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To-day a press call was held by the Hungarian Olympic Committee, Hungarian Student Sports Federation and the Hungarian Quality Product Awarded Poli-Farbe Paint Factory at the bank of the River Danube on the Columbus Ship.

The theme of the press conference was “Our School’s Champion”.

This time, three school’s gymnasium out of ten were selected and the renovations were under the program so-called “Our School’s Champion.”  Some of them had only scratches of paint on the walls and indeed time the gym halls having a fine facelift, since they were last painted approximately 30 years ago.

Becze Szabó Secretary-General Hungarian Olympic Committee announced, Quote: “The Hungarian Olympic Committee had the pleasure to participate in this huge project of “Our School’s Champion”. The renovation was in the initiative framework of the sports promotion program between the Hungarian Student Sports Federation and the Hungarian Olympic Committee professionals and supervision support. We welcome any project, which is conducive to the Hungarian sport in the long-term to remain competitive and it is great honor to have our Gold supporter the Poli-Farbe Paint Factory with who by hand-in-hand made our big step forward”. Having said that, we were told these institutions from the reopening the season of the school year, three schools – elementary and high school’s gymnasium’s  will bear the names of those sporty champions who studied at these institutions. At Szombathely Krisztián Pars – Olympic champion athlete, at Ujpest/BudapestRudolf Dombi – Olympic champion kayaker and at TatabányaÉva Csernoviczki – Olympic bronze medalist judokas.

At the official gymnasium handover ceremony was told to the pupil … “Without successful recruitment  there is no successful competitive sport.”  Only those  kids with outstanding abilities will be champions, just like Éva Csernoviczki, Rudolf Dombi or speaking about Krisztian Pars. Associated with them, without exception can say that not only as an athlete, but also as a private person the three of them are true role models.  Most probably meeting these superb sporty olympic athletics at the ceremony, seeing them in person could have already been a the trigger for some kids … already planted in their mind “I have a dream” …  and will work hard for their dream to come true in having their first steps  to successes in these renewed, modernize  gymnasiums thanks to the collaboration of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and the  Poli-Farbe Paint Factory.

President Gábor Balogh, initiated the program at the Hungarian Student Sports Federation. He expressed his pleasure in connection with the plans turning into reality: Quote: “The Hungarian Student Sports Federation mission was and still is to give the opportunity to exercise for every child, to have a healthy life and have a growing up healthy generations. It is important to have the daily physical education, provide the opportunity to move around every day … and who knows what tomorrow may bring? Maybe several schools throughout the country will have the new generation champions named at the gym halls.”

Antal Szabó –  Executive Director – Poli Farbe Paint Factory told us: Quote: “Right now there are two things that warm our hearts with joy, the renovation of the gym halls with our the high-quality products and the company’s recognition received to-day receiving the Hungarian Quality Product Award Competition Award Economy. Right to say that Poli-Farbe is an active member of the Olympic Movement and active member in the creative team.”

The Poli-Farbe paint factory since 2013, the gold sponsor of the Hungarian Olympic Committee. Due to the paint factory charitable programs, hundreds of large family homes, multi-environment health, social, educational and cultural institutions become more livable. In addition, a dedicated supporter of physical and mental development of young people contributing to the creation of an active sports life,  included initiatives that would boost living standards ahead of the national sport.

It was also announced to-day, that Danuta Kozak – Olympic champion Kayaker will be the representative of the Poli-Farbe Paint Factory charity programs and aswell representing the mutual values.

The press conference ended with a wonderful lunch together with the invited representatives and the press individuals.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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