Best of Badacsony Region Wines – Budapest @ New York Palace – Hungary 2019.

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Badacsony is one of the smallest but most exciting wine regions in the country!

Badacsony Region wines moved to Budapest for a day, annually organized by the Badacsony Tourist Guild.

The wine tasters arriving to the Budapest’s New York Palace – could hear and taste get to know local producers, get answers to their questions directly to all-the important wines told by the exhibitors from the Badacsony Wine Region on the spot. In addition to the region’s wineries  along were introduced communities, hotels, restaurants, sites and other program by the providers.

The report on the Wine – New York Palace in Budapest continues with mentioning a couple of tables on the spot:

Bence one of the brother of three spoke about the winery  Q.: „The Trio Cellar is a family winery.  Located at Diszel, on the eastern edge of the Tapolca on Mount Hajagos primarily the traditional wine-growing region of the Badacsony. Their winery produce and were award: Sürkebarát – 2016  Bronze, Zeus – 2013  Silver, Rose Rose – 2016 Gold, Vulcanus – 2016 Bronze, Pinot noir. Our goal is to familiarize consumers with the Badacsony wine region through local varieties. People interested in their wines are welcome to the local tasting cellar.” The two generations involved in the production, in cooperation, complement each other well. It is important that a family maintains the traditions and the three brothers also strive to do so. The Trio Cellar’s aim is to introduce grape and wine culture and to promote cultured wine consumption. You want to know that is true. you have to go and enjoy not only the beauty of the landscape, but also the finer-tasting wines.

In Hungary, the most common type of vine variety is at the Badacsony Wine Region. The Kéknyelű is true specialty. Was told on the spot  representing Kiss István winemaker, their late harvest Special Kéknyelű wine named “KISS”  … flavor and design goes well within bottled in blue color, catch the eye in second! It has been matured in oak barrels for a month and its specialty of a female grape, not self-pollinating, but a stammer couple fertilizing.  Other wines for tasting from the Szent György Hegy (Saint George Mount) from Kiss István wine makers received high number of visitors at the event. Some award wines were for tasting as well:  Rose Stone Silver, Olaszrizling Late, Királyleányka.  You want to know that is true about them, you have to visit and enjoy not only the beauty of the landscape, but also the finer-tasting wines. For wines  and traditional food lovers  worthwhile to pay a visit to the Kiss István winery,where guests can enjoy dinners also served at its restaurant.

Fata Cellar at  Badacsonytomaj have a 100 years of family tradition, mainly use hand-cultivation, with a large proportion of plantations with white grapes. Popular their  Rózsakő, Kéknyelű, Olaszrizling, Ürmös, Szürkebarát. István Nagy, spoke about their full range tour around the vineyards, traditional delicious restaurant and Guesthouse. Maybe Fata’s cellar doesn’t right away ring the bell, say much to wine fans, but if you have already tasted their wines, your opinion will be certainly different. As can be seen they offer 3in1!

Over the past 20 years, the Varga Cellar has the Hungarian wine professionally and technologically renewed fundamentally. The quality of the wines has become a Western European standard. Their philosophy … is not enough to produce just fine, balanced wines, you need wines that leave a mark on the consumer that you remember and you will rediscover from the thousands of items. The Badacsony Szürkebarát made from the crushed grapes is the classic of the classics, the most noble and most characteristic of the last 100 years of the most famous Badacsony species. Badacsony golden cut Szürkebarát wine was awarded with the Gold Medal 2015.

The origin of “Csobánc Taste” originates from the Csobánc Hill. In 2013, they bought a nice estate with vines and fruit trees. These fruits were only processed for our own pleasure and deliberately avoiding preservatives, additives thickeners so in the jars, besides our love and energy, only fruit and vegetables are used. As was told by Katalin that closed into every bottle is the Csobánc mountain spring scents, flavors and colors of summer to the autumn levels. All their products are homemade … vegetable creams, sugar-free jams, lavender products … all that stimulus the eye and the mouth!

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Hungary’s “Blue Blood”pure fruit wine the one-and-only in Europe!

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There are many items, things named “Blue Blood” not just in Europe, around the world, but the one-and-only “Blue Blood” fruit wine in Europe is produced  by  Csaba Sápi  at Csömör – Hungary!

Blue Blood – Timea Sápi 

The Blue Blood wine was born of a fortuitous, and later-on by repeatedly experimentation born a new additive-free blue sweet fruit wine.

