American gastronomy week – SZEGA Market – Budapest – 2015.

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November, 16 until November, 22. 2015.

SZEGA Market  
District, I., 121. Szilagyi Erzsebet Alley – Budapest.

In the midday hours, on November 16, 2015 at the SZEGA Market  – on the -1 level at the Budagyöngye Shopping Center  – began under the series of programs the latest national week, introducing American gastronomy. Another bridge between Hungarian and American cultures by introducing some excellent food from the United States of America. The goal is perfect to familiarise the American gastronomy diversity to the local customers.

A large variety of food as the Satori Bella Vitano Merlot cheese – Merlot wine dipped matured semi-solid greasy cheese, Echo Falls wines from California, the Platte Valley whiskey, Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauces, Fresh US beef meat, Arizona’s ice teas, Old Texas Cowboy ketchup and plenty of sweets-for-sweet lover can be purchased here at the SZEGA market, just like the Americans buy them in their hometown.

At the opening at the American week was present from Embassy of the United States Mr. Dale Wright – Commericial Counselor and within his opening words said the following: Q.: „ Thanks to the globalization, people the world over can now experience each other’s cuisine and specialty foods and as many might already know,the USA is a melting pot of people’s and cultures and consequently, our cuisine reflect that. It is difficult to say what is American cuisine, as it contains so many different elements … those from Asia, from Latin America, from African-American culture and of course influences from the continental Europe and naturally cannot forget to mention the franchises foods, as McDonald’s or KFC to satisfy the needs of busy families in a fast-placed world. Our  largest agricultural state – California – produces over 200 different crops … from citrus to artichokes  to pomegranates, many of which are exported.”

Also continued by saying: Q.: „Naturally, the wines should not be forgotten produced in the States… The California wines have deep roots connected to Hungary! Count Ágoston Haraszthy, first wrote his „Riport on grapes and wine of California” in 1858. He was elected as President of the California State Agricultural Society in  1862. He played a major in the role in popularizing the Zinfandel Wine and grape varietal. To-day the Zinfandel wine labeled: Blossom Hill can be found not far from the town of San Jose, in California. There the sun-drenched days result in super-ripe grapes for this strawberry-scented, refreshing wine. Now-a-days these wine can be purchased at many  stores in Budapest.

A person who enjoys being a gourmand will have his/her  one eye on to look and have a taste of the cheese  at the SZEGA Market The cheese made in Wisconsin namely: Sartori can be purchased from now on for a week on the spot. This took the first prize in the non-Hungarian cheeses competition at the Nation’s Cheese Fair, held during the Wine Festival at the Courtyard of the Castle of Buda –  see previous update at:

In every State one can find speciality sauces, jams, ”A”and non-”A” drinks … craft beer has become all the rage and seafood delights in all quantities. Now getting close to one of the biggest holidays in the States „Thanksgiving” – where the main star, the turkey also joins the table to be together with families and friends, and although Thanksgiving has a deep historical roots, dating back to the 1st. pilgrims, that landed on the East Coast of the New World, it has become the favorite holiday spending time together, so said the commercial counselor.

Open from Monday – Friday: 9 a.m.- 8 p.m. On Saturday: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.  Also open in the coming Advent Sundays: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. On December, 20.: 9  a.m. – 8 p.m.

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