Tales of the Lockdown … Original Name: Relatos Confinados


Extraordinary film Made in Spain at the time of the lockdown.

Run time: 90mins. Original Spanish language with Hungarian subtitles

Made in Spain  – 2020 – Age limit:16

The film will hit theaters nationwide from September, 2. 2021.

Five excellent Spanish directors :  Fernando Colomo, Alvaro Fernández-Armero, David Marqués, Miguel Bardem, Juan Diego Botto came together to bring an unusual venture under the roof: to create a grotesque work that takes place during a quarantine situation. Starring: Carlos Bardem, Luis Tosar, Manuel Vasco, Carlos Bardem, Isco Alarcón, Alberto Ammann.

Shot during the confinement by the actors themselves in their homes, this is a film made up of five self-contained stories that range from romantic comedy to drama, through horror or should be said as thriller.

An assassin who wants to circle his master … A star soccer player who cherishes actoric ambitions … And furthermore could even list the strange characters that this comedy, interwoven with black humor,  stunning and dark, in some cases does not ignore touching moments.

Distributor in Hungary by Pannonia Entertainment.

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Herald News: MITEM Festival Budapest – Hungary 2121.

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Unfortunetely, the Covid 19 did not allowed it to hold the previous year’s MITEM festival, but this year it will be held between September, 17 to October, 9.

MITEM – Imre Madách International Theater Meeting is a meeting space created with the intention of creating tradition, which offers an opportunity for other cultures and nations to have a refreshing effect on the Hungarian theater profession, as well as for foreign professionals to get acquainted with Hungarian performances and artists. The past years countless foreigners have had already visited our country precisely because of the event, as it attracts the diversity of Hungary theatrical life and performances. Furthermore, it is a good opportunity for other representatives of foreign theatrical life to get to know each other’s work and strengthen their relationship with each other.

The series of events has grown into a meeting point for new and traditional workshops in international theater. Each participant will present the various stage works in their specific language. Keep in mind … Tickets for performances should be redeemed well in advance, even in advance, as they run out quickly. For those looking for cultural enrichment, this is a special opportunity in the spring, which already signals the approach of summer. It is worth
taking even the grandparents to these performances, as they also want to relax.

On the occasion to the forthcoming major theater festival, press gathering was held whereas massive overall presentation was given by Péter Fekete – Secretary of State for Culture, Attila Vidnyánszky – Director of the National Theater – also the artistic director of MITEM 2121, Alexander Popovsky – Artistic Director of the Slovenian National Theater in Maribor, Edit Kulcsár – playwright, festival organizer, András Kozma – organizer of playwright festival.

The MITEM will host almost all our foreign guests Hopefully,  the Vietnamese and Indian companies that were invited even before the epidemic will arrive as soon as possible, or maybe already in the spring.  Hoping to the extremely prestigious companies worthy of the history of MITEM, can embark on this heroic struggle. Robert Wilson, Teodoros Thersopoulos, Silviu Purc ă rete, Eirik Stub ø, Aleksandar Popovszki, Ivan Uryvski, Gábor Tompa, almost everything seems to be possible in the company of directors, …actors from Porto, Athens, St. Petersburg, Maribor, Satu Mare, Timisoara and Magyarkanizsa.  With their presence and strengthen the trust and theater quality. 



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Wind Gate Park @ the Millenary – “Musical Budapest” Closing Chord – 2021

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Sunday, August 29 – Millenáris, Wind Gate Park
District, II.16-20 Kis Rókus Str. Budapest

Herald News: … 7 years, 12 venues, 2 months, 350 concerts were performed this year – the end of the seventh season of the “Zenélő Budapest” – “Musical Budapest” free program series brings the historical and cultural past and present of the capital to life in a unique way in the world; concert series. This year, the musicians of Zenélő Budapest gave 350 concerts in the cult venues of the capital, crowning the rich program with an unforgettable closing chord. Children are also welcome with colorful programs

On August 29, they will say goodbye to the 2021 season as part of a full-day closing event hosted by Millenáris, Wind Gate Park.

During the all-day free program, brass players in hussar costumes, popular classics will be sung by the string quartet, as well as the greats of Hungarian romance and the evergreens of the swing era. The closing concert of the evening will be performed by Micheller Myrtill – Tibor Pintér “Voice and Guitar” duo formation and Götz Saxophone Quartet gives.
Artistic director: Nándor Götz
Brainstormer: Béla Götz
The concert series is supported by the Ministry of Human Resources.

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Fine Art Beats Raffaello – The Young Genius … Raffaello – Il giovane prodigio

Documentary movie – Italy, 90 mins, 2021 – Director: Massimo Ferrari – Narrator: Valeria Golino

Orginal languages ​​with Hungarian subtitles

At the end of August comes to the Hungarian theaters of art temples of fine art series premieres latest piece, which commemorates the picturesque genius the Renaissance – Raffaello.

The film was made in 2020, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the painter’s death, and will be screened in more than 60 countries from Italy to Australia.

The venue of the Hungarian screening is usually the Urania National Cinema, where art historian Kata Bodor – curator of the Museum of Fine Arts, will give an introduction before the premier August, 25 at 6.30 p.m.

After the 2017 episode of The Churches of Art series, The Prince of Art, the work explores Raffaello’s art through a whole new way.

Synopsis: Raffaello- The Young Genius tells the story of the artist from Urbino, beginning with his extraordinary early portraits of women – the Mother, the Friend, the Principle, the Secret Lover, and many important female figures on Raffaello’s paintings. Delve into Raffaello’s uncanny ability to capture celestial beauty, and to focus his gaze beyond the physicality and into the psychology of his subjects … some real, some imaginary … so that their personalities explosively emerge from his canvas.

With fascinating contributions from internationally renowned experts, this special cinema event will uncover the most significant people and places and inspirations in the life and times of Raffaello a Renaissance leader and one of the most spectacular painters in history. Detailed close-ups and expert interviews and art analyzes, which have become the trademark of the series. The life story of the painter is further illustrated by the imaginative animations of award-winning illustrator Giordano Poloni, who bring to life the most important moments of Raffaello’s life in his pictorial world, moving on the border of myth, myth, legend and reality.

Other screening locations around Hungary:

August, 26.  Makk Kálmán Cinema – Berettyóújfalu 

August, 26.  Lehel Film Theate – Jászberény   

August, 26. Kultik Cinema – Kaposvár    

August, 26. Makó Cinema – Makó

August, 29. Downtown Cinema – Szeged

August, 26. P̛Art Mozi – Szentendre       

August, 26. Nádasdy Cinema – Szigetszentmiklós

Distributor: Pannonia Entertainment

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“Kodály Aperitif” Thirsty for Music? Roll Over to Pécs Hungary

August, 8-22. 2021. @ Pécs Hungary

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The Kodály Center at Pécs is celebrating its 10th anniversary with outdoor colorful series of events and whilst tasting the flavor of literature and music also enjoy having cooling sips.

As for the Aperitif may have a taste of the world of classical music and jazz. Internationally renowned artists will take the stage.

The Rossini Gala of the Pannon Philharmonic opens the program series, with international stars, cheerful, sparkling music that not only appeals to opera fans. The Modern Art Orchestra will also arrive with a real star parade, its guests will be Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, László Gőz, Veronika Harcsa, Mihály Dresh, Edina Mókus Szirtes and Kornél Fekete Kovács. The Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra offers film music delicacies, and its concert invites the audience to taste the music of the greatest films and series this time – without the films. Listen to the Pirates of the Caribbean, E.T., Jurrasic Park, or even Forrest Gump! Zoltán Keresztes, a composer and sound engineer living in the fall and recording great success, also offers musical delicacies from the world of series. Celebrate August 20 with music, the Spinning Orchestra will take the stage in the festive program, and then Dr. Frigyes Kvanduk, General Deputy of the Bishopric of Pécs, will share his thoughts related to the celebration and bless the new bread. The concert of the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra is conducted by Tibor Bogányi, conductor. What is a “Literary Cage Fight” where the most popular actors and musicians clash? It turns out with Gabi Hámori, Kátya Tompos, Csaba Debreczeny and Zoltán Czutor in the program called For Me or Me!

In addition to the cultural experiences, a quality gastro-court awaits the guests. Szabi – the bakerman offers his world-winning Neapolitan pizza!

