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The winter season continues rolling along the wine-growing areas of Badacsony

Lake Balaton is the largest Sweetwater and shallowest lake in Central Europe.  Approximately two-hour drive from Budapest. Balaton wine region is one of the seven larger wine regions of Hungary.

Lake Balaton besides being an attractive holiday resort, also a wine region of ten thousand hectares.  Before wine became a tourist attraction in its own right, Lake Balaton … the Hungarian Sea was the holiday location in Hungary… it serves every possible recreational for the need, sailing, bathing, horse-riding, walking, cycling, sightseeing around castles and nature reserves. Highlights offering private Wine Day Tours and Balaton Wine and Sailing Tours.

As for the latest newsflash, starting on January, 20.

Hit the road … rolling along to the Wine Routing event organized by the Badacsony Céh Tourism Association that will resume by means of an exemplary combination of wine growing, restaurants and accommodation in the wine region, where, from January, 20.  – June, 15 wine tasting and dining opportunities will be offered by other wine-growers and/or restaurants from week-to-week.

Hit the road … rolling along to Wine Routing. The Badacsony Wine Exploring Tour A Good Adventure in the Valley of the Vulcans“, organized this year for the 12th occasion. From year-to-year became more popular since from the beginning participating 10 cellars, this year 21
cellars participation have joined the program and most guests arriving to the region connecting their stay with other adventures on the spot. Badacsony and its surroundings are an attractive destination for wintering and spring.

The Badacsony Guild Association has nearly 200 members, including wine-growers, wine cellars, restaurants, entrepreneurs and other tour operators, as well as the local governments of the destination as: Badacsonytomaj, Badacsonytördemic, Szigliget, Ábrahámhegy who have realized that they can be more efficient by joining forces. The “tangible”results of more than 10 years of contemplation and collaboration include the Badacsony’s exclusive wine tasting arriving to the New York Café – Budapest on April 14. The three main wine-growing regions of the wine region, hitting the routes on the „Bortriatlon” Wine Triatlon, the playful race  featuring: the „Szürkebarát” Tour on May, 12-13, the Blooming „Kéknyelű” on June, 2-3 and the Riesling Vacations on October, 13-14. On May, 20, Pentecost Sunday awaiting the love couples to the “Rózsakő” Rosewood again for the traditional Pentecost engagement, which is an unforgettable experience not only for couples. Wine prepared named from this region may sound for foreigners like the home planets of superheroes, but that is the unique of the Hungarian language.

The most brilliant example of co-reflection and co-operation is serving the comfy way to visit by the visitors  touring by the use of  the hop-on hop-off  Badacsony Regional Bus operated by the Association, will be running again from spring, with an expanding schedule to serve guests reaching the wine cellars and so forth. The Association has been working on providing guided tours for several years, this tour starts on the 1st of April this year with a „Moonlight Tour” and a special tour for almost every week-end until December, 1.2018.

The Balaton area produces mostly crisp and aromatic white wines, though the southern shore is producing an increasing amount of reds. Badacsony is just about the only place in the country that grows „Kéknyelű”… an indigenous grape which is difficult to grow and  slightly disappeared … which is being resurrected by a few dedicated wine makers. The  wine advantures shoots off with Istvády Workshop on 6 p.m. on January, 20. (well recomended to be on the spot).

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By the end of June this year, the Creative House at Szigliget and Zsennye will end the construction works and the buildings will be as good as new. The two buildings  renovation works  are co-financed by the Human Resources Department and the National Cultural Fund – NKA – The Hungarian Creative Arts Nonprofit Ltd. The aim of the reconstruction works by the state is for the purpose to achieve,  to operate with the support of contributing high-quality works, also to create the field of contemporary Hungarian art including certain forms of art related theoretical and critical creative activities, furthermore to support art in the Hungarian domestic and international awareness. The Creative House renovating cost for Szigliget is approximately four hundred million HUF. The Zennyei Creative House cost 150 million HUF – so we were told at the press invitation upon our arrival from Budapest to Szigliget by Secretary of State for Culture János Halász.  Also was said, over the Creative House at Szigliget the Emmi exercise the rights of ownership and the Hungarian Creative Arts Public Limited Company – MANK  will be operating it.

The Creative House  st Szigliget is situated in the Veszprém county and located  in the triangle of Tapolca – Keszthely – Badacsony, the upper area of Lake Balaton. The building was built-in neo-classical style in the 1700s and was owned by Géza Puttyáni. From 1916 it became the property of Count Pál Esterhazy, and to his widow  in possession until the year of 1945.  In 1952 became the property of the Literary Fund and in 1953 started to operate as a workshop.  At first, only writers and poets visited in ’68 and since the merger of the Art Fund has been visitors of fine artists, craftsmen and musicians.

Within the Hungarian MANK Philanthropic Program, there are about 4,000 artists and 20 artistic organizations directly connected. Recreational opportunities provided by the creative house can make use of those creators who individually join the Hungarian Program Philanthropic or such organisations  costing them 40% off the total price. During the high seasonJuly, 1 to August, 31 the house can only be used by artists, and even in the low season, but at the same time the house will operate as a 4stars hotel for guests during the blank periods, whereas they pay the full price. So in order to increase the revenue potential for creative utilization housing in the off-season anyone can come and stay, said Tibor Hornyak – executive director of the MANK.

More about the Creative House itself …  It will have 30 guest rooms and about 75 seats, including constituent institution opportunities for working, having a week-end relaxing holiday for couples and family as well. At the tower castle building is still going the construction works to reach its sophisticated form. The garden area is rich with nature’s gift with bedded Europe-famous botanical gardens having around 520 kind of plants on the 10-acre arboretum among the 250 years old trees. The venue has an artificial lake. Rolling through the park through the streams of statues makes the visitors to stop by, also worthwhile to enter the rose garden which is unique by itself.

Plans are out in having Summer concert events, also holding literary camps, and International Folk Architecture Conference. Arranging weddings can be an issue for the house as well. Easy way to relax here taking a view at the terrace, watching at a distance as the sun goes down at the Lake Balaton. A caffè shop will be open and invites those visitors who wish to taste pastries
preserved by the locals within their tradition ​​over many generations. Cannot be missed in having a taste of their speciality: “szigligeti lángos”“Scone from Szigliget”,  salted – plan, with or without garlic, sour cream or sprinkled with grated cheese. We tried it and it was fabulous.

Update information will be on its way upon visiting, when the final construction works end  … at the end of  June, 2014.

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