Wizz Air confirms terminal bus service at Budapest Airport Current airport walking and tent boarding don’t meet

Wizz Air’s safety and service standards.

Budapest, 12th November 2012: Wizz Air, Hungary’s low-cost, low-fare airline, today confirmed its return to bussing passengers during boarding and disembarkation of all its Budapest flights from tomorrow, 13th November. Over the last week the airline has tested a low-cost facility proposed by Budapest Airport which did not allow for Wizz Air to carry passengers by bus. To use these temporary facilities passengers have to wait outside in tents to board their flights.

After carefully monitoring this trial and collecting passenger feedback on it, Wizz Air now confirms it will return to its original procedure of using busses to comfortably and safely carry passengers to and from the aircraft as the temporary low-cost facilities proposed by Budapest Airport do not comply with Wizz Air service and safety standards.  Should these low-cost facilities and processes significantly improve, Wizz Air will evaluate the airport proposal again.

Daniel de Carvalho, Corporate Communications Manager at Wizz Air, said: “Wizz Air is always open to work with its airport partners to ensure lower costs and lower airfares. Just seven months ago Wizz Air agreed to move from Terminal 1 at Budapest to Terminal 2, to help the airport lowering its own operational costs. We certainly welcome the airport’s commitment to find new ways to lower costs by suggesting different boarding procedures and Wizz Air happily tested these and collected passenger’s opinion. On behalf of our passengers  we cannot accept substandard facilities such as those currently in place at Budapest Airport, that effectively leave passengers in the cold waiting to board their aircraft with no access to sanitation nor adequate protection of adverse weather conditions. We do not compromise on these standards and until a much improved customer friendly solution is proposed by the airport, Wizz Air will provide a bus service for its passengers to and from the aircraft.” 

The announcement received from the W!ZZAIR – Hungary

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