On the 21st of August can enjoy a spectacular light painting in the joint implementation of Vince Varga Vince Kamera Hungaria-award winning graphic designer and Night Projection.

Free family and colorful children’s programs await the audience and among others, the time-honoring concert of Eszter Bíró – MárkusZínház, Babzsák és Csigaház program.

On the route of the thematic musical walk entitled The Sounds of Pécs, there will be a guided tour  to the Kodály Center by expert guides from the city center. The tour starts from the Basilica and in the framework of a nearly two-hour walk, touching the iconic music venues of Pécs. Also  at the Kodály Center an exciting tour of the house, secrets behind the curtain.

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Celebration of the 75th Independence Day of India @ Budapest Hungary 2021.


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A very vibrant & colorful celebration of the 75th Independence Day of India was held at India House @ Budapest where Indian diaspora & friends of India participated in large numbers. Besides the unfurling of the national flag and reading of President of India’s speech by Ambassador Kumar Tuhin, a vibrant musical ensemble was presented by a large group of more than 30 artists presenting classical & folks dances from different regions of India. Together with this, a very interesting fusion was created by models displaying traditional weaves & textiles of India by walking during the dance ensemble.

This year India is celebrating its 75th Independence day and having events of different nature & types for 75 weeks preceding the grand finale in August -2022.

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Dress Code: Art Nouveau – Extending its History of Fashion Exhibition


Ráth György villa – Budapest

The exhibition, which opened on June, 26, 2021 extends its fashion history exhibition Dress Code: Art Nouveau until September, 12, 2021 in view of the great interest

The exhibition provides an insight into the wardrobe and lifestyle of a woman living at the turn of the century with the help of a collection of objects selected from the Textile and Wear Collection of the Museum of Applied Arts. Presenting contemporary clothing and accessories – fans, bags and umbrellas – we recall the new, airy female ideal of Art Nouveau, for whom not only the outer rail but also the inner ring has become particularly important.

Art Nouveau simultaneously closed the gorgeous wear of the 19th century and launched the rational, functionalist fashion of the 20th century. Until the outbreak of World War I, women’s wear became more and more relaxed and comfortable, as the active lifestyle, work and sports provided by everyday life already required simpler and more comfortable clothing. The exhibition showcases casual and sporty daytime and glittery nightwear.

The Art Nouveau fashion line dates back to 1899, when a new type of corset conjured a “eel-like” S-line silhouette for the ladies. The eccentric look was completed by a whimsical shoulder-to-shoulder boa, loose, wavy hair, a Japanese neck-twisted bun, and a huge, heavy hat.

From the 1880s onwards, with the proliferation of machine products, there was a need to revive traditional handicrafts, create an imitation-free art, and recreate lace art. The Halasi sewn lace, designed by Árpád Dékáni in 1902, was the only one that used a unique, new technique and, with its treasure of motifs from folk art, was at the same time organically connected to the art of European Art Nouveau. The exhibition holds among other things, the fan designed by Árpád Dékáni, who won first prize in the 1903 Water Drop Society’s competition.

Families and ladies expressed their social status, wealth, and rank through their clothes and jewelry. And at various events and social events, special attention had to be paid to the perfect appearance. An essential accessory for women’s fashion was elbow-length gloves, jewelery made of precious stones, and a headdress adorning a gorgeous prom hairstyle. However, we must not forget about the dance orders and the fans, which could not have been missing from the props of the ballad ladies either, so also from the exhibition.

In addition to festive events, sports have also become fashionable and have become an important area of ​​social life. Ice skating, for example, was seen as a less ceremonial version of balling, as on such occasions, men and women were able to meet and talk casually. Similarly, bathing – although bathing and swimming were segregated by gender – was also defined by social life and joint activity.

In addition to the garments used in sports, more comfortable and functional wear has become widespread in everyday life, for example, the use of blouses and skirts has become decisive. The university education of women and the establishment of women’s grammar schools were proposed by Gyula Wlassics (1852-1937) in 1895 by the Minister of Religion and Public Education. The participation of women in secondary and higher education, which at first hardly affected women en masse, became possible from the autumn of 1896.

