Brewery Park – Third Kraft Beer Festival – Budapest 2017.

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September, 7-10.2017.

 Brewery Park – (Sörfőzde Park)

District, X., 47. Maglódi Road

Here we go to the third Kraft Beer Festival!

(Direct FREE bus service departure from Blaha Lujza Square to the Punishment Park and FREE entry)

If you like special and elegant beers, then hop over to the … where during the week-end may catch up with the delicate craft beers with a twist.

There are kraft beers galore, beer premieres, professional programs, food trucked to foreign guest breweries, souvenir shop and of course the inimitable industrial site.

Some Hungarian breweries have teamed up with their flag to nail it title: “kraft beer”, which will also serve as a trademark in the future. The consumer who buys the kraft beer can be assured that he will get a high quality product for his money.

Everyone has and will have constant beers that the potential audience will be happy to enjoy year-after-year. Nonetheless, kraft brewery is trying to keep up with the production of its existing breweries, and from time-two-time they produce just  for the festival a new or limited edition products. Here at the 3rd Kraft Beer Festival the Kraft brewery is not required to produce 500 different beers.

Just alittle background to the Kraft Beers …   Brewery Park is a joint site of four kraft breweries Monyó, Horizont, Mad Scientist, HopTop and by the end of the Kraft Beer Festival  newcomers  will be greeted to join the “club”. According to the decision of the trademark, these producers are: Golem, Armando_Ochoa, Reketye Brewery, Dimbo Lab, HaraPunk, Reczer Ser, TufBuzz, White Rabbit which may receive greenlight to join the KRAFT Beer Alliance and their beers are welcoming the visitors to stop by and taste them.

More about the Kraft Beers … Many may know by now that the kraft beer will not be special or good to beat the malt with a fist or twist the mash with your bare hands. The beer quality does not depend on the size of the brewery plant. Small size is not a guarantee of quality. However, a kraft roll can not be made in big industry. Kraft beer does not have to come up with the most expensive raw materials, but it is made of quality raw materials, it is constant for taste and composition.  It has a nice and durable foam. Kraft brewery does not work with the most expensive technology available, but brewery is always hygienic and professional.

AND beside the liquid bread, cannot walk by with tasting the yummy food. On the spot delicious unique food is prepare. Worthwhile to give it a try. Just as: the first Hungarian pulled pork food truck serves, namely:“Zabáljcsak” (meaning circa – just get stuffed). These BBQ sandwiches are real meal treats.  Also the ZUZMó! BBQ, meat cocked in steam and in addtion with red beans socked in  Hop’s “Midnight Express” beer cannot be left out. The ZING Burgers are reachable throughout the city with their mobile minibus kitchen at festivals. Can not be disappointed with their fantasy flavors.

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Jewish Cultural Festival Budapest – 2017.

It has come to two decade since the Jewish Cultural Festival had started its annual festival in Budapest. The title is new … previous years were called Jewish Summer Festival … but the internal content of a concept remained the same offering the diversity of the Hungarian Judaism, originality, humor, art, music, joy and entertainment moments.
The festival’s events are held at seven venues. Mainly at the Dohány Street’s Great Synagogue, elsewhere synagogues in Budapest will also be joining, such as: the Frankel Leó Street, the Bethlen Square’s, at the Goldmark Hall and so on. Many foreigners may know by previously as visitors, that the Synagogue at the Dohány Street is one of the most famous spiritual spectral in Budapest and it takes the first place in Europe and is the third greatest synagogues Worldwide. The Moorish style building with its facade facing towards Jerusalem was built within 4 years and opened in 1859. The organ was played by Franz Liszt and French composer Camile Saint-Saens. The building was reopened in 1996, after a five-years renovation. To-day it is not in use only for worship, but throughout the year musical performances and organ concerts are organized.
Coming up on Thursday, 8 p.m., September, 7. “Gershwin Evening” – Budapest Jazz Prchestra – Joanne Faulkner – János Balázs. An evening where world-class musical gathering will be promising George Gershwin’s compositions, who was the most popular and influential virtuoso of the 20th century. Joanne Faulkner, is an American Jazz singer and who is one of the last active representatives of Ella Fitzgerald’s sytle.Also to join this evening is János Balázs, who is considered and often referred as a worthy heir of György Cifra.
Sunday, 8 p.m., September, 10. at the Great Synagogue will be concert titled “From Budapest to Jerusalem – jointly playing with the 100-member Gypsy Orchestra and Shabatsong Klezmer Ban. At the end of the evening, a common encore will be played for the audience.
Thursday, 8 p.m, September, 14. on the closing day’s evening a huge concert will take place at the Great Synagogue, whereas Sándor Révész singer will hold a concert titled: “Rock and Roll Privates (PVT) together with two members from Veszprém of the Blueberry group: Ákos Horváth and Gergő Nagy. A generation grew up with the voice and songs sung by Sándor Révész in the ’70s and 80’s.

