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World Sensation – Thirty Meters High Above the River Danube!


The “Átmentem” … “I Crossed” production organized by the Capital City Circus was the highlight of the opening day. The breathtaking production of László Simet Jr high up 30 meters, the audience see live from the quay between the Elizabeth and Freedom bridges. He undertook the uninsured crossing between Buda and Pest on a rope stretched over the River Danube in his hometown of Budapest. (Photos by  Ádám Urbán)

The performance is to start at 4.30 p.m. starts, but on the Belgrade quay next to the 18-19 point exit, the event begins  at  3.30 p.m. with the Danubia Orchestra’s program. The Orchesra played throughout the circus art production.  The audience not only saw high above the unbelievable production, but at the same time also to heard some of the works of the greatest Hungarian composers, such as Erkel, Kodály and Bartók.

The artist László Simet Jr., who was awarded the title of meritorious artist, testified to the miracle of human ability. What a superb production to the opening program of the 10th Theater Olympiad. undertook the uninsured crossing between Buda and Pest on a rope stretched over the Danube in his hometown of Budapest.


 Despite … come rain … come shine … upon the perfect moment László Simet Jr.  successfully achieved his mission.


László Simet Jr.  Is A Hero Not For Just One Day.

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The Metropolitan Grand Circus of Budapest rewards excellent students with free circus tickets.


The school holidays are still in full swing … schoolchildren head to the summer shows (RAIN – Rain Circus, MAGIC Show)

As a national performing arts institution, the Metropolitan Grand Circus pays special attention to the correct and effective education of school children, which is why they provide the opportunity to watch their summer shows (RAIN – Rain Circus, MAGIC Show) free of charge as part of their Excellent Student Program. Traveling circuses operating in the country have also joined the program, and MÁV-START Zrt. contributes to the trip with significant discounts.

Those elementary school students who finished the school year with excellent results have one more reason to be happy, because the Metropolitan Grand Circus is treating them to a special gift: it provides them with a free entrance ticket to one of its summer performances. The noble tradition of joyfully rewarding children has existed since 2016, this year again thousands of guardians received the Excellent Student Program coupon, which, according to the feedback, was a great success among families every year.

The proud parents can redeem the coupons in person at the ticket office of the Metropolitan Grand Circus or online they can redeem the coupons, the condition of which is to present the circus admission coupon, the student ID card and certificate of the outstanding student or a copy thereof upon entry.

It is also worth traveling to Budapest from the countryside, to see the show as MÁV-START Zrt. provides all excellent students with a 90% travel discount, and one companion can travel with a 50% ticket. To take advantage of the discount, they must show their circus admission coupons for the trip to Budapest. In order to be able to use the travel discount on the return trip, the circus tickets must be stamped at the information desk of the Metropolitan Grand Circus.

The discount is only valid for trips to Budapest, for the performance of the Metropolitan Circus valid. Coupons for the Excellent Student Program, which is considered unique worldwide, can be redeemed at the Metropolitan Grand Circus or in the program by September 18 at the latest.

Riport: Aggie Reiter

Budapest Grand Circus – 3 New Productions: RAIN – Rain Circus & Magic Show & “A 0” Show

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Press and media representatives joined the invitation by the Budapest Grand Circus to view a couple of performances from the shortly coming Rain – Rain Circus production. Welcoming the gathering Mr. Péter Fekete, Secretary of State for Culture at the Ministry of Human Resources also Director of the Budapest Grand Circus said the following: „The circus on the one hand cheers and on the other hand reflects on what happens in our everyday lives. The Rain Circus is like that, in addition to the happiness of entertainment, it reflects a desire for peace. Continued … „The Budapest Grand Circus welcomed more than a hundred Ukrainian young individuals from the Kharkiv and Kiev artist schools and provide them with accommodation, meals and internships. Artist families fleeing the war come to us every week and rest with us for a few days before moving on to Western Europe, but there are those who want to wait with us for the end of the war. The world is confused. People scolded each other more and more, opposites multiplied, neighbors fell on each other, clouds of poison, anger and hatred dripped into friendships, covering the shale gray skies. Wars broke out, shots and explosions drove families out of their homes. And then the Lord God looked down on the earth and was horrified. So he summoned the angels to fly to the four equator and to storm with their trumpets, to summon thick clouds, and to rain. A rain that washes away contradictions with its crystal droplets, dissolves bitter tears, heals wounds, clears the tempers from the souls of people, brings peace back to the created world. Rain has been a symbol of purification and rebirth – for millennia. Fertility and the cure for a land wounded by drought and a soul wounded by tempers. The rain washes away the sorrows and tragedies, and its drops bring new life: cleaner, more beautiful, more prosperous.

