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A 100% Beatles Experience from Liverpool @ Budapest – Be a “Day Tripper” – 2019


First edition of the International Beatles fest downtown Budapest in Hungary devoted to the Fab Four!

Saturday – October, 5. Analog Music Hall – 2 p.m.  – 10 p.m.  – District, XI., 8. Kondorfa Str.

Sunday –  October 6. Hard Rock Cafe – 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. – District V., 3-5. Deák Ferenc Str.

The format of the festival is designed to create a vibrant, fun experience by offering top entertainment

Alongside THE BLAKCBIRDS, we hear the world’s premier John Lennon entertainer, as well as domestic Beatles fan stars like Petruska, Zoltán Czutor, István Mikó or drummer András Márton.

One of the world’s top 5 Beatles Tribute bands, is celebrating their 15 anniversary. THE BLACKBIRDS  band was brought under the roof by the Hungarian Beatles Museum on the Egri Road in the City of Eger. THE BLACKBIRDS was the first Hungarian band to join the Beatles Festival in Liverpool which open the gates for Hungarian bands. Since then, they’ve traveled around the world and made it to almost all Beatles festivals.

They have toured in Liverpool five times already. Now they wish the to bring the atmosphere of these festivals to the Hungarian audience, so for the time being do not have to travel to Liverpool to see a world-class Beatles festival.

Sergey Radchenko – Ukraine – He is an ambassador to the Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool, and the patron of the Beatles Weekend in Budapest. Arriving to Budapest  from Liverpool the designer for John Lennon’s iconic cap – Ms.Helen Anderson. Ms. Anderson is the creator of the iconic “Lennon cap.” She went to the Liverpool College of Art with John and Cynthia (Lennon’s first wife). Helen Anderson became a successful fashion designer in the ’60s, and John Lennon began wearing genuine leather hats she designed in 1964, among others in ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ movie. To higher lighten the program of the festival – the world number one John Lennon rapporteur from Chicago – Jay Goeppner  will join the stage with The Blackbird.

Naturally, the Hungarian Beatles celebrity fans wouldn’t  miss this chance to be present, therefore „Come Together”  with the winner of the Hungarian Beatles Talent who will also have the opportunity to perform on stage. The festival’s other big super concert namely Abbey Road 50, which will feature a concert-like presentation of this year’s 50-year-old album will be heard  by The BlackBirds with Iván Vitáris from (Iván & The Parazol). 

During the Beatles Weekend Festival having a full-day Beatles Marketplace with contemporary records, rarities. And if it weren’t enough to celebrate the Beatles – Band of the 20th Century, the shop of the Hungarian Beatles Museum – from Egri Road is coming to Budapest full of original Beatles souvenirs.  The Vintage ’52 Sound Service and VOX will be holding an exhibition with rare and new amplifiers and musical instruments.

Those who are curious of having to taste of The Beatles yummies will have a chance to taste plenty food by Sgt. Pepper’s Cafe and Bar. The place is located next to Margaret Island, at 4. Jászai Mari Square. The Hungarian Beatles fan base, opened two years ago in Budapest. Beatles songs fill the air and naturally crunchy-munchies namely taken from the Beatles tunes. Also  by  RomKafé will be offering 3 handmade limited edition Beatles hot chocolate on the first day.

Enjoy the Beatles Festival, the music, the atmosphere from the time of the British invasion. May dress in the wild fashions of the late ’60s, just as the hippies, flower power, bell-bottom jeans, headbands and granny glasses. Roll along through the Octopus’s Food Garden, and check out the activity at the other stages

Get your tickets through:

 “Come Together Right Now” … 2 days Beatles Festival @ Budapest – Hungary 2019.

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Herald News: Judafest Community Festival @ Budapest.

September, 20-22. 2019.
District V II., Klauzál Square and surrounding @ Budapest

Budapest’s District, VII., has always been what is today considered one of Europe’s must-see urban destinations with an unmatched atmosphere filled with living Jewish and multicultural tradition dated back to several hundred years.

The annual Judafest Community Festival celebrates the Fall Feasts is coming soon in September, presented by JCC Budapest — Bálint Ház celebrating the traditional Jewish Fall Feasts, Judafest Community Festival in and around Klauzál Square features revives the unique heritage of Budapest’s Old Jewish Quarter with a broad line-up of lectures and discussions, urban walking tours, cultural performances, and concerts, cultural gigs, s. Visitors also get the opportunity to explore flavorful authentic, yummy Jewish dishes and not just to look but can purchase collection of craft arts, plus children are offered several activities throughout the festival.

