KAFF – Report on the Animated (documentary film) of Celebration of Australian Animation by Monahan, Craig – 2017 – Hungary.

Summer fun at the KAFF 2017: Animation Celebration in the City of Kecskemét – Hungary

The biggest festival of animation in Central Europe!

Hopping back in time  – Kangaroosism.

KAFF moreover was not only for the animation film’s addicted individuals, but spectators with families were also present.

Film coils rolling back in time … The Aussie artists had already made animations and cartoons as a hobby for over 50 years for domestic and as special request from the States. But before that era comic strip artist established  animation starting in 1917. Easy to see they have a hundred years of history. Even before the sound cartoons, during the silent film era was made Felix the Cat (from head to toe „dressed” in black and living in „Pussyville”) by creator Pat Sullivan – Australian cartoonist, film entrepreneur, owner of the Felix character. The cartoon was extremely popular world-wide and don’t forget  this was years before Disney films came to life, but upon arrival in the „20’s the whole style of cartoons changed.

„Art takes 2 and is the shortest distanced between 2 artist! If you got imagination then you can make cartoons. In Australia a lot of kangaroos and bats, so the basic was there… there was in those days no Book of Animation so had to make it up” said by Will Owen.

The revolution in broadcasting cartoons on TV channels all started with the jump of Freddo the Frog who became nominally the star, the scene-stealers … it is a little-known fact that Freddo Frog was the star of the first Australian television cartoon. More than 50 years ago it hopped out. At first it was broadcasted on Channel 9s long running children’s program, later debuted in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. Around 50 episodes were made and kids in those days watched Freddo’s cartoons which each lasted 5-minutes.

Australian animators have made cartoons on request for US orders. For instance … Hanna-Barbera co-operation started with the Flintstones and thereafter many other cartoons created and produced in Australia apart from the voices.

Serious time from Overseas under political pressure were the Hitler cartoons showing how to kill people without dirty your hand. Also in those days at Church in Sydney was sang „I like airplane jelly” that was pretty strange to have happened. At the cinemas films were screened: „Back to Attack, Victory of War, before and during the intermission the full-length movie was cast.

In 1954 cartoon was actually a very important part of Australia’s animation history. Animated by Eric Porter Studios for Columbia’s Color Classics, this film and 52’s was very hard to find Rabbit Stew, represented all of Australia’s theatrical cartoon shorts during the golden age of animation.

In the 50s became popular to create animation commercials as manipulation to buy certain products as: Suzy Q … Pepsodent toothpaste etc.

In the 60s the wind-swept into the „free life style” giving much more freedom to the animators. From that era „Adam and Eve” was award-winning film.  And by the ’80s became most popular to express adding emotions with animation.  Mentioning just two terrific bands, probably seen by thousand-and-thousands through TV channel: INXS  – “What you Need”and Don’t Dream It’s Over” the song by the Australian rock band Crowded House.

Summing up the brilliantly organized KAFF animation film days spent at Kecskemét – the Capital of Animation Films, can only quoted by words from Yoram Gross … “The secret to animation is imagination and within that drawing funny pictures”

Academy Award winner and nominee Australian shorts were also featured. A separate program was organized for the best female animation directors of the ’90s, and the newest Australian animated shorts, selected by Malcolm Turner – Director of Melbourne International Animation Festival.

One of the highlights at the KAFF was Australia‘s full-length animation the Grendel, Grendel, Grendel

An animated story covering the ancient legend of Beowulf, as narrated in a Monty Pythonesque way by Grendel himself, the “monster” in the legend. Director: Alex Stitt (as Alexander Stitt)… Writers: Anonymous (epic poem “Beowulf”), John Gardner (novel) … Staring: Peter Ustinov, Keith Michell, Arthur Dignam.

Animators and its lovers are more than welcomed next year around June at the KAFF Festival – Kecskemét – Hungary

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RED BULL AIR RACE is here Again – Budapest.

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July, 1 -2.2017.

So the coming week-end get ready to dive into the mood … to rise adrenaline on land, water and air.

The media presentation was held to introduce for the upcoming 11th Red Bull Air Race World series returning be held in Budapest again. Budapest’s race has reached to be well-recognized as one of the most exciting venues of the Hungarian. On one hand, Budapest is an imposing venue for the competition between inflatable gates and on the second-hand, the sights of the spectator buildings such as the Parliament and the Castle of Buda’s landscape on the Riverside of the Danube. The start off the race will ensure to be exciting as the Masters field traditionally flying over  and under the Chain Bridge will be a breathtaking experience not just the race but for spectators and for the competitors.

For locals and foreigner folks spending time in Budapest and wish to be on the spot see the spectacular event over the River Danube the best place “to anchor” is to watch the amazing aerial performance to be between Elizabeth and Margaret Bridges.

Clements Jaeger, the aviation and sports director of Red Bull Air Race, confirmed that the entire Air Race team is very fond of the Hungarian site: “It’s always great to return to this beautiful city every year, we are looking forward to this race every year. Budapest is an iconic venue for the tournament calendar, and although we are already on the eleventh time, the track always brings new challenges to the contestants and brings new excitement to the fans’ life. We are in the middle of the season and the championship is completely open – Martin Sonka and Josi Muroja are in the lead, so I think we are facing a spectacular week-end event.”

If we are talking about Red Bull Air Race in Hungary, we should mention Péter Besenyei, who also called the cradle of the sport – not accidentally he is called the Air Race’s Godfather – and who for years was a member of the field. This year we will also fly high but at the press conference it was obviously more speaking about the World Cup.  He is the only Hungarian competitor who has flown under the Chain Bridge more than a hundred time and is not just an icon in Hungary but also throughout the World of Air Races. And as he said, Q: “The most important thing for every pilot is to correctly assess the distance between the Danube and the edge of the bridge which is 8 m. It feels good to return to Budapest for the eleventh time, which he first actually started to fly  in 2003 It all started with I wanted Red Bull to be organized as a world racing tournament, but Mateschitz said we’d rather organize a race like Formula One, just in the air. I came home, began to think, I painted my various mushrooms, featuring gates and aerobatics, and I went back to Mr. Mateschitz. He liked my idea and said we should work it out. So there was a six-member team in which I was the only pilot, and in half a year the whole concept came together. We tested a lot, especially with regard to the development of gates, because it was not clear that we used air-filled balloons, water jets, laser light, or dry ice steam instead. The gates had to be visible, but they could not cause damage to the aircraft. At the end, the air-filled pylon became the first-ever, although it was the first sausage-shaped, with a thousand pounds, but the situation has improved every year, and the results of ongoing tests are the result of the current pylon. There was a test run in Zeltweg, but the first official race took place in Hungary at Tököl, so it is a good feeling that the field will return again this year.”

In addition to the world championship race, the organizers are waiting for spectators to  both sides of the River Danube with many entertaining programs this year. At the free two-day event, besides flying programs, audience can see breathtaking performances of extreme athletes. Concerts and extreme sportsmen are awaiting for everyone on Red Bull Air Race this weekend.

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The 13th Anniversary of KAFF Animated Film Festival – Kecskemét

Report on the events of KAFF – Kecskemét.

June, 21 to 25. 2017.

The multiple events at the festivals-of-festivals has brought the City of Kecskemét into the spotlight!

Over 5 intense days at Kecskemét – „Capital of KAFF” animated-film buffs have been able to savour an impressive range of animated movies boasting a high degree of variety and quality.

The 13th Anniversary of KAFF is internationally renowned event featured a range of styles, genres and techniques were testament to the vibrancy and relevance of creative animation.

Local communities and European and global onlookers filled the city with numerous viewers, animators, jury members from several countries as: Australia, Israel, China, Iran, France, Estonia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Romania.

Compared to the previous years, this year at its 13th edition had made additions to the European Animated Film Festival whereas the Hungarian animations films were introduced. The TV Film held for  the first time the 10th European animations, the TV specials and TV series  under the new name KAFF which were competed in a separate category.  The animated feature films and television specials brought from over Europe, television series participating in the competition.

During the 5 days Animation Film Festival the audience had a chance to see the production of Hungarian animation films from the last two years. These were 36 short films, 25 television series episodes, 22 student films and 33 animated animations  from nearly 400 works from 27 countries in the entire program of the festival. In addition to the festival favorites, many fairy tales and historical themes were screened.

Within a handful of events the KAFF organisers held a tribute to the memory of one of the great sons of the City of Kecskemét,  Zoltán Kodály with screening  the 1981, one and a half hour animated tale of Háry János by Zsolt Richly, which tells the story of the ancient Beowulf, citing the Monty Python movies. Zoltán Kodály’s work, who was born 135 years ago and passed away 50 years ago, certainly inspired Hungarian animation. Mostly Zsolt Richly turned to Kodály pieces and to his folk song variations. Richly created cartoon series, short and feature-length animated films and these animations blend Kodály’s music with folklorists visual stylization.

The film was screened on the main square at the open-air theater set up next to the Grand Church.

Daytime no time to layback, because the films were running one after the other  at the Hírös Agóra Cultural and Youth Center and the Otthon Cinema. In the frame of  KAFF festival, other venues had join with attractions such as, offering a visit to the Ráday Museum where the commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with cartoon films on “The life of Martin Luther”.

Then in the evening, concerts and the Kecskemét Wine Festival took the floor … meant populated the main square.

The KAFF festival showcased a mix of films and gave the audiences a complete, up-to-date snapshot of the local and international creative animation. A series of free talks and workshops were held where local filmmakers and other participating countries professionals provided those with questioning minds a chance to learn more about how and why these films get/were made.

At the 13th Kecskemét Animated Film Festival the jury of the international competition handed out its awards within a ceremony. The Best Short Film Award to the“Judges Wunder” – Kötelék, and Réka Bucsi – „LOVE” as the best in short film category. Animation of the 10th European Animated Feature Film and TV Film Festival Best Animated Animation „The Red Turtle”. The audience prize was taken home as My Life Cocktail.

Below are the further awarded animations with the animators names and prizes:

  • AWARDS OF THE 10th EUROPEAN Animated Feature Film and TV Film Festival – Best Full Feature: The Red Turtle – Director: Michael Dudok de Wit
  • The Best Television Series: A Very Long Vacation  – Director: Paul Leluc
  • Best TV Species: Rebellious Rhyme 1 . – Director: Jakob Schuh, Jaw Lachauer
  • He was awarded the National Jury Award by the Rebel Rhyme 1 .  – Director: Jakob Schuh, Jaw Lachauer, and The A Cut Off Girl / Director: Sebastien Laudenbach
  • The jury speaks two TV specials for praise: We Go to Bear Hunt – directed by Joanna Harrison) and The Reindeer – directed by Arnaud Demuynck, Nicolas Liguori).
  • In judging the television series, the jury received a film with a praise:
  • Lili welcomes guest – director: Siri Melchior.
  • AWARDS OF THE 13TH Kecskemét Animated Film Festival
  • Grand Prize for the Festival: Commitment / Director: Judit Wunder – (Kecskemét City Fee, 1.5 millionHUF)
  • Category Awards: Best Short Film: LOVE  – Director: Réka Bucsi – (The fee of the National Media and Communications Authority, 1.5 millionHUF)
  • Best TV Series: Hunor –  Director: Árpád Koós and Béla Klingl
  • (The fee of the National Media and Communications Authority, 1.5 millionHUF)
  • Best Animated Animation: Clean Heart – Director: Ertsey Áron Donát
  • (Software package worth $ 340,000)
  • Best Student Film: The 13th Princess  – Director: Russian Tina
  • Special awards
  • Best First Film: Fiasco –  Director: Szabolcs Nagy
  • Best Picture Language: Mouse –  Director: B. Ervin Nagy
  • The Best Screenplay: Kojot and the Pale Shadows  – Director: Áron Gauder
  • Best Animated Work: Mimik –  Director: Varga Petra
  • (Fee for Photograph and Film of the OCT, 500,000HUF)
  • The Best 3D Movie: Gipsy Tales – The Firefighter Snake / Director: László Balajthy (FocusFox Studio’s 300,000HUF Service)
  • The jury is commended for the harmony of text and image (director: Attila Bertóti) and the film ” Awakening “ for the personal formation of actors – Director: Fruzsina Zángó.

To be continued with:  Australia as the honorary guest – XIII. KAFF festival

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Herald News! Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess are arriving to Budapest/Hungary

PORGY AND BESS® performance at Budapest’s Open-Air Stage on the Margaret Island, the Island that is in the middle of the River Danube.

The show will be in English language with Hungarian subtitles

The performance will be on two dates.

Friday, June, 23 and Sunday, June 25. both at 8 p.m.

The 3Hs show will have 1 intermission.

