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Balaton Circle Gastro Picnic @ Csopak

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The Lake Balaton Circle has been established for four years as a group of hosts who are most committed to the quality renewal of gastronomy in the region. Among the circle members there is local restaurant, confectionery, pálinka maker, wine bar and several wineries that are open all the year-round Northern Lake Balaton.  Main goal driving the members of the association lies in their co-operation and  their common thinking and a message about quality, authenticity.

Csopak’s succulent wines, award-winning wine makers have a huge wine list for wine lovers to find their favorite variety and vintage.

The Csopak picnic on Saturday, February, 23. opening at Noon.

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Géza Balla – Wine Producer of the Year 2018.

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“Good wines give spark to love, wings to thoughts, and goes well at the fireplace with friends.” these were the words at the opening by Géza Balla – Winner of Wine Producer of the Year 2018. This time was the 1st occasion that from outside of the borderline from Ménes- Magyarádi/Romania became the winner of the 28th awarded winemaker in Hungary.  The award goes to the person who produces the highest quality wine.

Zilai Zoltán – President MBA and members of the Hungarian Wine Academy (MBA) chose this year’s to be awarded among five candidates and Géza Balla (Arad Hegyalja wine region) was the winner winemaker of the year. The award is highly judged by professionals and wine makers and the person who produces the highest quality wine.

At the plaque Géza Balla winemaker of the year pulled the curtain down and standing with his name – 2018 winemaker of the year, Present were President  – Hungarian Wine Academy, Sales Director  -Levente Kiss –  Capital of Budapest Municipality and Market Directorate with press and invited guests.

At the end of the baseline level at the Central Market is the Hungaricum Street, worthwhile to visit the place.  Most probably the majority of the Hungarians are not aware of having such an interesting exhibition downstairs. And as for the foreign tourists  unless the tour guide does not take the group there, then will miss a lot in learning how many regions in this small country has fine wines … not just tasting the fine Hungarian wines but to known where they grew up).  Inside  the exhibition  hall the description are written in Hungarian and English professional.

A brief background to the Ménes-Magyarádi venue … The first written entries from the historical wine region of Ménes-Magyarád were from 1023. Ménes- Magyarádi has always been the home of the strong, fiery red wines, the goal of our winery to bring this old patina to the studded wine region. We manage 75 hectares, over 80% of which are blue grapes. Our wines are characteristic, fiery and have a special character, they can not be compared to wines from other wine regions. The history of the famous Kadary of Ménesi dates back to 300 years, from which the first red essence was first made.

According to some assumptions, Kékfrankos of Eastern origin, according to research, is from the Caspian Sea coast. Its color is ruby-red, fiery with a characteristic aroma of delicious, fruity aroma characteristic of the breed and the wine region of the Ménes wine region. The wine is pleasantly flavored with fine tannins and slightly acidic. When aged in a bottle, it retains its youthful, beautiful scent.  Wine is matured in barrique barrels for six month, later becomes full-bodied wine. Need not be afraid if finding thinner colored blue fries in the glass. The color is now only a secondary factor.

Beside  mainly red wines , which is typical on the region, dry white wines are also on harvest.

Géza Balla made his point .. “Much more important is the “length of the taste” and the “taste concentration”, which in the case of the Ménes wines are typical unique wines.

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The winter season continues rolling along the wine-growing areas of Badacsony

Lake Balaton is the largest Sweetwater and shallowest lake in Central Europe.  Approximately two-hour drive from Budapest. Balaton wine region is one of the seven larger wine regions of Hungary.

Lake Balaton besides being an attractive holiday resort, also a wine region of ten thousand hectares.  Before wine became a tourist attraction in its own right, Lake Balaton … the Hungarian Sea was the holiday location in Hungary… it serves every possible recreational for the need, sailing, bathing, horse-riding, walking, cycling, sightseeing around castles and nature reserves. Highlights offering private Wine Day Tours and Balaton Wine and Sailing Tours.

As for the latest newsflash, starting on January, 20.

Hit the road … rolling along to the Wine Routing event organized by the Badacsony Céh Tourism Association that will resume by means of an exemplary combination of wine growing, restaurants and accommodation in the wine region, where, from January, 20.  – June, 15 wine tasting and dining opportunities will be offered by other wine-growers and/or restaurants from week-to-week.

Hit the road … rolling along to Wine Routing. The Badacsony Wine Exploring Tour A Good Adventure in the Valley of the Vulcans“, organized this year for the 12th occasion. From year-to-year became more popular since from the beginning participating 10 cellars, this year 21
cellars participation have joined the program and most guests arriving to the region connecting their stay with other adventures on the spot. Badacsony and its surroundings are an attractive destination for wintering and spring.

