dissolves bitter tears, heals wounds, clears the tempers from the souls of people, brings peace back to the created world. Rain has been a symbol of purification and rebirth – for millennia. Fertility and the cure for a land wounded by drought and a soul wounded by tempers. The rain washes away the sorrows and tragedies, and its drops bring new life: cleaner, more beautiful, more prosperous.

The Budapest Grand Circus show is about peace and peace – which has not been more relevant in recent decades than it is to-day.

Director also emphasizedOn the circus stage there is no difference whether a person’s nationality is Russia or Ukraine or Belarus or Hungarian …  artist-is-an-artist. No religion, nor color of skin, affiliation matters, the only thing that keeps them strong the togetherness their faith in circus world.”

In the new show of the Budapest Grand Circus RAIN – Rain Circus, evokes this rain. The show is a circus prayer for peace and purification, grace and forgiveness. We pray that the world will be a more beautiful and better place, and that anger and hatred will evaporate from the hearts of the people as the water drops of the spring shower rest on the leaves under the influence of the first warm rays of the sun.

Just mentioning a connection from the past to the present of the Budapest Grand Circus … In mid-January 1971, the only stone circus in Central Europe, opened its doors! And what a coincidence or not, Mr. Péter Fekete had bought a rain-maker which was in use in 1971,  a weather manipulator from the Meteorological Institute Budapest to show to the press gathering. He said in 1971 when the country had rare rainy days throughout the year this device brought rain. No worries, to-day the High-Tech at the Budapest Grand Circus the RAIN is brought by the magical technique and the rainy season comes from the fountain.The highly successful water circus show returns to the Budapest Grand Circus with new tracks! In the circus, nothing is impossible, the artists refute the laws of physics and take  audience into a magical world.

The program Rain – Rain Circus features mostly Russian, as well as Ukrainian, Belarusian and three young Hungarian artists. In the performance of the Rain Circus, the stage transforms into a fountain, a lake and a raging sea; the fountain, for example, consists of seven hundred nozzles, the pool is filled with 11,000 liters of 27 Celsius degree water.

Circus leader – József Graeser told that Pippa and Bobby, the two female clowns, are also part of the show, entertaining their audience with four puppies. Also added, the female clowns are a rarity in the world of the circus, but at the Budapest Grand Circus nothing impossible to come true. The lady clown will bring laughter all the way through the show.

„It is important for us that, in addition to providing full care, children in Kiev and Kharkiv who have fled the war be given the opportunity to continue their professional studies and practice in their productions. In addition, various recreational programs are organized” said by the leader of the circus. Continued by saying … „Almost every day many are interested in the fate of the Ukrainian artist and trainers we have. In the new performance of the production the project of the Imre Baross Artist Training Institute (BIAK) can be seen at the CircusTheatrum for 2 days: March 22 and 23 were able to witness the meeting of different branches of art. The proceeds of the piece, which was a success at the 14th Budapest International Circus Festival, will be shown by the school to help students of the Kharkiv and Kiev art schools from Ukraine. From the proceeds, they purchased props to catch up within their professional studies. The props will be handed over to them on April, 21 by Gábor Dénes Kovács, Director of BIAK.” Also on April, 21, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. BIAK and the Ukrainian artistic students will present their joint production as a press event.

The circus of art will have two coming up magical shows this summer: RAIN – “Rain Circus” and the MAGIC Show.

Also like to draw visitors attention to another near future event in coming early May … “Bring Grandma and Mom to the circus! On the first Sunday of May, the grand Circus welcome everyone to another family event where they can get a glimpse into the everyday life of a dog trainer led by Mikhail after the RAIN – Rain Circus. Eszter Petró, our animal welfare officer, is holding a training with therapeutic dogs, where spectators can try out the tricks.

Last but not least … “We have a table in between the seats with a glass of wine and champagne for those who want passion and sensuality. In addition to French and Russian-Ukrainian stars, the show will also feature Hungarian magicians” said Péter Fekete. He added, that as part of the Madách International Theater Meeting (MITEM), viewers will be able to see Five-Days-a-Week bringing matinee with a special water circus show, an exclusive show for adults on Friday and Saturday nights. 

