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Safe place to visit in-and-around the City of Miskolc

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According to the up-to-date news from Miskolc Tourist Ltd. from January, 15. –  February, 1. 2021., there will certainly be considered restrictive in tourism measures that for the time being make most tourist attractions inaccessible. However, there are many opportunities for those wishing to move out from the closed door in this COVID situation, where safe conditions may in full compliance with the rules enjoy the sights-and-sounds of the winter surroundings, and gain experiences of the mother nature sleeping.

Arriving to the City, recommend head to the Tourist Information Office and pick up your interactive map that will be handy through rolling around  plenty of  offering sites, also adding the history of a venue.  Worth to explore its surroundings even this week-end and/or the coming week-end ahead.

Just a couple of handy tips to visit whilst being at the area Miskolc:

Lillafüred forest small train, Lillafüredi Trout farm, 200-year-old Újmassa precocious building, Bánkuti Ski Center, Petőfi lookout tower, Szentléleki Monastery ruin, Palace hotel, Szinva stream waterfall,
Maple Hill – Oxygen walking path, Our Lady of Pauline Monastery stones, Diósgyőr Castle, Fairy Garden leisure park.

In advance here’s a mood doer to enjoy your visit @ Miskolc in English Language:

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Adding Tips & Hints to Festive Duck Leg – Seasoning, Baking, Confidental, Extras

Continuing an additional miracle in roasting duck leg which is crumbly that it melts in your mouths

One of my favorite dishes for the upcoming holidays is the duck steak, quite precisely the roast duck leg, which has red-crispy skin, but its flesh is so crumbly that it melts in our mouths. To achieve this perfect texture, it doesn’t take much to be aware of all the ins and outs of roasting duck meat with the a little trick. Here are a couple to keep in mind what are these!

Never miss the seasoning of thighs in the first step … need big-grain salt and freshly crushed pepper, nothing else. Mix the two together and rub the duck leg around it thoroughly everywhere, thoroughly. May even do this the night before and let the thighs stand in the fridge until baking.

The most common mistake most people make while roasting duck legs is to fry the meat at a high temperature for less time than necessary. In this case, it will not be crumbly inside, but hard, chewy.

We can act in three ways … Bake high to lower! Place the meat in the baking dish so that the thighs do not touch each other, and then add the garlic and onion cut into larger pieces. Some folks even add bay leaves and others thyme or rosemary to the meat.

If it is made for 3-4 people, then having 4 duck legs, pour at least 3 deci of water under them. First bake at a very high temperature (220-240) for 15 mins, then lower the temperature to 150 degrees and bake for at least 1.5-2 hours. The thighs are good if the flesh is crumbly and soft on the inside, but it is already crispy on the outside and the fat has escaped from it.

It’s an old procedure with a very urising and trendy sound that can scare many away, as long as it’s what makes duck meat (not just) really crumbly, buttery and juicy. The essence of confit is to roast the duck in plenty of fat for a long … very long time at a low temperature. The fat used in the confit essentially protects the duck from drying out, but if wish to save time, the end result will be tough again.

Before placing it in the baking sheet, fry the thighs, starting with the skin, in a frying pan, at a high temperature. They can then go to the baking sheet and pour the previously melted fat over it. Choose a baking sheet that is large enough so that the meats don’t touch each other and the fat completely covers them! Roast the duck legs at 100-120 C degrees for at least 4 hours. If lower the temperature, need to increase the baking time. When done, remove it out of the fat. Can also toast the skin on a baking sheet, but can even toast the top in another dish in the oven.

If the duck is older, the frying time may increase further. So be sure to test it before taking it out of the oven. Insert a meat needle or fork into the thickest part of the thigh. If it easily penetrates it, it’s done.

Extras: An additional miracle of roasting duck leg is duck fat, which have already written about being one of the healthiest animal fats and the other being a crumb fired from sliced ​​skinned duck skin.

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Holiday Duck Trousers with Red Wine Symptoms – Ünnepi Kacsacomb Vörösboros Meggyel

Receipt – Preparation time: 90 min … For 6 persons

Ingredients: for the duck: 6 fattened duck legs, large grain salt, pepper, 2 teaspoons brown sugar, 1 head onion, 10 cloves garlic, 2 tbsp fresh ginger or, 1 teaspoon ground ginger, 3 squeezed oranges or 3 dl orange juice, 1 branch rosemary, 1 nutmeg flower, 2 nutmeg flowers, 2 nuts.
For cherries: 1 bottle of pitted cherries compote or 40 dkg frozen cherries, 1 pinch of salt

Cooking: The duck legs are cleaned, shaped, then rubbed with salt, pepper, brown sugar and left to stand until the other ingredients are prepared.
Peel the onion, garlic and ginger and cut into rustic pieces. Squeeze the orange juice into a deep baking sheet, then place the duck legs on top and arrange the onions, ginger, and rosemary around it. The fat is analyzed on a crab, then the baking sheet is covered with aluminum foil and we bake it slowly, at 90 degrees for 8 hours or even overnight, and we confit it in a technical language. When the time is up, we take the duck legs out of the fat with a shovel spoon, on a baking sheet that we want to bake and let it cool down. We can even put it in the fridge and only finish it fresh in the next 1-2 days.

When the time comes to eat, take the baking tray out of the fridge and simply put it in the oven at 200 C degrees and bake it crispy, then eat it fresh!

For the Holiday Duck Trousers with Red Wine Symptoms – Ünnepi Kacsacomb Vörösboros Meggyel, the canned sour cherries are filtered or the frozen sour cherries are thawed and then inspected one by one to remove the seeds. Boil the cherries with salt, pepper and red wine. The starch is mixed with a little water and quickly added to the sauces to thicken it.

When done, remove from the heat and butter and stir in the honey. It can be consumed immediately or reheate.

To be continued with Tips and Hints

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5 Weeks – 5 Blockbusters & Pathbreaking Films of India on Channel 6 Hungarian TV

The film festivals have become very popular in today’s world. Imagine, if you had to go to someplace to get a taste of the finest of world movies and you are surrounded by breath-taking and chewing viewers to watch would be less enjoyable. 

The Indian Embassy contacted the board of the TV Channel 6 to request in hosting the Bollywood blockbusters instead at the annual screened venue the Pushkin cinema because of the epidemic, and as a result of successful negotiation fans of Indian films may watch artist, award-winning, regional films and enjoy the colorful Indian culture and themes in their comfy seat/sofa at home.

This year will be one-of-a-kind broadcasting through the “Hatoscsatorna” – Hungarian TV Channel 6  –  India Film Week during the next 5 weeks.

The virtual opening ceremony was held by the Ambassador of India to Hungary.

The five films are being telecast on the digital platform on the Hatoscsatorna TV – TV channel 6 from December, 7  until January, every Monday at 8 p.m.  Also through telecast at the Szeged TV every Wednesday at 9.30 p.m.

The screenings will be in original language, with Hungarian subtitles.

Here’s a peck into the selected IFF Trailers:

Saaho film-

Indu Sarkar

Thinking of Him-

The Silence-


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44th Travel Fair – May, 6-9. 2021 @ Budapest

A lot of water will be flowing down the River of Danube in the region of Hungary and of course also at many other rivers around the World, yet with hope next year’s Travel Fair in Budapest will receive the traveling folks and welcomed by the Hungexpo Ltd. at its venue again.

Upon information of Hungexpo Ltd., to its exhibitors and visitors that due to the provisions related to the pandemic situation caused by the COVID-19 virus, the date of Hungary’s tourism fair – travel fair dates will be changed to

Travel Fair  – May, 6 – 9 2021 – Hungexpo – Budapest

The 2021’s Travel Fair will play a key role in relaunching tourism, revitalizing the industry, developing new business relations and promoting destinations. As Hungary’s  main and largest tourism fair. Travel strives for the success of the industry and aims to safely meet exhibitor and visitor demands at the highest possible level.

Travel Fair jointly with the Caravan Salon was a meeting place for the professionals and annual celebration for travelers in 2020, for whom the most important thing was to establish personal contact with exhibitors, learn about domestic and foreign offers, and find discounted offers.

Travel Fair venue has been also the home in 2020 by returning of the 9th Africa Expo Budapest, which is still the first and only, exclusive, four-day international thematic forum focusing on Africa.

Due to the changed date of the exhibition, Budapest Boat Show and Caravan Salon will await the visitors

  March, 18 -21. 2021.

