Italian Master: Caravaggio – Soul and Blood – Budapest.

Wednesday, September, 19.

7 p.m.  and  9 p.m.

Urania Cinema – Ceremonial Hall

Italian documentary film biopic, documentary, screening: 90 minutes.

The art educational movies are now 4 years of the series arriving  to Uránia Movie Theater at Budapest.

After huge success in terms of audiences and critics of “The Vatican Museums” and “Florence and the Uffizi Gallery”, and after the release of “Raphael – The Lord of the Arts”, here comes a new documentary … a retelling of the life of the celebrated 17th century painter through his brilliant, nearly blasphemous paintings and his flirtations with the underworld, dedicated to an Italian Master: Caravaggio – Soul and blood.

The film by the creators of the „Painter Lords” new film, which is again a prominent Italian master Caravaggio shows the time path of the working class and through personal struggles.

A journey through life, works and struggles of Michelangelo Merisi from Caravaggio. His existence, no less than his art, is characterized by lights and shadows, contrasts and contradictions, genius and sobriety. Revolutionary artist, he was often not so beloved by contemporaries. He travelled Italy in search of luck or perhaps in search of himself, escaping the enemies that he always found at his passage. Milan, Venice, Rome, Naples, Malta, Sicily. His death seems a twist of faith: he died in Porto Ercole, one step away from Rome, one step away from salvation.

According to the Longhi’s lesson (the main Caravaggio expert), his work will be read with strict reference to his existence, finding in his masterpieces the echo of personal experiences.

The narrative unfolds on two levels …The artistic digression, in which the commentary of the main artworks will be entrusted to an illustrious art historian from the first painting: Bacchus and Boy with a Basket of Fruit. Through the roman period artworks: cardsharper, Judith Beheading Holofernes to the last works as David with the Head of Goliath. “Photographic” scenes that, accompanied by the voice of Caravaggio himself, evokes an object or a situation symbolizing his life and his works. A basket of fruit, a musical instrument, a sword, a great of a cell etc. These emotional and evocative moments – thanks to the use of light and cinematic techniques such time-lapse and slow motion – help the viewer to go deep inside the mind and soul of Caravaggio, empathizing with his impulses and fears.

The Artistic Film productions are brought by the Pannonia-Entertainment Ltd.

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Budapest Classic Film Marathon – Reversions – 2018.

2nd Budapest Classic Film Marathon 4th to 9th September, 2018.

Main venue – Urania Cinema – Budapest

District, VIII., 21. Rákóczi Rd.

The film marathon will take place at the Toldi Cinema, Uránia National Film Theater and the French Institute – Budapest and at the City of Győr and Eger.

In the following 6 days, 60 classics can be seen in the Uránia Cinema and Toldi movie studio. In addition, will be able to get together with world stars such as Claudia Cardinale (The Leopard, Once Upon a Time in the West and 8 and ½), Klaus Maria Brandauer (Mephisto – Colonel Redl, – Far from Africa) and Jean-Marc Barr (A Big Blue and Europe).

On Tuesday, September, 4, Gala show with our first Oscar-winning feature film, this year digitally restored Mephisto will open the 2nd Classical Budapest Film Marathon at the Uránia cinema. Will be present actor Klaus Maria Brandauer, filmmaker István Szabó and David Robinson film critics. István Szabó’s other restored works, such as “Father” or “Lovefilm” and Ralph Fiennes‘s starring 1999’s Sunshine will be in the program.

Claudia Cardinale, the perfect diva, will be present on Thursday, September, 6,  7 p.m. to watch the refreshed copy of the „The Leopard”. In the year 1963, when the „The Leopard” was released was the turning point in her career, and  simultaneously turned into adaptation to  Visconti with the great Italian romantic novel and  and „Fellini “8 and ½”.