The Blue Blood wine was introduced  for the media at the  Ray’s Gourmand and Bar – Budapest. Before tasting, have a look-see the Blue Blood color which carries the color of the blue sky and of the turquoise sea at the same time! It will tempt your senses first with vanilla, spicy scent and taste, then with a peachy apricot, and with the presence of cunning blueberry, and the crunch of cherry, and finally the creamy elderberry will deliver the orgasm of the flavors! Evoking aromas within its fragrance even in the coldest winter days summons the spring, even brings refreshment to the hottest summer day.

Need to know no filling machines do the bottling, nor plugging, neither capsules! They do the job with the help of human hands, as before int he old days. They love to preserve traditions and attempt to carry on! Saying more work with it, but quality product deserves attention and principle is quality, above all! Only natural ingredients … Just fruit! … without artificial flavor and fragrance materials just as within the other 25 produced kind of fruit wines, one of the more tempting fruit wines than the other, not to mention mouth-watering flavors  that are unimaginable without tasting them.

There are two types of premium groups the Hungaricum premium and the premium products. The only difference is that the premium Hungaricum, typically carrying a unique flavor, technology, which is outstanding even at international level.

The Blue Blood fruit wine is not only delicious, but healthy too and you can’t resist the look at this please product. Everyone can find their own favorit to their own taste!

They do not want mass production and serve large multi-store houses. Their goal is to introduce more fruit wines at festivals and  special events.

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XVIII. National Syngenta Wine Competition @ Siófok – Hungary

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More than ever, a new record of recordings … a total of 559 wine application arrived from the country’s several wine regions, participating in the 18th National Syngenta Wine Competition. This year the best prizes of the SynVino awards took place at Siófok – Hungary.  Prize were awarded to Bárdos and Fia Winery, the Béres Vineyards, the Koch Csaba Vine Art Winery, and the NAIK Vine and Wine Research Institute.

The past year was nothing to say it was a normal year for grape growing, due to the extreme climatic conditions and had met significant technical challenges of managing the vineyard  by the management professionals.  The last time was 100 years ago, when passed among the vines between budding and flowering just 30 days, but the results showed most of them took well over the obstacles. Last year, the amount of harvested 65 thousand hectares of grapes amounted to 500 thousand tons, of which 3.5 million hectare liter of wine produced, which is considered good not only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of quality.

The 2018 vintage wines were found neatly into the Syngenta awards. This year’s wine competition with 48 gold medals being recognized by the jury experts. The fragrant white varieties such as the Irsai Oliver, and the outstanding 2018 red wines, the Rosé highlighted the wines in the competition.

Overall a fine year for the wine producers … Twenty percent of the wines were awarded Gold and more than 50 percent received Silver medals.

Adding to the well deserved Gold awarded wine producers …  not a complete list of the  awarded wines mentioning all the 48 gold medalist … editorial comment … The Szentpéteri Wine Cellar LtdKunság: Olaszrizling selection 2018,  the Kékfrankos Rosé 2018, the Chardonnay Selection 2017 and from Balatonboglár – Bujdosó Vineyard: Merlot 2015, Brut Rosé Champagne, Cruiser 2017 …  both received GOLD AWARDS with many other wine makers.  This update is not only about to read, but have to be tasted by locals and foreigners visiting whilst staying in Hungary… most of them are available at the wine traders shops.

By-the-way …just a reminder, this week-end Fiery Wines – Volanic Flavors from the Badacsony Region of Wines coming with 38 wine makers bringing 160 wines to Budapest.

Date and Place: Saturday, March, 9. 2019. – New York Palace – Rome Hall – Budapest – District, VII., 9. Erzsébet Boulevard. Take it Easy … Enjoy your timeout … tickets available on the spot!

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Herald News: “THE TRIBUTE SHOW” on ABBA is About to Show – Hungary!

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“Mama Mia” … Watch out … Two Tribute Concerts on Route to Hungary!

Monday, March, 25. 2019. 8 p.m. – AUDI Arena – Győr

Tuesday, March, 26. 2019. 8 p.m. – Papp László Sport Arena  – Budapest

THE SHOW now celebrates honoring the 45th anniversary by ABBA’s “People Need Love”.

TO BE or Not TO BE … needn’t have to raise that question … let’s stay with the TO BE  version! “Super Trouper” … 2 hour musical extravaganza with ABBA story in songs from their Eurovision beginnings all the way to major chart success! They still sell around 2 million records/year.

The show kicks off at the tail end of the 60s when Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Frida meet to play together for the very first time. Throughout the course of the production, the audience is led on a magical music journey through the rise and rise of ABBA. Classic songs such as Waterloo, SOS, Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen, Money Money Money, Knowing Me Knowing You and many more will ring the bell of many in the audience.