The Badacsony Guild Association has nearly 200 members, including wine-growers, wine cellars, restaurants, entrepreneurs and other tour operators, as well as the local governments of the destination as: Badacsonytomaj, Badacsonytördemic, Szigliget, Ábrahámhegy who have realized that they can be more efficient by joining forces. The “tangible”results of more than 10 years of contemplation and collaboration include the Badacsony’s exclusive wine tasting arriving to the New York Café – Budapest on April 14. The three main wine-growing regions of the wine region, hitting the routes on the „Bortriatlon” Wine Triatlon, the playful race  featuring: the „Szürkebarát” Tour on May, 12-13, the Blooming „Kéknyelű” on June, 2-3 and the Riesling Vacations on October, 13-14. On May, 20, Pentecost Sunday awaiting the love couples to the “Rózsakő” Rosewood again for the traditional Pentecost engagement, which is an unforgettable experience not only for couples. Wine prepared named from this region may sound for foreigners like the home planets of superheroes, but that is the unique of the Hungarian language.

The most brilliant example of co-reflection and co-operation is serving the comfy way to visit by the visitors  touring by the use of  the hop-on hop-off  Badacsony Regional Bus operated by the Association, will be running again from spring, with an expanding schedule to serve guests reaching the wine cellars and so forth. The Association has been working on providing guided tours for several years, this tour starts on the 1st of April this year with a „Moonlight Tour” and a special tour for almost every week-end until December, 1.2018.

The Balaton area produces mostly crisp and aromatic white wines, though the southern shore is producing an increasing amount of reds. Badacsony is just about the only place in the country that grows „Kéknyelű”… an indigenous grape which is difficult to grow and  slightly disappeared … which is being resurrected by a few dedicated wine makers. The  wine advantures shoots off with Istvády Workshop on 6 p.m. on January, 20. (well recomended to be on the spot).

Detailed info.:

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Badacsonyi wineries arriving – New York Palace Budapest

Badacsonyi cellars hidden treasures! 

District, VII., 9-11 Erzsébet Boulevard – Budapest

Calling wine lovers to meet the cream of the Badacsony Region wineries on Wednesday, April, 5. 2017., at the one of the word’s impressive  cafe house Budapest Cafe New York. 

In recent years, the Lake Balaton Tourinform Badacsony brings to Budapest  the winemakers from Badacsony and with great success presenting their wines for the real wine lovers and this year will be the same, heartly introducing  at the same place.

Wine lovers are welcomed from 4 p.m. to join the exclusive tastings. The event close at 9 p.m.

Badacsonytomaj,  is located in the northern part of the Lake Balaton. The region’s center  received recognition and awarded as  “The International City of Grape and Wine” 30 years ago. This year this award focus on the old wines. During the event the wine makers personally offer to fill the glasses with their fresh and great wines. This is an excellent opportunity for those interested to learn more about the local producers. From the small to the largest … from the handicraft producers to large wineries will be present and everyone is welcome to participate at the wine tasting and discuss with these professionals, directly  receive answers to their questions, learn about the wines around Badacsony. The wines presented were previously pre-qualified on blind tasting in order to present the guests the best wines of the region.

As in the past years, this year masterclasses will be going to color the event with interesting topics, speakers and exciting wines! Mind you, to attend at these gatherings there are  different prices,  at 4.30 p.m. Masterclass – Ticket price: 3900HUF. and at 6.30 p.m. Masterclass – Ticket price: 2900HUF.

On site there will be only a limited number of tickets to buy for 6900HUF. Ordering tickets through registration – – unfortunately, the site only in Hungarian language … the pre-order ticket price is for 5900HUF.

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Herald News – HUNGEXPO – Viticulture and Viniculture – 2017


District, X. 10. Albertisai Road – Budapest

January, 25 – 27. – 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
January, 28.  – 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

From the vineyard plantation to the production of wine!

The only hungarian trade exhibition of technology in viticulture and winery offers yet another opportunity for introducing market operators in the sector at the end of January in 2017. Bring along your new offers and launch the new year with a number of good deals!

The associated co-exhibitions of Viticulture and Viniculture in the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center shall be the same this year as well: the most important domestically organised agrarian exhibition, AGROmashEXPO, AgrargepShow and Hungarian Garden, an event of gardening and park management.

The bunch of exhibition attracted 45.000 visitors in 2016, 11% of which was primarily interested in the Viticulture and Vineculture trade exhibition, while 18% of all visitors indicated that they are interested in vine growing and wine making.

The thematic covers the entire supply chain of wine making. Any product, technology and service associated with wines can be presented at the exhibition and from the past few years on wineries are also offered the opportunity to introduce themselves.

Distillation of Spirits – Enviroment Protection – Information Technology!

In 2017  would like to provide emphatically an opportunity to present equipment and devices used for distillation of spirits  i.e. Pálinka, complementing the topics related to wineries.
Thus reckon with the presence of all who deal with the manufacture and distribution or marketing of equipment and tools used for making Pálinka.
An additional new feature is the appearance of sector related environmental and hygienic equipment, machinery or tools, and the introduction of the more and more widely spread information technology solutions.

