Global Metallica Concert Premier @ Hungary’s Movie Theaters

Metallic movie premier - Hungary 2023

Before the world premiere of 72 Seasons,  no need to wonder … simply wander to your local movie to be present @ Metallica’s Fab concert.

On Screen For One Time Only!

The Pannónia Entertainment Ltd. will bring the worldwide cinema event to Hungary, which will be held around Metallica’s upcoming new album.  The 72 Seasons will be released to the general public on April 14, and the camp of Metallica huge fans will now have the opportunity to see … listen to the tracks in the movie theaters before the world premiere!

The roughly two-hour session will begin on Thursday, April 13  7 p.m. at selected locations throughout the country, in the original language.

The long-awaited 12th studio album in the history of the metallic icons can be heard in its entirety at the event, perhaps the closest to the concert sound with a cinema Dolby Atmos 5.1 sound system, and roughly 24 hours before the actual released.  Well, apart of the deep truth, they have five tracks which already been released as singles since the end of last November, but this is only half of the entire soundtrack, so there is still plenty more to discover.

The most die-hard fans will definitely not want to miss this. For those interested grab your ticket which are already on sale …  should hurry-up to get your seat!

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