“Summertime”, “I Wants to Stay Here”, “A Woman is a Sometime Thing” – well-known themes and evergreens by outstanding artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong are what this spectacular production is all about. The performance organised by the Budapest Summer Festival will be starring American star singers accompanied by a Symphony Orchestra, while a series of magnificent images will set the mood on Margaret Island Open-air Stage.

Gershwin’s thrilling jazz opera is marked by the complexion of its music and language making this unmistakably American-flavoured blend a masterpiece within its genre, as it combines elements of traditional African-American jazz, blues and Native American music. At the same time, the songs seem to be born the very moment they are performed.

The production stars two of America’s most renowned opera singers who will turn the performance on Margaret Island into an unforgettable experience. We are proud to welcome Laquita Mitchell as Bess and Kenneth Overton as Porgy as they give their debut in Hungary!

Completed by a Symphony Orchestra, plus an enormous choir and a magnificent visual world, this exhilarating show is all but limited to opera fans: Jazz lovers should get ready for an abundance of musical highlights!

PORGY AND BESS® was written by George Gershwin, DuBose, Dorothy Heyward and Ira Gershwin.

In the lead roles: Porgy: Kenneth Overton (USA), Bess: Laquita Mitchell (USA), Sportin’ Life: Robert Mack (USA), Serena: Lisa Daltirus (USA), Crown: Darren K. Stokes, Maria: Lucia Bradford, Jake: Jorell Williams, Clara: NaGuanda Nobles, Robbins: Taiwan Norris, Peter: Calvin Lee, Mingo/Crabman/Nelson: Bernard Holcomb, Frazier/Undertaker/Jim: Matthew Gamble, Lily/Strawberry Woman: Jeryl Cunningham Fleming, Detective: Gábor Bakos-Kiss.

Conductor: James Meena (USA), Producer: Teodóra Bán.

For those  folks who do not wish to miss the magnificent show, better to hurry up to purchase their tickets until they are available at the ticket offices or on the spot.

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Ari Kupsus Gallery’s  International Artists’ Camp

Invitation to the Exhibition Opening of works by the artists of the Ari Kupsus Gallery’s  International Artists’ Camp. 
 Saturday, June, 24.2017 
 4 p.m.
Venue: Amadé-Bajzáth-Pappenheim chateau in Iszkaszentgyörgy.
The Ari Kupsus Gallery has been organising International Artists’ Camps since 2010.
This year there were artists from ​India​, Egypt, Poland, Finland and Hungary. The artists have been enjoying Hungarian summer for ten days and getting the inspirations for their art works from the beautiful chateau, it’s Baroque and English gardens and the picturesque village situated next to the Bakony mountains.
The patron of the Artists’ Camp is the local government of Iszkaszentgyörgy and Mayor Attila Gáll.
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Ennio Morricone returns to Budapest – October, 18. 2017.

Even though the summertime is dazzling around in Budapest, the good news is never to early to draw attention and hit the ticket office to make sure to have your seat and spend relaxing,  miraculous evening at the Maestro’s concert.

The Italian Maestro, the composer that made a great impact on the history of film music is arriving to Budapest  to hold a monumental concert. The two-time Oscar-, Grammy and Golden Globe winner will present the very essential of his repertoire.

Ennio Morricone … “I go to Budapest with joy … these were his first words after the announcement that he is coming back to Budapest … then continued  by saying … Q.: “There are plenty of compositions that you can’t go without, the public demands them. It is important for me to preserve the magic of live music for myself …  I always try to bring a little game to the show. I never do the same thing again. The Hungarian fans can expect some surprises. I will have great artists at my side” … “This is a wonderful city with great chess players and – of course – musicians. I have great memories from Budapest. I feel blessed to do what I’m passionate about. Maybe when I get over 90 I will have less concerts but who knows?” – said Ennio Morricone.

At the concert will feature the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and the world-famous Kodály Choir.

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Budapest – 1st. World of Coffee – HUNGEXPO – 2017.

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Indeed…  true rare occasion where many people congregate to sample the world’s best coffee!

At first hand-roll through and enjoy the slide show maybe you will see yourself!

As it was indicated by the organizing committee … was expected to be at the Coffee Community in Budapest a very special event. It surely was, whereas featuring 2500 exhibitors, displaying 234 booths with a mixture from 100 worldwide producing coffee beans countries and approximately 7000 visitors/day by local and foreigners to hang around for three full days of thrilling competitions, impressive symposium, seminars, educational workshops and packed social programs filled with plenty of entertainment, excitement and fun. The interactive exhibition with over 200 of the world’s most innovative coffee industry suppliers attracted visitors.