On Friday September,7., film director István Szabó talking with Katinka FaragóIngmar Bergman’s assistant, to discuss the Swedish giant of the modern movie “The Magic Flute”  the film is projected in two installments, with a pause.After approximately 3/4 hour a podium discussions at the stage will take pace.

Pn Sunday, September, 9., The cult of Hungarian animation the “Macskafogó”(Cat catcher) will be presented in the presence of the director – Béla Ternovszky with renewed copies. The film hits the stage accompanying with the Fourtissimo jazz band.

Also on Friday, September, 9., screening of the refurbished copy of the film – “Sosem halunk meg” (We will never die) director – Róbert Koltai, Gábor Halász, and composer – László Dés also will  be there.

Tickets available at the venue on the spot at the ticket counter.

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Reopen Medieval Jewish Prayer House – Buda Castle District

The legends are revealed – Buda Castle – Medieval Jewish Synagogues

Re-opening event … rewind 35o years. Three main purpose regarding the reopen: re-imaging initiation, rabbi inauguration and placing the completed Torah scroll and exhibition.

The 350 years old Hungarian Jewish prayer house will be re-opening again which is one of the oldest pray house. This will be organized on the occasion of the 5779th Jewish New Year. Inauguration ceremony returns to the religious and social life of the former prayer room walls will hear the Jewish prayer words of which were heard before the last Buda Castle Turkish occupation. Thanks to an agreement between the Unified Hungarian Israelite Community (EMIH), the Budapest History Museum, the Metropolitan Municipality and the Municipality of Understanding.

During the late Medieval and Ottoman period the Buda Castle area was residential venue. The prayer house was built at the end of the 14th century baring the former name: Zsidó Street (Jew Street). To-day the street’s name known as 26 Táncsics Mihály Street. On the south side of the building it was divided by a Gothic pillar. On the north side of the arched windows framed chapel were preserved the women’s former place of worship.  Can be seen on the ground floor the residential building from the Buda Jews in late medieval and later the Ottoman resident.   In 1964, it was discovered the underground synagogue with monumental research of the building and then reconstructed. Following the research was found the XVII. century Jewish inscriptions and depictions. Among the ruins was found mikvah and a synagogue completely destroyed, which was revealed in the early 2000s, but have also been buried – without signaling or placing a memorial plaque.

From the left side of the building gate to the south, Budapest Historical Museum obtains significant collection of the Jewish tombstones of the Middle Ages and the series of stories on the walls of the Prayer reminiscent  the life and history of Buda Judaism.

Beside the role of the re-opening religious house of worship function, an exhibition of religious treasures will be open again in September 2018.

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Star Wars: New Hope in Concert @ Budapest – 2018.


Papp László Budapest Sport Arena

District, XIV., 2 Stefánia Rd. Budapest

Tuesday,  8 p.m. October 16, 2018.

 Star Wars: A New Hope Concert and Film Show

Surely for many seared into the minds of generations of wonder-struck children … and adult … the music of Star Wars and echoes the first words of the Star Wars film  … “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” 

To-day the grown up generation as parents probably coming with their kids to the show to relive and show their kids their favorite film from the late 70s.  An absolute treat for the Star Wars fans. Will most probably enjoy watching pictures on enormous cinema screens and spectacular laser lighting and hearing the music remembering along the way as they grew up with this spectacular film in the history of films.  Share  with your family an exciting journey, not experienced before.

Previously, the performance was held at many parts of the world e.g. London, Ontario, California and coming soon within the Central European tour to Budapest. The audience will experience a visual and acoustic blast at the same time. The film-style, digitally completely revised version of the 1977. Since the release of the first Star Wars movie nearly 40 years ago, the Star Wars saga has had a seismic impact on both cinema and culture, inspiring audiences around the world with its mythic storytelling, captivating characters, groundbreaking special effects and iconic musical scores composed by John Williams.

After the 2007 facelift of the film has undergone recently refreshing of blood to the XXI. century requirements. The Death Star and the Tatooine planet are almost in reality … bringing three truckloads of equipment … having a three-story high-rise projector pioneers the Star Wars movie as it has not been seen by the most fancied fans in the past 40 years.

The sophisticated show with powerful music production is provided by the world-famous Prague Philharmonic Orchestra with conductor – Christopher Eliot, who play Oscar®-winning composer John Williams’ everlasting melodies at the live concert from the original trilogy, running in chronological order, accompanied by clips from the films at the live concert. John Williams has become world-famous for the eight Star Wars films, and for the 1977 song “A New Hope” he also received an Oscar Award. The Empire Returns, The Jedi Returns and The Enchanting Power Music have all been nominated for the most important award in the film industry. Williams has a total of five Oscars, 4 Golden Globes, seven BAFTA and 22 Grammy Awards. With 50 Oscars, John Williams is the most nominated live person, and in the history of the prize he is the second most nominated artist after Walt Disney. John Williams joined the Hollywood Hall of Fame in 2000 and received the Kennedy Center Life Prize. Composer John Williams’ spectacular symphonic soundtrack was named the greatest film score of all time by the American Film Institute .

This is a once-in-a-lifetime  date, opportunity to experience for Star Wars fans. So off you go start to plan to be present, go back in time on the journey with the Star Wars legends. Give a treat for yourself by being at the “Star Wars in Concert” … gain an unforgettable concert experience, no matter if saw it before to re watch enjoy it again.

The tickets quickly are running out, make sure to get your seat at the Arena.

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Fjällräven and Acne Studios Common Collection

Just a quick reminder … the warmth breeze of the summer is slowly slipping away. Nothing last forever and the Fall is just sneaking around the corner.

Acne Studios has collaborated on a one-off unisex capsule with Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven. The Fjällräven and Acne Studios has come up with common collection and within the new collection its with their own logo.

The Swedes product series are created for active lives from the mountains all the way to sea level.  Brand new collection on the way of clothing and bags featuring both for sleazy young adults and for a day older ones.

Acne Studios, minimalist fashion brand, and Fjallraven, Swedish gear extraordinaire, just brought fashion to nature. Fjallraven – known mostly for its squared-off backpacks – which is a highly functional brand. So with the emphasis on design from Acne, the two were able to create a range of jackets, tees, pants, and accessories that meet the criteria for either outdoor exploration or just looking good. The prices can be viewed online to shops available from September, 6. 2018.

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Opening DreherFest 2018 Beer Specialties

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It is still not too late to hop over to the DreherFest after all the lineup of beers and the concerts are still ahead until Sunday, 2 a.m. Lightning rains come and go but the mood is still high and may go to have a Saturday night fever.

The 5th year anniversary, 5 beers specialities never tasted before, 5 concerts at the big stage small stage.

Visitors can taste the Dreher Tripla hops, as well as the Dreher Pale Ale and the classic Dreher introduced this year in an extra fresh, unplastered tank version. In fact, the latter is unfiltered as there will be the lineup.

The only available specialties at the festival include two fruity flavors: a refreshing camp called Tropical Mango and a plump, fruity, Japanese plum aroma known as Black Plum, a real curiosity. The line does not end there, as brewery masters came up with the Dreher Red Ale, which is characterized by aromas of caramel flavors and roasted bitterness; as well as a large, spicy Bombay IPA.

In the first couple of hours the 555 piece of Dreher Bak and Maltese muffin shape cookies invented and designed by Dani Sass was pretty popular and consumed.

There was a beer brewery tour, a tapping competition, and in the afternoon the Dreher Inside looked forward to interesting tasks for those who want to have a glimpse behind the brewery’s scenes.

There was a beer testing completion, which was attended by the representatives of the country’s beer brewers.

The first three awarded as well as one person receiving votes received from the audience won a three-day full-service  to Pilsen brewery to Praha.

Here are few snaps of  this day’s event.

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