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Maserati’s Latest Model – Most Powerful GT – 550 Horsepower – Arrived to Hungary!

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The GranTurismo Trofeo and Modena are available for the domestic public with a delivery time of up to 3-4 months – we found out and could see them on the morning press presentation terrace at the Babel Restaurant in Budapest.

At the exclusive presentation event, in addition to the GranTurismo Trofeo, which is now debuting in our country, the MC20, chosen as the most beautiful supercar of 2021 at the Paris International Automobile Festival, and a truly rare 1975 Maserati Merak, offered by the Kaáli Auto-Motor Museum, were also been on the spot. At the event, after the greeting of the managing director of Sándor Mátrabérci – Wallis Motor, Béla F. Nagy, the business manager of Maserati, presented the most important parameters of the GranTourismo and the future ideas of the Stellantis automotive concern regarding the model. The new Maserati GranTurismo is a big shot with both gasoline and electricity 550 horsepower from gasoline, or 760 horsepower from electricity can be measured at the wheels. The specialist emphasized that the new GT combines the high performance typical of sports cars with comfort suitable for long journeys, with both in the versions equipped with a powerful internal combustion engine and in the most innovative model version equipped with 100% electric solutions.

The series of sporty touring coupes began 75 years ago with the Maserati A6, whose worthy successor, the GranTurismo, was presented by the Italian luxury car brand last October. Wallis Motor, the exclusive domestic distributor of the harpoon brand, brought one of Maserati’s newest models to Hungary just a few months after the world premiere.

Wallis Motor, the exclusive domestic distributor of the Maserati brand, presented the GranTurismo, which has been renewed in-and-out. The new touring coupe is equipped with the revolutionary V6 Nettuno engine and is currently available in two versions: the 490 hp Modena and the most powerful model variation ever, the 550 hp GT Trofeo. According to the promise of Wallis Motor, Maserati’s first 100% electric model, the 760 hp GT Folgore, will soon be available in Hungary.

At the press conference, we learned that four new GranTurismos have already been sold in Hungary. Two Trofeo top models and two Modenas also with the V6, only in a weaker form and with fewer carbon fiber elements. The electric Folgore, on the other hand, cannot be ordered for the time being, even though the price has been lowered to 93.5 million HUF (calculated with 380HUF/Euro) With 760 horsepower, this is the fastest version with a top speed of 325 km/h, and it is also the most unique in terms of technology. The Maserati promises delivery of the Modena and Trofeo within 3-4 months from the order.

Regarding the Hungarian prices, delivery times and order expectations, the Hungarian distributor Wallis Motor revealed that two Modena and two Trofeo have already found owners, the former starting at a gross starting price of 74,485,0000HUF, and the latter starting at 92,833,000HUF

The new coupe is equipped with the revolutionary V6 Nettuno engine, which is available in two versions: the Modena model version is equipped with the 490 hp, 3-liter V6 Nettuno Twin Turbo; and the top version Trofeo is equipped with 550 horsepower and an 8-speed automatic transmission. These two model versions are already available to fans here, and according to Wallis Maserati’s business manager, they have already ordered several copies of them, which will soon be handed over to their new owners.

It’s no secret that Maserati started the full development program with the MC20 so that the brand could gain new momentum now independent of Ferrari, exploiting its own considerable engineering capacity as the flagship of the Stellantis group. An MC20 and a Merak were also present at the premiere in Budapest, and the sight of both of them next to the blue GranTurismo Trofeo was truly overwhelming.

Riport and snaps by Aggie Reiter