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Herald News – György Ráth Villa Reopen @ Budapest

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District VI., 12. Városligeti alley

Open 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. except on Mondays

After more than 3 months of closure, the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts can be visited again from Friday in the György Ráth Villa in Budapest. After the end of the emergency, the exhibition halls can be reopened in Budapest as well. The permanent exhibition Our Art Nouveau, composed of outstanding pieces from the unique Art Nouveau collection of the Museum of Applied Arts, and the chamber exhibition presenting the masterpiece of Antonio Tempesta await the public in the former opening hours, except Mondays. In the museum building, we ask our visitors to maintain the recommended protection distance. Hand disinfection and wearing a face mask is optional, but recommended.

Our Art Nouveau
György Ráth Villa reopened its doors in the autumn of 2018 with our permanent exhibition Our Art Nouveau, which presents the most significant pieces of the Art Nouveau collection of the Museum of Applied Arts and makes them available to the general public during the reconstruction, at the same time , the first director of the museum. The nearly 600 works of art in the exhibition represent all branches of applied art, supplemented with paintings and interesting pieces from the collection of György Ráth. Due to its condition, several objects that have now been restored have not been exhibited so far.

Painted in a Gem – Antonio Tempesta’s Rediscovered Work (s)
The rock from the fabulous East, the lapis lazuli, is a precious gem in itself, the raw material of the painters ’admirable deep blue, ultramarine. This stone of special beauty was used as a painting base by some of the aristocratic commissioned artists of the early 17th century, Antonio Tempesta. Tempesta’s works painted on various stones are real rarities. There are only three surviving paintings of Lapis in the world – one of which is no less important than the Louvre in Paris. The work is actually two images at once: Tempesta painted a biblical scene on each side of a thin slab of stone that even allowed light to pass through. The two representations are an eye-catching interplay of nature and art. The underlying stone, which is not covered with painting everywhere, is integral to the representations with its color and pattern.

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Diplomatic Spouses Fair Budapest – 2018

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More than 50 countries represented from  respective embassies  were present to a good case at the 8th annual Diplomatic Fair hosted in the InterContinental Hotel from 10 a.m- 4 p.m. Entrance fee was 500HUF for adults.The event was organized by the Diplomatic Spouses of Budapest (DSB), where plenty of international food and drinks were served from the participating countries. Around the stalls were showcased specialties and souvenirs from around the world.

The DSB holding of this day goal was in supporting charities, with raised funds, to specific projects that benefit sick, disabled, vulnerable or disadvantaged children – such as to Pető Institute or SOFI, Special Education and Development Institute.

Visitors also enjoyed exciting entertainment which featured music and dance productions.
The DSB was not just an entertaining international day for the whole family, but to also find the time for Xmas shopping.

This year at the Diplomatic Fair at Hotel commenced an awesome and colourful participation by the Indian Embassy within two scintillating performances by Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Center.The newly assigned Ambassador H.E Kumar Tuhin  to Hungary attended the fair and was touched by the beautiful displays here in Budapest.

Last but not least, the British Ambassador to Hungary himself, a proud Scot clad in his kilt welcomed  two Scot Lads also fully dress from head-to-toe Scottish style (Scottish Kilts … one of the most recognizable symbols of Scotland and Scottish culture) and of course the bagpipe was not missed).

The main attraction so much awaited by the visitors to watch the two Scot Lads playing on bagpipe

Really Stole The Show –

Update, snaps and video by Aggie Reiter

MyBudapest Photo Project photo exhibition – 2016.

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MyBudapest Photo Project

Tuesday, August, 30. 2016.  

Exhibition opening: 6 p.m. – Entry is free of charge.

District, V., 18. Királyi Pál Street – Budapest

Budapest Bike Maffia (Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)  in cooperation with Cafe Art proudly presents the latest initiative to raise awareness on social problems. This time would like to draw attention to the problem of homelessness through art. The long-term aim of the goal is to raise awareness about the issue of homelessness, to empower people on the edge of the society and help their social reintegration.

The challenge was simple … bought 100 pieces of disposable cameras with the help of FUJIFILM, and asked homeless people to capture Budapest the way they see it. The homeless sector individual’s shooted pictures of how they see Budapest.

Budapest is one in the line inspired to this project just as … MyLondon … MySydney and now happening MyBudapest.

More than 2000 photos were taken from which the best 50 pictures were chosen by a professional jury and this makes up the collection exhibited in Budapest Pont. Based on a public vote the best 12+1 photos will be printed as a calendar – My Budapest – 2017 and the winner artists will receive 20000HUF each and participants will be supported from the income of the sold calendars as well.

The exhibition can be seen between August, 30 until September, 12. 2016.

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