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“One night in Szarvas!”

Water Theater evening – Bulgakov – Pontius Pilate

On the evening of August, 29., from Ukraine, the Kherson  festival’s award-winning performance Bulgakov – Pontius Pilatebased on the play – The Master and Margarita troupe arrived to the  Water Theater at Szarvas. This was the last  theater performance in the summer closing season.  Before the play awards ceremony the Ukrainian Independence Celebration took place.

Thereafter, the highlight of the night begun with Bulgakov’s work, with subtitles in English and Hungarian. Pontius Pilate was Bulgakov’s Russian-speaking award-winning plays, which was an adaptation of the novel – “The Master and Margarita”. The play was brought by the  Kherson’s – Mikula Kulis Theater – Ukraine to the audience at the Water Theater at Szarvas. The evening’s  protagonist Hasid is famous in his homeland in the film industry. He  was the  protagonist in the movie “Chernobyl”  which will be running at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Master and Margarita is not the only  showing the 20th century Russia, but also one of the vertices of the universal literature. A multi-layered creation interpreted many ways since its was released. It fulfills a  mixture of a lot  genres and styles.  Never-the-less, they form a more or less unified whole. The mysterious history shows the multi-threaded Bulgakov of acts  and the contemporary Moscow.  The play takes us back in time to Biblical Judea area, where Jesus and Pontius Pilate shows the very realistic life, everyday events through the mythical legends in time and space. Brilliant satire and philosophical works of Bulgakov from the XXth century.  The performance actually include our two thousand years. The Mikula Kulis Theater’s   Pilate and Jesus  is processing of personal history, director – Sergei Pavlo Nikolajevich. Brilliant stage venue, superb acting performances, so unique  planning.

Indeed a salute goes out to the extraordinary theatrical performance in also celebrating  the Ukraine’s Independence anniversary. After the Ukraine’s Independence celebration,  Dr. Imre Lázár – Human Resources Department – International Cultural Relations Department, Alexander Zhuravchak – Deputy Minister of Culture of Ukraine, Mykhailo Junger – Ukraine interim charge d’affaires, Vaszil Visinanyuk – honorary consul of Hungary,  Mihály Babák – Major of the City of Szarvas, László Szabó – Secretary-Hungarian Theater Company, Dr Peter Hoppál – Secretary of State for Culture – Ministry of Human Resources, Péter Fekete –  Director – Jókai Theater at Békéscsaba and Water Theater at Szarvas, Zoltán Seregi –  Manager Director at Jókai Theater at Békéscsaba, András Casztvan Director – Cervinus Teátrum  Szarvas, Dr. Gyula Fodor – Deputy Rector – II. Rákóczi Transcarpathian Hungarian College, István Balogh – Director  at Ukrainian Cultural and Information Institute, Aleksander Knyiga – Director Kkersoni Mikola Kulisa Theater (Ukraine),  Péter Cseke – Director at Katona József Theater at  Kecskemét, Ilona Darvasi – Director at Turay Ida Theater all  attended  to see the play.

The work only saw the light of day a quarter of a century after the author’s death, 1966-1967. Since then, however, among of the most widely read and analyzed literary works. Surely, one of the largest real classic creations, which have had been still ongoing, processed countless times in the theater and film industry. Was a splendid night at  Szarvas brought superb art by the Ukraine artists  by the  River of Körös at  the Water Theater.

 Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter