Brazillia – National Days – Grand Market Hall – Budapest – 2016.

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2 – 4  August, 2016.

District, IX.,  1-3. Vámház Blvd. – Budapest

For those who will not make it at the Olympic Games – Rio may to stop by … still will have a chance to have a glance of the sights-and-sound  and characteristics food within the series of the National Days at the Grand Market – Budapest. This time the Hungarians and foreigners will have a kinda feeling to visit Brasilia here in Budapest –  Hungary. Fine time to buy authentic items, have a glance featuring gastronomy, guide for visiting Brasillia and cultural shows.

In between rolling along  the stalls through the brazilian delights,  locals and foreigners may become hungry for them upstairs on the 3rd floor offering plenty of splendid Hungarian gastronomy goodies. It’s a fine time to have breakfast, lunch or early supper there!

By-the-way shopping and sightseeing at the Grand Market Hall at its splendid architecture is anyway worthwhile to stroll among the stalls, taste the seasonal products, pick up  Brazillian or Hungarian a few seasonal produce or  some exotic spices .

Don’t be surprised by visiting the Grand Market Hall, that the place is pretty busy, just like in any big cities, including London, Paris or Bruxelles.

Certainly visitors can get to learn more-and-more about Brasilia for two days – Enjoy your stay!

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