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Herald News! Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess are arriving to Budapest/Hungary

PORGY AND BESS® performance at Budapest’s Open-Air Stage on the Margaret Island, the Island that is in the middle of the River Danube.

The show will be in English language with Hungarian subtitles

The performance will be on two dates.

Friday, June, 23 and Sunday, June 25. both at 8 p.m.

The 3Hs show will have 1 intermission.

“Summertime”, “I Wants to Stay Here”, “A Woman is a Sometime Thing” – well-known themes and evergreens by outstanding artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong are what this spectacular production is all about. The performance organised by the Budapest Summer Festival will be starring American star singers accompanied by a Symphony Orchestra, while a series of magnificent images will set the mood on Margaret Island Open-air Stage.

Gershwin’s thrilling jazz opera is marked by the complexion of its music and language making this unmistakably American-flavoured blend a masterpiece within its genre, as it combines elements of traditional African-American jazz, blues and Native American music. At the same time, the songs seem to be born the very moment they are performed.

The production stars two of America’s most renowned opera singers who will turn the performance on Margaret Island into an unforgettable experience. We are proud to welcome Laquita Mitchell as Bess and Kenneth Overton as Porgy as they give their debut in Hungary!

Completed by a Symphony Orchestra, plus an enormous choir and a magnificent visual world, this exhilarating show is all but limited to opera fans: Jazz lovers should get ready for an abundance of musical highlights!

PORGY AND BESS® was written by George Gershwin, DuBose, Dorothy Heyward and Ira Gershwin.

In the lead roles: Porgy: Kenneth Overton (USA), Bess: Laquita Mitchell (USA), Sportin’ Life: Robert Mack (USA), Serena: Lisa Daltirus (USA), Crown: Darren K. Stokes, Maria: Lucia Bradford, Jake: Jorell Williams, Clara: NaGuanda Nobles, Robbins: Taiwan Norris, Peter: Calvin Lee, Mingo/Crabman/Nelson: Bernard Holcomb, Frazier/Undertaker/Jim: Matthew Gamble, Lily/Strawberry Woman: Jeryl Cunningham Fleming, Detective: Gábor Bakos-Kiss.

Conductor: James Meena (USA), Producer: Teodóra Bán.

For those  folks who do not wish to miss the magnificent show, better to hurry up to purchase their tickets until they are available at the ticket offices or on the spot.

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Open-Air Theater – Margaret Island – Summer Festival – Budapest – 2016


Three months of  full entertainment for all tastes, starting off on June, 10. 2016!

Five-star summer nights in Budapest … how does that sound!?!

Open-Air Theater at Margaret Island available from IBUSZ. With the joint Budapest Summer Festival and IBUSZ tourist experience package, guests can obtain hotel rooms in Budapest and VIP tickets to the super production at the Open-Air Theater on Margaret Island, which includes admission to the Water Tower, a welcome drink, boat transfer tickets and numerous other special services at significant savings.  It’s advantageous to reserve the best 12 summer weekend five-star offerings now! For years, the affordable and increasingly popular Sleep in Budapest with a theater ticket! Complete tourist experience feature offered by the Budapest Summer Festival has included a hotel stay and admission to the productions at the Open-Air Theatre on Margaret Island, together with numerous additional amenities and gifts. The festival organizer Szabad Tér Színház Nonprofit Kft. with one of the most significant domestic travel agencies IBUSZ, together expanded this offer for the 2016 summer theatre season, so that more theatre goers and tourists visiting the capital could take advantage of the preferential services.

The „Five-star Summer Nights in Budapest”, is available exclusively at IBUSZ and offers a Gold, Silver and Bronze package with the following: Two night stay with breakfast at a chosen 3, 4 or 5 star Budapest hotel. Admission ticket to the Star Parade on Margaret Island performance, by VIP admission to the performance with a separate entrance, out of turn admission ticket to view the 105-year-old Water Tower lookout and exhibition. Welcome drink at arrival before the performance (a glass of champagne) and boat transfer with return from the city center.The affordable 38000HUF price offers are available for two nights for a minimum of two people from Friday until Sunday by showing the hotel room reservation or the admission ticket. Guests get a further 25% discount on tickets to the Walking Route (little railway) on Margaret Island, admission to the Palatinus pool, tours of the city on the CityTour HopOn-Off tour busses and Jazzy Tower concert tickets.