The largest professional event of the tourism sector in Hungary for decades, which will be organizing for the 44th time. The Hungexpo Ltd., should wish to inform their partners, the exhibitors and visitors that at the event will be able to meet and do business in Hungexpo’s renewed pavilions in 2021.

A Little Throwback to this year’s Travel Fair …

The 43rd Travel Fair and the concurrently hosted 29th Budapest Boat Show were concluded with a modest level of interest compared to the events of the recent years. The global coronavirus situation and the accompanying media coverage had an impact on the exhibition, which was nevertheless attended by tens of thousands of people at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center, where over 250 exhibitors from 40 countries presented their destinations, services and products.

“Due to the coronavirus, the directory of Hungexpo and the exhibition organizers continuously conferred with the exhibitors and authorities and finally decided on hosting the event, explained Gábor Ganczer – CEO of Hungexpo Zrt. at the opening ceremony. A range of precautionary measures were introduced for the safety of visitors, which allowed hosting Hungary’s primary tourism exhibition.

Gergely Karácsony – Mayor of Budapest  highlighted that Q.: “Travelling is the best investment as it enriches everyone and travelling opens us up to the world and offers many opportunities for learning.” Also said Budapest is both the home of the local citizens and the country’s capital city and it’s important to find a balance between these two qualities.  In many cities, the appearance of masses of travellers has become intolerable for the residents, which must be managed. The competition is intensifying in the tourism market and quality can represent a competitive advantage, added the mayor.

Gábor Minczér – Mayor of the city of Eger – the exhibition’s domestic guest of honour – explained how the settlement plays a definitive role in Hungarian tourism. Its rate of visitors has continuously grown over the last five years, with a 71% increase in guest night compared to 2013, approaching the ideal level of 700 thousand nights in 2019. Last year, the Heves County seat was voted the Tourist Settlement of the Year in the competition announced by the number one domestic accommodation booking website.

Massimo Rustico – Ambassador of Italy to Budapest was thankful that his country was chosen this year as the exhibition’s foreign guest of honour. He expressed his regret over the way the coronavirus has overshadowed the wonderful image of the Italy. The ambassador explained how the country is actively fighting against the spread of the disease and was hopeful that international cooperation and science will help to rapidly overcome the crisis. Italy is one of the oldest of destinations with an increasing number of visitors – last year, over 90 million tourists generated a revenue of over 40 billion euros in the country.

Péter Princzinger – President of the Hungarian Tourism Association Foundation dubbed the event the “fundamental institution” of the tourism profession.”

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Mario Biondi the Italian Barry White “müpa-home” Concert – Budapest

The Italian Barry White – that pretty much sums up everything about the Sicilian-born Mario Bondi.

Hopefully with this video recording will make your evening at home more pleasant and enriching with uplifting moments.

With his sensually crooning voice, he is an extremely popular interpreter of soul and R&B tunes. Born Mario Ranno, the singer probably had his fate set out for him in advance, as his father, Stefano Biondi, was himself a hit factory, while other family members – his grandmother as a singer and his great-grandfather as a painter – also enjoyed widespread acclaim in the arts. Mario launched his professional career as a teenager: he was all of 17 years old when he took the stage alongside Ray Charles, with the cream of the crop of Italian vocalists also taking up inviting him to their recording sessions and concerts. He would not deny that Isaac Hayes, Luther Vandross and Donnie Hathaway all had a major influence on the development of his own style. He exploded onto the international music scene and public consciousness in 2004 with his first real hit: This Is What You Are. This number, which he recorded with the High Five Quintet, climbed to the top of numerous charts, inspired numerous remixes and was performed at the Sanremo Music Festival. But Biondi still would not end up sticking with this style, instead going on to experiment with other musical directions ranging from jazz and funk to pop and Brazilian sounds. His popularity has continued unabated into the current decade. Outstanding proof of this fact is his 2013 album Sun, which features such guest artists as Leon Ware, Chaka Khan, Al Jarreau and James Taylor. Never waiting for the wave of success to subside, Biondi instead rode it and came out with Mario Christmas, a CD of holiday tunes that kept him in the spotlight. He performs his songs in impeccable English. Although it is rare for him to sing in his mother tongue, at the Bridging Europe festival he delivered a few songs in Italian.

