Premiere – “The Last Fireworks” @ Bethlen Square Theater – Budapest

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The Last Fireworks – Meetings Talent Program

District, VII.,  3. Bethlen Square Theater – Budapest

Premiere – January, 8. 2019. – 7 p.m.

The last fireworks were based on Jens Christian Grøndahl’s Black Forest and Alex Broun’s First Fireworks.

Whether by short notice missing the a/m date, the next performance will be on January, 15., at 7 p.m. at the same theater. Tickets available on the spot ticket office.

 A heart-warming “Hollywood” and a dark-toned “Bergman type” mother-adult girl relationship that interact with each other.

The girl inevitably carries the parents’ sins in both stories, since she has already brought a member of the latest generation into the world. Casts by Dorottya Udvaros- Kossuth and Jászai Mari Prize winner actress, Eszter Földes,  Director Assistant: Anna Fazekas, Mentor director: Tamás Jordán, Director: Anna Csábi –   Work of director from Târgu Mureș (standing in the middle of the snap above).

Never been now-a-days a better actual  theme to draw attention to the past and to-day’s generation togetherness.

Hopefully, not on my own by saying , that not just in Europe all professions and duties require more-and-more things. Expectations starts at already at the Day care center, thereon at  the kindergarten, at school, and stepping into a workplace … then up the ladder. Be a theater director, company manager, tourist agent or whatever. Meanwhile, we forget about the most important things that surround us … our family! About our descendants who are no longer with us, our parents, grandparents, our unborn children, our grandchildren, our friends.  An individual has to face themselves, their past, own mother and father. Escape from things is never worth it.

A drama in a way, but mostly to many in the audience will ring the bell in a way to their own relationship with their Mum. Even though the play is with two actresses on stage, it is very eye-catching, especially cause the audience are within reaching the actresses and the body language say more than words. For the time being it is in Hungarian language, but hopefully will be on stage with subtitles in the future for English-speaking audience.

In the spring of 2015, the Bethlen Square Theater and Manna’s Talent Program launched. Following the first contest, two productions were performed in 2016: the presentation of „Mary and Max” by Péter Valcz was performed by Bálint Szilágyi, who performed „Peter Handke’s „Aranjuez’s Beautiful Days”.

As a result of the second competition, titled: „One Boy from Bosnia”, created by the novel of  Noémi Lazici and Éva Pataki, director Judit Cseh.

Another contest call was published in the spring of 2017, resulted in two more presentations: the first winner, Krisztina Vadász Reverse Lookup, was presented on January 17, 2018, and on the 11th of April, connected to the „Poetry Day” was held with the title of „Szívlapát” (Heart Shovel) by Fruzsina Dézsi  and Anna Gerencsér.

Coming up in the first half of 2019, two more presentations will be made in the framework of the talent program.

The Bethlen Square Theater is nearby the University of Veterinary.

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José Carreras – last world tour @ Budapest – 2018.

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José Carreras was born to sing!

José Carreras has been writing history for decades, master of the great moments of the stage, loving passionately, emotionally singing. Also worked with the most famous conductors and opera singers.

At the Farewell concert audience expressed their pleasure by standing burst of applause for minutes and loud on the auditorium.

The miracle tenor voice, 71-year-old José Carreras, gave an exceptional gala concert in Budapest. The audience received a lasting experience, and for those who missed the concert only may view the “silent” snaps here.

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Hearald News: In just 2 days to come – José Carreras  – Last Farewell World Tour @ Budapest

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Some snaps and more info heard at the press conference held on Monday, December, 17. 2018 at the Aria Hotel – Budapest

At the press conference these were told … José Carreras worked with the most famous conductors. He has been writing history for decades, master of the great moments of the stage, loving passionately, emotionally singing. He is the “star of the low tones”, one of the greatest don Josées of all time. Through its roles and concerts, success is crammed into success, full house is filled, and the loudspeakers are loud on the auditoriums, its tone resembles the great Carusó. His repertoire includes more than 60 operas, including the most outstanding ones: Andrea Chenier, La Boheme, Tosca, Werther, Don Carlo, Carmen, La Forza del Destino, I Pagliacci, L’Elisir d’Amore and Un Ballo in Maschera.

José Carreras spoke about a singer whether opera or other genre, but regarding to opera singer, there are major things to keep in mind before stepping on stage, for instance: the problem with the singers that they do not depend only on their own talent or how professional they are. They depend on their physical conditions, the vocal chord which are very delicate and can be effected from all sorts of different things … weather, to eat right things, drink the wrong things, therefore important to keep in mind about these before going on stage.

A Q  was raised about teaching…  Carreras A: “I am  does teaching but maybe in the future it will happen. I’m holding two or three times a year masterclasses where I gives suggestions, which is very difficult to give to singers. My proposals are that everyone should listen to their own voice and make them feel what is good for them.”

