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Visit Gyula for many reasons … Chapter3.

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Reason1. … would be to visit the Gyula Castle Spa, one of the third superb in every sence at the bath of mineral healing water.  The members of  press were taking on a spa tour by Vanda Dombovári – communications and marketing director and learned once you are at Gyula don’t be on a run to gain that special experience. Enjoy every minute healing your body and soul. The Gyula Castle Spa at 8.5 hectare park of the Almásy Mansion, that also stands as nature conservation area. Each year thousands of Hungarians, foreigners from Austria, Germany, U.K. and from the other side of the border reach a number of 10000 guests per day.  A mass visitors year-after-year again returning as guests, spending short and long stays during their holiday. The Castle Spa has also a therapeutic contingent operating full year around with assistance of supervision of rheumatologist, physiotherapist and sports specialist. More than thousands of words can be said of the awesome  power of natural mineral water coming from beneath 2005 meters in-depth chlorinated healing water of 72C reaching 10 pools. but to feel the healing heat of the spa must Visit Gyula to have that experience.  It also has a 3-5 meter in-depth diving pool for adrenaline lovers. Slides cannot be missed , where there is a family slide,  the very popular “light tunnel”, also body slide and  enjoying the one and only in Hungary the unique sliding going upwards inclining the dropping in line tube slide in a unique way. Playground in the pool for small children with their Mum and Dad where they can explore the water world. There is also a nursing room converted as a special place e.g. warming baby food  etc. To enhance with family, friends  with a separate ticket can visit the Aqua Park where throughout the year’s 4 season provides fun and entertainment for all age to relax and heal at the same time at this 5 stars  in-and-outfdoor baths.

In between the visiting  the marvelous Castle Spa, before heading to the Almásy Mansion our day’s plan organized by Dr. Ernő Görgényi – Major of Gyula and  Aliz Komoróczki – managing director – Gyula Tourism Office was invitation to ease our appetite at the another excellent gastronomy place, the Várkonyi Bistro and Bar. The food was just from the oven, yummy and top class.

Reason2.  to visit the Almásy Mansion … was a fine time to visit, because the temporary exhibition titled „Relics of the Martyrs of Arad in Gyula” is on view until March, 19. 2017. These martyrs played a huge role in the Hungary’s history, 10  out of 13 generals later executed in Arad for their part in the Hungarian Revolution, surrendered on the premises of the mansion at August, 23. 1849 and left for Arad to meet their fate.

Feel like going back in time and enjoying the atmosphere, relaxing as in the old days the residences of the nobility did. You will be certainly driven on the path of Hungary’s history lane by the power and emotion that the Almásy Mansion holds for the visitors. There are permanent and temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

The Almásy Mansion has a long history … following the reduction of the territory occupied by the Ottoman Empire, Baron Johann Georg Harruckern of Upper Austria was allowed to purchase almost the entire territory of Békés County from the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, the King of Hungary, in return for his services in the wars against the Ottomans. He set about intense repopulation in Békés County. A large number of Hungarians, Slovaks, Germans and Romanians arrived and settled in the county.

At the Mansion, there is a possibility to purchase, select some gifts from craftsmen of the Békés Country at the mansion’s souvenirs store. There are replicas of objects and items to take home as a piece of the Hungarian history. These items surely will hold memories of your stay at Gyula – Hungary. While exploring its exhibition it’s a fine time to have an exquisite coffee with their speciality of cream cake, beverages offered at the Mansion Café.

To reach both venues from Budapest drive on the M5 motorway and the M44 road and guests arriving from Szeged or Debrecen along the 47 road via Békéscsaba will arrive to  the City of Gyula.

Below a bit of background about the Almásy Mainson (source: Almásy Mansion). “The Almásy’s is an old noble family from Zsadány and Törökszentmiklós, were linked to the mansion through the marriage of Countess Stephanie Maria Wenckheim and Count Kálmán Almásy. Their son Dénes (Dennis) and his wife Ella Károlyi Almásy were very popular in Gyula due to their “infinite modesty”. The count’s wife donated large sums to support the building of the grammar school and the nearby József Sanatorium.

