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The 4th Lake Tisza Festival -Tiszafüred -2017.

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The primary aim of the festival is linked between culture, nature and active recreation.

Opera in the Air … Three days around and by the Lake Tiszta!

The Nature’s Opera House  – Lake Tisza Festival representatives held a press gathering on the occasion to the 4th Lake Tisza Festival. Szilveszter Ókovács Hungarian State Opera director general, stressed in his opening speech the importance it attached to the Natural Opera House Lake Tisza Festival. This is unique in Hungary, a civil initiative creation project and this year the Hungarian State Opera artists will also join the Fest. Added, the three-day festival will represent a high artistic standard and definitely wish to be a part of it. Anita Jakus – the Opera House Of Lake Tisza festival project manager, outlined the following 3 days programs. Imre UjváriMayor Tiszafüred, pointed out that the Lake Tisza Festival is of great importance in the development in each region, as well as tourism. In the region of Lake Tisza arriving guest may choose from variety of accommodation.
Kornélia Bakos opera singer, grew up in Tiszafüred and is heartly looking forward to perform at the Tiszafüred Opera Gala

Friday, July, 28. …To’Opera i.e. Lake Opera – Gala Concert will take place at the Morotva peninsula – along the shore of Lake Tisza. The Gala Concert is organized by Denise Radó – Jászai Mari-winning actress. During the evening the Miskolc National Theater Orchestra and the Béla Bartók Chamber Choir, conductor Sándor Szabolcs from Szolnok will be on stage. After the Gala Concert the organizers wish to dearly say good-night to the audience following by fireworks and Ferenc Soki presentation of Tárogató a.k.a. Turkish whistle. This instrument has already been listed into the brands of  Hungaricum.

Those visitors interested in the 3days event may  enjoy to feel free to participate with professionals giving presentations, visiting exhibitions, interactive theater and opera pieces as well.

In the afternoon hours the audience will be taken on an Opera Yoga tour on the shore of Lake Tisza with Viktória Vizinmezzo-soprano and string quartet accompaniment. The special music will be composed by Sándor Szabolcs pianist for the yoga classes. The instructor – Ildikó Benkő will flow mental peace and calmness environment for all those individuals in interest to the yoga classes.

Saturday, July, 29. Tour D’Opera … the current  bicycle tour around the Lake Tisza will similarly been organized in the previous years. The distance 67 km. Leaving from Lake Tisza Bicycle Center – Tiszafüred. In the course of pedalling around the Lake Tisza there will be cultural stops of classical music included listening to mini-concerts while tasting the gastronomical specialities of the region.

Sunday, July, 30. Boat D’Opera … is a brand new initiation, which for the first time was out to the public. Both the bicycle and the boat tour to attend, or listening to mini-concerts at the special scenes, recalling the world of Tisza shipman. The boat is capable to carry on board 8 to 10 persons. The boat tour is around 30 km. The boat leave and arrives back-and-forth to the Szalók Yacht Club – Abádszalók

The Lake Tisza Opera Festival is supporting the Hungarian Deaf and Hard of Hearing Association.

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Let the Valley of Arts Festival spark a summer of passion.

 July, 22. -31. 2016.

The Valley of Arts Festival welcomes its visitors for the 26th time with 26 stages and 40 exhibition at the Hungarian villages Taliándörögd, Kapolcs and Vigántpetend.

The secret of Hungary’s largest multi-art festival, the Valley of Arts, is in its liberated atmosphere and the series of cultural, musical, theatrical, literary programs. In recent years the festival has undergone a thorough „facelift“. In order to maintain its original values along with a fresh design the festival program has also been expanded and the technical conditions of the stages, yards were improved.

The organizers this year paid special attention to programs attracting young people, so families will find numerous programs for children. Besides the stage of the pop/rock music there is a greater focus on theatre, folk music, classical music, literary events, exhibitions and emphasis is put on engaging more people in environmental issues and „green“ topics. “Our mission is to draw more people to arts in a fun and easy-going way and introduce them to the values of the folk art, give them the opportunity to listen to high-quality jazz, pop, rock music and attend classical music concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions – as well as take part in excursions and just simply learn about the local values and the beauty of the local natural surroundings. The Valley of Arts‘ audience is a very enthusiastic crowd, a fantastic community and this community is the one that we would like to please and expand.”- said Natalia Oszkó-Jakab, the program and marketing director of the Valley of Arts Festival.

