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Open-Air Theater – Margaret Island – Summer Festival – Budapest – 2016


Three months of  full entertainment for all tastes, starting off on June, 10. 2016!

Five-star summer nights in Budapest … how does that sound!?!

Open-Air Theater at Margaret Island available from IBUSZ. With the joint Budapest Summer Festival and IBUSZ tourist experience package, guests can obtain hotel rooms in Budapest and VIP tickets to the super production at the Open-Air Theater on Margaret Island, which includes admission to the Water Tower, a welcome drink, boat transfer tickets and numerous other special services at significant savings.  It’s advantageous to reserve the best 12 summer weekend five-star offerings now! For years, the affordable and increasingly popular Sleep in Budapest with a theater ticket! Complete tourist experience feature offered by the Budapest Summer Festival has included a hotel stay and admission to the productions at the Open-Air Theatre on Margaret Island, together with numerous additional amenities and gifts. The festival organizer Szabad Tér Színház Nonprofit Kft. with one of the most significant domestic travel agencies IBUSZ, together expanded this offer for the 2016 summer theatre season, so that more theatre goers and tourists visiting the capital could take advantage of the preferential services.

The „Five-star Summer Nights in Budapest”, is available exclusively at IBUSZ and offers a Gold, Silver and Bronze package with the following: Two night stay with breakfast at a chosen 3, 4 or 5 star Budapest hotel. Admission ticket to the Star Parade on Margaret Island performance, by VIP admission to the performance with a separate entrance, out of turn admission ticket to view the 105-year-old Water Tower lookout and exhibition. Welcome drink at arrival before the performance (a glass of champagne) and boat transfer with return from the city center.The affordable 38000HUF price offers are available for two nights for a minimum of two people from Friday until Sunday by showing the hotel room reservation or the admission ticket. Guests get a further 25% discount on tickets to the Walking Route (little railway) on Margaret Island, admission to the Palatinus pool, tours of the city on the CityTour HopOn-Off tour busses and Jazzy Tower concert tickets.

It is by no accident that Budapest has become the world’s second best city based on the votes by an esteemed international travel magazine (Conde Nast Traveller).  It’s magical image, exciting nightlife, diverse and rich cultural offerings and unmatched recreational possibilities have renewed its attraction not only for foreign guests but for domestic visitors as well.   This new initiative by the Budapest Summer Festival and IBUSZ fulfills two tasks: thanks to the renovation in recent years, the grand stage on Margaret Island has become one of Central Europe’s nicest summer playgrounds, and in its attractive setting popularize Hungarian art, and by stimulating cultural tourism, increases the number of nights visitors stay in Budapest. The 2016 will be the year of romance at the Budapest Summer Festival with the assistance of national and international stars such as Andrea Rost, Erika Miklósa, Zoltán Kocsis and the National Philharmonic Orchestra, Tamás Vásáry, Gergely Madaras, Domonkos Héja, Yuja Wang pianist, Marc Heller, Sébastien Guéze, and Giuseppe Filianote opera singers, jazz diva Stacey Kent, Stanley Jordan jazz guitarist, the Globe Theater of London and the Monte Carlo Ballet Company. From among Verdi’s most popular operas, Traviata and Othello will be performed, there will be a 3 tenor opera gala world premiere, romantic ballet music and dance, Romeo and Juliet ballet performance, the musical Evita, the Revue Circus and concert by the Virtuosos.

For more information visit:

Press release – Budapest Summer Festival

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Hungary’s largest tourist parade at HUNGEXPO –TRAVEL 2016.

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DAY1 ... Even though the data are under processing on the opening day showed the tourism trends show that the visitors are mainly looking at inland offers. Never-the-less there is still 3 days to go for visitors to look and see what the foreigner exhibitors can offer them.

Many foreign exhibitors were here last year and having good experiences with their offers, came back this year aswell.

The list would be extremely long to mention having from 28 countries with 399 exhibitors of domestic and foreign exhibitors, but a short note to see a couple of offers at their stand can be learnt. On the first hand, Budapest – Hungary as the City of Guest of Honor, with its slogan “Budapest hosts Hungary”. In 2016., the Budapest Summer Festival and the Budapest Spring Festival offering this year within the spirit of Romanticism assembled cultural activities and including for tourists special packages to book also available during the exhibition on the spot. At the Margaret Island Open-Air Stage, Hungarian and International artists will be on stage  such as: Andrea Rost, Erika Miklósa, Zoltán Kocsis, Támas Vásáry, Gergely Madaras, Hawk Dominic. Welcoming foreigner stars on stage will be Yuja Wang- Chinese pianist, Marc Heller, Sébastien Guez, Giuseppe Filianoti, James Valenti – opera singer, Stacey Kent – jazz diva, guitarist – Stanley Jordan and London’s Globe Theater and the Monte Carlo Ballet. As a novelty 3 Tenors opera gala  and  there will be Virtuosi festive variety show, circus and concerts as well.

On the second-hand, a wide variety of foreigner exhibitors arrived this year aswell to make the Hungarians wish to spend their holidays abroad, and most probably if they really want to know a country’s cultures then certainly will learn through its gastronomy. As mentioned, more than two dozen foreigner exhibitors are present, so here is a couple mentioning to visit their stand.

Austria – Offering  unforgettable entertainment and loads of fun at the Wiesn Festival – September,22. – October, 9. 2016. (More info  to come)

Israel – The israeli stand was opened by His Excellency Ilan Mor Israeli Ambassador to Hungary, by saying Israel is a place to visit once in a lifetime, these were the first welcoming words. Take a journey through the ancient Holy land, learn, discover the authentic Israel with family, friends or fellow travellers. Whatever the season experience something new, interesting and exciting, including activities, customs and places that are unique.  Hear more about the travel opt. on the spot. There is a huge of holiday offers that will surely catch the eye.

Turkey  – A place where nature, Sun and Sea,  health and wellness, sport, culture  can be all  reached having vacation at Kemer/Antalya with family or friends.  There are many hotel just by the Sea where the spectacular mountains and sea view of the Mediterranean can be perceived on the spot.

Malta –  Is closer from Budapest than many may think. It is a small countries with marvelous places to visit, for instance: Popeye Village, the Grand Fort and during the fall holds the Birgufest – Candlelight event at Birgu (also known as Vittoriosa) – which is one of Malta’s oldest and most historic cities.

Cyprus – Was a good reason for the visitors by telling, Cyprus can be visited any time of year that suits you.  Many places rich of ancient ruins can be found there and also very handy is a “free” weekly guided tour, I was told.  Was highlighted to visit Pafos Archaeological Park. It is at the entrance of the harbour one can access this quite stunning park which houses a truly unique collection of remarkable treasures dating from far back in time in the 2nd century B.C.

The visitors strolling around  the stands were pretty surprised by the sight of Mr. Piano Man rolling along  the pathways…

Coming up  more adventure at the Travel 2016. Hungexpo – Budapest

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