The10th International Theater Olympiad & National Dance Festival @ Budapest 2023.

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Further information connected to the 10th International Theater Olympiad  and National Dance Theater dancing stars from the 1st. of April until the 6th of May … 70 locations, 550 performances, 200 companies will take the stage in Budapest and around major cities around Hungary.

Previously to the press announcement a special choreography of young artist Zsófia Safranka-Peti … recognized both at home and abroad, awarded with numerous awards … showed a part of her dance to be seen on the 30th of April at the Olympiad. She is a dancer, teacher, university student, started with classical ballet, then found her place in contemporary dance through various fashion dances. During her career, she studied many choreographies. In her presentation, she introduces the memory of our muscles based on her own experiences, combining the science of psychology and anatomy.

Péter Ertl – Director National Dance Theater opened the press meeting to the media representatives on the spot and right-a-way expressed his joy that this year welcoming  2 dance ensembles from abroad will add color to the festival series of events. This year’s festival opening by Aterballetto on the 27th of April. 2023. Aterballetto, founded more than 45 years ago, is one of Italy’s leading dance ensembles. Their repertoire includes works by well-known choreographers such as William Forsythe, Johan Inger and Jirí Kylián. The ensemble comes to Budapest with a performance called YELED/SHOOT ME which is a creation by Tortelli based on the English rock band spiritual music of Jim Morrison. The music and dance are combined and create a piece without a story.  Incidentally, the production was presented in April – 2022 at the ensemble’s main quarter, in the city of Reggio Emilia, and a year later now is coming on the 27th  and 28th of April, to debut in Budapest at the National Dance Theater. This work is a co-operation together within Theater Olympiad and the Italian Cultural Institute. 

The work YELED by the israeli choreographer Eyal Dadon will be seen in the interpretation of sixteen dancers of Aterballetto. The play’s title in Hebrew YELED means CHILD , explores the loss of ancient innocence. In the second half of the performance, entitled SHOOT ME the choreography of the Italian Diego Tortelli  show the music and dance in coming together in an imaginative and emotional piece.

The 1st. and 2nd. May, one of Israel’s best-known dance ensembles, the Vertigo Dance Company, will be on stage in Budapest. The ensemble founders: Noa Wertheimand Adi Shaal in 1992. The dance ensembles aim was of supporting important social issues, also social change through art. Noa Wertheim “PARDES”  in Hebrew basically means FRUIT GROVE, but in Israel mentioned as the Garden of Eden. The play was brought to life by the confinement caused by the pandemic. The music played at the performance was composed by Itamar Doari – an internationally renowned percussionist. Guarantee a/m  two exciting performances surely will touch the hearts to the lovers of dance theaters performances. I would recommend these two dances for those who wish not miss an awesome evening to get their seats before they are reserved.

Of course, the Theater Olympiad without the excellence of the Hungarian Dance Life is unimaginable by the  Association of Hungarian Dance Artists and the National Dance Theater. Those choreographers whom won the best creator of the season award and the entire profession will be celebrated at the last day’s Gala. Awards will be also given to the graduating students, beginners and already recognized performers, dance teachers, and renowned artists.

It was also announced that on the 3rd of May, the PR-Evolution Dance Company will present with Mihály Vörösmarty’s well-known dramatic poem, Csongor and Tündé. It is a sensitive and humorous choreography said by Zsófia Nemes.

Next day on the 4th of May,  the Nomad Generation Society presents themselves at the festival with a unique stage adaptation, based on one of Mozart’s best-known operas. The  creator-performer Péter Novák spoke  about the performance presenting the well-known archetypes of Mozart’s opera.  In a nutshell so he said …The story is about the loss of ideal love and friendship. Its characters experience episodes of the disintegration of a former family idyll (Sarastro-Queen of the Night-Pamina), overwhelming love (Pamina-Tamino), deepening friendship (Tamino-Papageno), natural joy of life (Papageno-Papagena), frustrated aggression (Monostratos) in the bittersweet scenes of a wedding, where they face the challenges of the three tests of their future – fulfilment, alienation, separation. At the same time, it is a novelty in the genre of dramatic folk dance that dance, music, singing, text and shadow play can appear as equal instruments, just like on opera stages. The folklore orchester accompaniment extended with a string quartet, the folk song lyrics and the texts drawn from the style of Mihály Vitéz Csokonai, the most original poet of the Hungarian Enlightenment. The unique visuals of the shadow play technique provide a special background to the contemporary implementation to the Magic Flute  poetry of Mihály Vitéz Csokonai, with a shadow play and a folk band accompanied by a string quartet.

It was also announced at the press conference that János Feledi – Feledi Project‘s performance creates a special atmosphere, which is based on Prosper Merimée‘s short story Carmen. The production Car(wo)men,  includes classical and contemporary elements, which comes to life on stage in the interpretation of five female performers.

The closing day to festival is crowned by the Contemporary Ballet of Szeged with its latest play Lear. The tragic Shakespearean classic is staged by the ensemble’s artistic director Kossuth Prize winner Tamás Juronics.

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