This recording was made at a concert held at Müpa Budapest on September, 27. 2019.

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Hungarian Home Made Appertizer – Chicken Liver Cream – Pâté


Wish to have something less artificial tasting … try Chicken Liver Cream – Pâté and serve with thinly sliced brown bread, rye crisp,  crackers,  garlic toast or chips.

Spreads are in great fashion … creamy pâtés are suitable for cold dishes,  appetizers, but a pâté sandwich is also a perfect solution for breakfast or dinner.

An excellent appetizer recipe is so easy and quick to make.

Recipe for 16 servings – Preparation time: cca 20-30 mins.

Ingrediens: ½ cup unsalted butter, 1 onion soup cube, ¼ cup white wine, 50 dkg chicken livers, rinsed and trimmed, 10 dkg. cream cheese, ¼ cup water, fresh garlic crushed or garlic powder to taste.

In a skillet, melt butter over medium heat. Mix in soup mix and white wine. Arrange chicken livers in pan, and cook until browned and cooked though. Add cream cheese and water; process until smooth. Add chicken livers, and process until smooth. May season to taste with onion and/or garlic powder, Chilly for taste.

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#3 Some Hungarian Appetizers – Potato salad with onion & vinegar – Hagymás-ecetes krumplisaláta

Potato salad with onion and vinegar – Hagymás-ecetes krumpli saláta



Potato salad with vinegar & onions goes well with meat, fish, by scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Served for 2-4 persons, preparing time: 40 mins + cooling time

Recipe: Ingredients: 1 kg of smaller-grained potatoes, 3 heads of medium size red onion, 7 tps of 20% vinegar to taste, 6 tsp sugar to taste, 2 liters of cold water, a pinch of salt, a pinch of ground pepper.

Cooking: There can be choosed serving cold or warm. Boil the potatoes in their peel and then peel off the peel as soon as it has cooled. May cook the night before … but you can also cook them on the day of consumption … cook in lightly salted water, whole. Potatoes can also be cut into cubes are easy to slice (be careful they don’t fall apart) or may also be cut into cubes. Clean the red onion and sliced it thinly add a sprinkle of salt.

If cooked a day before then peel them and the same procedure as above. Prepare the juice of the potato salad. To the cold water can be added to the vinegar and the sugar and salt to taste. Mix well so that all the ingredients dissolve in the water. Peel the red onion, cut it in half, and then slice it into very thin slices so that it is not unpleasant to crack the thick onion in the pickles. Place the onion on the potatoes, sprinkle a breath of ground pepper on it, and then twist it very carefully so that the potato slices don’t fall apart. Add as much red onion as for the taste that suits. Some like it with alot a red onion, some don’t cause of its strong spice taste.

(Anyway … a little lexicon won’t be spicey … 1. onions are an excellent and inexpensive source of vitamins C, B6, B9, B1 and B2, and also contain minerals such as calcium and iron. … 2. A flavonoid called quercetin in onions is a powerful antioxidant that has been proven to prevent cancer. … 3. Onions also contain chromium and allyl propyl disulfide, which help control blood sugar levels.)

May place the prepaired  potatoe salad in the fridge to have it cooled down. Place a lid to cover so no onion odor won’t fill the air inside. Also may place it to cold place to mix the flavors! If time allows let it stand for half-a-day, so that the flavors permeate the potato slices inside as well.

Potato salad with vinegar & onion goes by itself,  but also garnish for lunchy or supper.

Naturally it can even be served warm and cold, especially as a side dish, with slice carp, or fried perch or grilled white fish and/or with fried chicken breast, along with meatballs as well and it’s very delicious. As a tradition theHungarians serve it along with fish during Xmas.

Once have tasted it … gonna love it!

Bon apetit! – Jó Étvágyat!

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Ronnie Wood – “Somebody Up There Likes Me” – Portrait film @ Hungarian Cinemas

Ronnie Wood – “Somebody Up There Likes Me” – original title  … on the Hungarian cinema poster the film title has a slight different: “Isten Tenyerén”“In the palm of God”

 October, 22. 2020. – Countrywide!

Mike Figgis  – musical documentary, which sets an intimate portrait film about the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood as a musician, artist.