The ancient traditions of the superb Vietnam meet the modern world and the ever-growing urbanization. Indeed a very spectacular special Vietnamese circus theater piece titled A O Show on May 5-8.  They showcase how can ancient beliefs the quiet and peace be maintained in our changing ongoing noisy surrounding world. This piece of show really cannot be missed. The audience can see it six times in the circus tent, built in the area of ​​the zoo next to the Budapest Grand Circus. This production has been planned to be brought over to Budapest for past three years. The planning now reach the coming live show. The “A O” Vietnam show has already swept through other worldwide circus such as in France,  in Los Angeles and the Sydney Opera House.

Full list of artists participating in the shows  – visit

Tickets available on the spot at the Budapest Grand Circus ticket office.

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New York Palace – Winemakers of Badacsony are waiting for the wine lovers again @ Budapest


New York Palace – in the hall of Rome

Badacsony winemakers are pulling up their sleeves, welcoming in preparing for the tasting with renewed vigor, huge anticipation, a keen zest for life and real masterpieces.
Guests can enjoy a rich selection of Badacsony’s outstanding wines in the Rome Hall of the New York Palace. The exhibiting wineries fill the glasses in person, while telling us about their work and the common passion we all have for wine. This year’s slogan of the event is also intended to convey this mood: “We call to life”. These two words conceal renewal, spring, and all that the easing of restrictions in people addresses. After all, life is like a bottle of intoxicating wine.
Badacsony in New York has been characterized by real cooperation from the very beginning and a special, friendly atmosphere, which is due to the fact that the introductory wineries and exhibitors organize themselves, with the help of the Badacsony Guild Tourist Association.
Almost 50 exhibitors are waiting for the lovers of the Badacsony Wine Region at the tasting. This time, visitors can taste more than 160 types of mineral-rich wines from 34 wineries. The “protagonists” of the event are specialties that are born exclusively in this wine region, due to the unique minerality of the soil, the specific effects of basalt, sandstone and climate. Such is the case with the most loyal inhabitant of the Badacsony basalt hill, Kéknyelű.
Another interesting feature of the program is that in addition to the wineries, accommodations, restaurants and event venues will also be introduced, and of course the master classes will not be missed either.

Tickets for the event a on the spot for a limited number of 9900HUF
After 4 p.m., the hall will also open to the general public, and all wine lovers will find an exclusive tasting.
You can also take part in a master class to taste the following wines, the matching snacks are also made by András Wolf: Málik Cellar – Zeus 2015, Villa Tolnay Wine House – Green Veltelini 2015, Borbély Family Winery – Bács-hegy Olaszrizling 2015, Németh Cellar – Olaszrizling late harvest 2015, Vörös Szőlőbirtok Szürkebarát 1996, First Hungarian Wine House – Szeremley Estate Kéknyelű 2006, VáliBor 2016.

Master Courses time and wines to be tasted:
2.30 p.m. – 4 p.m. Dr. András Csizmadia – WINE BEDS – We are ideal for volcanic wines with bites.
4 p.m. – 7.30 p.m. Dr. Gabriella Mészáros – THE MAGIC OF COMPLETENESS – Matured wines from Badacsony.

Admission entitles you to unlimited wine tasting on site.
Combined ticket I. (entrance ticket + 1st ticket for the master course) – 10800HUF
Combined ticket II. (entrance ticket + 2nd ticket for the master course) – 10800HUF
Combined ticket III. (entrance ticket + 1st class of the master course + 2nd ticket of the master course) – 13800HUF

Student ticket (with a valid student ID) – 5900HUF

See you in New York! Let’s get … toast together!

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Hungexpo – Bocuse d’Or Europe 2022 Competition & Food – Wine Fair

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The Hungexpo Congress and Exhibition Center – Budapest again had the opportunity to host the European finals of the world’s most prestigious cooking competition.

Provider of the ingredients for the competition was SIRHA’s key professional partner the HORECA development leader of METRO.