Adding to THE SHOW … several of the original ABBA musicians will be on stage as guest performers, that is unique to their tribute.  On the spot may will recognize the legendary sax player Ulf Andersson who is on tour at THE SHOW. He cowrote the musical composition hit song „I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do”  with original ABBA member Benny Andersson.

THE SHOW was created in 2001 and is on the run with world-wide success, having more than 700 concerts in 40 countries and over 2 million tickets sold. The music in THE SHOW is played by the Swedish band Waterloo and backed by The National Symphony Orchestra of London directed by musical director Matthew Freeman. They have had previously performed with big stars such as: Sir Cliff Richard, Elvis Costello and Robbie Williams.

ABBA after the following decades to the Eurovision Song Contest became in the world the biggest selling pop group in the history,  they almost stepped forward to be number 1., but remained second to The Beatles.

Abba is now a living legend, proven for decades by the world-wide live concerts, the successful Mamma Mia movies and, last but not least, the Mamma Mia musical, which is also a huge success.

Keep a close eye on the date and time to THE SHOW at AUDI Arena – Győr and at Budapest’s Papp László Sport Area!

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Herald News: Splendour @ “SZIGET” Festival – Budapest – Hungary – 2019.

The biggest and most recognized music festivals in Europe!

Music festivals have been taking the world by storm for decades … visitors each year come from all over the world to see some of the biggest names in the music industry.  “SZIGET” is the famous summer music festival that has been held annually in Hungary since 1993. The festival showcases indie rock, hip hop, electronic and alternative genres. Many celebrities like other musicians and famous actors come to enjoy the festival. At the “SZIGET” the landscape and sound perfectly match to bring the mood to enjoy the festival. Venue by the River Danube with plenty of on-site camping solutions, but some like it put themselves away for some hours in a tent. Those who to arrive early will surely find their spot. Stay tuned so you don’t miss the beat …  updates in the months to come. The festickets are already out!


Europe’s answer to Glastonbury adds more huge names including Mura Masa, Tom Odell, Johnny Marr, Grace Carter and Khruangbin. August, 7 – 13 2019.   –  Full Week to free your mind! –  Venue: Óbudai-sziget, Budapest, Hungary.

American indie rock nobility The National complete the illustrious Sziget headliner bill, joining global superstars Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters, Florence + The Machine, Post Malone, The 1975, Twenty One Pilots and Martin Garrix. New additions to the genre-spanning line-up also include Brooklyn folk rockers Big Thief, DJ powerhouse Jax Jones, Canadian experimental rock collective Broken Social Scene and more.

With seven albums under their belt – four of which made NME’s top 500 albums of all time list – The National are one of the most successful and revered American rock bands in history. A sincerely conscious and political five-piece, their poetic, melancholic form of indie art-rock has won them awards including a Grammy in 2017, and their headline performance is set to be unmistakable to miss!

The undisputed king of collaborations and incredible multi-instrumentalist Mura Masa joins the line-up as well as powerful pop ballad one-to-watch Grace Carter. British music royalty and ex-Smiths and Cribs guitarist Johnny Marr is set to rock the Budapest stage, while British homegrown singer-songwriter Tom Odell will soothe the crowds with his stunning vocals and musicianship.

Texan psychedelic rock trio Khruangbin’s unique blend of soul, funk, instrumental rock and world music will provide the soundtrack to the sunny Hungarian summer, while electronic duo Honne’s synthpop baggers are perfect for when the sun starts to go down. Also announced are the likes of house music veteran Sonny Fodera, DJ, producer and remix wizard Jax Jones, emerging electronic star David August and more new talent to discover.

Over the years “SZIGET” has played host to some of the most prestigious names in music, including the likes of David Bowie, Oasis, The Stone Roses, Iggy Pop, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, Sex Pistols, Dua Lipa and Kendrick Lamar.

More than just its headliners, “SZIGET” brings together a program of world music, theater, cabaret, installations, performances and art. Set in the heart of Budapest on Óbuda Island, “SZIGET”is a community built festival and known as the ‘Island of Freedom’. Attended by 500,000+ Citizens from over 100 countries each year, the festival is dedicated to embracing diversity as a part of its ‘Love Revolution’, using the power of the community to celebrate and bring love, acceptance, tolerance and freedom to the heart of Budapest and beyond. With preparations well underway for next August, year 27 is set to be ” “SZIGET”’s biggest and best festival to date.

“SZIGET” returns in 2019 between 7 – 13 August. Three-day tickets are now on sale starting at €199, with a ticket price increase set for 7 March. For more details stroll over  @szigetofficial

NEW LINE-UP ADDITIONS … The National , Mura Masa, Johnny Marr, Tom Odell, Big Thief, Honne, Jax Jones, Coheed & Cambria, Broken Social Scene, Khruangbin, David August , Polo & Pan, Black Mountain, Ocean Alley, Grace Carter, Sonny Fodera, Burak Yeter

ALREADY ANNOUNCED … Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, Florence + The Machine, Post Malone, Twenty One Pilots, The 1975, Martin Garrix, Richard Ashcroft, Franz Ferdinand, James Blake, Years&Years, Tove Lo, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Kodaline, Chvrches, Jungle, The Blaze, Razorlight, Son Lux, Richie Hatin CLOSER, Maribou State, Jain, IDLES, Yeasayer, Yellow Days, Parcels, Superorganism, Pale Waves, Tove Styrke, Boy Pablo, Masego, Iamddb, Protoje &The Indiggnation, Xavier Rudd, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, Alma, Gang Of Youths, Of Mice & Men, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Wanda, W&W, Vini Vici, Carnage, Sigala, Yungblud , Elderbrook , Roosevelt , Anna of The North , Hucci, Fakear, Tamino, Valeras , Welshly Arms”

Source: Sziget Press

Stay tuned for the line-up of Entertainment to already trigger your Mood!

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Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox @ Budapest

Wednesday, March, 13. 2019. 8 p.m.

Papp László Budapest Sport Arena

ONLY 8 DAYS TO THE WEEK Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox  promised to return and they will be back on stage!
The organizer of the Budapest concert is again the Danubius Music Production Office.!

The non-stop throwback party is returning in 2019 within their major tour visiting over 251 cities around the world  Budapest is one of these!

the upcoming Twenty-Twenties, famed time-twisting musical collective Postmodern Jukebox will circumnavigate, and twirl the planet around in 2019 on their „Welcome to the Twenties 2.0 Tour”. The tour is meant to prepare the world for a new decade.  Postmodern Jukebox creator Scott Bradlee hopes will see a return to the style and craftsmanship that typified the music of past generations and to introduce the music to the later born generation.

The purpose of the tour is to prepare the world for twenty-twenty in the new decade, in which the creator of the PostmodernJukebox, Scott Bradlee, goal is to return to the typical style of the 20s. Of course for those people who were born in the 20th century will float back in time on the music waves to cherish those moody days.

Every show is a unique production. Postmodern Jukebox isn’t just a “band” in the traditional sense of the word …  it’s more of a community of performers presenting various acts, with  unique spin on modern pop hits and retro pop stylings. PMJ has always been about using modern media to turn back the clock to a time … live entertainment with vibrant color, so live on stage.

Since the Postmodern Jukebox is on the Road touring, were playing from 300 person clubs to 3000 seat theaters and have performed on four continents and in nearly 100 countries.

The PMJ goals are simple … to give everyone in the world the chance to go back in time and experience real, live music that the 20s gave the world.

The organizer of the Budapest concert is again the Danubius Music Production Office!

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Claude Monet and his lilies – Urania National Filmtheater @ Budapest

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Urania National Filmtheater

March 28. 2019.

color, Italian film with subtitles, 90 minutes, 2019 (above age 12)

Director: Giovanni Troili, Main characters: Elisa Lasowski, Ross Ki

Monet – In the magic of water and light – harassing soul with peaceful landscapes

District, VIII., 21. Rákóczi Road – Budapest. Ticket available on the spot: 11 a.m.-8.30 p.m. Price: Adult: 3600HUF, Students, Pensioners, Teachers: 3200HUF

The next episode within the artistic educational series, namely: “Temples of Art” provides insight into the world of impressionism. Claude Monet “Water Lilies” based  on best-selling novel of Ross King “Angry amazement”.   

Introducing Claude Monet the harassing soul with peaceful landscapes.

Using letters and other private writings I, Claude Monet reveals new insight into the man who not only painted the picture that gave birth to impressionism but who was perhaps the most influential and successful painter of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Despite this, and perhaps because of it, Monet’s life is a gripping tale about a man who, behind his sun-dazzled canvases, suffered from feelings of depression, loneliness, even suicide. Then, as his art developed and his love of gardening led to the glories of his garden at Giverney, his humor, insight and love of life is revealed.

The Film shot on location in Paris, London, Normandy and Venice I, Claude Monet is a cinematic immersion into some of the most loved and iconic scenes in Western Art.

Claude Monet and his lilies is screened throughout Hungary’s cinema also from March 28. 2019. 

Source Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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