The 82-minute film will be screened in the original language, with Hungarian subtitles.

The rocker, 72, had admitted that he “never got beyond 29” in his head and that he feels ‘cheated’ over life going so quickly. In the documentary Ronnie also discussed beating lung cancer in 2017 after 54 years of smoking 25 to 30 and claimed there were cigarettes days and made it to “get out of jail free card”!

The portrait features new interviews with Wood’s bandmates Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts. It documents Ronnie’s rock and roll life from joining the music scene in the 1960s to working with the Jeff Beck Group, Faces and finally The Rolling Stones.

Ronnie the eternal survivor, will hit theaters across the country from Oct. 22. 2020. From the humble beginnings of a career as a leading musician in North London in the 1970s  as inspired by his older siblings to become a rock musician.  the film reaches the culmination of his fifty-year career working with greats in rock history such as The Birds. Jeff Beck, The New Barbarians, Rod Stewart, The Faces and of course The Rolling Stones.

Ronnie Wood will be all the way guiding the viewers through sincere confessions throughout his life story, his career in music and painting, also speaking to friends and colleagues such as Damian Hirst, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Imelda May, Rod Stewart.

The film can be seen in nearly twenty cinemas nationwide, in Budapest at the Pushkin, Toldi, Művész cinemas, Urania and Art + Cinema, as well as in several other locations, including Szeged, Debrecen, Szombathely and Miskolc.

Please bring a mask for the screening.

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“Balloon” –  Pema Tseden – Tibet –  Documentary coming to Hungary

Capture Life in Modern Tibet.

Director: Pema Tseden – Writer: Pema Tseden – Stars: Sonam Wangmo, Jinpa, Yangshik Tso.

Tibetan film “Balloon” will be screened for the first time in Hungary. Before the premiere will be screened at the Apollo cinema @ Pécs October, 15. 2020. Nationalwide premieres is to be in November, 12 .2020.

The “Ballon” film already earned 13 wins & 20 nominations.  Pema Tseden films also have been recognized internationally, but most notably for garnering top honors in China including a Golden Rooster Best Directorial Debut Award (for The Silent Holy Stones) and a Shanghai International Film Festival Jury Grand Prix (The Search).

Pema Tseden is the first director in China ever to film movies entirely in the Tibetan language. Also first-ever film made in Tibet to have been shot entirely with a Tibetan crew. The movie speaking in Mandarin language (due to the last-minute unavailability of an Amdo Tibetan translator), but in the Hungarian cinemas will be Hungarian subtitles.

On one level, the film reflects a search for Tibet’s disappearing culture.  It is a dilemma between the soul and  reality. The trick with the  “Balloon” film is that, like all the things that come from strongly traditional culture. Tibet has always been mythologized and worshipped, and People’s psychological expectations, experiences of Tibet are stuck in the past and it has to be taken as it is. The films focus on the basic condition of people in Tibet, as well as their basic emotional life. The film is quite impressive due to beautiful locations like wide open spaces and mountain landscapes, but also thanks to Lu Songye’s sure-handed camerawork.

The director Pema Tseden once said that Tibet has always been mythologized and worshipped, and made more remote. People’s psychological expectations and experiences of Tibet are stuck in the past. They don’t understand the new Tibet.

Perma Tseden – director and author – has received numerous literary awards and his works have been translated into English, French, German, Japanese and Czech.

Journey Through New Tibet – in a nutshell: A family struggles against the conflicting dictates of nature, spirituality, politics, and free will. Synopsis … Dargye and his wife, Drolkar, are involved in animal husbandry in a hidden corner of Tibet. Of their three boys, only one is a schoolboy, the other two are helped by their grandfather. However, a small misunderstanding will break the harmony of the family and they will face awkward complications. For the young couple must you decide: to continue their lives according to Buddhist teachings or the values dictated by modern society?

This is a sensitive issue, since the exiled Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama, has accused China of “cultural genocide” since it occupied Tibet in 1951.  “The Search” – Pema Tseden’s latest film, won the Grand Jury Prize at Shanghai‘s recent International Film Festival and is slated to be shown at the upcoming Locarno film festival in Switzerland.

The film has an open ending … A  bit exotic and hard to follow for those not quite acquainted with the traditions … anyway worthwhile not to miss this movie.  

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