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Coming up … Amazing movie for any fan of Jim Morrison/The Doors!

DOORS publicpreview

Re-discover the Myth!

Oliver Stone’s legendary biographical feature film The Doors has been digitized and refurbished and from May, 19. will be screened through domestic cinemas, distributed by Pannonia Entertainment.

Jim Morrison, one of the most sensual, most iconic front-men in all of music entertainment and certainly exciting figure in the history of rock-and-roll, explodes on the screen in this electrifying movie about a time called the sixties and a legendary outlaw who rocked america’s consciousness – forever.

This movie portrays such a vast array of his life, poetry, personality and its’ finest years! Even if you’re not entirely fixated with Morrison, the story behind the other members of The Doors takes you back in time! ‘Sex, Drugs, and Rock-N-Roll with other iconic people such as Robby Krieger, John Densmore, Ray Manzarek, Pamela Morrison, and even the fashionably unusual Andy Warhol, among others! ‘The Doors’ is an amazing movie taking the audience back-in-time when a generation started to feel the difference of their era in music. Val Kilmer is a phenomenal actor who put his all into being Jim Morrison plays an EXCELLENT performance in Oliver Stone’s – The Doors – Jim Morrison! Kilmer seems to have taken the role to another level. Perhaps, there ain’t enough of getting to know the characters in the movie. Yet to get to know the mostly bad sides of Jim Morrison is on screen.

This movie is a must-see for any fan of Morrison. Be ready for a cool concert footage which is amazingly accurate and the excellent acting performances. Great soundtrack.

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John Lennon & Yoko Ono’s “Imagine” film returns to cinema @ Budapest

Prehaps not on my own by saying John Lennon’s “Imagen” song is one of the best from the last century! Generations from B.C.  … “Before Computer” … have had probably seen over-and-over again the video „Imagen”. Now can live through the moments/ days growing up in the last century at the Puskin Movie Theater screening on December, 20. 2018. in Budapest’s. Spend time … Enjoying  83 minutes back in time! The ground breaking music film being released for a limited theatrical run.

The screenings took place globally from September 17.  No need to „Imagine” music film co-directed, co-wrote and co-starred by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The remastered frame-by-frame from the original film negative and completely remixed from the ground up from the original audio multi-tracks in stunning Dolby Atmos and 7.1 Surround Sound.

Prehaps the film has have been seen more than once,  and this time the collage of colour, sound, dream with reality stars John Lennon and Yoko Ono along with George Harrison, Fred Astaire, Jack Nicholson, Andy Warhol, Dick Cavett and so many more is a film to remember for a Lifetime!

The film will be accompanied by exclusive cinema-only bonus footage featuring John Lennon performing tracks in the studio with The Plastic Ono Band … George Harrison from The Beatles, Nicky Hopkins … The Rolling Stones, Alan White … Yes, and dear a friend Klaus Voormann.

John Lennon And Yoko Ono’s „Imagine” film was newly expanded version  that had been restored and reassembled” with an additional 15 minutes of never-before-seen footage.

Locals, Tourist, foreigner living in Budapest,. if you have one-and-a-half hour… spend some time by turning the wheel back  spending  at places and friends  on  your memory lane.


The film is brought to Hungary by Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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“Knight Move” Exhibition Sam Havadtoy – Budapest

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The exhibition will be open until September, 2. 2018.

Photographs speak louder than words… Let them tell the story of the opening “Knight Move” exhibition ceremony of Sam Havadtoy in New York at the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art – Budapest.

The official exhibition was opened by Dr. Piero Addis  –  Director of Villa Reale di Monza, Dr Julia Fabenyi – Director of the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, guided tour by superb art of arts Sam HAVADTOY and curator of the exhibition Attila NEMES – art historian were present.

Let alone cannot go by with only the pictures without not sharing some awareness-mindedness thoughts…

An artist’s namely San Havadtoy’s career can be examined from many different approaches, for example through the network of relations in which the artist first tests the waters and established his own language.

The exhibition focuses on the New York years of painter Sam Havadtoy. The ’70 digs ’80s working relationships with key artists of the city greatly influenced his art of shaping meeting Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Yoko Ono and many others.

Sam was born in London/UK and moved with his family to Budapest/Hungary in 1956. He was 4 yrs. old. In ’71 he leaves Hungary  in search of a free world. Arriving in N.Y. ’72 he started working as an interior designer and that’s when he met John Lennon and Yoko Ono whom open the door and introduced Havadtoy to leading art circles and  knit friendships. Thereon he received one commission after the other from influential artists, architects and trend-setters.

Heard from Attila Nemes about the Disney items, which are large-size original vintage Disney figures from the ’50s, which Havadtoy covered, just as the other items. Disney was an important role of the post-war America national identity. The way Havadtoy plays with these Disney figures, their appropriation the development of the items distances them from the world of cartoons and places them into a new field of interpretation. They start behaving as if they were part of the post-war American-European memory within spaces which, historically speaking, belong solely to European culture. The Mickey Mouse figures in Genoa, Naples or a Neo-Renaissance place in Budapest appear in the framework of a game involving the politics pf memory.

