Rolling to Ipolytarnóc Palaeontological Site – 2018.

Hologram, mobile app and canopy trail!

Spring brought new experiences to  families visiting Ipolytarnóc.

With its innovative and unique experiences, the Bükki National Park Directorate has expanded the tourist offer of Ipolytarnóc Palaeontological Site for the 2018 season in order to provide a variety of programs for families and for groups.

A renewed canopyAt the end of April, the foliage walkway opens to the guests with new line and new experiences. The canopy in the foliage-level has received a new structure in recent weeks, and after its track has changed, offers new opportunities to explore the natural values ​​of the area. The renewed study trail can be used by purchasing a special ticket in opening hours of the palaeontology exhibition.

Hologram projections revive the prehistoric animals in ancient footprints. One of the most spectacular programs for visitors at Ipolytarnóc Palaeontological Site was at the end of the geological study tour. During the course of the guided tour, visitors pass the shark-toothed shallow-sea layers, then they can see the famous fossilized pine-tree, and then introduce they will introduced to the footprint area left over by the volcanic catastrophe. So far, the guided tour program has been ended by a 3D projection where animals with footprints could be seen individually. The innovation of 2018 is the renewal of the demonstration on the footprint.The new hologram animation shows animals at their life-size and just on the spot where they moved before the volcanic catastrophe. The new technology lets us to identify properly the “owners” of the hundreds of footprints, and the life-size animation helps us to better imagine their moving and behavior.

Nature interpretation trail accessible via mobile application In the autumn of 2017, Android and IOS app stores were launched by the Bükk National Park Directorate GUIDE @ HAND, which helped in developing a smart phone information system in the area that helps guests in discovering the area by their own and in planning even longer tours.When selecting a platform, it was very important that the application could be used offline – the site is located directly on the Hungarian-Slovak border where neither Hungarian nor Slovak mobile networks are available. The Bükk National Park Directorate GUIDE @ HAND app therefore offers maps, downloadable maps, and downloadable hiking trails for smart phones and tablets. The framework program also allows guests to take photos, recordings, or even videos without leaving the application, which can then be saved  in their own experience store or even shared on the community channels as a route experience.

The GUIDE @ HAND Bükk National Park Directorate is not only useful tool for discovering the prehistoric remains of Ipolytarnóc. Several other nature interpretational trails of Nógrád County are already available by the application, as the goal is to provide the introduction of full touristic offer of the cross-border Novohrad-Nógrád Geopark. Our plan is to provide in Ipolytarnóc the choise of multi-day geo-touristic packages for visitors in Nógrád County.

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First Hungarian and International Craft Breweries on the Spot – Beer Week Budapest 2018.

We are talking about one of the most popular drinks today!

Mark the date and roll over to the tasting days…

May, 25-26. 2018.

Dürer Kert (Durer Garden)

District, XIV., 19-21  Ajtósi Dürer sor (lane)

Though Hungary was/is rather a vine-producing than a beer brewer country, but for some time the growing of craft breweries open the door for  beer lovers and soon at  the 1st. International  Beer Festival with local breweries as well they personally will tap the visitors their craft beers. The craft beers are becoming more-and-more popular and  especially reaching the warmth  of the season the heights will grow and coming up somewhere and often at beer festival will be ready to ease the thirst.

On the 25th and 26th of May the atmosphere of high-edge beer festival comes to Budapest for the tasting at the BPBW Beer Week in Budapest 2018. What makes this event special is not only the rare and hard to get these beers to shop, but also a unique occasion where the brewers from all around the globe coming over on the spot to Budapest.

In the Scandinavian countries similar festivals are being held for many years now while the UK and the Baltic regions are busy to join in but in this area this will be the first of its kind. MBCC, Brewskival, Beavertown, Tallinn Craft Beer Week just to name a few of these names that say a lot for many, but nothing for most of the Budapest beer drinkers. For them it’s described an event somewhere to be in between a rock’n’roll show and a beer fest. The visitors get the chance to meet with the stars of the scene, then have a beer with them. The craft beer brewers are the new rock stars anyway as many say … “We’d like to think that the Hungarian craft beer has grown up and we would like the international spotlight to shine on it, to make sure people are not only visiting Beer Week in Budapest because the previously mentioned festivals are being almost immediately sold out, but also for the beauty of our beloved the city and also its vivid beer scene.”

