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Sugar and spice and all things nice … so if you wish to flood in Chocolates here’s the place to go!

Cultural and gastronomic events are organized throughout the year. At one of the press conference I heard was within the 365 day/year Hungary has 6000 festivals. I think I am not on my own thinking for a small country like Hungary this is a huge number an orientation that reflects on the taste of one’s nation.


The Sweet Days surely are here again up at the Buda Castle’s Savoy surroundings. It was officially opened by Mr. Sándor Sánta, President of the Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers Association.  He said a few words, strolled back in time reflecting to the Maya’s history to the gathering invited  State Secretary, VIP’s, press and media representatives by saying: „ Here in 2012 with pleasure we are grateful to the Maya’s of giving not just to us but the rest of the world to be fond of the Choco beans, i.e. the chocolates.” Continued: „Also as it was written it concluded that this year will be the end of the world, but we would rather be delighted to find that these same Mayans discovered nearly 3000 years of cocoa and chocolate. The “gift of God” . In the beginning these divine sweet were only for the senior priests, rulers and generals to consume, and then much later the people came to this heavenly flavors.” Mr. Sánta was proud to announce that the Bonbonetti Ltd. has left behind it’s teenager years and become an adult, by this year’s reaching its 20th years, as a grown up! The celebration of its 20th Birthday was  held during the opening celebration. At the same time one of its eldest workers, in recognition received a choco bean award dressed in gold, as to thank him throughout the decades his dedicated work and being as a mentor to the new generation at the factory.

The finalist ladies of Cherry Queen contest were also participanting at the event. A littlebit windy and freezing weather didn’t stop them from showing their delight to get closer to the final day, the one to be chosen to wear the crown for a year to come.

Last year’s Sweet Days was a huge success in the professional and general public, so this year the number of exhibitors were upgraded to twice the size  than last year.

The festival’s guest country this year is Germany.

Thursday, on the opening day, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry  hosted the diplomatic and economic partners and invited guests. The German National Tourist Office from Germany, in its own booth shows everyday some whereabouts,  as a tourist destination during the Sweet Days event.

The Sweet Days is an awesome event especially a meeting place for the international chocolate producers, for the confectioners, and all sorts of  sweets, candy manufacturers.  What else could be the scene of the Sweet Days as to show up again for the 2nd time at the Buda hilly side in superb venue at  the Castle’s Savoy terrace surroundings.

The Sweet Days last till 4 days with many programs and attractions awaited to be seen.  Rolling along the paths only manufacturers and distributor of quality confectionery exhibitors products can be seen and tasted. Naturally, all the major Hungarian chocolate and confectionery manufactures and beside the well-known traders,the  international and domestic brands are out on display.

Last year, Ms. Sarah J. Evans  accepted our  invitation.This year Ms. Chloé Doutre-Roussel is the guest of  honor who is internationally recognized expert. Ms.  Chloé holds courses, participates at conferences, publish papers also has created her own brand chocolate.  She is also a  grand expert at the Fortnum & Mason’s House, one of London’s biggest trading house.

During the 4 days at the Savoy terrace, anyone can join to listen to toxicological lectures. Able to consult the present dental, diabetes and nutrition consultants. The Sweet Day aren’t  just floods chocolate all around the venue, the are elegant cocktails, champagne and wine bars served at several spots.  In the evening when sun goes down, hopefully just with the dark clouds above and not raining nights, the same as in previous year  live music will be in the air: soul, funky music, delicious Hungarian made cheese, smoked meat, sausages will be available to ease the hungry ones. 

Splendid time to spend with friends and family. For the “chocoholic” individuals not just the air is filled with chocolate, as all the sweet chocolate, white chocolate, marzipan chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, pralines, chocolates scattered ith veggyies, chocolate figured with fruites and nuts, all imaginable shapes and sizes can  be tasted. 

As mention in my early update

…  The National Gallery has also made a  chocolate sculptures, which the visitors of the Sweet Days on Sunday, the last day will be out  there is certainly filled with chocolate, sweet chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate hole, marzipan chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, pralines, chocolates, chocolate figured, all imaginable shapes and sizes. . The National Gallery has also made chocolate sculptures, which the visitors at the festival on the last day, which will be on Sunday can go for the tasting and  entirely eat up the whole.

… The Sweet Days thought of the little wondering kids,  have set up tables to play, drawing spot, spoiling them just like the grandparents do by with a lot of sweets to also enjoy the sweet environment.

Last but not least, beside giving goodies …  joy to your 4 senses … eyes, noise, mouth and tummy you can admire one of Europe’s most beautiful panorama of the City of Budapest.

Updates to be continued …

Update and snaps: Aggie Reiter