At this year’s contest, Jerome Bocuse – son of the competition’s founder, Paul Bocuse was also present. The Bocuse d’Or Europe 2022, 17 national teams, including the Hungarian team were present for the competition. The Hungarian team finished in second place, thus qualifying for the World Finals in Lyon in 2023. Denmark won this year’s competition, with Norway taking third place. The best chef came from Sweden, the best ‘theme on plate’ was provided by the team from the United Kingdom while the best meat dish was served by the Swedish team.

This year the largest foreign exhibitor was Italy: many guests flocked to the flavors of Italy stand, where visitors could sample the gastronomy novelties of 20 different firms.

Stopped by the Giusti Family balsamic vinegar from Italy and found out slightly about their background. Since the seventeenth century, passing on the recipe that created a complex harmony of flavors and an excellent product. This balsamic vinegar has a perfect taste, also found out can be served with fresh pasta, ravioli, grilled meat, fresh fruit, fruit salad, desserts.  Tried personally on top of creamy mashed potatoes and result superb taste.. It is aged in barrels with the addition of matured balsamic vinegar extracted from centuries-old barrels.In the dense and sweet sauce, the aroma and taste of plum jam and red fruits are intertwined with honey and vanilla.  Just a reminder … about the allergens … may contain traces of: Sulfur dioxide and sulphite expressed as SO2.

Made in Italy – Latinum Ltd. have been spreading the products at the Hungarian Food Stores, whereas it is introduced Italian gastronomy and promote Italian products to Hungarian customers.

Baker Street Ltd. products  joined with their products to the fair with home-made selection of all-free biscuits are popular both in Hungary and abroad. The Freescuits and Highbake biscuit family is a 100% Hungarian product made from Hungarian ingredients. The Freescuits and Highbake biscuit family won the free award in 2019, which was one of the major recognition of their mission.  Popular both in Hungary and abroad. The Freescuits and Highbake product family, are being gluten-free and vegan, do not contain milk, added sugar, eggs, casein, soy and other allergens.

Wine producers from 91 domestic winemakers debuted in front of a number of international wine experts, journalists and as a result visitors were able to roll around to taste all the wines.

In a brief overview of a couple … At the METRO counter, tasted the Sweet by Tokaj 2016 Late harvest  wine which is available in bottle sizes of 3.75 liter and felt in Heaven with its rich sweet taste of the ripened by the sun’s rays grapes bottled at the harvest time from the best vineyards in the Tokaj wine region. In November, the grapes are harvested, which were already blended in 50% Furmin, 30% Yellow Muscat and 20% Hárslevelű. Their goal was to make a rich wine full of fresh, intense, fruity aromas.

Borbély Family Winery is on the Northern side of Lake Balaton. Badacsony’s landscape, grapes and wine have defined the life of their family for generations. Gyula Borbély and Gabriella established their first joint plantation in Badacsonytomaj in 1981, where today’s estate center is located. Their wines have the fruity aroma and mineral, terroir character of the ripe volcanic soil. In addition to their dry wines, also offering special wine from late harvest. These are the Ice Wine made from frozen grapes or the Italian Riesling Aszú, with which Gyula Borbély won the title of Master of Balaton Wines of 2007. Their wines are produce from Grape varieties i.e. Furmint, Irsai Oliver, Blue-tongued, Muscat Ottonel, Italian Riesling, Pinot Noir, Rhine Riesling, Rose Stone, Pinot Gris, Zeus.

Androsics winery is located a the southern shores of Lake Balaton in Balatonöszöd. The winery was established to process their own grapes. Have been in practice their vineyards for more than 40 years to wine consumers. They organize wine tasting and cellar tour for max 50 people and also vineyard tour for max.10 people. The venue is also suitable for both small and 120-person weddings. Some of their wines without the endless list: The princess, Italian Riesling, Ottonel muscat, Pinot blanc, Red wines and Rosé. Their Rosé wine tasted nice and fresh. If you like not only wine but also fresh air you should visit the winery and surrounding.