BPBW Beer Week In Budapest means the largest craft beer event ever held in the region, unlimited tasting sessions for 6 hours of 160 different craft beers of more than 40 international breweries from 16 countries for 2 days at Dürer Kert (Durer Garden) in Budapest . Join personally the groove  and enjoy the Hungarian  and International line of craft beers, as the brewers tap your pint.  The so-called “liquid bread”  officially will blow after parties with 2 live music stages on both nights, plus additional events all week-long (tap takeovers, meet the brewer events, industry meetings) all across the city.

“Come for the tastings sessions, stay for the week!” – join us in Budapest with our favorite international and beloved Hungarian craft beer breweries, let’s make a hell of a party in the name of quality beers!



Press release by the BPBW

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Flashnews … World Circus Day – Budapest 2018.

District XIV., 12/a Állatkerti Blvd. Budapest

Since 2007 the Capital Circus celebrate the wondrous world of circus on every third Saturday of April.  Previously, it was originally called European Circus Day until 2010, it was also deemed popular and soon spread over the wide world, so to-day it is called the World Circus Day. This day is the biggest international festival of circus communities in the world. It is a special occasion to celebrate together this unique type of performing art, the art of wonder.

This year celebrating World Circus Day on Saturday, 21st of April,  and due to the occasion the Capital Circus awaiting visitors  young and elder with many colorful programs. With one hour before each show, starting at 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. respectively artists, clowns and circus animals will occupy the area in front of Capital Circus, where everyone can try out their courage and dexterity with the help of circus tools in the circus playhouse.

In the one-hour event starting at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. respectively, the students of Baross Imre Institute of Artist Education will perform, and visitors can meet with the animals performing in the show (from 10 a.m., there will be dogs and parrots, from  2 p.m.and 6 p.m. there will be seals, dogs and parrots). Besides the circus playhouse visitors can try out their luck with the wheel of fortune, with which they can win different gifts, and there will be also face-painting table as well.

Besides that, for this occasion Budapest will be covered with giant posters which calls the attention for the social values of this art. With its colorful, rich world, circus art addresses communities, conveys messages that inspires thinking, conversations, arguments. The more than ten giant posters created for the World Circus Day by the creative team of Capital Circus also conveys these messages – we chose them with the help of fifty noted artists, public figures, and more than hundred visitors.

You can buy tickets right before the performance or in advance at the circus box office. During the weekdays and on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. On Saturdays the box office has extended opening hours from 10 a.m to 7 p.m.

For children under the age of 4 sitting in your lap during the performance, entrance is free. Any question to catch up call: + 36 1 343 8300.

Did You know? World Circus Day was started by Federation Mondiale du Curque 11 years ago, of which honourable president is Stéphanie Monacan princess, who invites every circus fan to participate on this event!


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The goalkeeper of Liverpool FC became the latest brand face of Pepsi!

The Hungarian goalkeeper became the Liverpool FC latest face of Pepsi!

Ádám Bogdán believes in, if you are training, you should pay attention to the smallest details. For example, to what to drink, that does not contain extra calories.

After 12 years, first working again with the Pepsi Hungarian footballer, as related to the new calorie-free Pepsi Lime and Wild Cherry flavors appearance of Ádám Bogdán has become the face of soft drink brand. In football, as a subject, of course, is no stranger to the brand, since over the years invested heavily in the company’s global and national level to ensure that the product name is linked to one of the most popular team sport, but for years Bogdán, the first Hungarian footballer who is the brand face.
We remember worldwide broadcast of this decade, street soccer spectacular advertising films, skipjack or the legal standing of the international superstar from Pepsi “football-gladiators”… Don’ we? From Beckham to Tottenham, Ronaldinho, even Roberto Carlos, Fernando Torres, and Zoltán Gera, who both appeared in the media as Pepsi’s face in recent years. Now-a-days our national team and Liverpool goalkeeper, Ádám Bogdán, is joining such football stars in Pepsi’s latest campaign.

As he admitted: Q.: “For me, the most enduring ever unforgettable Pepsi advertising was hiding a Juventus supporter guy who had requested Beckham’s T-shirt to wipe his can of Coke. I think the brand has always been very well reaching this topic”. This recall was just one of the iconic advertising. The excellent goalkeeper took part in a national Pepsi photo shoot days, which threw himself enthusiastically into the extraordinary tasks.

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DiningCity – National Restaurant Week

April, 9-15. 2018

At the end of March was organized this year’s latest National Restaurant Week. Approximately, thirty-five hundred dinning guests posted their experiences to the 137 participating restaurants.
Based on these huge number of reviews the online restaurant guide DiningCity presented the “Best Restaurant of the Restaurant Week” awards to the 16 best restaurants.

From April, 9-15 to please the previous guests and the ones who missed the previous dining days will be able to try the award-winning restaurants and taste their menus for one more extra week.