Budapest is the first major city in Central and Eastern Europe where Europe’s most distinguished coffee event took place provided by the HUNGEXPO. The guests country was Mexico, one of the largest coffee producer in the world, that is why for many Mexico stands for „The land of Coffee”... as Italy stands for “The land of Espresso” .

The main sponsor of the event was the BWT water + more, Europe’s leading water technology business, a key player in the Hungarian water treatment.

Beside the coffee shows and exhibitions, in the five racing categories was the bartenders  fight was tight … had to pull up their sleeves and perform their best. Unfortunately, there were no Hungarian victories in the top competition, but regardless of that, everyone applause for the success of the other countries staff.  Hold on cause in 2018, Amsterdam will be the next venue for World of Coffee – a new opportunity to call for coffee lovers and not get into them mood for good coffee for those locals.

World Latte Art … Milk art is nothing more than the artistic way of producing and pouring milk foam. In this category, barista demonstrate their ability, expertise and creativity, which was limited by their imagination. In 2017 World Latte Art World Champion – Thitiprasert Arnon -Thailand.

World Coffee in Good Spirits
In this category, coffee and alcohol play the key role – innovative recipes, barista and mixer skills. The palette of works ranges from traditional Irish coffee (whiskey and coffee) to unique cocktail combinations. In 2017 World Coffee in Good Spirits World Champion – Martin Hudak – Slovakia.

World Brewers Cup  Only national winners can represent their own nation at this event. The task of the bartenders was to make coffee drinks using filter technology. At the same time, the contestants had to prepare their own coffee and the coffee designated by the organizers for each jury member. The most important points of scoring are aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance and TDS, that is, the content of the total solute. In 2017 World Brewers Cup World Champion – Chad Wang – Taiwan.

World Cup Tasters Championship … This event was about tasting coffee, it is a test of senses and knowledge. The “cuppper” does not have to recognize the origin and type of coffees, but should choose the one cup that does not have the same coffee as the other two. In the event of difficulty, competitors must have had similar characteristics, often sorted out from the same cultivated area to decide. In 2017 World Cup Tasters World Champion – Lok Chan – Hong Kong.

Cezve / Ibrik World Championship …The contestants were preparing and presenting Turkish coffee drinks for the jury. In this case, Turkish coffee refers to the way coffee is made. Cezve, Ibis is a pot that is specifically used to make a certain style of coffee in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The body of a long handle may be metal, copper or pottery.  In 2017 Cezve / Ibrik World Champion – Karthikeyan Rajendran, -United Arab Emirates.

The prizes  ceremony took place late afternoon to the “Best New Product” on the 13th June. The  recognition was  the development of new products that represent quality, value-added for specialty coffee and tea industry. From the Special Coffees Association (SCA), Ric Rhineland, CEO/Chairman and President Paul Stack, welcomed the Hungarian and international press at the exclusive Mexican tasting. Both senior executives called it a great success, one of Budapest’s premiers of the Central European capitals, the first to welcome the revitalizing Hungarian coffee culture, In view of this, the organizers have compiled a downloadable Budapest coffee map.
Ric Rhinehart, since 2007 one of the top head of the SCA, before that, for more than 25 years has held senior positions in companies engaged in tea and coffee. He has been designing, developing and manufacturing a wide range of tea and coffee products, while co-authoring the introductory book on premium teas entitled “Tea Basics” – 1998. He is a founding member of the American Premium Tea Institute, and was also a president.
President of the SCA, Paul Stack addition to professional SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association Europe) Trainer, a member for eight years in the Committee of the SCAE Education, the SCAE “Coffee Diploma System” development of key designer, lead author of the SCAE ‘Brewing’ curriculum, the SCAE ” Gold Cup Research “.

The main sponsor of the event, Europe’s No. 1 expert in water technology BWT water + more was represented by CEO Dr. Frank Neuhausen and sales manager Petró Vera BWT Hungaria Ltd. For over 18 years have had been committed to quality coffee, supporting the market with professional water optimization, specifically for coffee and other hot drinks.

The first World of Coffee in Budapest, which was regarded as a great success by organizers, exhibitors and, of course, Hungarian and international audiences as well.

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