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Humanitarian Act by Embassy of India @ Budapest – Hungary – 2021

india 75 homeless

Embassy of India at Hungary is going to do a 75 week events series with culture, art, history, academic, tourism , humanitarian act and many such important topics.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others’ with this quote by #Gandhi Ji in mind, food distribution #Prasadam #Sewa by India in Hungary (Indiai Kulturális Központ) marking #AmritMahotsav 75 years of Indian Independence, was done for homeless & needy in #Budapest marking #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav in partnership with @iskcon SRF Limited by Ambassador Kumar Tuhin & Dy Mayor Csaba Somlyody.

Upon and within the project to India@75 celebrations, the India Embassy in Hungary organized in the morning hours on August, 12. at the People’s Park in Budapest  providing food  for people from different walks of life,  The project was to support who are unable to earn their living. Free food packages & groceries were distributed to many people arriving to the venue.

Even though this was a little step for the homeless and needy people hopefully for them they can stand on their feet in the meantime.

It is to be noted that The Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is an intensive, country wide campaign which focus on citizen participation, to be converted into a ‘Janandolan’, where small changes, at the local level, will add up to significant national gains.

Here is a video that speaks more than words that is to give an insight of what had happened on that day.

Background source from Director – Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Center.

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The “St. Stephen’s Day Bread” Award Ceremony & “The Cake of Hungary”- 2021

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The press representatives, award-winning, cakes and loaves at to-day’s media gathering was held on the terrace at the Castle Garden Bazaar @ Budapest.
A lot of people are looking forward year-after-year to see what the Hungarian bakers and confectioners will present  for the public on St. Stephen Day Hungary’s national holiday. The competition to win the title of “Bread of the Country” is ongoing for 10 years.
This outstanding holiday is connected to the year’s first made wheat bread. The competition was held in 3 categories. In the traditional wheat bread the “Bread of the Country”. In the line, the concept was with the needs of the age, in the innovative and wholemeal category.
József Septe, President of the Hungarian Bakers’ Association, led the award ceremony. As he said, the professional jury judged 7-7 loaves of bread in two categories. The title of St. Stephen’s Day bread was finally given to the “Pearl of Solymár”, which was made by the Hel Bakery at the village of Solymár. The innovative bread of the year was the seeded artisanal bread of the Princely Bakery from the town Tiszakécse, aside on the banks of the River Tisza.

In the competition of cakes Sándor Fodor confectioner -the “Sunflower” won the title of “The Cake of Hungary”, which was also presented in person on the spot. The Habcsók Confectionery @ Budapest introduced the roasted sunflower seeds, vilmos pears, honey and chocolate. Krisztián Füredi won the title of Hungary’s sugar-free cake namely: “The rose of Bistrița”. He already has been involved in a row with cakes participating in the competition for ongoing three years. As he said he is experiencing there is a growing demand for sugar-free and all-free, quality cakes and pastries. The rose of Bistrița is made without added sugar, and the apricot plays the main role in it, the fruit appears in several layers and harmonizes well with the nuts as well as the dark chocolate.
“A Drop of  Attention Foundation” was also on the spot giving an opportunity for free test of blood sugar and blood pressure measurement. Due to the extremely high temperature, getting to know the sugar intake before and after tasting the cakes was a good opportunity to scale oursleves.

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15th KAFF (Animation Film Festival) @ Kecskemét – 2021.


Animation Film Festival at Kecskemét from 11 to 15 August. During the 5 days festival, the audience can watch 370 works from over 30 countries for free, which were by professional jury pre-selected 90 animations, which can be seen on the big screen in Kecskemét.

Canada is the Guest of Honor at this year’s international biennial animation film festival.

The most iconic institution in Canadian animated film is the National Film Board of Canada, or the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), under whose auspices individual animated films are still made with state support. The 15th KAFF is a five-part film compilation evoking the studio’s more than eighty-year-old history, full of prestigious accolades. We may learn what needle animation is, see classics, contemporary films, works by female directors, and a selection of works by legendary Norman McLaren.

The program of the five-day event will be enriched by professional lectures, exhibitions, book presentations, audience meetings, light painting, an animated playhouse for children and a Kaláka concert.

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