The Harruckern-Wenckheim-Almásy Mansion in Gyula also played an important role in Hungary’s cultural life. In 1746 it was the first mansion in Hungary to house a theater performance.The grandfather of Ferenc Erkel, the composer of Hungary’s national anthem lived in the mansion as a house musician and master of ceremonies. The great composer Ferenc Erkel himself was a frequent visitor. Members of more than one generation of the Erkel family gave piano concerts during soirées at the mansion. The famed artists Mihály Munkácsy started his career as a painter under the tutelage of Elek Szamosy, who was in charge of making copies of and restoring old family portraits and other paintings in the family’s collection.”

Reason3.  … Can heartily recommend to gain own experience, explore the real gem that determines the city by  Visiting Gyula!

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The official opening will be held on  Thursday, November 7,  2013. on the date of the birth of Ferenc Erkel.

District VIII., 30.  II. János Pál pápa Square – Budapest

The Erkel Theater opened its door to the audience in the last century, 1910, At the time being this theater was Hungary’s largest theater building. It was also considered as the golden age of the Hungarian opera. Time came in 2007 when the theater had to be closed to take place in architectural renovation and reconstructions. The procedure took a bit more than 5 years.

At the press and media call the Secretary of State for Culture, Mr. János Halász, Mr. Szilveszet Ókovács, Director of the National Opera House and the architect Mr. Gábor Zoboli welcomed the high number of gathering. Mr. János Halász welcomed the media persons by saying, he is delighted to see the theater in such a beauty it deserves to be and have high hopes in the future beside the adult and elder visitors, for the young generation  to come to be often as being audience at the opera and ballet performances.

By reopening the reconstructed Erkel Theater was a long time dream for Mr. Szilveszter Ókovács, the director, but added he is most sure the young and elder audience dream also come true who in the past regularly visited the theater. He also added: Quote: „Of course, the theater’s artists dream was also fulfilled. From now on there will be much more opportunities for plays, previously held at the Opera House to be brought to the Erkel theater. He talked about the coming  season’s other performances on schedule, saying this coming season 120 opera and ballet productions will be on stage. Also wish to host opera and folk dances, as guest performances from Hungary’s other regions theaters. In the past Erkel theater always bared with excellent acoustic  sound,  today is no difference, therefore  pop concerts will be held and it is conceivable that in the future there will be large-scale of music productions to be brought on stage.

Unfortunately, at the moment the change of scenes on the stage are carried out mechanically by hand. It is a key question to have the current stage to be transformed into an easily transferred electronic equipment. This will faster the scenes in making the changes. said. At the former building the problem was to bring on stage an opera or a ballet performances Was not feasible because of the size of the stage and the backstage and didn’t meet the required height for the presentation, said by Mr. Zoboki. Plans are already out to complete the reconstruction of the stage. Until the official handover of the theater which will take place on the 7th of November, there will be still some minor works which will not interrupt the forthcoming

24  performances, within the series of the Opera Youth Adventure, on October, 6  started with  Háry János composed by Zoltán Kodály.

After the welcoming greeting words we were led up the stairway to the reception area, the facade, stairway to upper levels, corridors, changing rooms, renovated and renewed water blocks, the backstage, stepping ont he grounds of the stage, were shown the newly formed orchestra pit, at the remained shell form design stage and finally stepping into the auditorium seen the new carpets and reborn seats. This is where our press tour ended by entering the delicate buffet, whereas  the ray of sun shined in the huge impressive wall of windows looking onto the street, whereas flower beds caught the eye. Such an impressive bar hall. Next sight that brought much attention was at both ends at the bar, the amazingly beautiful frescoes. These two frescos (can be seen in the slide-show) are by works of Mr. Bernáth Aurél. Indeed, they are the „pearls” of the bar and even though there was second thoughts of having them hidden, they were not removed from the walls during the reconstruction works. One of the theater’s conversion plan included and developed to have rail stair lift to achieve the disability access. So from now on the disabled individuals can with ease have access to enjoy the colorful culture events to come at the Erkel Theater. Beside the „many goods”, there was a little black mark regarding the „social spaces” which will make many ladies in the audience feel low, i.e. the number of lady’s room.  In a huge theater where 15 or 20 minutes of intermission takes place, I sadly observed at the massive building of the Erkel Theater the shortfalls of lady’s room which are still subjects at the cultural institutions.

All-in-all wonderful experience give back the audience the renewed and reopened Erkel Theater.

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