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The aftermath of the “Son of Saul” – Oscar Award 2016.

A press conference was held in Budapest, whereas the whole crew of the Son of Saul was present arriving back from LA. László Nemes Jeles – film director admitted: Q.: “It’s was amazing to see how happy people were to hear the film to be the Oscar winner at the press conference in Budapest.  László Nemes Jeles told he had spoke with Oscar-winning the legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg both before and after Sunday’s Oscar ceremony, telling him that Son of Saul is “an important film” which had contributed to the collective remembrance of the Holocaust. Lead actor Géza Röhrig said that even before the Oscar ceremony, he felt like he was “the Saul of 15 million Hungarian” in LA. Gábor Sipos  the producer said the film’s cast and crew were extremely touched by the huge support they received on the remembrance Sunday’s ceremony.

The Academy Award topped off a highly impressive haul of accolades for Son of Saul, which include the Golden Globe for best foreign language film, the Grand Prix along with the International Federation of Film Critics prize at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, this year’s Independent Spirit Award for Best International Film and also the critics prize at last year’s CinEast film festival in Luxembourg.

Zoltán Vági, the film’s historical consultant, said that the Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives will launch the Children of Saul program which will focus on identifying the names of the 100,000 Hungarian Jewish children exterminated at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in the early ’40s.


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Star Wars – The Force Awakens in Hungary!


A concert film you will never forget!

From the Star Wars to Schindler List – the Grand composer – John Williams gala concert throughout  the cinemas in Hungary!

Reminding  … Just a day before to the premier

„The Force Awakens in Hungary!”

The Los Angeles Philharmonic season opening concert of film music gala evenings tribute to John Williams, was known for his works such as Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back or Schindler’s List soundtrack. The evening concert film was made on December, 17. 2015., from across the country for more than twenty cinemas screened.

John Williams is one of the greatest contemporary composers, an awesome soundtrack dominant personality who made more than a million moviegoers love the sound of classical music. The typical orchestral compositions and melodies which deeply reflects to our emotions made their way to ignite feelings. His cult films have contributed to the highest top of success like: Jaws, Star Wars and Indiana Jones series, ET – The alien, Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Seven Years in Tibet, Fiddler on the Roof, Amistad, Catch me if you can! the Harry Potter films and a number of other works. During the six decades of his career encompassing more than 100 film scores composed by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and must say, almost all of his film music was coined. John Williams work has won many awards: 20 Grammys, 4 Golden Globes and 4 Emmy awards in addition winning 5 Academy Awards,  After Walt Disney marks, he personally obtained the second highest number of Oscar nominations.

His concert film will be screed national wide in 20 cinemas. from  December, 17.2015.

Trigger the awesome concert film  her’s trailer:

The troupe of Los Angeles Philharmonic led by conductor Gustavo Dudamel  in September 2014, held its season opening gala concert in September, 2014.  At this extraordinary concert the master and his works were highly recognized at the Walt Disney Concert Hall  known having excellent acoustics.

The recorded  one and a half hour concert film now-a-days is traveling around the world. In Hungary will be screened in cinemas from December, 17. by the specialized distribution of  Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

In Budapest at the Corvin, Puskin and Art cinema work as well as tat the Uránia National Film Theater and across the country  including a number of other cities as: Szeged, Debrecen, Pécs, Szombathely, Zalaegerszeg, Szolnok and Kaposvár  will also be also on screened.

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