All the 16 restaurants offer 3-course menus for the original price, these are 8 restaurants for 4900HUF and 8 restaurants for 3300HUF.

Just as at the previous reservations the tables for the Restaurant Week Extra cannot be booked in person or by the phone, only and exclusively on

After booking on the website guests immediately receive an e-mail confirmation about the booking. For the sake of quality hospitality some restaurants offer only a limited amount of tables to be booked.

For a successful booking, the guests are advised to book as soon as possible the chosen restaurant on the homepage, cause you may miss a table at the one to book.

Enjoy your meal! Good Appetite!

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Concerts – International Guitar Festival – Budapest

19. Szeged IGF | International Guitar Festival

April, 9-12. 2018.  –  Budapest

April, 9.  7 p.m. Concert hall of the Italian Cultural Institute
Address: District VIII., 8.Bródy Sándor str. Budapest
Andrea Roberto (IT) solo concert
Giacomo Susani (IT) solo concert
Bozsóki Gergely & Funusual Quintette (HU)  concert

April, 10. 7 p.m.  Concert hall of the Tóth Aladár School of Music
Address: District, VI., 19-21. Szív str. Budapest
Dominik Carevic (HR)  solo concert
Jesse Flowers (AU/DE) solo concert

April, 11. 09:30 – 1.30 p.m. Cervantes Institute
Address: District, VI., 32 Vörösmarty str. Budapest
William Kanengiser (USA) masterclass

April, 11. 7 p.m.  French Institute
Address: District, I. Budapest, 17. Fő str. Budapest
Concert of the prize-winners of the XIV. National Guitar Competiton  Vác
Raphael Feuillatre (FR) solo concert
Tritonus Gitar Trio (Szurgyi Gergely, Molnár Levente, Varga Bálint)
Wine-tasting after the concert.

April, 12. 7 p.m. Budapest Cervantes Institute

Nagy Márton (HU) solo concert, Flavio Apro (BR) solo concert

(International Guitar Festival is the oldest existing and one of the major guitar events in Hungary bringing together the greatest players and hosting acts from all over the World. It is held on April 12-15, 2018 in Szeged and its region. Amusement for open-minded fans of all things guitar in diverse genres like world music (e.g. flamenco) and astonishing combinations with various art forms. Concerts take place in various venues such as concert halls, music bars, churches or your comfortable coach thanks to the live streaming. Interactive guitar courses for amateurs, students, children who can learn from noted musicians. Exciting competition for the best young stars of classical guitar and showcase with masterclasses, training programs. Networking platform for wits and curious professionals (musicians, managers, festival promoters, music institution directors, producers, music journalists). From 2018, the 19th year of Szeged IGF is involved in EuroStrings, the European Guitar Festival Collaborative which is the first European platform gathering 14 classical guitar festivals from Croatia, Finland, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Italy, Holland, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina. This platform with an international reputation and professional structure enables promotion and education of emerging guitar players exchanging artists, events and one of Europe’s major guitar competitions.

The festival was founded by guitarist-composer David Pavlovits in 1999, he gave concerts in more than 30 countries. He is the head of guitar department at the University of Szeged which is one of the most successful and popular communities of classical guitar in Hungary.)

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First Beer Festival Gyula – European Central Best Beer Awards

June, 7 – 10. 2018

Gyula is a lovely small City and if you are looking for a place where you can have a truly unique atmosphere, the Beer Festival your place.

In Hungary do not just like craft beers only in Budapest, but at the City of Gyula has breweries at this part of the country and they are quite popular as well. Therefore the organizers decided to popularise the Craft Beers and breweries at their venue as well within a Festival.

The goal is to organize this coming festival with high-quality programs, home and cross-breed brewery crafts, and to invite more local and foreigner visitors to Gyula.

During this four days handicraftsmen and street food will be the focus of attention. Few know, but at Gyula will be organized for the first time beer festival and would like to open up this tradition, which has for over brewing beer for three centuries.

The European Central Best Beer Awards2018 Beer Competition will be announced as an accompanying event at the festival, which will be announced for commercial and small breweries and home breweries. The aim of the competition is to promote small craft, crafts and home brewery. In the competition, small brewery brewers (commercially available products) and home breweries start in a separate category.

A national professional conference will also be held as an accompanying event of the festival, which will provide both professional and general public with handy, useful knowledge.

Of course, there are no indispensable music programs at the festivals, and there are several live music concerts every day. Further info who is on live stage visit:

Lease ticket: 4290HUF

Daily ticket: 1500HUF

The festival is free of charge on Sunday!

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