The Budapest Grand Circus show is about peace and peace – which has not been more relevant in recent decades than it is to-day.

Director also emphasizedOn the circus stage there is no difference whether a person’s nationality is Russia or Ukraine or Belarus or Hungarian …  artist-is-an-artist. No religion, nor color of skin, affiliation matters, the only thing that keeps them strong the togetherness their faith in circus world.”

In the new show of the Budapest Grand Circus RAIN – Rain Circus, evokes this rain. The show is a circus prayer for peace and purification, grace and forgiveness. We pray that the world will be a more beautiful and better place, and that anger and hatred will evaporate from the hearts of the people as the water drops of the spring shower rest on the leaves under the influence of the first warm rays of the sun.

Just mentioning a connection from the past to the present of the Budapest Grand Circus … In mid-January 1971, the only stone circus in Central Europe, opened its doors! And what a coincidence or not, Mr. Péter Fekete had bought a rain-maker which was in use in 1971,  a weather manipulator from the Meteorological Institute Budapest to show to the press gathering. He said in 1971 when the country had rare rainy days throughout the year this device brought rain. No worries, to-day the High-Tech at the Budapest Grand Circus the RAIN is brought by the magical technique and the rainy season comes from the fountain.The highly successful water circus show returns to the Budapest Grand Circus with new tracks! In the circus, nothing is impossible, the artists refute the laws of physics and take  audience into a magical world.

The program Rain – Rain Circus features mostly Russian, as well as Ukrainian, Belarusian and three young Hungarian artists. In the performance of the Rain Circus, the stage transforms into a fountain, a lake and a raging sea; the fountain, for example, consists of seven hundred nozzles, the pool is filled with 11,000 liters of 27 Celsius degree water.

Circus leader – József Graeser told that Pippa and Bobby, the two female clowns, are also part of the show, entertaining their audience with four puppies. Also added, the female clowns are a rarity in the world of the circus, but at the Budapest Grand Circus nothing impossible to come true. The lady clown will bring laughter all the way through the show.

„It is important for us that, in addition to providing full care, children in Kiev and Kharkiv who have fled the war be given the opportunity to continue their professional studies and practice in their productions. In addition, various recreational programs are organized” said by the leader of the circus. Continued by saying … „Almost every day many are interested in the fate of the Ukrainian artist and trainers we have. In the new performance of the production the project of the Imre Baross Artist Training Institute (BIAK) can be seen at the CircusTheatrum for 2 days: March 22 and 23 were able to witness the meeting of different branches of art. The proceeds of the piece, which was a success at the 14th Budapest International Circus Festival, will be shown by the school to help students of the Kharkiv and Kiev art schools from Ukraine. From the proceeds, they purchased props to catch up within their professional studies. The props will be handed over to them on April, 21 by Gábor Dénes Kovács, Director of BIAK.” Also on April, 21, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. BIAK and the Ukrainian artistic students will present their joint production as a press event.

The circus of art will have two coming up magical shows this summer: RAIN – “Rain Circus” and the MAGIC Show.

Also like to draw visitors attention to another near future event in coming early May … “Bring Grandma and Mom to the circus! On the first Sunday of May, the grand Circus welcome everyone to another family event where they can get a glimpse into the everyday life of a dog trainer led by Mikhail after the RAIN – Rain Circus. Eszter Petró, our animal welfare officer, is holding a training with therapeutic dogs, where spectators can try out the tricks.

Last but not least … “We have a table in between the seats with a glass of wine and champagne for those who want passion and sensuality. In addition to French and Russian-Ukrainian stars, the show will also feature Hungarian magicians” said Péter Fekete. He added, that as part of the Madách International Theater Meeting (MITEM), viewers will be able to see Five-Days-a-Week bringing matinee with a special water circus show, an exclusive show for adults on Friday and Saturday nights. 

The ancient traditions of the superb Vietnam meet the modern world and the ever-growing urbanization. Indeed a very spectacular special Vietnamese circus theater piece titled A O Show on May 5-8.  They showcase how can ancient beliefs the quiet and peace be maintained in our changing ongoing noisy surrounding world. This piece of show really cannot be missed. The audience can see it six times in the circus tent, built in the area of ​​the zoo next to the Budapest Grand Circus. This production has been planned to be brought over to Budapest for past three years. The planning now reach the coming live show. The “A O” Vietnam show has already swept through other worldwide circus such as in France,  in Los Angeles and the Sydney Opera House.

Full list of artists participating in the shows  – visit

Tickets available on the spot at the Budapest Grand Circus ticket office.

Riport and snaps Aggie Reiter