Whether long for sweet flavors classic sour cherries, pears, plum, canned veggyie or spicy pickles within the Rege bottles or can cn find the Hungarian tastes. Rege won the Superbrands Award for Outstanding Brands in 2019. Superbrands is a trademark that symbolizes outstanding quality. In addition to the decision of the prestigious expert committee on the award of the prize, the opinion
of consumers also plays a very important role.

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News in picture – Downunder Koala born in Europe


Jon Ovens, the lead keeper at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire,devised a creative way of weighing a baby koala as it clings to the back to a soft toy of its substitute mother, who normally lives in the gift shop.

The seven-month-old unnamed joey is the first ever southern koala to have been born in Europe.

She now survives solely on eucalyptus leaves and her weight is a key indicator of her health, keeper Jon Ovens said. The koala’s mother Violet gave birth at the Wiltshire safari park last year.

Koalas give birth after around a month-long pregnancy. Joeys are born blind, hairless and about the same size as a jellybean. Within minutes the baby must find its way into its mother’s pouch where it continues to grow and develop. It will occasionally leave the pouch and explore but will remain largely dependent on its mother until it is up to a year old.

Such a heartwarming news these days.


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Voting open for Pharmacist of the Year and My Favorite Pharmacy 2022.

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This year on March 8, for the twelfth time a press conference was held on the topics of the Pharmacist of the Year and My Favorite Pharmacy campaign organized by Nero Solution Ltd.

From the very beginning there was a need for the award to have a retail branch, so the Favorite Pharmacy Award was created, to recognize a pharmacist who exemplifies her/his outstanding professional performance, application of effective solutions, and patient-centered approach in pharmacy care, drug delivery, and drug development and as to recognizes the work of a collective who has direct contact serving the public.

Presentations were held by invited professionals:

Prof. Dr. Éva Szökő – President of the Hungarian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences said the following: On September, 2. 2021, in connection with World Pharmacy Day, they tried to find out from colleagues how they experienced different waves of the pandemic. It was traceable, while initially the provision of medication was a problem, later the education of patients was challenged with vaccines and tests.

Prof. Dr. Ildikó Csóka – Head of Department – University Professor – she does research work and has the good opportunity to meet and mentor more than 100 students on a regular basis.

Dr. Bálint Mikola – Founding President of the National Association of Private Pharmacists, expressed the opportunities for Expansion of Pharmaceutical Services ”arose” because it is of constant concern to the pharmaceutical community. The number of pharmacy visits doubled during the epidemic period compared to the pre-covid period.

Dr. Lajos Hodossy – Roche Hungary Ltd., Highlighted “Q”: We do our best for patients by personalizing the healing. Pharmacist care is about when a patient enters a pharmacy and asks for professional help, this help should be tailored as much as possible to his or her needs. This is the reason why Roche Hungary has long been in favor of the tender.”

Gábor Torjai – Managing Director of Nero Solution Ltd. Spoke in view of the high quality of the applications received and the professional interest, the Jury decided to publish the professional activities of the award-winning pharmacists in the form of an independent, timely, printed collection.

Every year since 2010, on the initiative of the National Association of Private Pharmacists, with the support of the Hungarian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and also with the support of Roche Hungary Ltd., the high quality of the entries and the professional interest, the Jury decide to publish the professional activities of the award-winning pharmacists in the form of an independent, timely, printed collection, supplementing the new experiences and results of the past period.

The program will be completed in 2022, including: “Pharmacist of the Year professional award” …”My Favorite Pharmacy Audience Award” … “Pharmacist of the Year (professional) Seminar” … +Values in Pharmacy” … “Pharmacist of the Year application collection”.

Anyone may vote at,there votes need to nominate the pharmacist or pharmacy who according to the audience can be worthy of the title of Pharmacist of the Year or My Favorite Pharmacy.

The deadline for the receipt of votes is May 31, 2022.

In professional matters, the editors (Dr. Bálint Mikola and Dr. Antal Samu) and the members of the jury will be at disposal. The technical and administrative management of the tenders and the editing of the publication … like all organizing activities so far … still performed by Nero Solution Ltd.

Update: Aggie Reiter