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“PARDES” – National Dance Theater – Budapest


Last night was present at the National Theater at a full house presentation. No wonder many awaited to see the Pardes by Noa Wertheim, artistic director and co-founder of Vertigo Dance Company performance here in Budapest. I spent a pleasant evening at a stunning … breath-taking production and during their performance I melted into the world of the Vertigo Dance Company. Absolutely amazing performance by 8 artistic dancers: Etai Peri, Sian Olles, Daniel Costa, Eden Ben Shimol, Yarden Oz, Micah Aimos, Ilan Golubovich, Ruth Ben David.

The music of PARDES was composed by internationally renowned percussionist Itamar Doari. The sound material was woven into the process of creating the choreography, the music was created and recorded in real time in the studio – which offered the ensemble a brilliant opportunity to work with one of the most important and outstanding percussion artists in Israel and the world.

The dance’s language took the audience into the work of art in which the body connects with the spiritual layers of the interior. The interior of each person/dancer as it was woven into a common tapestry. The company has received more than a dozen awards  Worldwide since their establishment.

In Jewish mysticism, PARDES stands for the initials of four Hebrew words that refer to approaches to the interpretation of religious texts: Pshat (literal meaning); Remez (target meaning); Drash (interpretive meaning) and Sod (secret meaning).

The performance was presented as part of the 10th Theater Olympiad. 

Riport by Aggie Reiter


The10th International Theater Olympiad & National Dance Festival @ Budapest 2023.

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