At the Bálint House – Hot Jazz Band & Eszter Bíró Concert – September, 22. – 8.p.m. – 9.30 p.m.
It’s a rare occasion for a Kossuth-winning Hot Jazz Band to host a singer with pleasure with Esther Bíró. Eszter is also known for her theatrical (Miss Saigon, Phantom of the Opera, Blown by the Wind, Mozart!) And film (Miracle in Krakow) and child records (Animal Music ABC 1-2, Eraser) etc

Pre-tickets at the Bálint House: 4600HUF. Pre-order tickets online:  On the day of the concert: 5000HUF.

A truly multicultural get-together, Judafest Community Festival year-by-year attracts several thousand local and foreign visitors, giving them the chance to meet up with old friends and new people. It is also a family affair and to explore places that previously haven’t had in mind.

Detailed program (Note: some programs require registration – please email by September, 20. till Noontime to register for specific programs)

See full detailed week-end’s program:

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Quick Herald News – Easy Rider – 50th year Anniversary! – Urania National Film Theater @ Budapest

Easy Rider – 50th year Anniversary!

Budapest Classic Fim Marathon – 2019

„A story of a Man looking for America and couldn’t find it anywhere„

Uránia National Film Theater –

Wednesday, September, 10.  – 9 p.m. – Ceremonial Hall

Adventure, Drama / USA, 95 min, 1969
in English with Hungarian subtitles

Screenplay by: Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper
Director of photography: Kovács László
Music by: Roger McGuinn, Steppenwolf, The Byrds
Cast: Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, Antonio Mendoza, Phil Spector, Mac Mashourian, Warren Finnerty

Through the open country and desert lands, two bikers head from L.A. to New Orleans, and along the way, meet a man who bridges a counter-culture gap they are unaware of. The drama represent the young adults what freedom means!

There are probably many who way-way back have seen this movie in the late ’60s, in those dark age in Hungary.  As time goes by and the clock’s hands fasten up, here it is to watch again the adventure drama for the good old sake for the elder folks, but the young adults may have a glance on what kind of world shown through the lens of  Dennis Hopper – director, were challenging.

The Easy Rider – 8 awards and 14 nominations. Academy Awards, USA 1970 – Oscar: Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Jack Nicholson – Best Writing, Story and Screenplay Based on Material Not Previously Published or Produced: Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Terry Southern.

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Friday on your mind … „Kapj Rá„ – „Get it” … Fish … Fish … Fish!

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Halkakas (Fish Bistro)

District, VII., 36. Dohány Street – Budapest

During the morning hours the press individuals were invited to hear about the latest campaign regarding fish consumption in Hungary – namely „Kapj Rá„ – „Get it”

Péter Ondré, Managing Director of the Agricultural Marketing Center and Ferenc Lévai, spokesman for MA-HAL, spoke at the press conference. According to the Agricultural Marketing Center, download of the application can solve different tasks, solve fish and fish related questions, find interesting information about fish, how to prepare fish dishes, and watch recipe videos, said Péter Ondré. In addition, he reported „Kapj rá” “Get it!” has developed a mobile app that users can download for free.

Ferenc Lévai, member of the Hungarian Aquaculture and Fisheries Trade Union (MA-HAL), said, „Kapj Rá” – “Get it!” primary task of the campaign is to increase domestic fish consumption. The campaign highlights the importance of a healthy lifestyle and conscious nutrition, and shows consumers that fish are lagging in the popularity race when the food industry started to market cheap molluscs and covered with breadcrumbs stuffed-processed products from chicken, pork and other meat but not fish. In addition, fish has traditionally been considered the food of the poor, and as a result prosperity has been out of the kitchen by the variety of fish dishes as well. He added that Hungarians eat 5.5-6 kilograms of fish/person/year, while the EU average is around 20 kilograms and the continental record in Portugal the folks eat 56 kilograms/year.

In the future, his goal is to invite customers at least once a week, let’s say marking it on Fridays for fish lovers to eat fish! Hopefully this campaign will go far beyond Budapest and throughout Hungary restaurants will place on their menus Fish Friday  …   „Kapj Rá ” – ” Get it!

