24th Titanic International Film Festival – extra screening – RAW!

The 24th Titanic International film festival came to an end, but and yet the Urania cinema will have an extra screening in view of the huge interest on April, 20 at 8.30 p.m. screening the French arthouse horror on “GRAVE – RAW” (2016), which won the FIPRESCI Prize at last year’s Toronto Film Festival and Cannes. Be aware cause it cuts like knife throughout the 99 minutes and people in the audience fainted.

The young and talented film director first, Julia Ducournau beaten the French major port, disturbing film veterinarian Justine’s family and all vegetarian. He also enroll in veterinary school, which is unknown, relentless and dangerously seductive world accepts. During the first weeks of initiation ceremonies out of the desire to refuse inclusion of family law, and eating raw meat. Unexpected and faces horrible consequences when he awakens dormant, true self so far. While there is no doubt the film abounds with naturalistic sections, and recommended only for strong nerves behind the horror optional accessories unfolds growing up.

The film is only recommended for individuals over 18 years

The film was supported by the UIP Duna Film and the Urania National Film Theater.

The original language film, screened in Hungarian and English subtitles

RAW – tickets are available at the Urania Cinema – Budapest

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 District VIII. 21, Rákóczi Rd. Budapest
+36 1 486 3400
Tickets are available on the spot.

Now, at age 75, Dustin Hoffman has  a new added “director” to his resume. His first debut as a directorial with the „QUARTET” is just about to come to our doorstep in  Hungary. After the premier in Great Britain, in the United States of America,  Australia and New Zealand here in Budapest can enjoy the Quartet movie.  Bet Dustin Hoffman enjoyed  every single minute of shooting the film.  Now it’s up to you  to have a carefree time at the Uránia Cinema.

… Now on Thursday, January, 24. the Uránia Cinema address: District , Rákóczi Rd. Budapest will hold its premier.

The movie will be visible with  subtitled  and also come out with synchronous version by the ADS Service Ltd.

In a nutshell … Following the ordinary life at Beecham  retired home, the everyday life comes are over when beside the peaceful tenor, alt and bass  opera singers,  suddenly realize a soprano has moved in the house.

Grievances and affection, sympathy, and defiance alliances are concluded. Onwards and upwards are to arrive on the scene  with the lifelong friends  Billy Connolly, as Wilf and Tom Courtenay, as Reggie, together with Pauline Collins, as Cissy, when Jean Horton, as Maggie Smith arrives and moves into the Beecham House. She is Reggie’s ex-wife. She becomes the fourth and the Quartet is completed. From then-on the plans for this year’s concert start to unravel. As old grudges threaten to undermine past glories and theatrical temperaments play havoc with the rehearsal schedule, it becomes apparent that having four of the finest singers in English operatic history under one roof offers no guarantee that the show will go on. BUT … YES the show goes on as a joyous and entertaining film is about to fulfill. Redefining old age and growing old with hope, life and the human spirit dimmed even as the brightest stars start to fade.

Don’t expect to see a boring movie… not at all, especially in the winter season of foggy, hail, snowy, the bruuhaa weather. This movie will take you out of your everyday’s normal  life. Will warm up each-and-every soul at the movie… why(?) cause there are plenty of laughter to come, getting hot-and-cold, giving and taking, all well-known in our everyday lives.

Excellent choice of actors by Dusty Hoffman, such as … Six-time „Oscar” nominee and two-time winner Maggie Smith (The Harry Potter seriesDownton Abbey, Gosford Park). The Double „Oscar” nominee and BAFTA winner Tom Courtenay (The Dresser, Doctor Zhivago, Billy Liar). BAFTA nominee Billy Connolly (Mrs. Brown). The „Oscar” nominee and BAFTA winner Pauline Collins (Shirley Valentine). The ” Oliver” Award-winning Sheridan Smith (Legally Blonde, The Musical), last but not least the four-time BAFTA winner Michael Gambon (the Harry Potter series, Gosford Park).

Dustin Hoffman once said, the best directors comes from being former actors. 

(May I add here …yes…  through the past decades of  movies we have seen some superb actors with awesome director skills.)

Dustin Hoffman believes in the actors, as he  once said, “Let them fail, try over-and-over again and all at the end will be perfect. The directors spend quite some time on creating the scene, take, sound spotting, finding the right ankle for the shot, where the placement of the lights should be etc. and when the director feels he/she got what it takes, calls the actors from the waiting room to do their first shot perfectly.  If, the first shot immediately does not come to the need of the director he/she becomes impatient.” These experiences led Hoffman to build a production  from his own acting experiences and  indeed,  holds all it needs to have a grand success.

First-time director Dustin Hoffman is one of the world’s most celebrated actors. He has received seven „Oscar” nominations, winning two Best Actor Awards, for Rain Man and Kramer vs. Kramer, and ten BAFTA nominations as Best Actor, winning four awards, including Best Actor for both Tootsie and Midnight Cowboy. The above list of the films Hoffmann played reflects of  a marvelous talented actor and the most promising newcomer on the scenes since in 1969.

Sir Ronald Harwood CBE is equally celebrated as author, playwright and screenwriter, with three „Oscar” nominations, winning the Best Adapted Screenplay for: The Pianist, and four BAFTA nominations, winning the Best Adapted Screenplay for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly in the year 2008.

The Quartet movie is based on Sir Ronald Harwood’s, stage play of the same title.

Also Sir Harwood’s play, the Quartet, is on the playlist, in Hungarian language with the title: „The Big Four” at the Downtown Theater „Belvárosi Színház”. Furthermore, two more presentations, bonded to the name of Dustin Hoffman is the Rainman and the Kramer kontra Kramer also at the Downtown Theater on their repertoire. Address: District VII. 3/a Károly Blvd. Budapest.

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