Most probably not too many folks have been present at José Carreras speaking about his tours. Here is a short video, a part of to-day’s press conference in Hungarian and Italian language:

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ITEC Scholars Day – Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation @ Budapest

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ITEC Day – Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation – Budapest – 2018.

The ITEC Day was celebrated organized by the India Embassy, at the Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Center Auditorium in December, 14. 2018. by the newly appointed Ambassador of India to Hungary – H.E. Kumar Tuhin, who has had replaced H.E. Rahul Chhabra – Ambassador of India to Hungary after his term of office has expired.

H.E. Kumar Tuhin open the floor by welcoming over 70 individuals, including Dr.Sándor Sipas, Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade and members of press, members from Indian community, ITEC alumni attended persons and briefly talk about the ITEC itself Q.: „The Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Program was instituted by a decision of the Indian Cabinet on September, 15. 1964 as a bilateral program of assistance of the Government of India.” Continued: Q.: „The importance is placed on relations with Hungary and the enormous potential that both countries hold for each other. Our bilateral trade is growing very fast. Working towards positive economic impact. The Government of India delivering technical assistance, technology and in many other fields. ITEC offers unique training courses, both civilian and defence, in different centers in India. There are short-term, medium-term and long-term courses every year in a wide and diverse range of skills and disciplines. The useful knowledge and experience gained in India is value, and that undoubtedly bring to their organization national development and experience to their employer by sharing the gain technologies.”

This year 30 individuals from 18 countries arrived in the framework of ITEC scholarship to India and from India 45 persons arrived to Hungary. This year still 3 students left out of ten in participating the ITEC scholars, leaving soon for their courses to India. Within ITEC programs, India shares its experience and expertise together in various fields over 160 developing countries, such as: Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Pacific Island States.”

Overall, the three ladies stepped on stage and shared their experiences gain during their ITEC participations. Melinda Irtl Földiné – Yoga teacher attended in 2016 at a ’Special Training Program for Yoga Trainers. She came along with her student Ágnes Demeter who attended in 2018 a Yoga Cyclic Meditation course. As she described the course, in her class were 55 persons from 16 countries. She also underlined that within the number of participants from all religion and colors from around the world were present. There were no problem of differences in faith, nor color they all behaved as a one big family, nothing stopped them from being just-as-one!  Thereafter, Edina Barna – author and digital artist shared her experiences who participated in 2014 at a web designing course. Participated on a 10 weeks web design course with 100 people from the four corners of the world. There were participants from countries that she has never heard before. Appearing as a “full stop” on the world map, and with to-day’s tech she keeps with many the daily contact. She expressed in her name that most probably the participants had a pleasant stay in India within the wonderfully organized course and sightseeing days and well took care of them.

In between the presentations, traditional dance  performance written in the 16th century  took the stage by Sonali Roy – Kathak Dancer and Table artist’s music entertained the audience. There were stunning classical raga fusion show by  Pandit Rajesh Gangani played on Tabla and Zoltán Lantos, performed on Violin. The event was closed with a reception in serving traditional India Food.

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José Carreras – Last Farewell World Tour @ Budapest

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 The concert will be on stage at  Budapest Papp László Sport Arena

 December, 19. 2018. 

Wednesday – 7.30 p.m.

José Carreras has performed several times in Budapest and with his coming extraordinary gala concert wish to say good-bye to his Hungary’s fans. Undoubtedly, one of the most famous tenors in the world. Last year the distinguished tenor announced his on the farewell touring, but not from the stage, which perhaps be the last time to see, to hear the magnificent tenor! Despite being worshiped between different styles of music, he has deep, true love of the opera. We can witness music fusion in December, where Hungarian world stars join the production such as … the  baritone – Roberto de Candia, the soprano singer – Polina Pasztircsák and children choir will accompany to tenor. The Art Anzix Syphonic Orchestra’s conductor János Ács, who has often been the conductor of the three tenors. At the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena, in the framework of an extraordinary gala concert, perhaps the last time to see José Carreras on stage.

Recently, have had been on world tour by giving his fans a farewell concert in many countries from London Albert Hall to Montevideo.

The Grammy Award-winning tenor debuted at the Teatro Liceo stage in Barcelona, at the age of 11, in the solo operetta Manuel de Falla, Spanish composer Pedro’s puppet theater. At the age of twenty-eight he had been already singing 24 different operas,

Had preformed at four of the world’s leading opera houses in Vienna, London, New York and Milan.

In 1990 the mastermind of “The Three Tenors” was José Carreras that became a true legend with Italian Luciano Pavarotti and Spanish Plácido Domingo opera singers.

The gala concert is presented by Danubius Music.

Added some snaps and more info heard and taken at the press conference held on Monday, December, 17.

