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The XIV. MittelCinemaFest – 2016


MittelCinemaFest – 2016

XIV. Italian Central European Film Festival

The cinema days are here again in Budapest

November, 5 -15. 2016.

The Mittel Cinema Fest is the largest promotion event for Italian cinema in Central Europe. The festival, promoted by Istituto Luce Cinecittà in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institutes with the support of the Pushkin cinema (District,  V.,  18.  Kossuth Lajos  Street – Budapest) .

During the 10 days, the movie lovers will have the chance to watch the most significant films. Just as in the recent years  many Italian films will be screening at Budapest’s Pushkin cinema and also in co-operation at the Taban Cinema, as well as Cinenuovo, Cirko in the frame of Film Distributors  – Budapest Film Ltd.  The Mittel Cinema Fest has also made itself a landmark  as the most important festivals in Central Europe. Each year  the Pushkin cinema as the organiser and supporter of the event plays a major role in bringing the Italian films to  the Budapest’s audience.

This year eleven Italian films were selected  to be introduced from the selection of  productions from 2015 and 2016.

The MittelCinemaFest  each year keeps its tradition as the 1477314351995“traveling film festival”, so after the screenings ends  in Budapest, the movies head to the audience at Krakow, Bratislava and Prague.

To get into depth of the movies see the selection of films and the whereabouts to be screened on the Pushkin Cinema homepage.

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Incredible India  = Incredible Film week in Budapest 2014. – A Land of Colourful Spirituality!

February, 7 – 13. 2014.

The Indian Film Week opened on Friday, February 7 at the Pushkin Cinema (District V., 18. Kossuth Lajos Street) titled: “A 100 years of Indian Cinema!”  The annual Indian film festival is from February, 7-13., at the Pushkin Cinema- Between  February 13-16., films will be presented at the Indian Cultural Center (District, II., 14. Búzavirág Str. Budapest). The film screening at the Indian Culture Center are free of charge. Films are screening in original language with Hungarian subtitle.

Before the screening took place, the India Embassy in Budapest held a reception at the Pushkin Cinema where the guests were invited to taste the Indian delights along with the Hungarian wines.The films are screened in Hindi, with Hungarian subtitles. Nine different films, from drama to comedy will be presented throughout the 10 days.

This year the India films is celebrating its 100 years anniversary. Budapest also joins in celebrating the rhythms of India films together with the support of the Indian Embassy along with the Indian Culture Center and the Budapest Film Office, the capital’s largest cinema operator company.

A 100 years in history maybe as a drop of water into the Ocean, but in the Indian film industry it’s been a timeframe, whereas the years meant brought  great development in each decade. To highlight the 100 years history of the Indian film, where else would it be appropriate to arrange the film week, than at one of the most spectacular venue, the almost 100 years old Pushkin Cinema, that retained architecturally its original beauty.  After the opening ceremony on the Friday, February, 7. 2014, at 6.45 p.m. the screening of Mirch Masala (1986), Directed by Ketan Mehta took place. The film won several awards at national festivals and received an award for best feature film at the Hawaii International Festival. During the ten-day festival the audience may not only see Hindus, but not yet projected Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam films. Pre-year nearly a thousand Indian film are  produced, but only 1/5th of them are made in Hindi language, the so-called. “Bollywood” films.

In the line of Indian historical films, see real classics films such as … One of the biggest box-office success, from director Rádzsumar Hirano, (2009) Sholey, the largest revenue producing comedies of recent years The 3 Idiots and a thriller movie Kahaani  (2012) which has won in five recognitions and is the latest international blockbuster. The Lunchbox,  Szudzsoj Ghosh creations of the Hindi film industry “Oscar” for Best Actress, Best Director and Best Cinematography category were awarded. The film is interesting because it challenges the traditional image of the Indian woman, a woman presents a man who successfully maneuvered oriented Indian society.

Also at the Pushkin Cinema an eye-catching temporary exhibition shows the timeline of the most important stages in the Indian film production, introducing great characters, legendary directors, producers, choreographers, singers and of course India’s brightest film stars. Starting from the very first silent film in 1913 until today the largest box-office success.

Come, See and Discover the rhythms of India’s films that match to your heart, colors to your mind. Screenings will be a fantastic opportunity for film fans to meet many of selected, most exciting films which successfully made ​​their debut at  several festival circuit.

It was a great evening!  Film to see during the following days: Pushkin Cinema – Friday, February, 7. 18:45 Hot truth, Saturday, February, 8, 6 p.m. Three half-wit, Sunday, February 9. 6 p.m. The story, Monday, February, 10. 6 p.m. The woman, Tuesday, February 11. 6 p.m. A little sugar, Wednesday, February, 12, 6 p.m. There once was a comedian. Indian Cultural Center – February, 13., 14., 15., 16. , 6p.m. Indian Film Festival.

100 years of Indian Cinema!

 Lectures (free entry) at the Pushkin Cinema’s  Cafeteria

4.30 p.m. – 6 p.m. – Saturday, February, 8. – 9.-  10. 2014.

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