At the Halkakas Fish Bistro you are guaranteed the fish ingredients exclusively obtained from Hungary. The bistro only use cooking fresh fish, no deep-frozen. At the end of the press conference individuals were invited onto trays filled with fish delights. The smoked carp pâté, the catfish gyros, the unmatched carp crisps and the carp tempura where all from Hungary’ rivers, ponds and lakes. We swam as fish in the water with the delightful tastes!

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“This is Africa” Community Day @ Budapest 2019.

Join the full day festival on September, 29. 2019 in Budapest between 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. at the Stefánia Palace – (Honvéd Cultural Center), District, XIV., Stefánia Street.

This is Africa Community Day has been held during every autumn in the past years.
Peek into the programs:

Instructive, interesting, entertaining, adventurous and scientific lectures. Unheard savannah tales for children, exciting exotic plays-fairs, handcrafting.

Interactive afro dance,  afro jazz, mask collection, African themed paintings exhibition, movie screening,

FREE Admission. Everyone is welcome no age limited!

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Chulent Festival  @ Budapest 2019.

images (1)

The 5th Annual Chulent Festival is soon to fill all along at District, VII. Kazinczy Street  –  Budapest.

There is no place better to have a tasty Chulent – Budapest

Sunday, August, 25.  11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Almost anyway around the world folks can find a place to eat Chulent. It is one of the most popular Jewish dishes from the ancient times.

The slow-cooked Jewish chulent can be prepared either from beans, other legumes, smoked goose breast or beef, eggs or onions.

The Jewish culinary festival will be organized in the heart of the Jewish District for the fifth time, by the Chabad Lubavitch congregation and the Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation (EMIH).

Cholent speaks everyone’s language, whether you are Hungarian or Foreigner, Jewish or gentile, young or old. The strictly kosher festival will present the Chulent  variations of several countries.

In addition to enjoy the taste of the Chulent and other emblematic Jewish foods along with colorful additional festival programs such as: live music concerts … so beside gastronomic experiences, Jewish tunes can be enjoyed thanks to the Klezmer bands playing music thoughout the day. For children theater shows awaits the little ones. For young adults, friends and families fine time to get into the mood, having a splendid day with little Israel here in Budapest.

No need for entry tickets … it is free of charge.

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Hungary’s Cake of the Year – 2019

Winner cake of 2019 - Lace of Our Lady and the Little Chesnut cake

Hungary’s cake of the year happens once a year. This year the Hungarian Confectioner Craftsmen Corporation invited entries for the Hungarian Cake of the Year contest for the 13th time and as a tradition Hungary’s  Cake of the Country as to celebrate the National Holiday at the 20th of August. Thirty-one cakes were in competition and were prepared in their creations in front of the judges, who then after rated them based on professional aspects.

The finalists, this year’s  was winner was the “Boldogasszony Csipkéje” (Lace of Our Lady) Confectionery by Norbert Tóth the pastry chef from Dunaföldvár.  The lace of Our Lady is a real raspberry delicacy. More than half a pound of fruit. It consists of soaked sponge cake, raspberry and white chocolate cream, ganache with lemon and basil and raspberry jam.

Lace of Our Lady

Hungary’s free-sugar cake was revealed to be the winner of 2019 the “Kicsi Gesztenye” (Little Chestnut) cake by pastry chef László Gyuris from Szeged. The basic flavor of the cake is the chestnut, and also pleasantly sour cranberries and hazelnut crunch.

Little Chestnut Cake - Free sugar

Get ready for the real Hungarian heavenly delicious cakes. Surely if you are visiting, staying in Hungary at the time being the mouthwatering cakes cannot be missed to try this delicacy.

Are you a real gourmet? Surely if you are in Hungary you should try this delicacy.

In earlier years, the more modern French line dominated, but now the domestic taste was the winner at the jury.

For the 4th time was organized together with Hungary’s cake of the year the competition for traditionally made sourdough bread. Only those bakers were in competion making any bread without additives agents. Apparently, on the 20th of  August  celebrating Saint Steven Day – Hungary’s King.  This year’s harvest with the new bread as well. The winner was with white bread Szerencs Tarsoly – development of Pedró Bakery – made of wheat flour, durum flour, special shape, crispy, hand-made wheat bread.


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