One of Andy Warhol’s reaction as visiting Sam was …“I only came to arrive” and surely the visitors to go to Sam Hadvatoy can also say they have come to arrive to a sophisticated awesome exhibition.

Yoko Ono once said Q.: “An artist is born. I am touched by the  magnificence of his work. He has dipped into the old Hungarian spirit and culture and created a work that is very now. It is Hungarian, very Sam Havadtoy and it’s beautiful.” To learn more about the background of the artist’s items, furthermore about the relationship between Sam and Yoko must visit the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art – Budapest before the closing date.

The exhibition items are in English and Hungarian-language with inscriptions information.

Most of Sam Havadtoy items belonging to the collection of the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art – Budapest and some to private collectors.

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Exhibition of the Decade @ MODEM Hungary

MODEM Center of Modern & Contemporary Art.

Hungary is not just about Budapest … Debrecen is awaiting art-loving visitors with top-notch fine-art exhibitions, innovative performances of related arts as well as hilarious museum-pedagogy sessions for all ages.

(Debrecen is Hungary’s second largest city after the Capital Budapest. It is the regional center of the Northern Great Plain region and the seat of Hajdú-Bihar county. It was the largest Hungarian city in the 18th century and it is one of the Hungarian people’s most important cultural centers. Debrecen was also the capital city of Hungary during the revolution in 1848–1849. During the revolution, the dethronement of the Habsburg dynasty was declared in the Reformed Great Church. The city also served as the capital of Hungary by the end of the World War II in 1944–1945. It is home of the University of Debrecen.)

An outstanding exhibition of sophisticated impressions – from Monet to Van Gogh, from Matisse to Warhol has opened at MODEM – Debrecen.

The paintings viewable until September, 23. 2018.,  they arrived from Johannesburg Art Gallery – South-Africa, and there are Monet, Van Gogh, Cézanne, Matisse, Modigliani, Picasso, Andy Warhol and Lichtenstein paintings and drawings among them.

The exhibition  presents more than a century of art, showing the most prominent creators of the era from Pre-Raphaelite artists to Post-Impressionists, from Monet to Van Gogh, from Matisse to Andy Warhol.

The collection is worth more than 10 billion HUF. The curators of Impressions – from Monet to Van Gogh, from Matisse to Warhol are Simona Bartolena and  Szabolcs Süli-Zakar.

Further information to the MODEM: 

Source: debreceninap

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Rolling along Ludwig Goes Pop + The East Side Story … A Pop Art journey at the Ludwig Museum

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A journey at the Ludwig Museum  into the world  of … Ludwig Goes Pop + The East Side Story

Sunday, January, 3. 2016.

Excellently designed with superb taste introducing the ’60s and 70’s worldwide pop art talents works!

To-day,  the audience arriving to the exhibition were able to participate on a pop art  tour guided by the curator Katalin Timár. These were her words in the brief …  Quote:  “The art collection brought together by Peter and Irene Ludwig is the foundation of all Ludwig Museums. Perhaps the most well-known and famous part of this collection is the body of artworks that represents the period of Pop Art. It is unique in the sense that in addition to the iconic works of the most well-known Pop artists (Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, etc.), it comprises pieces by less famous ones (Allan D’Arcangelo, Richard Lindner, etc.), along with artworks by the European representatives of this tendency (Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton, David Hockney, Mimmo Rotella). The collection of the Ludwig Museums alone is abundant for creating a survey exhibition of international Pop Art.

The allure of Pop Art lies in the fact – made evident by this exhibition – that succeeding the abstract tendencies, which had kept a considerable distance from the audience, it reintroduced a kind of figurative representation into the contemporary art of the time, which, owing to its everyday references, was familiar and seemingly easy to interpret for the public.  At the same time, paradoxically, these works provide a critique of consumer society by translating the mechanism of daily consumption into art, offering the artworks (i.e. consumer products) to the spectators. This is also true of representations that already criticize a specific subject, such as the Vietnam war, the representational modes in mass media.

The exhibition is partly realized as a collaboration of the Ludwig Museums; prior to the Budapest show, it was on display at the Ludwig Museums of Cologne and then Vienna. In the Budapest version, the exhibition is complemented with works by Hungarian and East-European artists (Ilona Keserü, Gyula Konkoly, László Lakner, Siskov Ludmil, Zsuzsa Szenes, Boris Bućan, Vera Fischer, Tomislav Gotovac, Dušan Otašević, Sanja Iveković, Běla Kolářová, Jana Želibská, Natalia LL, Stano Filko, Julius Koller, Marko Pogačnik, etc.). On the one hand, these pieces are based on the use of everyday objects in the period, and on the other hand, they provide a line-up of local cultural references. Indirectly, the exhibition also explores how the notions of “Western” art history can be interpreted in a context where the social and cultural conditions for the emergence of this tendency were fundamentally different from the original scenes where Pop Art had been created.

Beside many others the collaborating partners: The Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, The Museum Ludwig, Cologne, The Kunstmuseum Basel – Museum für Gegenwartskunst.

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