First around the World – 100 guitarists on stage – Palladio Orchestra – Hungary

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One of a kind production by the Palladio Orchestra!

Not only in Europe,  but anywhere around the world would impress the audiences!

Usually, an event that has already taken place ain’t heralding news, but there is always an exceptions, as looking back to a performance which most probably would be admired by many around the world is useful to mention.

Over ten thousand people came to witness to-day’s biggest Hungarian musical production … Talking about none other than the Palladio Orchestra who for the first time held a magnificent concert at the Papp Laszlo Sports Arena at Budapest.

Definitely, was a huge success for the Orchestra at their first appearance, and influence the audience watching, strumming across the strings, hearing 100 guitarists .  The Palladio Orchestra did not only gave a virtuoso performances, but their talent was recognized by the audience huge applause at each of their presentations. Within the Palladio Orchestra 43 Hungarian and 60 guitar players from the Kiev’s ochestra participated same time. Altogether 10 soloists, 90 rhythm guitarists, two singers and one DJ. During entertained the audience

The show was superb with the catchy songs as the strings brought the accords of Beethoven Pharrell Williams, Queen, best-known movie soundtracks. At the arena the special musical world came alive with rarely seen accompanied high-quality visuals. The precision design highlighted the evening.

Pre to each music the projector was driven back in time, introduced  the year of origins  and singers. For many an awesome way to stroll back in time  to the History in Music. Was much surprise to see some of the so thought original songs were from the early years of the 20th century.

Around two years ago idea to put together a huge group of guitarist. At the time being was a distinguished thought.

Reality from fantasy came alive and  during the last days of 2016 the Palladio Orchestra did it and entertained locals and foreigners in Hungary and hopefully the audience a broad in other cities in Europe will enjoy  the Palladio spreading their awesome show.

A taste of Palladio Orchestra:

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