José Carreras worked with the most famous conductors. He has been writing history for decades, master of the great moments of the stage, loving passionately, emotionally singing. He is the “star of the low tones”, one of the greatest don Josées of all time. Through its roles and concerts, success is crammed into success, full house is filled, and the loudspeakers are loud on the auditoriums, its tone resembles the great Carusó. His repertoire includes more than 60 operas, including the most outstanding ones: Andrea Chenier, La Boheme, Tosca, Werther, Don Carlo, Carmen, La Forza del Destino, I Pagliacci, L’Elisir d’Amore and Un Ballo in Maschera. And at the Sports Arena the audience  will recognized some of these operas.

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Géza Balla – Wine Producer of the Year 2018.

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“Good wines give spark to love, wings to thoughts, and goes well at the fireplace with friends.” these were the words at the opening by Géza Balla – Winner of Wine Producer of the Year 2018. This time was the 1st occasion that from outside of the borderline from Ménes- Magyarádi/Romania became the winner of the 28th awarded winemaker in Hungary.  The award goes to the person who produces the highest quality wine.

Zilai Zoltán – President MBA and members of the Hungarian Wine Academy (MBA) chose this year’s to be awarded among five candidates and Géza Balla (Arad Hegyalja wine region) was the winner winemaker of the year. The award is highly judged by professionals and wine makers and the person who produces the highest quality wine.

At the plaque Géza Balla winemaker of the year pulled the curtain down and standing with his name – 2018 winemaker of the year, Present were President  – Hungarian Wine Academy, Sales Director  -Levente Kiss –  Capital of Budapest Municipality and Market Directorate with press and invited guests.

At the end of the baseline level at the Central Market is the Hungaricum Street, worthwhile to visit the place.  Most probably the majority of the Hungarians are not aware of having such an interesting exhibition downstairs. And as for the foreign tourists  unless the tour guide does not take the group there, then will miss a lot in learning how many regions in this small country has fine wines … not just tasting the fine Hungarian wines but to known where they grew up).  Inside  the exhibition  hall the description are written in Hungarian and English professional.

A brief background to the Ménes-Magyarádi venue … The first written entries from the historical wine region of Ménes-Magyarád were from 1023. Ménes- Magyarádi has always been the home of the strong, fiery red wines, the goal of our winery to bring this old patina to the studded wine region. We manage 75 hectares, over 80% of which are blue grapes. Our wines are characteristic, fiery and have a special character, they can not be compared to wines from other wine regions. The history of the famous Kadary of Ménesi dates back to 300 years, from which the first red essence was first made.

According to some assumptions, Kékfrankos of Eastern origin, according to research, is from the Caspian Sea coast. Its color is ruby-red, fiery with a characteristic aroma of delicious, fruity aroma characteristic of the breed and the wine region of the Ménes wine region. The wine is pleasantly flavored with fine tannins and slightly acidic. When aged in a bottle, it retains its youthful, beautiful scent.  Wine is matured in barrique barrels for six month, later becomes full-bodied wine. Need not be afraid if finding thinner colored blue fries in the glass. The color is now only a secondary factor.

Beside  mainly red wines , which is typical on the region, dry white wines are also on harvest.

Géza Balla made his point .. “Much more important is the “length of the taste” and the “taste concentration”, which in the case of the Ménes wines are typical unique wines.

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John Lennon & Yoko Ono’s “Imagine” film returns to cinema @ Budapest

Prehaps not on my own by saying John Lennon’s “Imagen” song is one of the best from the last century! Generations from B.C.  … “Before Computer” … have had probably seen over-and-over again the video „Imagen”. Now can live through the moments/ days growing up in the last century at the Puskin Movie Theater screening on December, 20. 2018. in Budapest’s. Spend time … Enjoying  83 minutes back in time! The ground breaking music film being released for a limited theatrical run.

The screenings took place globally from September 17.  No need to „Imagine” music film co-directed, co-wrote and co-starred by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The remastered frame-by-frame from the original film negative and completely remixed from the ground up from the original audio multi-tracks in stunning Dolby Atmos and 7.1 Surround Sound.

Prehaps the film has have been seen more than once,  and this time the collage of colour, sound, dream with reality stars John Lennon and Yoko Ono along with George Harrison, Fred Astaire, Jack Nicholson, Andy Warhol, Dick Cavett and so many more is a film to remember for a Lifetime!

The film will be accompanied by exclusive cinema-only bonus footage featuring John Lennon performing tracks in the studio with The Plastic Ono Band … George Harrison from The Beatles, Nicky Hopkins … The Rolling Stones, Alan White … Yes, and dear a friend Klaus Voormann.

John Lennon And Yoko Ono’s „Imagine” film was newly expanded version  that had been restored and reassembled” with an additional 15 minutes of never-before-seen footage.

Locals, Tourist, foreigner living in Budapest,. if you have one-and-a-half hour… spend some time by turning the wheel back  spending  at places and friends  on  your memory lane.


The film is brought to Hungary by Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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