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First around the World – 100 guitarists on stage – Palladio Orchestra – Hungary

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One of a kind production by the Palladio Orchestra!

Not only in Europe,  but anywhere around the world would impress the audiences!

Usually, an event that has already taken place ain’t heralding news, but there is always an exceptions, as looking back to a performance which most probably would be admired by many around the world is useful to mention.

Over ten thousand people came to witness to-day’s biggest Hungarian musical production … Talking about none other than the Palladio Orchestra who for the first time held a magnificent concert at the Papp Laszlo Sports Arena at Budapest.

Definitely, was a huge success for the Orchestra at their first appearance, and influence the audience watching, strumming across the strings, hearing 100 guitarists .  The Palladio Orchestra did not only gave a virtuoso performances, but their talent was recognized by the audience huge applause at each of their presentations. Within the Palladio Orchestra 43 Hungarian and 60 guitar players from the Kiev’s ochestra participated same time. Altogether 10 soloists, 90 rhythm guitarists, two singers and one DJ. During entertained the audience

The show was superb with the catchy songs as the strings brought the accords of Beethoven Pharrell Williams, Queen, best-known movie soundtracks. At the arena the special musical world came alive with rarely seen accompanied high-quality visuals. The precision design highlighted the evening.

Pre to each music the projector was driven back in time, introduced  the year of origins  and singers. For many an awesome way to stroll back in time  to the History in Music. Was much surprise to see some of the so thought original songs were from the early years of the 20th century.

Around two years ago idea to put together a huge group of guitarist. At the time being was a distinguished thought.

Reality from fantasy came alive and  during the last days of 2016 the Palladio Orchestra did it and entertained locals and foreigners in Hungary and hopefully the audience a broad in other cities in Europe will enjoy  the Palladio spreading their awesome show.

A taste of Palladio Orchestra:

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José Cura – Andrea Mahó duett concert – Budapest, Hungary


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 Papp László Sports Arena –  Budapest

7.30 p.m.  – February, 21. 2015.

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José Cura  … kept as the 4th tenor … visited Budapest attending at a private press conference on Monday, February,9. together with Andrea Mahó before giving their joint concert.

Found out that the so-called „pop-music” concert will be heard for the first time in Hungary. The Argentine star tenor with Andrea Mahó concert will take place at the Papp László Sports Arena in Budapest, where the fantastic musical background will be supported by the Hungarian Studio Orchester. Also was announced, the concert will be highlighted with the presence of 60 member of the Hungarian  children choir. An addition to José Cura and Andrea Mahó, Zoltán Miller will  also perform at the concert.

Cura was a bit confused by giving the title of this concert as „crossover”, as he said Q.:”It is meaningless, cause there is only good and bad music the rest os snobbery.  Some operas specifically reminds the audience of pop music melodies and it good the way it is. Of course there are other operas with heavier music and for some folks it is boring”

For Cura,  who have had abroad already several times similar concerts  said Q.: „Having these „lighter concerts” , it is a kinda relaxing, breathing “fresh air” in between the dramatic roles on the opera stages”

Noted that he has been continuously visiting Hungary for over 15 years.  It is like coming home … during these year tied friendships with members of the opera house and with many musicians. He said after the request to give a concert in Budapest he was told this would be a joint performance with Andrea Mahó who he previously have not known, but when he listened to her recordings … immediately said Yes!

He added, Andrea has a special voice and stage presence. She has an outstanding sound range that not many singers have. There are a lot of singers in the pop world, but many genre do not stand up to scrutiny.

Mahó Andrea said: Q.: „My long time awaited dream is now to come true, I appreciates the art of Cura. The concert program is built bringing  are own ideas of which songs we would like to be included. Naturally, those songs counted that are close to both of us. So the evening will be fulfilled with well-known pop hits, musicals duets … worldwide known popular hits from the Beatles, musical tunes from the West Side Story will hopefully tingle the ears of the audience.”

My personal question to José Cura was  Q.: „Your life is filled with so many outstanding professions as: opera singer, composer, conductor, actor and teacher, photographer, businessman, black belt in Kung-fu, a body builder … have you any dream you haven’t achieved yet in your professional life?”  The answer was short and very simple. A.: “I have reach in my professional life the top. I am very family oriented person and I am awaiting for my personal dream to come true, which is for my children to bring some grandchildren into my life.”

Another Q. ” What do you  think about easy or not, singing pop and musical songs instead of opera? José Cura A.: “It takes more concentration and is a challenge to make sure that the songs  from the pop music or musical will not switch over singing them like being a classic opera.”

Once José Cura said … “I pray to God to bring peace to those artistic souls who listen to my music” Well the audience will have the chance to feel his mission.

Purchasing ticket on the spot or through internet.

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 Music for the ears is like water for the thirst, everyone needs it!

November, 8. 2014. –  Papp Laszló Sports Arena – Budapest

Venue:  District XI., 2. Stefánia Road – Budapest

7.30 p.m.

Over the past decade a number of new Hungarian musical was born, and even TV talent show was organized whereas  a search for  the main cast to the famous Hungarian rock opera also  took place. In addition, the series presented led in Budapest theaters of European musical success.  The  birth of Hungarian musical film “Made in the Hungaria” also proved the popularity of musicals here in Hungary. The musical conquests was, is and will be around the world. Almost no one who does not know the theme song for the legendary musical Evita – Do not Cry For Me Argentina – Madonna song, or have not heard of  ABBA’s  –Mamma Mia” . The musical is now an indispensable part of the theaters in London and New York’s attractiveness also play a big role. The London and New York, the success of the pieces will be more and more stage musicals in Hungary, even the western performances certainly superior for spectacle.

On November, 8., at the Papp Laszló  Sports Arena – Budapest will be holding the first occasion  of the forthcoming series of events „Evening’s Musical Festival”. If it is musical, then it is combined with dance, music, love, passion, humor, sadness, happiness, rhythm, and deep emotions. The Danubius Music will be holding major series of events paying a tribute to the Musicals! 

On stage will be among those Hungarian actors, singers, prominent figures of real talent to entertain the audience, namely: Réka Koós, Zoltán Miller, Andrea Mahó, Sándor Sasvári, Attila Csengeri and also take the stage Sándor Nagy. These artists will display little stories to the audience connected to the awesome music. The artist’s personality, talent, professionalism overwhelming experience will be in the air. During the evening resound the most beautiful and well-known songs of musical and the festival promises quality entertainment.

Purchasing tickets  weekdays from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. :  e-mail: info @ or  at the booth on the spot.

The Papp Laszló Sports Arena is Central Europe’s most modern hall. Previously and regularly  hosts “classic”  events such as Basketball and Handball, ISU  European Skating, Derby, Tennis Classic, Concerts, Gymnastics Championships, Hockey match and many casual and annual events.

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