The Metropolitan Grand Circus of Budapest rewards excellent students with free circus tickets.


The school holidays are still in full swing … schoolchildren head to the summer shows (RAIN – Rain Circus, MAGIC Show)

As a national performing arts institution, the Metropolitan Grand Circus pays special attention to the correct and effective education of school children, which is why they provide the opportunity to watch their summer shows (RAIN – Rain Circus, MAGIC Show) free of charge as part of their Excellent Student Program. Traveling circuses operating in the country have also joined the program, and MÁV-START Zrt. contributes to the trip with significant discounts.

Those elementary school students who finished the school year with excellent results have one more reason to be happy, because the Metropolitan Grand Circus is treating them to a special gift: it provides them with a free entrance ticket to one of its summer performances. The noble tradition of joyfully rewarding children has existed since 2016, this year again thousands of guardians received the Excellent Student Program coupon, which, according to the feedback, was a great success among families every year.

The proud parents can redeem the coupons in person at the ticket office of the Metropolitan Grand Circus or online they can redeem the coupons, the condition of which is to present the circus admission coupon, the student ID card and certificate of the outstanding student or a copy thereof upon entry.

It is also worth traveling to Budapest from the countryside, to see the show as MÁV-START Zrt. provides all excellent students with a 90% travel discount, and one companion can travel with a 50% ticket. To take advantage of the discount, they must show their circus admission coupons for the trip to Budapest. In order to be able to use the travel discount on the return trip, the circus tickets must be stamped at the information desk of the Metropolitan Grand Circus.

The discount is only valid for trips to Budapest, for the performance of the Metropolitan Circus valid. Coupons for the Excellent Student Program, which is considered unique worldwide, can be redeemed at the Metropolitan Grand Circus or in the program by September 18 at the latest.

Riport: Aggie Reiter

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