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42nd World Chess Olympiad – Baku – Azerbaijan – 2016


September, 1. – 14. 2016.

 Fortunately, the Olympic heat is still ON!

 September won’t be left without any Olympics battles, cause on the 1st of September starts the

Chess Olympiad 2016 in Baku!

The countdown timer of the 42nd World Chess Olympiad has been launched and so hold on, there is left for the start 18 days to the prestigious event. The official opening ceremony will be held  on the 1st of September at the National Gymnastic Arena – Baku. The games will be played at the Baku Crystal Hall.

The prestigious sporting event, to be held in Azerbaijan for the first time. A regular FIDE congress will also be arranged in Baku within the days of the Olympiad.

The Hungarian men’s national team is for the time being is at the training camp for two weeks before heading to the Baku, the venue of Olympic. Two years ago, the team won a silver medal in Tromsø, Norway.  One of the biggest change for the Judit Polgar – the Chess Oscar-winning international chess grandmaster, Olympic champion of all time best female chess players  will not be playing, but stand as the Hungarian men’s team coach!

The traveling Men’s Team members are: Richárd Rapport, Zoltan Almási and Ferenc Berkes, Csaba Balogh, Gledura Benjamin. Captain: Judit Polgár. 

The Women’s Team: Hoang Thanh Trang, Ticia Gara, Gara Anita Vajda Lázárné Sidonia, Petra Papp. Captain: Gábor Papp.

Update Aggie Reiter

Judit Polgár … the New Captian – The queen of chess who checkmated the male chauvinist.

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Judit Polgár – the greatest woman chess player in history … retired after almost 25 years …  the women’s world No 1 chess player.

Tamás Seszták – President of Hungarian Chess Federation announced officially at the latest press conference, that an unanimously vote took place to fulfill the new post as to be captain and without no doubt the baton was handed over to Judit Polgár, the most successful female chess player of all time.

Last year retired the 64-year-old Tamás Horváth, the captain of the National Chess Association together with secretary – Péter Lékó also initiated, supported Judit’s appointment.

Tamás Horváth  also said, he is deeply proud to have spent over the years being the captain and having „THE ONE JUDIT” and is absolutely sure and relaxed that she will bring not only “One Judit” to the grand chess table but many more with her decades of sophisticated skills and experiences.

Judit Polgár admitted she took it kinda strange when last Fall heard whilst staying with a group of friends for the first time the idea as she should be the new captain.

The new captain indicated she is aware that chess is basically an individual sport, but deeply believe in the training camp with its unique atmosphere where the players spend more time together having technical discussions and could contribute to a good team appearances. Also said, that as a child she became acquainted with chess Olympics atmosphere, so she knows exactly what may be the difficulties and complications to be faced and will be beside to support the new chess generation as much as she can and said: Q.: „I always say that women should have the self-confidence that they are as good as male players, but only if they are willing to work and take it seriously as much as male players. I know how stretched and tight of the field, but I feel in favors the Hungarian team recently introduced a rule that you have to win every game, which means per round is necessary to obtain at least two-and-a-half points”.

Tamás Horváth pointed out the best timing for the change is now, cause Judit Polgár will be able in leading the chess tournament before next year’s Olympics. This will be at the coming up European Championship to take place at Iceland in Reykjavik between November, 12-22.2015.

At the press announcement, Zoltán Almási gave to the new  captain „She is my Boss”  T-shirt and added with a smile on his face … he hopes he will get extra free days in the future. Also said he has been already jointly working together with Judit  over the  past years.

Judit  Polgár’s path to be a chess Grandmaster was not really excepted by the male chess players.  At the beginning  was not excepted playing a game together with Garry Kasparov, Boris Spassky and even Magnus Carlsen , but after all was universally considered the strongest woman chess player and became the youngest person to reach he standard required called the chess Grandmaster.

She was number 1 woman player in the world for an unbroken period of over 26 years starting from just stepping into her teenager years in 1989 when she burst into the world’s top 100. She retired from competitive chess in August 2014., at the age 38.

Judit Polgar two-time, in 1988 and in 1990 stood on top of the stand at the Chess Olympics. Won the women’s national team in 2002 and in 2014 joining at the men’s national runner-up.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter