DANTE the “Supreme Poet” – 700 years anniversary to his death

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Dante’s Inferno (1911) – World’s Oldest Surviving Feature-Length Film – Alighieri L’inferno

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A special production arrives on the occasion of the man whom Italians call him “Supreme Poet”, and to his 700th anniversary to his death on Tuesday, June, 15. 2021. The contemporary performances by Marco Castelli’s The Hell in the world of jazz, eclectic music and contemporary performance. The music was composed for a 1911 silent film on a saxophone accompanied by live electronic music. Castelli’s unique music show is capable of one to fly the audience into the world of sound, which is still makes the incredible images of the recording more vivid, and which at the same time lends a surprising modernity to the to the film.

Francesco Bertolini, Giuseppe de Liguoro and Adolfo Padovan their 110 years ago silent film is the feature film of the first addition to Italian film history.

The first book of Divine Drama was only available only in damaged, mutilated or censored copiesand incomplete. Inferno has been returned to its princeps edition, to the correct succession of shots, to the fullness of its light and its colors by a long restoration work curated by the Cineteca di Bologna.

It won grate recognition and thanks to the long restoration work carried out under the auspices of the Cineteca di Bologna back to the perfect series of images found in editio princeps, the fullness of colors and lights.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the 2016 New York premier concert film screening and the coming years.  Following further presentations, the project was selected among the 2021 Dante commemorations.

Entry with membership card, mandatory registration: iicbudapest@esteri.it

AND also only with a valid security certificate, wearing a face mask in the building, hand sanitizer use is mandatory at the entrance.

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