Film, theatre, literature … In 2016 the festival organisers put a greater emphasis on theatrical and cinematography programs and created a theatre-film set of venues in Taliándörögd. On the Theatre Stage of Taliándörögd some of the greatest contemporary Hungarian troupes will perform. The Hungarian National Theater will launch a new stage, the „Nemzeti-Szín-Tér“, where the Kaposvár University students will also perform along the greatest Hungarian actors. The Hungarian Theatre and Film Academy students present a really colourful 10-day program as well. Fans of film may also find some novelties in Taliándörögd as they will have a chance to get to know the Hungarian Theater and Film Academy students’ fresh work along with the current best international documentaries of the Budapest International Documentary Film Festival (BIDF). The great film screenings are going to be followed by discussions involving the creators of the films. Poetry lovers may find something for themselves at both Kaláka Poetry Yard and the Hungarian Writers’ Association mill.

Classical music … Catholic churches of Kapolcs and Vígántpetend will be filled with music as fans of classical music may listen to pianist Endre Hegedűs here, or to the trumpeter George Geiger. The Hungarian State Opera house ambassadors will hold several performances, Gergely Rákász organ player will give an outstanding concert, and here one may also find out how Edina ‘Mókus’ Szirtes can give new meaning to Hungarian and French poems. The greatest performance of the genre would be held in Taliándörögd by Concerto Budapest.

Childrens programs … Numerous exciting programs and concerts await children at the Harcsa Veronika Yard, at Wartburg “Church garden”, at Design Terminal Yard, at the Hungarian Writers’ Assotiation’s mill and at Kaláka Poetry Courtyard, the latter being the most beloved yard of children. There are theatre performances and workshops in Taliándörögd at the Theatre Yards and Stages, we may “draw music” at the Classical music venues, take part in fun jazz versus stand-up performances with András Hajós and Modern Art Orchestra, we may go cycling with Vilmos Gryllus. There will be Bea Palya concert for children at the Momentán Yard, kid’s playground at Fonó Yard, puppet show in Taliándörögd, folk games at Muharay Yard, board games at Csipszer-garden and Dióda Yard.

Folk music, folk dance … A great selection of the wonders of Hungarian folk tradition may be witnessed at the Muharay Yard through concerts, folk songs, barn theater, dance, fashion shows, fairy tales and games in one place. One may learn Hungarian folk dances at Folk Yard everyday from night till dawn, or just take part in the daytime arts and crafts workshops, singing tutorials, fairy tales for children, evening dance workshops, concerts and adult tales. The Museum of Ethnography will also appear on several locations, Fonó Buda House of Music this year has put together a full 10-day festival program of world music.

“Green” programs … Several civil organisations collaborate on various programs, shows, exhibitions, games and experiments that await visitors. Both adults and children may find out more about the treasures of Balaton Uplands, bats, volcanoes, birds and stars.

Pop and rock concerts … Throughout the 10 days of the festival one may see the performances of the current Hungarian pop/rock scene with bands as FISH!, Hiperkarma, The Kolin, Ocho Macho, Elefánt, Kiscsillag, Irie Maffia, FIRKIN, Bea Palya, Brains, Paddy and the Rats, Seaside, Anima Sound System, Félix Lajkó and Budapest Bar. During the festival season of 2016, Valley of Arts is the only place where Erik Sumo Band would perform, as invited by Veronika Harcsa.

On 31st of July on the closing the 10-day-long festival will be Skye &  Ross, the former two members of Morcheeba,who would present the top hits of the former band and guide the audience to the magical music the produced by them throughout the years.

Among the villages visitors may use the “Snail” festival buses free of charge in order to be able to hop from one venue to another.”

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The Gyula’s Shakespeare Festival Celebrates Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday!

Here’s a peak into the upcoming  six-weeks …  June, 22  and August, 11. 2014. … programs at the City of Gyula.

William Shakespeare turned 450 years old this April. The Gyula Shakespeare Festival celebrates in style within its 10th year anniversary. Even after 450 years, Shakespeare still has a strong impact and influential role in society and on people’s educational upbringing. William Shakespeare’s work is considered and treated as the greatest literature in the English language. Also known as his works encompassed every emotional experience the human beings have. Shakespeare has permeated the Western culture and around every corner of the Earth is a reference to his incredible works. His intellectually rich stories and characters have influenced numerous books, movies and television shows. Even our everyday language has been shaped by the common phrases he originally coined, such as:  „Dead as a doornail” – „A laughing stock” – „A wild goose chase”- „Neither here nor there” -„In stitches” … and last but not least, one of  Shakespeare’s common phrase the  „Fair play” is mostly known and in use in the daily communication around in all the societies of our Globe. The program director, József  Gedeon held a preliminary program review, whereas he mention in brief three new presentation to come, such as the „Midsummer Night’s Dream”- Thursday, July, 3. – played by the National Theater from Budapest ,staged at the Castle, directed by the internationally renowned  Georgian, David Doiashvili. The „Journey by Moonlight” from Szerb’s novel, the most popular works from the 20th century’s Hungarian literature . On – Tuesday, July, 22. at the Ladics courtyard will be staged the adaptation of the cult novel „The moon prisoners „ by Árpád Sopsits on the stage at the Castle Theater. The Hungarian Olympic water polo team and a nice Scottish lady-turn by the adventures of the ’30s,  Pál Ábraham – Imre Harmath – László Szilágyi – Dezső Kellér the musical comedy. This piece will set the stage for a presentation on Thursday,July 31, at the pond theater „Chewing Tobacco Bartholomew”. The lively presentation by the dancers and a brass band players joining the festival from the Székesfehérvár’s  Vörösmarty Theater During the festival multi-arts festival can also be visited to theater, music, film, children’s corners and gastronomy. At the jubilee festival the key performances will be the arrival of  Shakespeare’s Globe theater from London. The popular comedy „Much Ado About Nothing” is directed by Gyula Max Webster. The world-famous Belgian director Luk Perce staging „Macbeth” arriving from St. Petersburg Baltic House Festival Theater.  Visitors are more than welcomed to see „King Lear” starring with the well-known Hungarian actor György Cserhalmi.  The „Whatever you want” comedy will be preformed by the Vig Theater from Budapest. The presentation of „Macbeth” will be shown by the guest Maladype Theater. A superb Chilean company will be presented  the „Othello”. The cream on top of the cake will be presented by the Scottish Society in ancient Scottish language „gelule”  „Macbeth”. Better to sharpen your ears, and hopefully in just 10 minutes will be easy to flow and follow the lyrics. For the first time to be organized in Hungary at all, the visitors may see … as a side event … connected into having a slice of the  Fringe Street Theater – Thursday, July, 10. …  the company is known as the largest arts festival in the world. Also musical productions can be captured at various public venues in the city. Within the upcoming six-week program, three-days of folk festival, craft fair starting at Friday, June 27. On Tuesday, July, 15. Folk and World Music Festival will fill the air staring: Ferenc Sebő, the Muzsikás, Márta Sebestyén, Kálmán BaloghSaturday, July 19. the Zawinul Legacy Band  former co-musicians arriving from the States will be giving a memorial concert to one of the greatest jazz musicians of the century Joe Zawinul. Live jazz night  show by the Dresch Quartett and Klára Hajdú – Winner of the Year jazz singer.  JAZZZZZZZ will not be missing, guest musician once again will take the stage. The excellent Belgian jazz singer Vanwelden Carroll, who composed music to Shakespeare’s sonnets. Sunday, July, 20. coming from USA, the virtuoso R & B saxophonist Sax Gordon, playing together with the best Italian blues band, Luca Giordano Band, also on stage together with the awesome musicians  the famous Hungarian blues guitarist Tibor Tátrai. Internationally renowned harmonica Matthias Pribojszki band and the Blue Rabbit Hammond Band will give much pleasure to the Jazz Lovers.The Beregszászi Theater brings a historic plays. „Re-creating Zoltán” directed by Attila Vidnyánszky. There will be readings of contemporary Hungarian theater story pieces. The kids will be entertained bythe Bóbita puppet shows. Continuously being on stage for 40 years, the superb and most popular for over generations, the 70s  musical production of the „Popfestival” directed by Enikő Eszényi, Director – Budapest Vig Theater will beat the musical under the moonlight at the Castle Theater. The Dohnányi Orchester led by Gábor Hollerung along with the ExperiDance Essence will be one of the highlights at the festival. During the Shakespeare Festival an exhibition of the landscape painter of Gyula born, 170 years ago Munkácsy  can be visited. The Castle Theater continues the tradition of bringing the best performers of all ages, tastes of viewers. Tickets can already be booked for the summer performances at the Castle Theater Board of Directory. For in-depth information visit: also  having English context. Reaching the-end to this update, indeed must bring your attention to not just culture hungry lovers, but  in addition to the taste  the Shakespearean kitchen. During the festival the Patriot Restaurant invites guests to have a feast of the Shakespeare’s kitchen, at 3. Kossuth Str. Gyula, whereas  folks may ease their hunger by  having their valid theater tickets to  receive a 15%  discount for their meals between June, 27 and August, 10. 2014. Updates to be continued …

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