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Here’s an invitation for the States of Art Gyms


September, 25. 2011.


Budapest, District 1. – 20-22 Fény street

Wake-up and be there first at the open gates at 8.15 a.m.


I would like to add my personal thought:  Fitness for the body is as important as  feeding ourselves, because how can a person pull on their skate shoes and go, if they ain’t fit enough.

Attended yesterday at the Fitness – Lifestlye press conference held for the media, members of written and electronic press, whereas sportsmen and sportladies, multiplied body builder champions, well know sportsmen, celebrities  had attended to express their own experiences and thoughts of importance of to-day’s rush and to take the time to care about their health no matter of age nor their weight.

Mr. Csaba Bara,  Marketing Director opened and pointed out that during the past years the number of wellness hours has became the most active hours and have had increased a lot at many institutions.

This year they have invited Mr. Robert Steinbacher, who received the title of the best presenter of the year in the US. He created the BodyArt  training system. Who is also the founder of this huge movement. Also created  a “mind center” whereas, thousands of instructors and bodyworkers are educated worldwide.

Mr. Csaba Bara, Marketing Director introduced some background figures of this year’s Fitbalance to be hold at the Millenáris Park. “There will be platforms of 7 workout stages with 100 workout programs  and  55 Hungarian and 4 international presenters. This Fitbalance Expo is for all age. Beside the mass sports there will also be space for the racing sports.”

Talked about future plans: “As for the plans for the future we will be holding a Children Word Championship  in 2012 at Budapest. Early in October the Hungarian “bodies” are off to Spain to participate at several contest. There will be 27 categories at the International Federation of Body Building (IABB). The IABB doesn’t have the level of high training schools, even though the pretence is highly needed, therefore it is a challenge and  a project to be  fulfilled to develop this need in the future.”

Here are some coming up activities: Zumba, House dance, Kngoo, R’nB moves, Capoiera, Afro-mania, Spinning, Lyengar Yoga, Body art, African dance, Iron box, Kangoo, Jazz Adagio, BodyArt pure, BodyArt Dynamic, BodyArt all rotation and hip opening, BodyArt basic new structure, (New!) BodyArt deep  work,  Pilates, BodyArt stretch, Strength and streach,  Step and turn,Hourse step, Step oxy, Step surprise, Step basic, Asimetric step, Step challenge .

This year there will be 70 programs and a number of 40 national and international performer and presenters who surely will bring the eyes to attention for the  audience.

There will be also additional programmes: the Biopont Lifestyle Expo, Phoenix med health screenings, offering a choice of around 20 types of free screening; demonstrations of the latest exercise equipment and types of fitness training. As well as throughout the day, the necessary equipments will be out on display.

Updates a snaps by Aggie Reiter

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  1. Posted by Susy on 24/09/2011 at 16:06

    This article is so devine thanks for letting your readers know about the great opt.’s at Budapest 😉

  2. Hi Suzy, tks for dropping by and sharing ya very kind thoughts. Hope ya Fitness is also number 1 or close to it in ya days. Take care and regards, Aggie

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