Thirsty Beer Lovers Hop Over to HopTop Tasting!

HopTop Craft Beer – at Winehub – Old Buda
Date: May ,13. – 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
District III., 41-43 Pacirtamező Street – Óbuda (OldBuda)

It’s gonna be “Barrel Pig” beer tasting this coming week-end!

Craft beers aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels, i.e. what is Hoptop Brewery’s unicorn pig looking for in a beer barrel?!
If you like strong, characterful craft beers, you will definitely like this event. The Hoptop brewery presents six different barrel-aged beers, which are guaranteed to provide a unique taste experience.
“Each of their beers is matured in a special barrel. There are rums, bourbons, whiskeys, and even maple syrup,” says Szami Ali Rawech – founder of the Budapest small-scale brewery.
“These beers have a deep black color and are often sweet, and their bitterness keeps the flavors in a nice balance. In the taste of barrel-aged beers, you can find the characteristics of dark chocolate, which are combined with soft, creamy and vanilla notes, which are made perfect by the aromas extracted from different barrels!”
Hoptop has a separate brand family of barrel-aged beers, launched under the name Barrel Pig. The appearance of the 0.33ml bottles is both elegant and clownish, which is further enhanced by the colorful wax closure, the appearance of each item is adorable!
These beers are guaranteed to enchant the hearts of beer lovers and those who want special taste experiences. Don’t miss this event to experience the unique taste of imperial stout and barley wine beers!
The tasting will be held by  Szami Ali Rawech – barrel-aged beers creator.

Premium beers of the tasting: Surprise beer, Rudeboy, Sex on the barrel, Fear of the dark II., Canadian Lover, Fear of the dark I., Mentaltrainer. The price of the tasting ticket:6990HUF.
Ticket purchase:

On the same day between 6 p.m. -8 p.m. it is also possible to try the presented beers and other specialties by purchasing tasting ticket on the spot for 1500HUF. These are to be Core beers: Green Zone, Ceylon Buddy, Tropical Swinger Club.

Premium beers: Rudeboy, Sex on the barrel, Fear of the dark II., Canadian Lover, Fear of the dark I., Mentaltrainer. Also ticket on the spot: 2500HUF

Beer Lovers mark the date in your calender and don’t miss a thing!

Recommendation by Aggie Reiter

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