Daily ticket:3900HUF

Two-day ticket (for optional 2 days):5800HUF

Daily ticket – online paid, with registration:1900HUF

Two-day ticket (for optional 2 days) online paid, by registration:2250HUF

Discounted ticket (for pensioners and students):1900HUF

Discounted two-day ticket (for pensioners and students):3000HUF

Student group ticket/person (over 10 students):500HUF

The tickets are valid for all the simultaneous exhibitions AGROmashEXPO and Hungarian Garden

Entrance: Gate I., II. and III.

Source: Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center

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Liquid of Gold – Tokaj Wine – Chief Oenologist Károly Áts


The uniqueness of Tokaj is not just about the various wines, but also mentioned as the gold liquid from the  regions vineyards, but a major part to produce this gold liquid lies on the „shoulders” of the wine makers.

The Tokaj area has been producing great wine for generations, passing down its knowledge from father to son, and earning its reputation as a historical wine region.

The region is famous for the Grand Tokaj winery, and its flagship Tokaji Aszú, a classic Hungarian wine listed as a ‘Hungaricum’ in Hungary, and produced only in the best vintages.

Károly Áts – born and bred in Tokaj-Hegyalja, grapes and wine always played a part in his life through his father. His aim was to return nature’s gifts through his wines and to bring joy to wine drinkers.

In 2002, Károly Áts created Áts Cuvée, the now legendary late-harvest Tokaj sweet wine that bears his name. In 2006, American magazine Wine & Spirits awarded his 1999 Tokaji Essencia 100 points. In 2009, his 2003 Betsek Aszú wine was an absolute winner and his 2007 dry Furmint a category winner in the “Top 100 Wines” competition in the daily newspaper – Népszabadság. In 2012, he was awarded the titles “Winemaker of Wineries” and “Winemaker of the Year.” In recognition of his outstanding professional work in the service of development of the Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region, Áts received the Civil Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary in 2014. In 2013 the Tokaj wine  entered in the list of Hungarikum.

Some outstanding wines of the outstanding winemaker: Furmint – Furmint is a grape variety of Hungarian origin, one of the most distinctive and frequently occurring varieties in the Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region. Besides Furmint, Hárslevelű is the other widely occurring grape variety in Tokaj-Hegyalja, an old regional variety of probably Hungarian origin. It gained its name from the similarity of its leaves to those of the linden tree. Besides Furmint, Hárslevelű is the other widely occurring grape variety in Tokaj-Hegyalja, an old regional variety of probably Hungarian origin. It gained its name from the similarity of its leaves to those of the linden tree. Muscat Lunel grows in only a few wine regions in Hungary, but in many more places in Europe. It is known as one of the most long-established varieties. The Kabar grape variety was created by crossing Bouvier with Hárslevelű. Its vine stocks produce few shoots, while its leaves are ivy green. Its yield is lower than that of Zéta. The berries are thick-skinned, making them more resistant to rainy weather.This grape variety is linked to the name of Ferenc Király, who created it in 1951 by crossing Bouvier and Furmint. Previously known as Oremus, its name was changed to Zéta much later. Indigenous to the Black Sea region, this grape variety disappeared from vineyards following the phylloxera epidemic, and has since maintained only a modest presence in the wine region.

The Essencia, was/is the wine that was actually listed as a medicine generations ago!

Last year, at the European finals of Bocuse D’Or was introduced Károly Ats wines where the crème de la crème of gastronomy and the outstanding premium wines met.

The Tokaj region is not that far from Budapest, approx. two-and-a-half hours and several accommodation options available to roll over to Tokaj by the Hungarians and/or foreigners.

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More recent renewed SPAR Budapest


Since its founding, this year the SPAR Hungary reached its 25th  anniversary. By now has established 345 supermarkets and 32 Interspar and Spar 108 TOP Partner franchise. The expansion in the future continues to open new stores within the modernization of existing stores which is the company’s development policy priority.
“At 73. Kerepesi Road – Budapest, the SPAR supermarket is one of the most popular retail outlets in the area, and significant shopping individuals live surround the venue. Therefore, was decided to install the 21st-century in styling and high quality service in the store.”- Said Mark Maczelka brand communication manager. Continued by saying: Q.: “The 1760-square-meters store sales rooms were entirely renewed.”

The customers  awaited in passion for the new SPAR to be open.  On the day of opening the store was full by the local customers. They welcomed the newly designed delicate desks, and  the show bakery shelves. The shop equipment is designed in the new SPAR store model: at the entrance, at first sight can be recognized the goods by the installation of low shelves – so the customers can easily navigate through the store … fresh meat, wide selection of Hungarian wines, pastries, fruit and veggies can be purchased by the customers. Also a kinda home-goods can be also bought at the store. The refrigerated counter at department and uniquely refrigerated beverage also was developed in the shopping area. The shops of goods and fresh products under label of the popular SPAR own brand of high-quality can also be found beside local products and locally baked bakery products that are affordable.
The also established the SPAR to Go supermarket in developing within the store a restaurant area where locally prepared grilled dishes, fries, pizzas can be purchase.

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