It is by no accident that Budapest has become the world’s second best city based on the votes by an esteemed international travel magazine (Conde Nast Traveller).  It’s magical image, exciting nightlife, diverse and rich cultural offerings and unmatched recreational possibilities have renewed its attraction not only for foreign guests but for domestic visitors as well.   This new initiative by the Budapest Summer Festival and IBUSZ fulfills two tasks: thanks to the renovation in recent years, the grand stage on Margaret Island has become one of Central Europe’s nicest summer playgrounds, and in its attractive setting popularize Hungarian art, and by stimulating cultural tourism, increases the number of nights visitors stay in Budapest. The 2016 will be the year of romance at the Budapest Summer Festival with the assistance of national and international stars such as Andrea Rost, Erika Miklósa, Zoltán Kocsis and the National Philharmonic Orchestra, Tamás Vásáry, Gergely Madaras, Domonkos Héja, Yuja Wang pianist, Marc Heller, Sébastien Guéze, and Giuseppe Filianote opera singers, jazz diva Stacey Kent, Stanley Jordan jazz guitarist, the Globe Theater of London and the Monte Carlo Ballet Company. From among Verdi’s most popular operas, Traviata and Othello will be performed, there will be a 3 tenor opera gala world premiere, romantic ballet music and dance, Romeo and Juliet ballet performance, the musical Evita, the Revue Circus and concert by the Virtuosos.

For more information visit:

Press release – Budapest Summer Festival

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The 2014 year’s Budapest Summer Festival will be running its program throughout the summertime at the same spectacle-rich spot at the Margaret Island Open-Air Theatre. On June, 13.  2014. will open with the music by recent Kossuth prize Ferenc Snétberger and  his friends.

The world-famous guitar player in the first half of the evening concert the will present his written music for guitar and orchestra together with the Concerto Budapest Orchestra.  The theme: „For My People” is in memorial of the Holocaust and Roma victims.

In the second half of the concert such renowned jazz musicians like pianist Tzumo Arpad Olah, “barcza” Joseph Horváth on bass and drummer Toni Snétberger, along with the Snétberger Musical Center’s young talents will take part at this unique concert. The evening’s guest star will be the French musical talent, Michel Godard playing on several instruments.

To purchase the best tickets for the opening concert, the visitors this week  (this means in March) may redeem 30% discount. The pre-purchase discount tickets for April provides viewers with 20% and 10% in May.

The discount price is valid only for the Margaret Island – Open-Air Theater shows and when purchasing at the ticket office’s website and/or through online at In person: District, VI., 68. Nagymező Street. Open:9 a.m.- 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

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 Ms. Gyöngyi Lukács in her title role of  Turandot at the Barcelona Opera House July, 2009. Photo by A. Bofill



Puccini: Turandot

Spectacular Opera

Friday, August 10 and Sunday August 12.


Puccini’s opera Turandot is one of its kind, interesting feature and despite the author’s authentic Chinese music which was motifs used in his work, the performance was banned in China for more than seventy years.

The role of Turandot will be performed by Ms. Gyöngyi Lukács, the world-class dramatic soprano singer, who beside the Hungarian State Opera house has been in the title role of Puccini’s opera at  several Opera Houses like: Palermo, Los Angeles, Barcelona (see photo above taken in 2004).

Mr. Rubes Pelizzari, Italian tenor playing in the role of Kalaf  will be first seen in Hungary.  After his debut in Budapest, he will be leaving for Japan to sing, play in the same role. The conductor will be Mr. Zubin Mehta who already conducted the opera in Beijing in the year 1998.

On this premiere  of Turandot  at the Margaret Island Open Air Theater  the  Chinese Youth Orchestra will be welcoming  at both performance upon the  arrival of the  guests. As it shows from their name the Chinese Youth Orchestra  are all youngsters from Guangdong Symphony Orchestra. They have had been winning several competitions. currently, they are on their European tour. The orchestra is  coming to Budapest from Vienna  to see the concert-opera style version of Puccini’s Turandot.

Puccini’s three act opera show will be presented in two parts. The background story may be well-known by many. Just a reminder:  More than five hundred years the place called the Forbidden City,  served as the residence of Chinese emperors.

The Turandot was the last written opera by Puccini. It was an unfinished opera because of his sudden death. Luckey from his manuscripts and notes it was possible to complete the whole opera. The premiere is dated back  to April, 25. 1926. whereas at the La Scala in Milan, Mr.Arturo Toscanini conducted the opera.

As many who have attended to any of the previous Budapest Summer Festival events surely know by now that there is a boat service on duty between the Vigadó Square (there are several other station stops, but this is the most convenient for tourist and also for the temporary foreigners staying in Budapest) to the  Margaret Island Open-Air Theater  back-and-forth. This boat service is operated by the MAHART (Hungarian Shipping Co.). Fair tickets are available at the boat station’s cashier box heading to the Margaret Island’s Open-Air Theater. Back-and-forth tickets can be purchased in advance.

Hopefully, all will be lucky enough to still get their tickets before the grand events, if not in advance then on the spot at the ticket box. Tickets are also available  through online service at or simply dial  through: +36 30 584 1043.

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8.30 p.m.  on sharp!

Mind you there will be available  by the boat service to carry the passengers over to the Margaret Island’s theater leaving from the „Vigadó tér” Vigadó square (yellow brick house, in front of  Hotel  Marriott).

Departing time and from:7.15 p.m – Vigadó Square, Port Number:5.

Ticket information at or by call: 

Open-Air Ticket Office: +36 1 301 0147 –  M-F 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.
Margaret Island Ticket Box: +36 1 340 4196  – M-Sun 11 a.m. 7 p.m.


 Not many individuals can say they haven’t heard a word about the Blues Brothers!

Out on the Margaret Island Open-Air Theater the world-famous songs from The Blues Brothers known from the film came out  just 25 years ago …  can you believe it!?! Also many parts of the world the curtains went up the local countries produced another pair of  The Blues Brothers.  Now Joliet Jake and Edwood Blues are coming to entertain the guests arriving to see and hear a spectacular musical by the Hungarian two great actors:  slipping into the skins of the Blues Brothers.

Need not have to look around the World famous Blues Brothers and their catchy melodious amazing tracks are here for the first time in Hungary and in Hungarian language.

Thanks to the Hungarian Blues Brothers, for bringing back the good old days. Those were the days  when the dark sunglasses  were top moody and were worn day-and-night, in fact some were already born with them!

A promise was made to be the most spectacular outdoor musical live show of this summer. The two musical actors were previously on stage together in several plays, just mention one fabulous show they performed together in Jesus Christ – Superstar. This time they both show another side of their acting. They said they are convinced the audience will be singing along with them the famous hits and surely will be tapping  their foot to the  rhythm and blues.

Just like in the original BB’s talky acts, Mr. Atilla Serbán tells his own story about the love for the BB ever since he was a little kid. He loved so much Jake’s character that he chose his sign to be  at the kindergarten the picture of the BB. (Here in Hungary all kids at the kindergarten have kinda sticker on their apron or dress as their preferred favorite animal, object, whatsoever). It is hard to unbelieve Mr. Pál Feke ain’t the real Edwood, he really slipped under the  skin his  of  character.

The evening’s  guest  star  –  Ms. Vera Tóth in the roll of  Ms. Aretha Franklin.

Two shots of this production here in Budapest, which made history in the land of musicals.

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