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Four days fiesta staring on Thursday, June, 12.until Sunday June,15. 2014.
Ticket price: 1000HUF from Thursday to Saturday 1000HUF. Sunday is free of charge!

Participated at the press call arranged at the Béke Hotel – Budapest, whereas an announcements were made by the event’s Chief organizer – Imre Bora,  Béla Prohászka the host of the culinary,  Péter Fekete – Director Jókai Theater – Békéscsaba, Zoltán Farkas President of Peaceful Assembly to spread the news to the forthcoming event to take place at Békéscsaba. The director’s opening words were the following: Q.:”Since the year 2001 the Csaba Beer Festival has become the traditional in the region of Békés ,whereas the leading Hungarian brewers represented and promoted their latest products. These beers are well-known and loved brands all over Hungary. Around thirty types of new products  will be introduced to the visitors. Internationally well-known beers will be also available on the spot … Australian, Belgium and other beers.  The audience will be entertained day-by-day with live concerts every. As it was said at the press gathering, on the opening day paratroopers from the sky will be bringing the first barrel of beer to land on the grounds at the festival. On Saturday a group of friends may gather and show their knowledge in cooking a pot of knuckle stew over an open fire.  Sunday holds the day of competition in cooking gnocchi with smoked pork knuckle.”  At the press gathering Ms  Zsófia Kisfaludy singer, actress at the Békéscsaba Theater – gave short performance from the  “Earl of Monte Cristo” Musical: www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgaIe0SB1s4

Here comes the list of programs:

Thursday, June, 12. to be open from midday:

1 p.m. NGOs knuckle stew cooking competition. 5p.m. Cooking Competition Winners Announced. 5.30 p.m. Meeting Cluj Judge, King Matthias – Jókai Theater – from Békéscsaba. 6.30 p.m. Not just feels like heaven, but comes from heaven comes from heaven … the first barrel of beer to be served by „King Matyás and Queen Beatrix” on the spot – costume show. 6.45 p.m. Official opening. 7 p.m. Strip band live in concert. 9 p.m. Edda live concert. 11 p.m. Mystery Gang live concert in the Mátyás Beer Tent. 00.30 p.m. Meet Toldi performance by a Jókai Theater – from Békéscsaba.

Friday, June,13. opening at 11a.m.:

Noontime: Körösvölgy Youth knuckle stew cooking competition Since the year 2001 the Csaba Beer Festival has become the traditional in the region of Békés ,whereas each year the leading Hungarian brewers represented and promoted their latest products. 1.30 p.m. Békéscsaba Jókai John Golden Theatre Tibor Zala: lecture by Told. 3 p.m. Carpathian Basin National Values and Hungaricums Exhibition and Fair Opening. 4p.m.Youth knuckle stew cooking competition Winners Announced .4.30 p.m. Ákos Csordas concert
5.30 p.m. Gabi Tóth concert. 6p.m. Viennese operetta gala show by the members of the Jókai Theater – from Békéscsaba held at the Mátyás Beer Tent. 6.30p.m. Magdi Rúzsa live concert 18:00 Mexico, Cameroon . 8.30 p.m. Chart – Edda musical starring Tibor Pinter. 11 p.m. Hooligans live concert. After midnight … 00.30 a.m. Laszló Tóth B. retro disco in the Mátyás Beer Tent.
Saturday, June, 14. opening at 2 p.m.

10a.m. Knuckle stew cooking competition. 10.15 a.m. Arrival of King Matthias and Queen Beatrix (costume show). 11a.m. Nótár Mary live in concert. 12.30 p.m.Viennese operetta gala held by the Jókai Theater – from Békéscsaba . 1.30 p.m. Comparison band live in concert . 3 p.m. Cooking Competition Winners Announced . 4 p.m. Gigi Radics live concert. 5.30 p.m. Monte Cristo cabaret musical gala presented by the Jókai Theater – from Békéscsaba at the Mátyás Beer Tent. 6.30 p.m.Andras Kallay Saunders live concert. 8.30 p.m. R-GO live concert. 10.30p.m.Saragossa Band live in concert. 00.30 a.m. Retro disco DJ József Kovács at the Mátyás Beer Tent.

Sunday, June,15. Openning at 9a.m. – This day is free of charge!

10a.m. Barbecue for Children – Charity knuckle stew cooking competition. 10a.m. Bóbita theater presented by the Békéscsaba Jókai Theater at the Mátyás Beer Tent.  11 a.m. Joint program for children with the Kaláka group at the Mátyás Beer Tent. 3 p.m. A large families knuckle stew cooking competition and Results. 3.30 ap.m. Songs and Dances from the Book of Jungle.
5.30 p.m. „István the King” songs and dances performed by the Jókai Theater – from Békéscsaba.  7.30 p.m. Young dancers on stage. 8.30 p.m. Television broadcasting the gala.

The cultural festival partner is Jókai Theater from Békéscsaba.

The exhibition is under the patronage of Dr. Sándor Fazekas, Minister for Rural Development

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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