Thursday, 6 p.m. September 14 at the Goldmark Hall, a few step along the side of the Great Synagogue where Silvia Sass – “Aria and Poetry Evening” concert will take place. Sass Sylvia Kossuth and Liszt Ferenc Prize-winning soprano opera singer, worthy artist, heiress member of the Immortal Society and Adrienne Hauser piano pianist, are sending out an invitation to take part in a wonderful, soul-stirring musical adventure.

Just mentioning, this evening at the Goldmark Hall was this evening 4 well-known actors interpretations of “Talking Letters – Opening the mailbox of the Celebrities” … At the Talking Letters” presentation the audience were taken on a ride of hearing mail exchanges, interpreted by Judit Hernádi, László Gálfi, Izsák Farkas between famous historical figures, celeb artists, actors writers and musicians.Forinstance letter exchange – reactions from Madonna and Sharon Stone (published in ’91 on FB).

For further information to the venues and presentation see website: Jewish Cultural Festival.

Book, purchase tickets through or

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DreherFeszt- Budapest – 2017

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In spite of the ongoing sprinkling rain from the early afternoon hours, massive crowds gathered to enjoyed the concerts.The rain could not wash away “DreherFeszt” Dreher Festival  held on Saturday.

Visitors favorite beers were the Chocolate Dreher Bak and Mosaic Komlós Beer Tank.

The singer of the Punnany Massif, Medic Matthew’s  due to his birthday,  celebrated his special day lifting his pint of beer and singing together with the audience which was highly appreciated by the crowd.

“This year, on 15 thousand square meters, with beer specialties, ruins, on two stage with the best festival bands and emerging bands, DJs,  Beer Brewery tours and civic programs, who were once again delighted to discover the new experiences. Over the past two years the number of the visitors has grown by 20 percent. This year was over 6000 interested in the brewery festival” said Zita Szederkényi – DreherFeszt communication leader.

The “DreherFest” was established in 2014, and is currently the only beer brewery festival in Hungary. During the event, the Dreher Brewery opened its doors to the public and offered a number of breweries specially designed for this day.

The Dreher brewery event was a unique and greatly organized event. Some of the visitors I spoke to said, they are happy to taste the Dreher liquid breads and to attend at the popular concerts.

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The Voice and Guitar of David Gilmour – Concert film – Budapest

Corvin Cinema, Korda Hall
District, VIII, Corvin Square

From September, 14. out at the Corvin Cinema, Korda Hall in Budapest, presented by the Pannonia Entertainment.

After 45 years the legendary Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii concert in July 2016, David Gilmour returned to the Roman amphitheater and, in a tour promoting the solo album “Rattle That Lock”, gave two consecutive concerts for 2600 lucky fans. Gilmour has preserved the audio-visual performance of the monumental Pink Floyd concerts, while the concert featuring lasers and pyrotechnic tricks, projecting on a huge circular canvas, a live video mix made for this performance enhanced the concert of the selected songs.


David Gilmour’s “all-star” band, which made up of excellent musicians, brought life to life on stage, including Pink Floyd classics such as “Wish You Where Here,” “Shine On Your Crazy Diamond,” “Comfortably Numb” , or “One of These Days” – the latter being the only one featured in Adrian Maben’s 1971 Concert Film. On both nights, the audience had a special performance in “The Great Gig In The Sky” from the album “The Dark Side Of The Moon”, which is rarely featured on Gilmour’s solo concerts. In addition to the classic Pink Floyd songs, the concert featured David Gilmour’s solo albums, Rattle That Lock and On An Island’s most successful compositions. Gavin Elder, the film director’s, double concert will be screened in September 2017, debuting in more than 2000 movie theaters worldwide.

