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This is what happens when three Hungarian young lads dream come true …  Green Island construction!

The press conference was held on the “Rubin” named small ship, this morning, then after we docked over to the Tanker Port – Floating PlatformGreen Island which is at a standstill in front of the Technical University along the Bank of the River Danube.

The Tanker Port Environment Technology and Innovation Ltd. was established in 2010 to give solutions to the ignored problem of environment pollution caused by the passenger and cargo ships along the River Danube. Currently these problems haven’t had been solved in the management at any European countries Therefore, it was tough mission, but worthwhile to have the service available here in the Capital of Hungary.

The primary task of the service unit is to supply fuel for the water vessels. Secondary and expected task is to supply drinking water for the ships and to take over their normally generated volumes of wastewater, spent oil, solid waste, containing oil, bilge water and kitchen waste for further treatment and disposal in accordance with the most stringent environmental regulations. This complex and integrated service makes it different among all existing fuel pump stations and exceeds even the current expectations.

Tamás Szentes – the capital’s deputy mayor said that implementing the Green Island project the company received the award Brand Budapest. The problem led to a solution we see to-day, that the Capital could no longer deal with and the primary function of it is from now on to serve ships arriving in Budapest.

During the presentation the supplied services were mention by Pál Hoffman – executive director of the Port Tanker Environmental Technology and Innovation Ltd, saying: Quote: “The Tanker Port is a transfer facility, approximately the cost of 2 million euros – 600 million HUF. Main mission is to supply fuel for big vessels … diesel bunker fuel, 1000 liters/min., and also smaller ships. Sale of engine oil. Sale of hydraulic oil. Supply of drinking water. Takeover of wastewater, disposal of bilge water from the engine area, kitchen wastewater as the used frying oil, water polluted with chemicals and spent oil”. This complex integrated service is available for the first time in Budapest and Europe from April of this year.”

Professor Gyula Záray – Director of the Eötvös Loránd University, Environmental Science Research Center highlighted the importance of implementation of the project which is environmentally highly significant by keeping in mind it will reduce loads of pollution here at the port at the River Danube.

There are dozens of reason of why to be in use of the Tanker Port, but here wish to mention four significant ones …  the prices are affordable, keeping protection of the green environment, the staff and the service is fast and punctual and most of all needn’t have to float down the river to reach these four service at different port areas, all can be fulfilled at one port. Furthermore, the unique idea inherent within the project was to produces electric energy from the aforementioned “GREEN” activities, without destroying  the nature.

The project consists of a tank vessel commissioning  … provide the same services … complete within the complex as Environment and Supply Center.


Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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