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DiningCity Week – 2017.

Take a gastronomic tour in Budapest and in the countryside!

October, 9 – 15. 2017.

Following in the successful footsteps of restaurant weeks worldwide, the first Budapest Restaurant Week was held in May 2011 and since then more-and-more locals and foreigners are booking their place to taste heavenly delicious food prepared by Budapest’s top restaurants.

The Budapest Restaurant Week is a great opportunity to enjoy good food at discount prices not just in Budapest but at a couple of fine restaurants outside the Capital. There are over 100 restaurants participating in the event. Each restaurant will offer a special, three course fix price dinner and lunch menu for 3300HUF and also may make reservation for Premium menus for 4900HUF. so guests can choose to tickle their taste. The menu includes an appetizer with an entrée and dessert.

Reservations are required and have to be made online via which is the official site of the Restaurant Week.

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The 3rd KRAFT Beer Festival – Budapest – 2017.

Soon be waiting for their guests to the 3rd KRAFT Beer Festival, which will open its gates at 5 p.m. on  Thursday, September, 7.

District X., 47. Maglódi Rd. Budapest

The aim of the festival is to introduce Hungarian beer and to bring breweries, pub owners and beer-lovers together.

The Third Kraft Beer Festival goes on for Four Days – September, 7 – 10.2017.

The event is organized by: HopTop Brewery, Mad Scientist, MONYO Brewing Co., Horizont Brewing, Főzdepark.

While Hungary isn’t particularly known for its beer, there are some unique brews and this is a great event to find your new favorite. Be adventurous … some brews may end up surprising you.

Connecting to the Beer Festival this year at the Kraft Festival, the Kraft Association is ahead of enlargement. The event is organized by the members of the Kraft Association, which aim is to provide a point of reference for the quality beer consumers, and to promote the expansion of professional knowledge through educational programs and events. To achieve this, already established a trademark committee to protect and protect the set values.

Membership’s of the newcomers will be presented on a separate stand with two beers, and after the festival, the trademark committee’s decision and a joint discussion will determine how many new members will be welcomed in their circles. The names of the candidates are: Golem, armando_ochoa, Reketye Brewery, Dimbo Lab, HaraPunk, Reczer Ser, TufBuzz, White Rabbit.

Official opening is sharp at 5 p.m. and the gate will be opened to the arrival of the first visitors to ease their thirst.

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Oct. 13. – STING’S 57TH & 9TH WORLD TOUR

Hottest show in town before the general public!



Sting live in Budapest on October 13th, 2017 at Budapest Arena after a 5-year-break!

Following sold out concerts across North America, Europe, South America and Mexico, Sting’s 57th & 9th World Tour, is taking the world by storm with rave reviews from fans and critics alike.

The guitar-driven rock tour, which launched in North America, visited Europe, Central and South America and is currently in Asia before returning to Europe for select summer festival appearances has now confirmed an extended fall tour with new shows in Central and Eastern Europe. Additional European concert dates still to be announced.

On the 57th & 9th Tour, Sting is joined by a 3-piece band including his longtime guitarist, Dominic Miller, Josh Freese (drums) and Rufus Miller (guitar) with special guest Joe Sumner, as well as accordion player, Percy Cardona, who regularly performs with The Last Bandoleros.

Today’s announcement includes shows in Rankweil and Vienna Austria – 13-Sept. at Marktplatz (City Square) and 14-Sept. at Stadthalle; 29-September in Tallinn, Estonia at SAKU Arena; 10-October in Kaunas, Lithuania at Zalgirio Arena; 12-October in Krakow, Poland at Tauron Arena; 13-October in Budapest, Hungary at Budapest Arena; and 15-October in Skopje Macedonia at VIP Arena Boris Trajkovski. Tickets in Rankweil will go on sale this Thursday, 1-June, all additional concerts will go on sale this Friday, 2-June.

Members of the official fan club will have the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance beginning Tuesday, 30-May with complete details available at

Tickets for Budapest are on sale via and There are 5 different seating, Front of Stage and standing tickets available for the Sting show at the Budapest Sportarena on 13th October, 2017. Hot Tickets and Early Entry packages are also available.